Worthless Regression Chapter 84

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dirty. Dangerous. Lee Seong-min felt an unknown feeling while listening to His Holiness’s words. The object that the mixed meaning of those two words refers to is Geomgwi Dokbijun. However, the swordsman Lee Seong-min knew was a person who did not fit those words.

“what… “I’m not sure what you mean.”

“It looks like you have a connection with the Sword Demon, but it doesn’t seem to be deep.”

His Holiness Daoin chuckled and laughed. That is correct. The only relationship between Lee Seong-min and Dok Bi-jun was that they met a few times in Mushi’s Mountain. Baek So-go and other practitioners shared the same time with Dok Bi-jun and became close friends, but not Lee Seong-min.

“You don’t seem to know about the Sword Demon.”

Lee Seong-min could not answer those words. I do not know. That’s true.

“Dokbijun, the swordsman, has been going on a rampage regardless of his opponent for the past year. Until now, the Sword Demon has been fighting against the masters of the small and medium-sized factions rather than the old faction, barbarians who wander alone without power, or mercenaries with outstanding skills. And everyone won.”

“… that… I know.”

Information on German ratification was purchased through Erebrisa. However, what Lee Seong-min purchased was information about Dok Bi-jun’s ‘location’.

“It’s not uncommon for a master to suddenly appear in this world. Eria invites people from every dimension for any reason. However, that does not mean that the people living in this world are insensitive to the new powerful ones. Rather, I accept it more sensitively and pay more attention to it.”

“… what… “You mean?”

“When I found out that Dok Bijun was heading to the volcano. I found out about independent ratification through openness. Hehehe! He doesn’t associate with nameless beasts? For the prestige of the clan? That’s just an excuse on the surface. If you are a swordsman, Dokbijun is a master who has reached the level of transcendence. As someone who wields a sword, there’s no way I wouldn’t enjoy competing with the strong. Nevertheless, there is a good reason why I do not associate with Dokbijun.”

dirty. Dangerous. The words that His Holiness Daoin said did not leave Lee Seong-min’s mind. Doin Cheongha opened his mouth to Seongmin Lee, who was listening to the story in silence.

“He is using evil law.”

His Holiness Daoin said.

“ah. Of course, I have no intention of criticizing the use of judicial power. I do not deny those who use magic and magic. I was summoned to this world 40 years ago… Hehehe! I already understood decades ago that this is not midfield. but?

Even so, I couldn’t accept this. I don’t want to associate with someone who uses judicial power. “I cannot accept their methods as fair and square.”

That was the end of the conversation with His Holiness the disciple. The original errand, delivering the French ambassador’s letter, was over. After leaving the monk’s room, Lee Seong-min headed towards the mountain gate. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see a little more of the volcano, but there was a possibility that problems could arise if Lee Seong-min, his foreign guest, was able to tour the clan at will.

As he headed toward the mountain gate, Lee Seong-min recalled what His Holiness Daoin had said. The swordsman uses the judicial system. He doesn’t want to mix it up because the method is dirty and dangerous. He cannot accept it as fair and square.

It wasn’t something I couldn’t understand. Even though she lived in this world for 40 years, considering Seong Ha-do-in’s age, she would have spent a significant portion of her youth in the central plains. There, as a disciple of the Volcano Sect, she must have learned martial arts in an orthodox manner, so she may not have fully accepted her martial arts and magic even after living in Eria for 40 years. Lee Seong-min also knew well that the world in which ‘people’ lived, their essence, and their values ​​could not be changed so easily.

“Are you done with your business?”

As I came out of the mountain gate, the Sword Demon spoke to me. He was still glaring at the mountain gate of the volcano with his arms crossed. Lee Seong-min felt a little awkward looking at the sword-eared gaze with his eyes wide open, but eventually he nodded his head and answered.



“… “I met His Holiness the Taoist.”

Seongmin Lee sighed and opened his mouth. At those words, Sword Ear opened her eyes and looked at Lee Seong-min. It seems that he never thought that Lee Seong-min would have met His Holiness Doin, a famous scholar of Hwasan.

“… With His Holiness… haha! “When I asked to see him, he didn’t show up.”

“The reason… I heard.”

It was a little difficult to speak. The swordsman has learned the law? Although he had heard that from His Holiness, Seongmin Lee had a hard time believing that it was true. The swordsman Lee Seong-min sees is a swordsman who only knows the sword, and it was the same in his memories of his past life.

Is that really so?

Lee Seong-min doesn’t know what kind of person the Sword Demon is. Even if I say it’s a memory from my past life, it’s just a rumor I heard. He has never looked into the martial arts person with the nickname ‘Sword Demon’ in depth. In fact, the first time Lee Seong-min learned about the Sword Demon was that the Sword Demon and the masters, including Muk Seom-gwang, were killed by Socheonma Wijihoyeon.

“… “Because Dog Bijun uses judicial power, he said so he did not want to fight.”

Dok Bi-jun’s expression stiffened at Lee Sung-min’s words. He looked at Lee Seong-min’s face for a moment and then looked at the sky. Dok Bijun, who was looking at the high sky with his back behind him, opened his mouth.

“is it.”

Dok Bijun said in a low voice. There is no denying it. Does that mean that Dok Bi-jun really learned the judicial system? Seongmin Lee was a little unable to understand, so he mustered up the courage to ask a question.

“What judicial law have you learned?”

Dok Bijun did not reply. He just looked up at the sky with eyes swirling with unknown emotions.

“Didn’t Du Bijun learn swordsmanship in the mountains? But what kind of judicial law… ”

“Have you ever encountered your limit?”

Dokbijun asked.

“Have you ever felt the existence of a wall that you cannot overcome no matter how hard you try? Have you ever realized that you can never break down that wall, get over it, or go back?”

“There… ”

Say. I tried to answer. However, Dok Bi-jun firmly cut off Lee Seong-min’s words.

“You’re too young to be talking about walls.”

Seongmin Lee’s mouth closed.

“Have you ever felt old? Have you ever felt your body getting heavier as the day goes by? Do you know what it feels like to have your body grow old and no longer be able to keep up while your mind remembers its prime?”

I couldn’t answer. The question of Dokbijun was one that Lee Seong-min could never answer.

“I’m already over 60. My body has already lost its prime prowess, and the more I swing the sword, the weaker it becomes. Even with the asceticism I performed on the mountain of Mshi, I could not overcome this wall. that… A sense of despair. “Do you know?”

“… I do not know.”

“It’s judicial. okay. It’s judicial. How do I feel… Did you rely on something like that? Do you know? You can’t overcome, break, or avoid the wall you face. My body gets older with each passing day. There was a limit to what I could sustain with my strength. however. however… ”

The Sword Demon closed his eyes.

“I want to do more. that… Do you know earnestness?”

After that, Dok Bi-jun said no more. Seongmin Lee watched the silent poison Bijun for a while, and then he came down the volcano. It is not that independent ratification is incomprehensible. Rather, Seong-min Lee was able to understand the ratification of Germany very well.

Seongmin Lee was like that too. He gave up his practice because he could not get past the wall he faced. So he tried to rely on his barding. He focused on familiar and easy basics rather than advanced martial arts. So he could understand.

But Lee Sung-min is young. He was still twenty-two years old, and his body could be said to be in its prime. Unlike Lee Seong-min, Dok Bi-jun was feeling old. At some point, even deep internal energy will not be able to support the aging of the body. Unless he makes a half-turn, his martial arts skills will no longer increase. No matter how important the study of the mind is in martial arts, the body is also important.

There are many excellent masters in the world. But how many of them have achieved anti-robot conversion? Even though the Bulyeong ambassadors and His Holiness monks that Lee Seong-min saw right away were masters with transcendental skills, they were unable to do anti-rohwandong. Their bodies are already past their prime and are aging.

The same goes for the Sword Demon. Just because I didn’t want to give up. All I can do is force myself to swing my sword with dogged persistence and use other means than martial arts to get over the wall.

I can’t blame you.

Because Lee Seong-min was the same.

There was just a difference in the time we had. Lee Seong-min came down the volcano feeling mixed feelings. Seongmin Lee understood both the feelings of the saint and the sword demon and felt that they were right, so he could not decide which of the two was right. Ultimately, it was a difference in values.

Lee Seong-min, who came down to the city, recalled a memory. The moment I tried to recall the memory of Denir, the god of time, engraved by Mshi, it came back to me clearly.

There are various gods in Aria. Most gods exist in temples that worship them or in sacred places where they descend directly, and their existence is not particularly secret. Right now, Mushi exists in her sacred place called ‘Mushi’s Mountain’, and it was a place so famous that even Lee Seong-min knew about it.

But Denir was different. Even after searching through his memories of his past life, he has never heard the name ‘God of Time’. An unknown, secret god. Lee Seong-min felt excited and nervous because he was going to meet such a being.

When I arrived, according to the memories that came to mind. Even though we held a light attack, the sun was already setting. Seongmin Lee stopped his steps and glanced at what was in front of him. A small country house located in the outskirts of the city. This was the place that corresponded to the memory that Mushi had put into it.

‘Are you saying there’s Denir here?’

Lee Seong-min tilted his head in puzzlement but approached the door. Because his memory was so sure, he had no doubts. Seongmin Lee hesitated for a moment and then approached the door.



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It was the moment I tried to grab the door handle. Lee Seong-min’s eyes widened. Just a moment ago he was trying to reach for the doorknob, but when he reached for it, the doorknob wasn’t there. Before I knew it, Seongmin Lee was a few steps away from the door.

Although Lee Seong-min was a little embarrassed, he approached the door handle again.

It was again. When I tried to grab the doorknob, it wasn’t there. Again, Lee Seong-min was a few steps away from the doorknob. We move forward again, and the same thing repeats.

“what… what?”

Seongmin Lee was embarrassed and looked around. I can’t approach the closed door.

[Go back.]

A voice was heard in Lee Seong-min’s ear. It was a voice of unknown gender.

“who… who are you?”

[Go back.]

The owner of the voice does not respond to questions. Seongmin Lee was convinced that the owner of the voice was Denir. The only being who can do such mysterious things beyond our understanding is God.

-If you ever get the chance, go to Drimoore. Tell Denir, the god of time, that Mshi sent you there.

I remember what Mush said. Seongmin Lee immediately opened his mouth and spoke.

“Mshi sent me here.”

[…] ]

Denir was silent at those words. A moment later, Denir muttered into Lee Seong-min’s head.

[Damn it.]

The door opened.


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