Worthless Regression Chapter 95

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The giant rushed in. He made the mistake of thinking he understood everything about Lee Sung-min just because he didn’t feel any danger. It was a fatal thing, but the current giant did not know that fact.

Seongmin Lee put his hand behind his back and grabbed the spear. When he pointed his spear forward, the giant was already right in front of Lee Seong-min. He slammed his fist, as big as a rock, towards Lee Seong-min’s body.

When the fist was about to crush the top of his head, Lee Seong-min took a few steps back. Lee Seong-min was moving faster than the speed at which his fist fell. Seongmin Lee grabbed the spear he was holding in front of him with one hand and turned it outward. The giant’s arm got caught in Ran’s rotation.


There was a terrible sound. Geohan did not know what had happened to his body. However, I only saw his right arm, which was packed with sturdy muscles, flying away, spraying blood.

“They say you’re deaf.”

Lee Seong-min muttered. Even though his entire right arm was torn off, Lee Seong-min’s expression was indifferent. His raised eyes showed no emotion at all.

“So the story… ”


The giant took a deep breath. He chewed his lower teeth, his face red from pain. Then he twisted his body sharply and swung his only left fist. The waving energy surrounding his fist proved that the giant was an expert who had overcome the ultimate wall.

However, for Lee Seong-min, the status of a great man was not that great. Seongmin Lee clicked his tongue and raised his spear.

It happened in an instant. The stab, which extended so quickly and invisible, pierced the giant’s left shoulder. Before the giant could scream, he flew backwards and crashed into a tree. Shocked, the tree, no, the monster in the shape of a tree opened its mouth wide and tried to chew the giant’s body.


A giant with a big bite on its back screams. Seongmin Lee looked at it and headed forward. Then Kuromaru shouted from behind him.

“Boo, please! “Please save the elder!”

Lee Seong-min turned around at that shout. Kuromaru hastily added to Lee Seong-min, who was tilting his head.

“Now, if you save the elder… “I will tell you everything I know.”

Lee Seong-min, who was quietly listening to those words, wrote on the floor with the spear he was holding.

That’s a strange thing to say. Didn’t that man try to kill you?

“Even so… “He is like a teacher to me.”

In fact, there was no need for Lee Seong-min to listen to Kuromaru here. Even if that giant called Elder died, he was confident that he would get the answer he wanted even if he had to beat up Kuromaru.

However, Seongmin Lee listened to Kuromaru’s request. He took out the body of the elder who had been chewed by the tree monster, and stopped the bleeding while he was throwing it away. Kuromaru looked with frightened eyes at Lee Seong-min, who was bandaging the elder’s torn right arm. The elder had already fainted and was not moving.

Now let’s have a conversation.

Seongmin Lee wrote on the floor.

Since Kuromaru had not yet regained his hearing due to taking an elixir to resist deafness, Lee Seong-min asked him to ‘tell everything’ rather than bothering to write it down one by one. Thanks to this, the conversation back and forth was one-sided.

Kuromaru talked, and Lee Seong-min just listened.

The dead man’s name was Hayato. Hayato said that Kuromaru was like a brother to him since childhood, but that was none of Lee Seong-min’s business. Because it was not Lee Seong-min who killed Hayato.

The giant’s name is Nobuhiro. He was a teacher who taught Butoh martial arts to Kuromaru and Hayato when they were young. However, it appears that he was not his immediate disciple.

‘They’re all Japanese.’

Eria summons aliens from all dimensions. Since Koreans are not the only people on Earth, citizens of all kinds of countries, from Japanese and Chinese to Americans and Russians, are also summoned to Area. Most of the otherworldly people from ‘Earth’ who were summoned in this way were No class.

Not everything. As was the case with Kim Jong-hyun, there are cases where people are summoned by learning magical abilities despite being from Earth.

In a foreign world where there are no allies, ‘nation’ creates an overflowing sense of homogeneity. Even though it was on a different level, it was not uncommon for people from the same country to come together and build power. Lee Seong-min, from his previous life, also remembered organizations with names such as the Korean Marine Corps Comrades Association and the Chinese Zodiac Sign of the Strongest Dragon.

It is said that the Kuromaru are a clan that lives in a sleeping forest, and that their clan lives in this forest to pursue their clan’s secret wish.

Secret garden?

Seongmin Lee wrote letters on the floor. Kuromaru hesitated for a moment and then glanced at the fallen Nobuhiro. Lee Seong-min laughed while looking at those frightened eyes.

If you’re afraid of that giant, should you just kill him?

“Oh, no. no. “You don’t have to do that.”

Kuromaru shook his head in horror.

“Our clan’s secret wish is to see the end of this forest.”

Kuromaru answered. the end of the forest. Seongmin Lee frowned and tilted his head.

What is at the end of this forest?

“that… I don’t know either. “The only one who knows about him is the matriarch of our clan.”

Are you saying that you are following it without even knowing it?

“Yeah… We were born and raised in this forest. “I have been told since childhood that I must fulfill my clan’s secret wish, and everyone in the village does the same.”

Kuromaru didn’t seem to know anything about the secret wish. Seongmin Lee wanted to torture him, but he thought it wouldn’t be of much use, so he stopped. He felt that if he was going to get information through torture, it would be better to do it from Nobuhiro, who was lying down over there, rather than Kuromaru.

Do you know Envirus?

“Who is that?”

Kuromaru opened his eyes and asked again. In the end, Lee Seong-min did not gain much from this conversation. Seongmin Lee left Kuromaru alone and approached Nobuhiro.

After tapping his cheek a few times, Nobuhiro opened his eyes. He opened his mouth and raised his head, screaming, but when Lee Seong-min pressed his shoulder with his spear, he screamed again and laid his head on the floor.

“Do you know Envirus?”

Seongmin Lee asked while looking down at Nobuhiro. Nobuhiro glared at Lee Seong-min, his face contorted in pain from having his arm torn off. At that moment, Nobuhiro thought a lot. He was one of the most talented people in his village and clan, but he was toyed with like a child. He had never even thought that anyone other than the head of the family could do something like this.

“Envy… Envirus… ?”

“Do you know?”

“I do not know… !”

“What is the secret wish that your clan pursues? “What is at the end of this forest?”

“Do you think I’ll tell you that…?” !”


Seongmin Lee looked down at Nobuhiro with a shocked expression. Seongmin Lee, who had been looking at Nobuhiro for a moment, turned and approached Kuromaru.

Where is your village?

“that… that… ”

“Kuromaru! “What are you doing!”

As Kuromaru stutters, Nobuhiro yells. Seongmin Lee ignored those words and looked at Kuromaru. Kuromaru chewed his lip while looking into Lee Seong-min’s emotionless eyes.

“The village… ”

When Kuromaru opened his mouth, Nobuhiro jumped up and shouted. He sacrificed himself for the village rather than fearing Lee Seong-min. I raised my head to the top and charged at it with a deadly mindset, but puk! The spear spun in Lee Seong-min’s hand. A spearhead fired behind his shoulder pierced Nobuhiro’s head.

Kuromaru opened his mouth as he watched the village elder, who had taught him martial arts since he was a child, explode in the head and die. There was a mixture of fear and anger.



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I had no choice.

Seongmin Lee wrote on the floor as if making an excuse. The content was an excuse, but the expression was not. Kuromaru was truly afraid of Lee Seong-min.

“ah… “I will guide you.”

Kuromaru stuttered.

It felt like I was taking the messenger with me.

Kuromaru felt that his gait was becoming more and more sluggish. She actually was. Kuromaru’s steps in front of her were much slower than usual. It was because of Kuromaru’s back and Lee Seong-min walking behind her. Seongmin Lee didn’t particularly threaten Kuromaru, and she didn’t blame Kuromaru for walking late.

Even so? It was painful for Kuromaru to voluntarily bring such a strong expert to the village. The images of the dead Hayato and Nobuhiro keep lingering in my mind. Shouldn’t I have died like that too?

‘no. Even if I died, that man would have gone to the village.’

That would have been the case anyway. Kuromaru made an excuse for his wavering heart in that way.

Seongmin Lee was lost in thought as he followed Kuromaru. Kuromaru’s clan is not very numerous. He says it is a village, but that it numbers less than 100 people. Until the generation before Kuromarune, the village was maintained through inbreeding, and when genetic diseases began to occur due to repeated incestuous marriages, the village was maintained by kidnapping partners from outside.

‘I don’t know why you have to do that.’

Lee Seong-min truly thought so. The reason why the village is maintained through incestuous marriages and kidnappings, and why people live in this sleeping forest where no one comes and goes. If it is to achieve their clan’s secret wish, is that wish so great that it will take several generations to devote themselves to it?

‘I’ve never heard of this clan in my memories of my past life. ‘I’ve never even heard of Sleeping Beauty.’

That’s what happens when Lee Seong-min doesn’t come to this forest. So what happens when Lee Seong-min comes to this forest? Due to the presence of Lee Seong-min, will events that are different from the previous life occur as they have so far?

‘It’s none of my business.’

When the Holy Master died and the Sword Demon was killed. Seongmin Lee thought a lot. He died because of who he was and who should not have died. Everything is getting tangled up because of me. Denir also said it. Lee Seong-min’s presence is ruining the original flow.

I’ve thought a lot about 2100 years.

The conclusion has been reached.

Whatever happened to the world, that was none of Lee Seong-min’s business.

What was important to Lee Seong-min was himself.

“arrive… I did.”

Kuromaru said in a low voice.

The entrance to the village was protected by a crude wooden fence. What looked like a vegetable garden for the villagers’ survival could be seen beyond the fence. There was a fence, but there were no people standing guard in front of it. Seongmin Lee looked at the wooden fence and thought for a moment.

I’ve been worrying for too long. No, to be precise, Lee Seong-min did not feel the need to do so as a result of his worries.


An arrow flew from afar and pierced Kuromaru’s neck. Kuromaru made a gurgling sound and spit out blood from his mouth. He staggered back a few steps, tried to say something, but died before he could say it. He felt the killing intent and knew the attack was coming. However, Lee Seong-min did not mention him to Kuromaru.

If you think about it, there was no need for Lee Seong-min to protect Kuromaru. The only reason Nobuhiro protected Kuromaru was because he had something he needed to hear.

“Even though they say we’re from the same clan, they’re merciless.”

Lee Seong-min spoke with a calm expression and took out a spear. He was a little curious. What is the secret wish of the clan that the villagers who are so hostile to outsiders are trying to achieve? And why did Envirus come to this forest?

‘I wish I could be rewarded for the effort it took to get here.’

Lee Seong-min thought so and raised his self-defense flag.


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