Worthless Regression Chapter 96

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Seongmin Lee does not enjoy killing.

It was the same in my past life, and it is the same now. I have never felt pleasure in killing others. It may be an unavoidable situation, but it was natural for Lee Seong-min to think that he would not want to commit murder if it was a situation where he did not have to commit murder.

But if you have to do it.

I feel a sharp killing intent. Everyone in the village recognized Seongmin Lee as their enemy and were trying to kill him. Seongmin Lee glanced at Kuromaru’s corpse. He left it alone because he had no will to save it. Should he have been saved? Seongmin Lee suddenly thought of something like that.

It’s too late to think about it now. He wrapped his self-defense gear around his body and walked forward. He reached the pinnacle of self-defense and was able to use self-defense techniques freely. Even when Lee Seong-min was a peak expert, he was able to use strong techniques, but the strength that he could use back then cannot be compared to the strength that Lee Seong-min uses now, both in terms of quality and efficiency.

“Can you hear me?”

Seongmin Lee asked with energy in his voice. A loud voice resonates far away. The direction of the oncoming murderous intent did not change, but Lee Seong-min judged that they were not completely ignorant barbarians, as there were no consecutive attacks.

“I have no desire to fight with you. If possible, I would like to resolve this through dialogue.”

Once again. Seongmin Lee spoke out loud. After a while, the deadly intensity subsided. Then, a man jumped over the fence and fell in front of Lee Seong-min.

‘It’s Gosu.’

Lee Seong-min made that judgment after seeing the man’s refined prayer. He is a transcendent expert who has perfected the reversal of the return. However, it seemed like he was not a transcendent warrior who even went as far as anti-Rohwandong. The middle-aged man looked into Lee Seong-min’s face and asked.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Seongmin Lee.”

There was no takeover. Instead, Lee Seong-min answered while slightly bowing. The man looked into Lee Sung-min’s eyes and tried to get a glimpse of Lee Sung-min’s state.

“You are strange. “The Qi body has already reached a state of transcendence, but Sim seems to be looking further afield.”

The man muttered in a low voice. Seongmin Lee asked his man without answering.

“Who are you?”


Kazuya answered. It was a name I remembered. It wasn’t a memory from my past life, but the name of the person in charge of the clan’s head, which I had heard from Kuromaru just a moment ago, was Kazuya.

“Like I said, I have no desire to fight with you.”

“Then we are grateful. If you attacked with all your might, many people would have died. “It’s not a large clan, and I don’t want to reduce its number any further.”

“Why did you kill Kuromaru?”

“Because punishment is necessary.”

Kazuya answered without changing his expression.

“Elder Nobuhiro is probably dead. It can’t be helped. He must have known the difference in his skills, but he ignored him and started a fight, so it’s only natural that he takes responsibility for his own death. However, even after seeing the elder’s death in front of his eyes, he did not commit suicide or resist. “The young bastard who brought the enemy directly to the village must be punished.”

Kazuya said while looking down at Kuromaru’s body. That seemed to be the law established first in this closed town.

“I will accept you as a guest of the village.”

Kazuya stretched out his hand. Seongmin Lee looked at the hand blankly, then held Kazuya’s hand.

“Please come in.”

When he entered the village accompanied by Kazuya, the head of the clan, no one stopped Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee had many things he wanted to ask, but first he followed Kazuya to his house. Meanwhile, the houses in the village I saw were

The person looked shabby and poor.

“If you’re an expert like Kazuya, you’ll be treated well outside.”

“You are younger than me. And he’s stronger than me. I don’t want to despair in the wide world. “That’s why I live in this narrow forest.”

Kazuya said with a smile. It was a Japanese-style house that Kazuya guided Seongmin Lee to. Seongmin Lee thought for a moment about the wide world that Kazuya had mentioned. However, he did not tell Kazuya about his thoughts.

“Do you know Envirus?”

In the room he entered with Kazuya, Lee Seong-min sat across from Kazuya. Kazuya nodded her head at the sudden question.

“I know.”

“Where is he?”

“I already left the forest about two months ago.”

Kazuya answered. Lee Seong-min frowned at those words. He followed the traces of Envirus according to the information he purchased through Erebresa, but he did not think that he would easily meet Envirus here.

“Do you know where he went?”

“I don’t know.”

The problem is this. If Envirus has come this far and left no traces, Lee Seong-min will have trouble tracking Envirus later. According to information purchased through Erebrisa, the latest location of Envirus is right here, in the Sleeping Forest.

“… What did Envirus do in this forest?”

“Why are you chasing Envirus?”

From question to question. When asked again, Lee Seong-min narrowed his eyes and glared at Kazuya. Kazuya let out a low laugh at that gaze.

“Don’t look at it that way.”

“… “There is a reason we need to meet.”

“What I’m curious about is the reason.”

“I can’t answer that.”

“You don’t answer my questions, but you only ask questions of your own and ask me to answer them.”

Seongmin Lee closed and opened his fists without saying a word. Kazuya, who was staring at Lee Seong-min, opened his mouth.

“I’m not sure if you are the guest Envirus was talking about or not.”

“… yes?”

“Envirus told me before he left. Someday in the future, someone will come to this forest and ask about Envirus. When that time comes… ”

Kazuya got up from where he was sitting.

“I want to finish it quickly. “Can we move right away?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Seongmin Lee nodded his head and stood up.

The place where Kazuya took Lee Seong-min was outside the village. After passing the barrier, Kazuya raised his voice towards Lee Seong-min, who was following behind him.

“Aren’t you curious about your clan’s secret wish?”

“I don’t think they will tell you if you ask.”

“To be precise, I can’t tell you. “We say we are pursuing a secret wish, but we ourselves do not know what that wish is.”

Seongmin Lee couldn’t understand those words. He asked a question towards the back of Kazuya’s head.

“therefore… “Why are you living in this forest?”

“Because it has to be that way. Our souls are bound to this sleeping forest. “Those born in this forest can never escape from it.”



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“… Is it a curse?”

“It’s similar to that. Our clan has already lived in this forest for several generations. The body has become weak due to repeated inbreeding. The clan’s secret skills and martial arts skills have faded and are not even properly passed down. “Sooner or later, our clan will destroy itself.”

Kazuya’s voice as he spoke about it was rather calm. As if he was waiting for such an ending.

“As the head of the family, I don’t know what the clan’s secret wish is. Maybe there was no such thing as a secret garden from the beginning. The word ‘secret wish’ may have been used to force a sense of purpose for the children who will be born in the future. But what is clear is that our clan cannot leave this forest, and we are protecting something at the end of this forest.”

“… Guardian… ?”

“no. Should we call this protection?”

Kazuya tilted his head as if he didn’t understand.

“Ghost names drive the weak crazy. If Ilshin’s inaction couldn’t overcome the climax wall, it would be impossible to even live in this forest. The younger ones take medication to resist tinnitus and lose the ability to hear. The deeper the forest, the stronger the ghost name becomes. “I don’t know if you can hold out.”

“I’ll probably be able to hold out.”

“Hehe! Even if you are a supreme expert, it is difficult to resist the ghost. Because this is an attack that affects the mind. I have an appointment with Envirus, so I am guiding you, but… “I don’t know if you can hold out.”

Kazuya’s steps stopped.

It was a mysterious sight. The tangled trees were forming a huge wall, and the wall was dividing the huge forest in half. Seongmin Lee, who was looking at him blankly, shifted his gaze towards Kazuya and asked.

“What is this?”

“It’s a wall. “Don’t you know it when you see it?”

“I know it’s a wall.”

“You cannot pass through this wall without the consent of the clan head. Would you like to try it out?”

Kazuya asked while looking back at Seongmin Lee. Kazuya had a mischievous expression like a bad boy that was inappropriate for his age.

“If you succeed in forcing your way through this wall… ”

“What would you like to give me?”

“hmm. Now that I think about it, there’s nothing I can give you. “Why not give it a try?”

Lee Seong-min chuckled at the blatant recommendation. He lifted the spear on his back and passed Kazuya. When Lee Seong-min lifted the spear, a purple river of energy enveloped the spear.

Kwaaaang! As the spear was thrust forward, a huge explosion erupted. However, the wooden wall was intact and not broken at all. Even though it wasn’t full power, it put forth its own power, and the result was like this. Seongmin Lee stood with his eyes wide open and looked at the wall of trees.

“yes? It cannot be broken through by force. “Even Envirus couldn’t break through.”

“But how did you get in?”

“I let you in. “Because I was told to let them in.”

It was an unknown word. Kazuya passed Lee Seong-min and walked forward. He stretched out his hand towards the wall of wood and licked his lips. The little sound was a spell in an unknown language.

The wall of tangled trees disappeared.

“I can’t go any further than this.”

Kazuya put his back and turned around. Seongmin Lee was watching Kazuya’s back towards the village for a while. Then he turned his body around. Where the wall disappeared, there was a winding road. Seongmin Lee looked at the road for a moment and then stretched out his feet forward.


iced coffee.


A sound rings in my ears. Noble name. The unknown sound that caused those who entered the sleeping forest to lose consciousness grew louder, louder, and pounded on Lee Seong-min’s mind. As the number of steps forward increased, the name grew louder. It’s not just about making you lose consciousness. This was a mind-boggling sound. That terrible ominous feeling was taking hold of Lee Seong-min’s mind and shaking him like crazy.


Seongmin Lee took a deep breath. It wasn’t that it was hard to bear. It was just frustrating to endure. This was a powerful mental attack. Even if you are a transcendent expert, it is difficult to resist the ghost. What does Kazuya’s words mean? Seongmin Lee felt it keenly. Even if you are an expert whose mind, energy, and body have reached a state of transcendence, it will be difficult to resist this terrible curse.

But it wasn’t Lee Seong-min. The 2100 years spent in the spirit world broke and rebuilt Lee Seong-min’s spirit several times. In the process, Lee Seong-min became mad. But paradoxically, the spirit that gained madness became tens or hundreds of times stronger than before.

It doesn’t collapse. Keep walking. Even though I feel irritated, I don’t go crazy. The winding road was a single road. Looking around, strangely there are no trees in sight. There was only a thick, hazy fog.

“Because I was confused.”

A grumpy voice shook the space. Seongmin Lee stopped his steps.

“Causality is an absolute thing. It’s not common for something to be twisted like that. That’s why I was confused. “The guy who came to visit not long ago was also a guy with a twisted sense of causality, so I mistook him and brought him in.”

The fog is flying. Seongmin Lee started walking forward again after stopping.

“Answer me. A being whose causality is distorted. “Are you the one who came back?”

A voice asks. Seongmin Lee continued walking. Lights began to come on in the seething fog. It seemed like hundreds of fireflies were glowing.

Seongmin Lee’s steps stopped. A black flame was shaking on a huge rock.

“what do you mean?”

Seongmin Lee asked. At those words, the fire shaking on the rock swelled greatly.

“I asked if he had returned.”

“What does it mean to come back?”

“Do you know death?”

The flame asks. The moment Lee Seong-min was about to answer, there was a crack in the space and an electric current flowed. As it looked at him, the flame made a chuckling sound.

“What an unbecoming trick. “If I hadn’t fallen like this, I wouldn’t have let you do something like that.”

“If that were the case, my master wouldn’t have been able to escape from this forest.”

The flowing currents came together and formed one form. Is it a small person wearing a robe? It looked like a girl. Seongmin Lee blinked at the girl and asked a question.

“Who are you again?”

“It’s Envirus-sama’s familiar.”

It wasn’t real. Only the consciousness was transferred here through the magic engraved in this space. Flames spewed out at Envirus’ familiar as if they were displeased.

“You’re annoying. “They make it so we can’t even have a conversation alone.”

“Because you are an evil being.”

“Hahaha! Are you judging me based on just a toy doll? Even your master wouldn’t be able to judge me!”

Flame burst into laughter. The flame’s voice grew louder, and the number of lights in the fog increased even more.

“Can’t you just let me understand first?”

Lee Seong-min, who was worse off, said that.


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