Worthless Regression Chapter 92

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< Prologue-2 >


Sara la rock.

The only way to know the flow is the sand pouring out of the hourglass on the floor. Actually, it wasn’t a convenient watch. This is because I couldn’t tell exactly how many days had passed.

I didn’t want to worry about it. A world without anything. Serene silence. It was something I had already become accustomed to in the mountains of Mshi. The same was true for abstinence. Rather, this practice was considered better than the practice in Mt. Mushi or Shaolin. At least here, there was no pain caused by prohibition, and there was no knowledge that made one feel inferior.

Practicing on my own in such a world was rather comforting.

It was like that at first.

This world without any noise has become a hell more terrible than the mountains of Mshi. It didn’t take long for that to happen. No matter how much you move and move, your body does not get tired. I’m not even hungry. I missed the approaching beast demon. I missed hunger. I missed the thirst.

I imagined food and ate it even though I didn’t have to. I drank water. I also drank alcohol. However, even though it tastes good, there is no feeling of fullness. No matter how much you drink, you won’t get drunk.

There is no one to point it out. I had a clear memory of martial arts, but martial arts, which were not performed with skills, felt awkward. Something seems wrong. Even though I thought about it and looked for what was wrong, it was impossible to confirm.

That’s why it gets blocked. Although it was a world where only consciousness existed, internal energy could be used. However, as the internal energy is depleted, it is refilled immediately. The wrong form of martial arts exercise immediately caused the flow of internal energy to become tangled, and the resulting pain was more pronounced than in reality.

How much time has passed?

Hasn’t it been 100 years yet?

Since when did I start wishing for that?


There are still many hourglasses left. He stops performing the Gucheonmugeukchang and runs away to Rannachal.

I am trash.


It can’t go on like this. I realize it too late. Humans don’t change. He is difficult to change. So, you’re acting. A human other than me. But it’s not right. So my sword is ugly. Namgoong Hee-won recalls what she said. At the same time, she unfolds the nine-cheon martial arts spear.

It didn’t work out.


Recall Jihak’s secret dance. Recall what you learned from Jihak. In the world of consciousness, memories emerge clearly. I have not forgotten the training I did in Shaolin. I consider it fortunate.


Even if I poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, I don’t get blisters on my hands. I don’t get tired. How many times have you been stabbed with a spear?


A spear is something that stabs and swings. Changgan, Changyoung, Changdu, Changjun, and Junghwachang are the seasons of the world, and Shaolin’s spear is especially special among them. But I’m not in middle school.


Why am I like this?


There’s only half left in the hourglass.


But what did I get?


little bit more.


Even if I keep going like this, nothing will change for me. must be killed kills me I have to kill myself for being weak and trash. What should I fill in the void created by killing? Am I the one who fills him?


Elderly. I’m sorry for killing you. I shouldn’t have killed you.


I realized how untalented I was. Even though there was some sand left, I made very little progress. Have you been unfaithful? For nearly 100 years, I have been swinging my spear without sleep.

Even though the genius who conveys my sense of inferiority is not around, I still feel him. 10 people who previously underwent this ordeal from Denir. They said everyone passed the first 100 years easily. But what am I?

Did you work hard? really? Not sleeping, not eating, not drinking, not sleeping.

I didn’t work hard. At some point, I stopped holding the spear and was just wasting time.

Change is hard. I came here because I wanted to kill myself for being weak, and because I wanted to become stronger. I am still a human being, unable to walk. I never learned to walk. I only learned to take a step back. Ah, Flam. Flam. At that time, I didn’t get over you. Msh. You were wrong.


Let’s stop.


You can’t stop.


The sand is running out.



Seongmin Lee muttered in a hoarse voice. Denir said that others who took on this ordeal got through the first 100 years easily and gained something. It wasn’t Lee Seong-min.

I am proud to say that over the past 100 years, I have been able to swing the spear several times more than I have ever done before. However, martial arts did not progress significantly. There is no class correction here and no forced skill growth. Simply swing, swing. Through that repetition, we must see a new level and move forward directly through it.

It was difficult for Lee Seong-min. For 100 years… How many times have you despaired? How many times did he give up? How many years had it been since he hadn’t wielded a spear? What have I done over the past 100 years? What did you throw away and what did you gain?

It’s the same.

Seongmin Lee shuffled his feet and approached the hourglass. Sand no longer falls. Lee Seong-min gulped as she stretched her hand toward the hourglass. just… Can we stop here?

no. Can not be done. If you stop here, it will be no different from before. I turned away again and ran away, but deep down, I had changed. I did it. Still, you’ll console yourself disgustingly by saying you’ve overcome it. Then, if you hit a wall again, you will feel inferiority and self-destruction.

I don’t like that.

I didn’t want to do that anymore. Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth and grabbed the hourglass.

[You idiot.]

Denir’s sneer seemed to echo in my head, and the first day of the 200th year began.

Know your helplessness. Know your weakness. Know that you are ugly. Shake him off. Throw it away. Don’t think he wants to change, just change. Don’t be satisfied with just a little change. I kept craving and craving until I lost consciousness and opened my eyes again. A considerable amount of sand had fallen. What happened? I understood it without difficulty. I was crazy for a moment. Or quite a while. What did I do during those crazy moments that I can’t even remember?

no. I’m not curious about that. However, I thought it was a waste of time. A weak mind was also despised.

There was plenty of time. Even if the practice here is not reflected in the actual body, I definitely felt from the beginning of returning to the past that it is important to ‘remember’. What allowed Lee Seong-min to survive during that time. The reason Lee Seong-min was able to have the confidence that he could live differently from his previous life was because of his memories of his time as a mercenary, when he lived a second-class life.

The practice of singing was extremely boring. With a feeling of rejuvenation, he began the practice of Muyeong Talhon. There is a lot of time. There is no need to use this abundance of time efficiently.

All you have to do is hold on.



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As long as it doesn’t go crazy in any way.

There is about half of the hourglass left. 100 years have passed. This 100 years were much more rewarding compared to the first 100 years. I was confident that I had taken a few steps forward. But it wasn’t enough. Basic prayer, Gucheonmugeukchangdo, Muyeongtalhondo.

Let’s learn how to do it yourself.

In order to balance the imbalanced mind and body, it is necessary to practice mind techniques. When your mind reaches the level, you will naturally face a wall, and how you break through that wall depends on your capabilities. Is it possible to face such a wall in this world?

Let’s do it. Because there is a lot of time anyway. If it’s not enough, turn the clock over. Lee Seong-min felt happy because he felt like he had achieved the right goal.

It was a pleasure I felt for the first time in hundreds of years.

Sand no longer falls. 200 years have ended. Seongmin Lee, who was meditating, opened his closed eyes.

“This is amazing.”

Lee Seong-min muttered that with a sad face. He had been clinging to Zaha Shingong for nearly 100 years, and he had no real sense of moving forward, let alone against the wall. Seongmin Lee once again realized how poor and trashy his talent was. Still, in reality, not the conscious world, as I devoted myself to martial arts, my achievements increased little by little. If you think about it, it seems that the reason he was able to achieve such achievements was because of the growth correction of martial arts, no class, and low-level martial arts skills learned through skills.

But in the conscious world such corrections do not apply. Lee Seong-min here is not receiving any growth correction. Instead of performing martial arts using skills, you are performing martial arts directly. So growth is slow. Lee Seong-min once again realized how amazingly talented and hard-working the martial artists who were born in this world, like Ji-hak and Namgung Hui-won, were. They reached that level without even using skills.

‘Wijihoyeon is as strong as a monster. In addition to her overwhelming talent, she is also receiving corrections to her skills.’

ruler. So far. They are they, I am me. Lee Seong-min slowly stood up. He felt helpless until a few decades ago, but recently that has almost disappeared. Although Jaha’s new skills were practiced and practiced, there was little growth, but they still cleared his head.

“Has it been 300 years now?”

Lee Seong-min muttered that and stretched out his hand toward the hourglass. If you turn this clock over, 300 years will continue. When all of that time is completed, Lee Seong-min will have practiced 600 years’ worth.

It was shocking to think that way, but Lee Seong-min flipped the hourglass over without hesitation.

It wasn’t until over 600 years ago that learning martial arts began to feel enjoyable.

I realized that I shouldn’t just focus on my own work. Heart, energy, body. The balance is not right if you only learn the techniques yourself. In this conscious world, Juhwa Ilma would not exist, but it was necessary to learn martial arts well for the sake of later.

300 years was an easy time to divide. Draw a scale on the hourglass. Each of the three divisions will have a time period of approximately 100 years. Let’s learn Jashingong for 100 years, learn Gucheonmugeukchang for 100 years, and learn Muyeongtalhon for 100 years.

That’s what I thought.

The 300 years of training were tedious yet enjoyable. Surprisingly, my head was clear. The first 100 years of this ordeal were incredibly scary, but the subsequent training was actually better than the first. Have you gotten used to it? Seongmin Lee tilted his head.

At some point, you stop beating yourself up. They are not even aware of their inferiority complex. Perhaps this is just buried deep in the heart, and it may rear its head later.

Don’t let that happen.

Turn the hourglass over again.

Raise your purpose upward. In his fight with the Sword Demon, Lee Seong-min tried to recreate the spear that gave the Sword Demon a fatal wound. Failed. Although he practiced for 600 years, Lee Seong-min was unable to reach the window where he killed the sword spirit.

“good. “If I try a few times and succeed, it’s not me.”

Seongmin Lee smiled and nodded his head. He enjoyed the expected failure. He does not need to be frustrated from failure. There is plenty of time. So let him move on. Further, further away.

I saw the wall when it was 1000 years old. Lee Seong-min held his stomach and laughed.

“After practicing for 1,000 years, I saw the wall of transcendence!”

Denir lied to Lee Seong-min. This ordeal is not simply about training consciousness in the world of consciousness. Achievement here is late. No matter how much you practice, you cannot achieve results commensurate with its efficiency. That’s why even so-called geniuses go crazy and die. They are not used to frustration and they are not used to failure. I know that I am a genius, so I think I can do it. However, if you fail, you will go crazy because you will fail even if you work hard for hundreds of years.

But it wasn’t Lee Seong-min. He was familiar with everything. He also said he was foolish. Also, he is a double body. Also, he has no talent. I am also used to feelings of inferiority, self-deprecation, and despair.

“It took 1,000 years to see the wall. “How much more do we have to do to get over the wall?”

Seongmin Lee took on the challenge while feeling happy.

500 years begin.

“I reached it.”

He succeeded in recreating the spear that killed the Sword Demon. okay. I simply reproduced it. I couldn’t do anything more than that. Although it was possible to draw the same singing style, it is impossible to use a different singing style with that power.

“It’s me too. “You poor idiot.”

Seongmin Lee hummed and held the spear.

600 years.

“When will I become a supreme expert?”

A dazed thought.

“Maybe I’m already crazy. Or is he dead?”


“Shall we do a little more?”

Seongmin Lee said with a chuckle.


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