Worthless Regression Chapter 98

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“They say the dungeon is open.”

The poisonous ghost sword approached cautiously and conveyed those words to Wijihoyeon. Wiji Hoyeon opened his closed eyes and looked towards the Dokgo Demon Sword. The black dragon cloth wrapped around her wriggled in the darkness.


“yes. “The place is close to here.”

The poisonous ghost bowed its head and said. Wijihoyeon stared at the poisonous ghost sword with a sad expression. The poisonous ghost trembled slightly at that cold gaze, but did not avoid Wijihoyeon’s gaze. Dokgo Gwigeom lowered his head, feeling deep reverence in Wiji Hoyeon’s gaze.

“How about getting drunk?”

Doggogwigeom advised him with sincerity. Dungeons occur suddenly like natural disasters. The dungeon discovered in this way is a place filled with all kinds of mysteries that go beyond human common sense. What is clear is that danger and opportunity coexist in dungeons.

“Do you need to get drunk?”

Wijihoyeon muttered. It seemed like he was talking to himself, but it was also like asking a question to the poisonous ghost sword. Dokgogwigeom was secretly happy about that question.

1 year ago. Wijihoyeon clashed with Baekmu-seon, the Blood Heavenly Demon, in the north and was victorious. Baekmu-seon and the Hyeolcheon Alliance, who ruled the northern city of Trabia, suffered a heavy blow when they were defeated by Wijihoyeon. Baek Mu-Mu’s left arm was cut off, making him one-armed, and the Hyeol Cheonmaeng, which had been growing power around Baek Mu-Mu, was cut in half.

As a result, Wijihoyeon’s reputation grew even greater. The Cheonma Army, which numbered twenty at the time, also increased significantly in number. Of course, Wijihoyeon did not like this, so he abandoned the Cheonma Army that followed him and acted alone.

Nevertheless, several outstanding experts, including Dokgogwigeom, were chasing Wijihoyeon.

Dokgogwigeom thought of himself as an indispensable loyal subject to Wijihoyeon. He was greatly fascinated by Wijihoyeon’s overwhelming strength, and truly thought that Wijihoyeon would soon become the center of this unknown world. What Dokgogwigeom had for Wijihoyeon was faith itself.

“I think this is fate. The open dungeon is not far from here, and you are here. “You are the owner of that dungeon.”

The poisonous ghost sword spoke in an excited voice. It was difficult to understand from a normal perspective, and it was just a statement of enthusiasm, but the poisonous ghost sword was truly thinking that way.


Wijihoyeon was lost in thought for a moment. It’s not that I’m not interested in dungeons. Wiji Hoyeon has been wandering around Aria for quite some time, but he has never been through a dungeon before. Rather than what he could gain from the dungeon, what moved Wiji Ho-yeon was what he would experience in the dungeon.

“Shall we go?”

Curiosity made Wijihoyeon move. She nodded her head and raised her body. Wijihoyeon moves. Then her followers who were crouching around began to move along with her. Dokgogwigeom looked at Wijihoyeon’s back as he walked slowly, then glanced into the distance. There was blatant hostility in the gaze of the poisonous ghost sword as it looked into the deep darkness where nothing could be seen.


The man sitting on a tall tree branch joked and shook his head.

“Your gaze is so cruel.”

There are many, many reviews of the old file room. If asked to name just one person who is the most outstanding among them, people hesitate to answer. However, if you ask them to say three instead of one, those who have knowledge will answer without hesitation.

Jihak of Shaolin.

Shaman’s Cheongmyeong.

The drunkard of openness.

The three of them are prepared for the future of the clan by learning all of the sect’s sacred and seasonal rituals and receiving martial arts instruction from all the adults in the sect. Among them, Jihak and Cheongmyeong are people who do not engage in external activities and only practice martial arts at the sect’s headquarters.

But getting drunk is different.

“What are you going to do?”

Chugeol turned his head. Where his gaze was directed, five people were killing their presence.

“Socheonma. That monster started moving. I don’t know what we talked about… “It’s probably heading to the dungeon.”

Chugeol muttered. Then the woman who had been silent opened her mouth.

“We should go too.”

It was a mukshingwang white sogo.

“I don’t know what will happen in the dungeon. “It is dangerous to enter a dungeon without proper preparation.”

“If Wijihoyeon conquers the dungeon and gains powerful power, it will be more dangerous.”

It wasn’t Baek Sogo who said that. A middle-aged man with a bushy beard looked at the drunkard with serious eyes. Seeing that gaze, Chugeol had no words to reply, so he licked his lips.

‘I have a bad feeling.’

Although intuition is an uncertain thing, Chugeol tended to trust his intuition quite a lot. In fact, he has never experienced great benefit or avoided misfortune by trusting his intuition, but isn’t it natural to think that he doesn’t want to do anything he doesn’t feel like doing?

“The poisonous ghost sword looked this way. “If Dokgogwigeom could see it, it means that Wijihoyeon was also aware of our presence.”

“So far, Wijihoyeon has not had any friction with us even though it has noticed our presence. Although she may seem arrogant and ruthless, she is not foolish. In fact, she and Wiji Ho-yeon have never had any friction with the old file room.”

“I heard that Shaolin was humiliated by Wijihoyeon?”

“It seemed that Shaolin did not think of him as a disgrace. On the contrary, Ambassador Bulyeong expressed favor when speaking about Wijihoyeon.”

“You went all the way to Shaolin.”

Five people, including Chu Jie and Baek Sogo, talked.

“The reason Wijihoyeon knew about our existence but ignored it until now was because we belonged to the Murim Alliance. But if you’re in a dungeon… The background of the Murim Alliance cannot protect us. “Because you don’t know what will happen there.”

Chugeol raised his voice strongly. Dangerous. The feeling that Chugeol believed in was insisting on it. However, except for the girl, the other four did not listen to what she said.

“We can’t leave Wijihoyeon alone.”

“I know that the dungeon is dangerous, and I know that that little monster has terrible power.”

“There is no time.”

“Calling for support might be one way. But what if Wijihoyeon attacks the dungeon before they arrive?”

“We don’t know what will be inside the dungeon. There may be a new gongjeolhak, or there may be a great elixir. Maybe there is some great magic or artifact.”

“What is clear is this. “The power gained in the dungeon is so powerful that it cannot be compared to the powers that exist in this world.”

“We can’t let Wijihoyeon take that power.”

While the conversation was going on, Baek Sogo was silent. Qu Jie swallowed his sigh and scratched his head. It is impossible to convince them. They themselves volunteered for the dangerous mission to monitor Wijihoyeon. Although they are all experts with power worthy of recognition within the Murim Alliance, they are madmen who put their lives on the line for an ambiguous thing called ‘justice.’

‘The one who fell in love is the one who suffers the loss.’

Qujie glanced at Baek Sogo and thought so. If Baek Sogo has no intention of backing down, she has no choice but to go with Chwi Geol too.

“… “I can’t help it.”

In the end, Chujie said that.

Wijihoyeon and Cheonmagun. Baeksogo and Murimmaeng. When they were heading to the dungeon, Lee Seong-min was also heading to the dungeon.

The exact location of the dungeon is not known. All Seongmin Lee could do was stay close to the dungeon and wait for it to open and for information about it to be distributed.

Information was purchased. The place where the dungeon was opened was not far from here.

[Are you really going?]

Rubia asked in an anxious voice while looking at Seongmin Lee. Instead of taking on the body of a beast, Luvia became a small sphere and was floating around Seongmin Lee. In the first place, the reason why the familiar Luvia had the body of a beast with cat ears was because of Envirus’ taste.

“I have to go.”

Seongmin Lee put his hand into the subspace pocket. The spear that Selgerus had made was caught in Lee Seong-min’s hand and pulled out. I have not used this spear since my training in Shaolin. But he had to use it now. Regardless of qualifications, what Seongmin Lee had to go through from now on was having to use everything available.



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[…] Phew. great. all right. Because this is something that can’t be helped. But have you ever entered a dungeon?]

“doesn’t exist.”

Seongmin Lee answered. In fact, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In his previous life, he had entered a dungeon only once.

‘And he died.’

I didn’t really want to remember it. At the time, it was my first time entering a dungeon, so I couldn’t prepare properly. But this time, I made my own preparations. Lee Seong-min used all his money to purchase various potions. Seongmin Lee confirmed the armament. Along with the spear behind his back, various daggers were tied to Lee Seong-min’s belt. Seongmin Lee put a cape over it and quietly took a deep breath.

I thought of several ways. Persuading Wijihoyeon. Persuading Baek Sogo. It is impossible to subdue Wijihoyeon by force. So, is it possible to backtrack? I couldn’t even check the location of Baeksogo properly. The area is wide. I had purchased information that Baeksogo and Wijihoyeon were nearby, but it was almost impossible to search this large area and meet them based on that alone.

[Going into a dungeon without any dungeon experience… ! What kind of confidence is this?]

“Because I have to.”

Seongmin Lee ran towards the location of the dungeon he heard about. Luvia, who turned into a sphere, hovered next to Seongmin Lee’s head and hummed.

[First of all, it is important to understand the shape of the dungeon. Every dungeon has a clear end, and can be conquered if you reach the end and fulfill the conditions. The problem is how to reach the ‘end’! A dungeon can be a maze or a forest.

Maybe it’s the sea.]

Lee Seong-min searched for memories. The dungeon where Lee Seong-min in his previous life entered and met his death was an underground maze.

[Inside the dungeon, there are various means of threatening those entering the dungeon, such as monsters and traps. If you kill a monster outside of a dungeon, only a corpse remains, but if a monster dies inside the dungeon… ]

“I know. Unlike outside the dungeon, monsters in the dungeon leave clear loot. Things like money, elixirs, magic, martial arts, potions, and weapons.”

So when the dungeon is opened, all kinds of people rush in with their eyes turned upside down. If you think about him, it makes sense that the Murim League followed Wijihoyeon into the dungeon. If Wijihoyeon succeeds in conquering the dungeon,

Wijihoyeon, who has always had great power, will truly become an untouchable monster.

“This is it.”

Seongmin Lee stopped walking. I saw a huge red glowing crystal embedded in the rocky ground. The dungeon that Seongmin Lee entered in his past life also looked like that. Seongmin Lee walked toward the crystal with strides.

When I reached out my hand and touched the crystal.

[Would you like to enter the dungeon?]

I heard that voice in my head. Seongmin Lee slowly nodded his head. A feeling of floating enveloped Lee Seong-min’s body, as if his whole body was floating.

The scenery has changed.

There was no time to look at the changed scenery. The moment Lee Sung-min’s feet touched the ground, a sharp killing blow was fired at Lee Sung-min. The sudden attack was enough to surprise Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee hurriedly dragged his feet back and raised his spear.

Whoops! Lee Seong-min’s body was pushed back with a loud sound. Both hands holding his spear tingled. This was the first time I had received such a heavy attack since I became a transcendent master. Seongmin Lee narrowed his eyes and looked at the attacker.

“… who are you?”

A big man with a bushy beard asked Lee Seong-min while glaring at him. Seongmin Lee glanced at the huge ax held by the giant. Although the weapon was heavy, the force that pushed Lee Seong-min away was not due to the weight of the axe.

“… “My name is Lee Seong-min.”

“Lee Seong-min?”

At those words, the giant opened his eyes wide.

“no way. “Are you saying you are the ghost that killed the Sword Demon?”

Seongmin Lee didn’t like that nickname very much. However, people who were excited by the rumor gave Lee Seong-min, who killed the sword demon who killed the saint’s disciple, the nickname ‘Gwichang’. I got a ghost because I killed the Sword Demon. It’s an unsuitable nickname. At that time, the reason why Lee Seong-min killed the Sword Demon was not through Lee Seong-min’s own skills. It was probably thanks to the help of the Black Heart.

“… you’re right.”

Although it was a nickname he didn’t like, Lee Seong-min nodded his head.

“Why are you here?”

Although he asked that question, the giant did not swing the ax anymore.


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