Worthless Regression Chapter 93

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< Prologue-3 >

“this… Crazy bastard… ”

Denir muttered while looking at Lee Seong-min, who was sitting blankly. Not much time has passed since Seongmin Lee entered the world of consciousness. In any case, the time in ‘reality’ was like that. It’s about 5 minutes at most.

But in a world of consciousness that is different from here. Lee Sung-min has already been through 2000 years. It was unbelievable and ridiculous.

So far, 10 people have attempted this ordeal from Denir. Seven of them suffered mental breakdown before reaching 500 years. Because they were recognized as geniuses, they were unable to easily overcome the despair in the world of consciousness where growth was forcibly suppressed. Those who went crazy with despair were unable to come to their senses even when all the sand in the hourglass ran out. Death in the world of consciousness was the death of the spirit, which meant becoming a vegetable. No amount of healing magic or potion can resurrect mental death.

Three people who overcame hardships. They each spent different amounts of time, but the longest of them was 1,000 years. I couldn’t bear the loneliness and madness any longer. The human who survived for 1000 years said so.

However, that person has been practicing in the world of consciousness for 2,000 years. It was not a field of talent. So, is it an innate obsession? Or grit? Desperate or something like that? I couldn’t understand. The person Denir saw named Lee Seong-min was not that broad-minded. Rather, that person’s mental strength should be seen as weak compared to other humans.

But how has it survived for 2,000 years?

‘I had a mental breakdown several times along the way. And I got it back again. This… It’s impossible. What about a broken mind?’

During the period of 2000 years. Lee Seong-min’s spirit collapsed several times. However, at some point, he came to his senses again and continued practicing. Are you intentionally forgetting? No, that’s impossible. The time spent in the conscious world is never forgotten. That is why this ordeal is so terrible.

Having memories of more than a hundred years without being forgotten at all. Spending time moving and practicing repeatedly alone in a world where there is nothing. Because growth is suppressed, there is little to be gained from repeated training. That’s what this ordeal is like. Denir’s ordeal is to move forward at a slow pace and gain something in the time in consciousness that can be extended infinitely if you can endure it. If Mshi’s ordeal accelerates overall growth through continuous abstinence, Denir’s ordeal allows one to gain spiritual achievement over hundreds of years of experience.


Lee Seong-min’s mouth, which had been closed, opened. Denir was startled and took a few steps back when Lee Seong-min spoke. His closed eyes opened, and Lee Seong-min blinked his blank eyes and looked around.

“ah… iced coffee. ah?”

Seongmin Lee spoke while pursing his lips. He staggered and tried to stand up, but his legs gave out and he fell down on the spot. Grumble. Blood flowed from Lee Seong-min’s nose. Lee Seong-min tilted his head, looking down at the dripping nosebleed.

“… It’s natural. The spirit spent 2000 years, no, 2100 years. “It’s thanks to me that your brain didn’t explode, so be thankful.”

“thanks… okay. thanks. thanks. thank you.”

Lee Seong-min murmured, licking his lips. He rubbed the bridge of his nose with the back of his hand and staggered to his feet. Lee Seong-min blinked his eyes as he looked down at his body.

“My body is heavy.”

“Your hair is gone.”

“Yeah… Because I lived for 2100 more years. It’s probably not a dream. “I remember it so clearly.”

Seongmin Lee pressed his temples while saying that.

“At some point, I didn’t even think about it. I repeated doing it and not doing it. Did you feel like a machine? No, a machine might have been better.”

“You went crazy a few times along the way.”

“I know. There were times when I lost consciousness. “When I came to, a lot of sand had fallen.”

“You are a monster.”

Denir said with a tired look on his face.

“I still don’t know how you did this. The collapse of the mind means the death of the mind… ”

“I don’t know either.”

Seongmin Lee said that with a blank face.

“But I did it. I thought about doing more, but… I thought it was a limit. “If I did any more, I would have gone crazy and died.”

Is that really the case? I had already gone crazy and died several times before that.

“It seems like your personality has changed a bit.”

“Because I lived for 2100 years.”

“That’s how noble he is. A guy who lived for 1,000 years couldn’t even tell his limbs. “It’s abnormal that you maintain your personality to that extent.”

“that… “Runga?”

Seongmin Lee tried to move his body while answering that question. He stretched his joints and opened his eyes wide, looking around. Lee Seong-min, who clenched and opened his hand, increased his internal energy in his Danjeon. Denir, who saw this, was surprised and asked.

“Wait, wait! Are you really planning to practice martial arts here?”

“ah… okay. This is not a world of consciousness. “You can’t swing here.”

As Lee Seong-min said that, he dragged his feet and walked out of the room. Denir followed Lee Seong-min with a face full of anxiety.

As he came out into the yard, Lee Seong-min felt a strong sense of discomfort in his own body. It was a natural feeling of discomfort. Seongmin Lee of the conscious world practiced for 2100 years. On the other hand, the real body only sat for 5 minutes at most.

There was a gap of 2100 years between the astral body used in the conscious world and the real body.

“window… window… ”

Seongmin Lee muttered in a low voice as he squeezed and opened his hand. Originally, the moment I thought this, I should have grabbed the spear. Denir sighed when he saw Lee Seong-min like that and raised his hand.

“This is not the world of consciousness. First, understand him.”

“I have a strong sense of discomfort.”


When Denir moved his hand, a pure white sphere was created above his hand.

“This is a backup of your memories. When you entered the mental world, only the memories you already had were extracted. Take it.”

Denir threw a sphere. Seongmin Lee glanced at the sphere approaching his head.

“What are you doing? “Without catching it.”

“What happens if I catch you?”

“Your memories from 2100 years ago will be mixed with your memories from before you started practicing. “It will help relieve the sense of discomfort.”


Seongmin Lee twitched the corner of his mouth and chuckled.

“It’s a memory of a pathetic time. I still need it. “Because there are things we must not forget.”

Seongmin Lee said that and grabbed the sphere. His mind suddenly opened up. After a while, Lee Seong-min nodded his head.


Even though the memories were added, the feeling of discomfort did not decrease. However, I knew for sure that this world was not a spiritual world. Seongmin Lee looked down at his hand, which was holding nothing, and took out a spear from his subspace pocket.

And I tried singing on the spot. After unfolding the nine-cheon martial arts spear, he unfolded the martial arts spirit, and after that, he put down the spear and entered the fortune-telling ceremony. Lee Seong-min, who was examining his body like that, laughed out loud.

“I don’t like my body.”

“I guess so. The body you trained for 2100 years is different from the body you have now. “You may have the memories, but it won’t be easy for that body to reach the level you have experienced.”

“I felt that I had no talent tens of thousands of times in that world. I can’t help it. “Because that’s who I am.”

The appreciation ends there. Seongmin Lee asked Denir.

“I’d like to take care of you here for the time being.”

“what? why?”

“Because I don’t have a good place to go. It’s okay if you don’t bring it inside the house. “I’ll sleep in the yard.”



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“this… eww… Phew!”

Denir, who was about to protest, ended up closing his eyes and sighing loudly.

“do whatever you want.”

Let’s summarize what needs to be done.

Preventing Baek Sogo’s death is something that must be done. There is one year left. What Lee Seong-min has to do during that one year is to engrave what he has gained through training in the mental world into his real body.

‘My body’s heart, energy, and body are all tangled up.’

I definitely knew the reason. The spirit gained from the fight with Aine led Lee Seong-min to a higher level, but Lee Seong-min’s body could not fully accept that spirit. The fight with the Sword Demon was also like that. The body moved in the direction Sim Deuk led, but it stopped there.

Currently, what is by far ahead of Lee Seong-min’s body is his mind. Ki and sieves are far behind. Although he was able to adjust it to some extent through training in Shaolin, Denir’s ordeal caused the balance of his mind body to become tangled again.

‘I need to completely transform myself.’

The priority goal is to pierce the Imdogyang vein and undergo a complete transformation. There was an ‘experience’. Even though it was an experience in the spiritual world. Still, it was better than nothing.

‘It took about 1,500 years to reach the transcendental state in that world.’

However, even in reality, it does not take 1,500 years to reach the pinnacle. I have memories of already reaching it. I also know how to use the Nine Heavenly Arms, how to use the Muyeong Talhon, and how to use Jashingong.

Seongmin Lee put down the window and sat cross-legged. Once again. Seongmin Lee grinned while thinking about that. His mind was surprisingly refreshed, even to himself. He was still not used to the discomfort of his body, but the process of coming to terms with this discomfort seemed enjoyable.

‘One year from now. ‘How far can I go?’

You should be able to go anywhere. Lee Seong-min thought so.

Spring has come.

The young monk at the mountain gate tilted his head as he looked at the man coming up the stairs. I was standing here a while ago, watching the bottom of the stairs, but at some point, that man suddenly appeared in my field of vision. Because it was a natural appearance, as if he had been there from the beginning, the monk was surprised when he caught sight of the man.

‘master… !’

But the closer the man came, the more I realized it. Her man did not show any signs of strength as if she had not learned martial arts, but she knew full well that for a monk who had learned martial arts, this was actually evidence of a true expert.

“who are you?”

The monk asked in a wary voice. At those words, the man lifted the banggat he was wearing on her head and looked up at the monk.


“… uh… ”

As the man laughed and called out, Seungjeo opened his lips.

“Lee Seong-min?”

I returned to Shaolin after a year.


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