Worthless Regression Chapter 94

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< Prologue-4 >

“Long time no see.”

Lee Seong-min spoke to Seungje while climbing the mountain gate. Seungje closed his wide-open mouth and swallowed. Seung-jeo, who looked at Lee Seong-min in disbelief for a moment, hesitates and nods his head.

“yes… oh… Long time no see.”

A year has passed since Seongmin Lee left for the volcanic Drimoor on an errand for the French ambassador. What happened at the volcano had already spread throughout Eria, and the incident was also reported to Shaolin.

“that… I heard the story from a year ago. “You did a great job.”

“It just happened to be like that.”

Seongmin Lee only answered like that, but did not explain in detail what happened at that time. Seungje found it regrettable, but did not inquire further.

“Is Jihak inside?”

“ah… yes. “He is probably near the French Ambassador’s residence.”

When Seungjeo answered, Lee Seongmin smiled and nodded his head. The monk put his hands together, closed his eyes once, and then opened them.


Lee Seong-min, who was there just a moment ago, was nowhere to be seen.

Although it was Shaolin’s first visit in a year, Lee Seong-min felt as if it had been a very long time. Although he had overwritten memories backed up through Denir, the years Lee Seong-min had spent in the spirit world were clearly accumulated in his mind, not his body.

“… hmm.”

When I came near the cave where the British ambassador lived. Seongmin Lee heard that sound. In fact, Lee Seong-min had noticed his presence even before the sound was heard.

“What happened?”

Jihak appeared. The Jihak that Seongmin Lee remembers was a person who was not very expressive. But now Jihak was unable to hide his surprised expression when he saw Lee Seongmin.

“A lot of things happened.”

It was nice to see Jihak’s face after a long time. He nodded slightly and answered Jihak. Several things. Jihak shook his head from side to side while muttering what Lee Seongmin answered.

“I heard that Lee Seong-min defeated the Sword Demon.”

“It was a fluke.”

“Are you saying that it was a fluke that we defeated the sword spirit who murdered Jang Mun-in of the Volcanic Sect?”

“How can I explain it other than it was a fluke? “At that time, I was weaker than the Sword Demon.”

“… “Did the Sword Demon let his guard down?”

“Maybe so.”

“… When?”

Jihak asked while sighing. Seongmin Lee did not understand the meaning of the question and tilted his head.


“When did you enter the state of transcendence?”

“ah… ”

Lee Seong-min belatedly understood Ji-hak’s words and smiled bitterly. He answered by scratching his head as if embarrassed.

“It was half a year ago.”

In the spiritual world, it took a thousand years to overcome the wall of transcendence. However, when I challenged myself in reality based on that memory, I was able to break through the wall of transcendence in less than half a year. It was partly because Denir’s ordeal had severely inhibited his growth, but going back down the same path he had taken once was much easier than doing it the first time.

“Half a year… “Half a year?”

“Why are you doing that?”

“no… it’s nothing. just. “As I was looking into Lee Seong-min’s eyes, the passage of half a year just didn’t feel real.”

“It is true that we crossed the peak barrier half a year ago.”

“I know. only… Seongmin Lee’s eyes look like they have practiced more than that.”

At those words, Lee Seong-min only smiled and did not respond. Instead, Lee Seong-min grabbed the spear he was carrying behind his back with his hand.

“If it’s okay with you, may I ask you to help me?”

“As much as you want. but… I’m a little worried. I don’t know if what I see is correct. “If I were to team up with Lee Seong-min now, I would have to do my best.”

“Is that true?”

“At least… That’s how I feel.”

Jihak said that and put his hands together in front of his chest. Although Jihak was well-versed in all seventy-two types of martial arts, Lee Seong-min knew very well that what Jihak was most confident in was martial arts, which encompassed all martial arts, martial arts, and martial arts without the use of weapons.

“Leave it alone.”

It was the moment when Lee Seong-min was about to take out the spear. An old, grayish voice cut off the gap between Jihak and Lee Seongmin. Jihak trembled and looked in the direction from which the sound came.

Ambassador Bulyeong was standing at the entrance of the cave. He was looking at Lee Seong-min with a strange expression that looked like he was smiling. When their eyes met, Lee Seong-min bowed his head towards the French ambassador.

“Why are you stopping me?”

“If you two fight now, it won’t end in a fight. “As long as no one accepts defeat.”

“… “Umm.”

Jihak let out a low groan at Ambassador Bulyeong’s words. In other words, Lee Seong-min’s inaction was equal to Jihak.

“As long as neither of you is willing to risk defeat. Jihak, you will either die or become disabled.”

Ambassador France added. Jihak’s mouth was half-open at those words. He looked back at Lee Seong-min and the French Ambassador with an expression of disbelief. Lee Seong-min smiled bitterly while listening to the French ambassador’s words.

“Aren’t you valuing me too highly?”

“Cluck cluck! Ah, the number of lies has increased during the year that I was invisible. “What on earth did you come here to check?”

“… “I wanted to see how far I had come.”

“To a certain extent. “Compared to whom?”


Jihak’s shoulders tremble at Lee Seongmin’s answer. Wijihoyeon. She was the one who gave Jihak his first and only defeat, and she was the person who made him realize the wideness of the world.


Ambassador Bulyeong stroked his chin.

“Oh no. I don’t know the current Wijihoyeon. All I know is Wijihoyeon, who came to this mountain and said he wanted to see Shaolin. “The genius with the fate of the king wouldn’t have been sucking his fingers ever since, so there would be a big gap between Wijihoyeon now and Wijihoyeon when he defeated Jihak.”

“How would you compare yourself to me?”

“You are no better than Wijihoyeon when you first came to this mountain.”

Ambassador Bulyeong answered without hesitation.

“I don’t know what you have done this year. A year ago, when I heard a rumor that you killed the guy named Sword Demon who killed Old Man His Holiness. I didn’t believe it. “As far as I know, you are not even worthy of your attention.”



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Seongmin Lee accepted those words calmly. Because it was true. At that time, Lee Seong-min was barely peeking into the door of transcendence, and Seong Ha Do-in was a clear transcendental expert.

“So you killed the sword demon who killed His Holiness the Daoin? How could I have believed him? I thought there was some rumor going around. But you are now… Cluck! “What on earth have you been doing for a year?”

“A lot has happened.”

Over the past year. Seongmin Lee lived in Denir’s house and captured his experiences in his spiritual world. Based on this, he was able to overcome the wall of transcendence after half a year, and the Yang vein of Imdok was opened, thereby achieving his complete transformation.

And again half a year. He became a transcendent expert, but Lee Seong-min was not satisfied. He swung the spear again and again, trying to get closer to the ideal spear that he had seen in the spirit world and that he had achieved with his astral body.

It didn’t work out. His mind was looking into the distance, but his body was not yet able to follow him. In the end, he failed to completely unravel the tangle of the mind body.

“How close have you become to Wijihoyeon? “Are you here to check on him?”

“I needed some confidence.”

“I guess you weren’t sure. “Because you are weaker than Wijihoyeon.”

“I thought maybe so.”

Lee Seong-min let out a cheerful laugh. At the current level, there was no expectation that Wijihoyeon’s visionary family would have any military power in the first place. Seongmin Lee has yet to fully reach the heights he saw and achieved.

‘Not everything is visible.’

No matter how great Master Bulyeong’s insight is, he will not be able to see everything about Lee Seong-min who did not perform martial arts himself.

Although Jihak and Bulyeong Daesa were told to relax and stay for a day, Lee Seong-min came down Seongsan Mountain. He couldn’t waste any more time. The reason he stopped by Seongsan Mountain was because it was on the way to where he wanted to go.

The dungeon will open in two months.

I didn’t have any doubts about whether I could do it. That kind of consultation and consideration has already been done hundreds or thousands of times. Lee Seong-min knew very well that the answer he gave in that way would lead to feelings of self-destruction and inferiority, and that he would eventually grit his teeth in despair.

So don’t do it.

Instead of wondering if you can do it, you should do it. I think I can do it. Lee Seong-min put the banggat he was wearing behind his neck back on his head. There was a lot of work to be done. First of all, the most urgent thing is to prevent Baek Sogo’s death.

After that, as advised by the spirit residing in Master Buryeong, you must go north and meet Ki-in. I didn’t know who the ‘giin’ was referring to, but there was a need to go.

After that.

Before the day I promised with Wijihoyeon. There is one more thing to do.

I had to find Frescan.

Currently, Lee Seong-min has a black heart in his chest. Five years had passed since he acquired the black heart, but Lee Seong-min still did not fully understand the function of the heart.

Only Frescan can answer about this unknown heart.

‘… This is the problem.’

Seongmin Lee glanced down at his chest. I want to open his chest and see the colors of the heart beating inside. Lee Seong-min felt that impulse several times, but he did not act on it. Every time he felt such an impulse, Lee Seong-min realized that his long training in the spiritual world had instilled in him a certain degree of madness.

It was a few months ago that I started thinking about the need to know more about the heart.

Among the things that had happened since receiving the heart, several things were bothering Lee Seong-min. When Aine suddenly attacked. In a situation where Lee Seong-min almost died, he suddenly realized how to use strong energy. If Lee Seong-min had not manifested strength at that moment, Lee Seong-min would have been killed by Aine.

I had another similar experience. When he fought the sword ear. The moment when the Sword Demon’s sword was about to cut off Lee Seong-min’s body. Lee Seong-min unconsciously stretched out his spear and pierced the Sword Demon’s chest. At the time, I thought it was the previous mind that forced the body to move, but through the process of practicing in the mental world and organizing my experiences in reality, I came to the conclusion that that was probably not the case.

Lee Seong-min still couldn’t recreate the spear he used when he killed the Sword Demon. Even though he may have done it unconsciously, unlike when he manifested the Sword Gang and was able to use it even afterward, albeit inefficiently, the spear he used when he killed the Sword Demon could not be reproduced no matter how hard he tried.

Eventually, the thoughts reached the black heart. Since acquiring the Black Heart, Lee Seong-min has always overcome and survived in life-threatening situations.

‘Maybe it’s because of the black heart.’

That wasn’t a very pleasant thought. She remembers the tears she shed when she realized the truth. She remembers the excitement she felt. Seongmin Lee was truly thrilled that he had reached a level in this life that he could never reach in his previous life.

But if it’s thanks to the black heart.

“… “I can’t continue to hold someone in my heart who I don’t even know what it is.”

Seongmin Lee muttered that and lowered his banggat deeply.


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