Worthless Regression Chapter 97

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At those words, the flame’s laughter suddenly stopped. The familiar, who was staring at the flames, also turned his head and looked at Seongmin Lee. She sighed and flipped her robe behind her.


Seongmin Lee opened his eyes and muttered. Sticking out from above his black hair were cat ears. At Lee Seong-min’s words, the familiar narrowed his amber eyes and introduced himself.

“My name is Rubia. “I have been waiting for you here under my master’s orders.”

“Oh, really? That damn bastard is the one I was waiting for. “Then that means he is the one who came back.”

Flame said with a smile at Rubia’s words. Every time the flame speaks, the surrounding lights flicker. Seongmin Lee looked at Luvia with her displeased face, then raised his finger and pointed to her flame.

“What is that?”

“Look at that little bastard pointing a finger.”

Flame grumbled. It was a voice full of deep displeasure, but the fireworks only spoke and did not take any action. However, the surrounding lights only expanded the light as if representing the emotions of the flame.

“It is the remnants of the Great Yokai that sleeps in this forest.”

“Remnants. I’m not that kind of insignificant being. “Even though I lost my body and only my consciousness remains, I am not a remnant.”

The flame spat out. Lee Seong-min tilted his head at the word ‘youkai’. It wasn’t the first time he had heard it. This is because I have heard that in some regions, monsters are called monsters. As far as Lee Seong-min knew, there was no big difference between youkai and monsters. In the end, it is not a human being, but a monster that eats humans.

“He was once a monster leader who led a hundred ghosts, but now he has lost his body.”

Seongmin Lee blinked his eyes and listened to Luvia. The flame flashed unpleasantly, but he did not object. Seongmin Lee looked at Luvia and the flame alternately for a moment and then asked.

“so. “What on earth do you want to tell me?”

Seongmin Lee looked at Luvia first.

“Even though I ask this, I know that you can’t give me a proper answer. If it were Envirus himself, he could answer, but you are not Envirus.”

“… that… that’s right. “I was waiting for you, but I can’t tell you what you want to know.”

“Where is Envirus?”

“I don’t even know where my master is. But if he goes with me, the master will come to visit one day.”

Luvia answered that in a confident tone. But her answer did not satisfy Lee Seong-min. In the end, even Luvia doesn’t know where Envirus is. Luvia, who read Lee Seong-min’s expression, spoke quickly.

“The master also promised about that. “No matter where I am, I will come visit you someday.”

“Are you sure?”


Luvia nodded her head loudly. After hearing her answer, Lee Seong-min looked at the flame.

“Who are you?”


“I am the one who returned. “Have you been waiting for me for some business?”

“I do not know.”

Heoju answered in a confident voice. Regardless of the content, the voice was so confident that Lee Seong-min was almost speechless. Heoju added his words as he looked at me blankly.

“I really don’t know. All I know is that one day the person you came back to will come looking for me, and I will have to get out of this forest with you.”

After hearing Heo Joo’s words, Lee Seong-min looked at Rubia. Although Luvia looked a little reluctant, she nodded her head while looking at Lee Seong-min.

“What Heo Joo said is true.”

“It’s no different.”

Lee Seong-min’s eyes showed annoyance.

“Everyone who has ever met me has said that there is something special about me. There is something, but I can’t tell you exactly about it. “I avoided answering, saying that it was the end of the world and what about the apostle of the end.”

“that… If you were my master, you would be able to give me a clear answer. But I… ”

“Why did your master, Envirus, leave this place and leave you behind instead of meeting me in person?”

“I don’t know either. Because the owner is a busy man… ”


Seongmin Lee was so shocked that he let out a laugh. He looked away from Luvia and looked at Heoju.

“Heoju. “Are you the secret wish of the clan living in this forest?”

“The forest clan. okay. Are you talking about the foolish monkeys who have committed incest over and over again for generations and are dying in return? I am not their secret agent. Their secret wish does not exist in the first place. “The only value of their existence is to continue the bloodline.”


“The one chosen from among those with that blood becomes the head of the family, and only the head of the family can open the forest wall. “I am just on the way.”

It was just as Heo Joo said. Behind Heoju, who existed in the form of a flame, there was a winding road that never ended.

“What is this forest?”

“It’s a place where the souls of old monsters are bound. “Those monkeys perpetuate the seal of this forest just by existing.”

After hearing those words, Lee Seong-min glared at Heo Joo. After thinking for a moment, Lee Seong-min asked Heo Joo a question.

“Come out with me. What form do you mean it will come out in? “Didn’t you have a body?”

“There is a way.”

Heoju answered in a relaxed voice. Seongmin Lee glanced at Luvia. Luvia glanced at her gaze and spoke in a low voice.

“The choice is yours. “My master didn’t say anything about it either.”

“I’ll go back.”

Seongmin Lee answered as if there was nothing to think about. He didn’t want to let a monster that he didn’t know what it was reside in his body. As Seongmin Lee turned around, Luvia quickly came to his side.

“let’s go together.”

“until when?”

“Until my master comes.”

Luvia answered, and Seongmin Lee burst out laughing in bewilderment. I was curious about what was inside the forest, but I didn’t think I could get anything by going to the place where the ghost’s soul was sealed.


It was the moment when Lee Seong-min was about to go back the way he and Rubia came. Heoju suddenly burst into laughter. When Lee Seong-min turned his head to see something.

The fireworks fluttering on the rock swelled greatly and exploded. Hundreds of embers swaying in the fog all rushed towards Lee Seong-min. Luvia made a noise of surprise, and Lee Seong-min immediately performed a martial arts desertion.

However, hundreds of embers attacked Lee Seong-min faster than he could escape from the spot. I couldn’t feel any heat from the embers that touched my body.

Something invades my consciousness. Lee Seong-min concentrated his mind while chewing his lower lip.


Something that had been attacking my consciousness is pushed away. Immediately afterwards, Heo Joo’s extremely embarrassed voice rang in Lee Seong-min’s head.



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[you… ! What on earth is he doing that makes his mental defenses so strong?!]

Every time Heoju shouts, her body hums. Seongmin Lee had something to point out, so he took off the military uniform he was wearing. Then Rubia, who was next to Lee Seong-min, made a startled sound and jerked her head around.

“What are you doing all of a sudden?!”

Regardless of whether Luvia did it or not, Lee Seong-min looked down at his body. Not knowing what would happen in the forest, the barding I had received from Selgerus in advance and put on was humming. Looking closely, the barding was painted a light red color.

[Such an idiot… This hero has not been able to capture even a single human consciousness… ?! No matter how many people come back… !]

“That’s what I’m going to say. “What kind of idiotic thing is this?”

Seongmin Lee frowned and tapped the barding. There were several reasons why Heoju’s possession failed. In the past, Frescan tried to cast a spell to control Lee Seong-min’s mind, but failed. Kim Jong-hyun said that the divine protection protecting Lee Seong-min reflected Frescan’s magic.

‘Or maybe my mental power has become stronger through spiritual practice.’

I thought it was probably one of two things. The result is that Heo Joo failed to inhabit Lee Seong-min’s body. Instead, Heo Joo’s consciousness resided in Barding, not Lee Seong-min’s body.

“Is there Heoju in it?”

Rubia asked with wide eyes. Seongmin Lee felt annoyed and took off the barding he was wearing. Still, he treasured it because it was a pretty good armor, but he couldn’t wear it because of Heoju’s modifications.

[Now, wait, wait! wait!]

Heo Joo hurriedly called Lee Seong-min.

[I apologize for suddenly trying to possess you!]

“After already doing it.”

[I was in a hurry too! I won’t do anything weird anymore… !]

“How can I believe that?”

[I swear on my name… !]

“Don’t try to convince yourself with just one oath.”

[then… that… I will give you the treasure. The treasures I collected a long time ago!]

It was a little tempting.

“If it is a treasure, what kind of treasure is it?”

[I can’t tell you that.]

“I guess you don’t understand the situation well. “If you say nonsense that doesn’t work, I’ll take off my armor and leave it here.”

[I don’t even know how much treasure I have collected, so how can I explain it?!]

Heoju shouted as if he was frustrated.

“What does Heoju say?”

Luvia asked with her eyes shining. Since she didn’t have anything to hide, Lee Seong-min told Rubia about what Heoju said. Then she said, with Luvia looking rather surprised on her face.

“If it’s Heoju’s treasure, it’s something priceless. It is true that Heoju was one of the most powerful and famous monsters 300 years ago, and the treasures Heoju collected were just as famous as Heoju.”

[look! I’m right?!]

Heoju quickly shouted at Rubia’s words. Seongmin Lee looked down at his barding and put it back on.

“From now on, just keep quiet unless I talk to you. “If you talk nonsense, I’ll take it off and throw it in the toilet.”

[I can’t believe this great monster Heoju ended up like this… !]

“Why are you lamenting and making such a fuss when you are self-employed?”

Lee Seong-min grumbled and went back the way he came. He was worried that a wall of trees might be blocking the path, but the wall of trees was not blocking the path. no. In the first place, the place where the road led was not the entrance where Lee Seong-min came with Kazuya.

“That’s fascinating.”

As the road ended, the fog disappeared. Lee Seong-min was outside the sleeping forest. Luvia, who was standing next to Seongmin Lee, answered without even asking.

“That forest is a place entangled with powerful and diverse magic. “Don’t try to understand it with common sense.”

“I didn’t even have the heart to understand.”

The barding inhabited by Heoju hums and trembles. Although Lee Seong-min did not speak out because of what he had said, he seemed thrilled to be out of the forest. Although Lee Seong-min didn’t like the idea of ​​Heo-ju staying in the armor, he planned to accompany him until he got what was called Heo-ju’s treasure.

“Are you really going to follow me around?”

Aside from Heo Joo, that’s the case. Seongmin Lee asked while looking at Rubia. Rubia answered that question with a puzzled expression.

“I told you before, right? “I will accompany you until my master comes for me.”

“Even if I don’t want to?”

“Didn’t you want to meet my master? “If you harm me or abandon me, you and my master will never meet again.”

Luvia spoke in a confident tone.

“Are you saying you know where I’m going and that you’re going to come with me?”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to meet Socheonma.”

Seongmin Lee answered. Luvia’s mouth opened wide at those words.

“Socheonma… Socheonma Ramen. that… Wijihoyeon? Why with that monster… ?”

“Because there is a reason we need to meet.”

Seongmin Lee said that and started walking. Rubia, who had been hesitant, came to her senses and followed behind Lee Seong-min.

“Can’t we just rest somewhere with nice air and scenery and wait for my master to come?”

“Just as your master is busy and running around, I am also busy because I have work to do.”

Seongmin Lee answered without hesitation. Luvia’s face distorted at that answer.

“I don’t want to go… ”

“Then I will take you by force. “Didn’t you say that I can only meet Envirus if I’m with you?”

Saying that, Lee Seong-min raised his hand. His long, upright fingers were filled with a firm determination to take control of the blood path without hesitation, depending on Rubia’s answer. Luvia’s body trembled as she saw that.

“… “I’ll just follow you.”

Luvia said with her ears drooping.


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