Worthless Regression Chapter 83

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When Baek Woo-seon, the Demon of Blood, had his left arm cut off and became a cripple.

Seongmin Lee arrived in Drimoore. If Bredon was a city with an overall Buddhist atmosphere due to the influence of Shaolin, Dreymoor was gorgeous. Although it did not have an overtly oriental atmosphere like Bredon, there were many buildings and people wearing oriental-style clothing.

This was due to the nature of the volcanic wave that settled in Drimoore. If you think about it, the warriors of each sect summoned from each dimension gathered together to create a new sect in Eria. There is no way that we will follow the same traditions of our enemies in the midfield. This is not Jungwon, and even if they were alumni of a sect with the same name, there was a slight difference in their personality and atmosphere as they were from a different dimension.

This was even more noticeable in Gupailbang, which values ​​tradition. In the case of Shaolin, it continued its existence by following common traditions without change, but it was not a volcano. The main branch of the volcano in Drimoor did not abandon the Taoist orientation, but it was much weaker. Although the Hwasan swordsmanship gathered from each dimension gathered its essence and established it in a new and stronger way through hundreds of years of history established in Eria, in reality, the Hwasan faction in Eria had to be seen as a Hwasan faction in name only and a different sect from the Hwasan faction in the central plains.

It stood out as it headed towards the volcano. Of course, Lee Seong-min doesn’t know about the volcanoes in Jungwon. However, I couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of discomfort when I saw Taoist monks wearing robes embroidered with plum blossoms, a symbol of volcanoes, walking around the streets in an uncharacteristic manner. Lee Seong-min could not help but feel this even more strongly because he had been living in Shaolin, a place filled with quiet silence until just fifteen days ago.

A young Buddhist monk wearing a gi walks down the street, hugging a woman’s waist and groping her. I glanced at a street bar and saw a group of monks drinking and talking loudly during the day. Because it was something unimaginable in Shaolin, Lee Seong-min could not help but be shocked when he saw them.

“That crazy old man. Are you still standing in front of the mountain gate?”

Lee Seong-min, who was passing by the bar, heard such a voice in his ears.

“I looked before I came down and it was still there?”

“You’re an old man who doesn’t understand what to say. “Did you think Hwasan would suddenly come to me and listen to my request for a massage, since he is not a third-rate sect in the neighborhood?”

It was a conversation mixed with giggling and ridicule. Seongmin Lee’s steps stopped. He turned his head and looked in the direction from which the sound came. A group of young people wearing Hwasan uniforms were drinking and laughing. Perhaps sensing Lee Seong-min’s gaze, a young man who was holding a drink stopped and made eye contact with Lee Seong-min. After a while, the young man stood up and took the gun.

“They say it’s a volcanic monsoon. “Why are you looking at us?”

It’s called Daehyeop. Seongmin Lee felt a little awkward being called that way. Lee Seong-min was now 22 years old, and the young master who called Lee Seong-min Daehyeop looked similar to or slightly older than Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee hesitated for a moment and then shook his head.

“I’m sorry if you were offended. “I was on my way to the volcano, and by chance I overheard the story of the Taoist monks, and without realizing it, I turned to look.”

“ah… Is that so? If you don’t mind, could you tell me what business I’m going to the volcano for?”

There was a bit of tension on the face of the young Taoist monk who asked that question. Seongmin Lee has not yet reached the pinnacle of perfection and completed the rebuttal. He couldn’t even control the distortion of his mind, energy, and body. However, as his martial arts skills stabilized, Lee Seong-min’s prayers were refined and he began to display the demeanor of a master master. Even though he was a Taoist of the Hwasan Sect, it was natural that he would not be easy to deal with.

“… “I have an errand from Shaolin.”


Woopung made a surprised noise at Lee Seong-min’s answer. It wasn’t just the monsoon storm. The other Taoists of the Hwasan Sect also opened their eyes wide and looked at Seongmin Lee. It’s not something to hide. Rather, Ambassador Bulyeong had given word to Lee Seong-min in advance when he entrusted him with the letter. If an annoying argument arises before entering the volcano, tell them about your relationship with Shaolin before showing force.

“Are you a lay disciple of Shaolin?”

Lee Seong-min wore monk’s robes but did not shave his head. In response to Woo Pung’s question with his nervous face, Lee Seong-min shook his head.

“I am not a disciple of Shaolin. However, I am receiving a little guidance from the head of the room, Ambassador Bulyeong.”

“The ambassador to France… ”

The rainstorm groans. He exchanged glances with the Taoist monks around him and then slowly stood up.

“You are a distinguished guest. If you don’t mind, we can guide you to the volcano.”

“ah… There is no need to do that.”

“No, no. “If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have known. Now that I know, I can’t stay silent.”

Wu Feng and the other Taoists did not listen to Lee Seong-min. In the end, Lee Seong-min crossed the street with them and headed toward the volcano. Because I used light attack to move, it didn’t take long to cross Drimoore.

Originally, I had planned to visit Denir before stopping by the volcano, but as things turned out like this, it seemed better to deliver the letter to the volcano first, then take my time and go find Denir.

“… that… What I was talking about earlier. “Who is the old man in front of the mountain gate?”

“ah… You heard it. “Do you know about ‘Sword Demon Dokbijun’?”

Woopung answered Lee Seong-min’s question. When I arrived at the entrance to the volcano, I stopped watching and was walking up.

“Isn’t this a prosecutor who is engaging in misconduct?”

“you’re right. Four days ago, that Dok Bi-jun came to visit the Hwasan faction. He said he wanted to see the sword of Hwasan, so he immediately asked Jang Mun-in for a meeting. However, Hwasan is not a common small and medium-sized company, and Jang Moon-in is also a busy person.”

Wu Feng sighed as he said that.

“Actually, this is not the first time something like this has happened. Among the Yain people, it is common for those who are confident in their martial arts skills to engage in non-military training. The volcanic faction has also received visits from them several times. “Where would the prestige of the clan go if we always accepted the favors we asked for?”

Hearing those words, Seongmin Lee felt mixed emotions. He traces his memories of his past life. What Lee Seong-min recalled was his memory of the sword demon poison ratification. The Sword Demon’s martial arts deeds were so famous that they remained quite clearly in Lee Seong-min’s memory. However, in Lee Seong-min’s memories, there was no story of the Sword Demon having a dance with Jang Mun-in of the Hwasan Sect. If something like that had happened, it would have been a big rumor, no matter the outcome. Even in her past life, she would have gone to see Jang Mun-in of the Sword-Eared Volcanic Sect to have a meeting, but in the end, she was unable to do so and seemed to have been rejected at the door.

The volcano was more rugged than Mt. Bredon. After climbing the high stairs, I saw a large mountain gate. Lee Seong-min froze when he saw the white-haired old man standing in front of the mountain gate.

“It’s still there.”

Woopung muttered in a low voice. Sword Demon Dokbijun. Seongmin Lee looked at Dokbijun’s back and hesitated with his lips for a moment. Should I pretend to know? While Lee Seong-min hesitated, Woo-pung strode towards the mountain gate. Then Dok Bi-jun turned around and looked at Woo-pung, and then he looked back at Lee Seong-min.


Dokbijun didn’t change much compared to when I saw it from the mountain of Mushi. On the contrary, at the time, he was dirty because he had not washed properly, but now, with his long white hair tied up and his beard neatly trimmed, he looked neat and looked younger than when he was born. Lee Seong-min was secretly impressed when he saw the ratification of independence. The perfectly captured prayer was proof of the rebuttal, and even so, Angwang, who was as sharp as a blade, was claiming that Dokbijun was a swordsman with great skills.

“you… ”

Dok Bi-jun’s mouth opened. He looked surprised when he saw Lee Seong-min standing in the center of the other Taoists.

“at that time. “Isn’t that the kid from Mushi’s Mountain?”

Lee Seong-min was greatly surprised by Dok Bi-jun’s words. At the time, Dok Bi-jun was blind and had never seen Lee Seong-min’s face. That too, but it was seven years ago that Lee Seong-min met Dok Bi-jun in the mountains of Mushi. His body grew and his voice changed, leaving little trace of what he had on Mt.

“Do you remember me?”

“Every time I remember. I can’t forget the memories of that mountain. Those difficult days have never existed in my memory.”

“But how can I…” ? At that time, Dok Bi-jun probably couldn’t see… ”

“I remember the courage you exuded. You’ve achieved tremendous growth. “It’s so incomparable to back then.”

Dokbijun shook his head and let out an exclamation. As Do Bi-jun and Lee Seong-min talked, Wu Feng and the other Taoist monks were shocked and looked at them in turn. Dok Bi-jun glanced at Lee Seong-min’s face and glanced at the closed mountain gate.

“Are you trying to go in here?”

“ah… yes.”

“You don’t have to worry about me. “I’m here because I have something to see, but it’s different from what you see.”

Dok Bi-jun said that and turned his back on Lee Seong-min. Dok Bi-jun turned his back on the hesitant Lee Seong-min and spoke again.

“Go in.”

Dok Bi-jun’s words pushed Seong-min Lee’s back. In the end, Lee Seong-min left Dok Bi-jun alone and entered the mountain gate of Hwasan with Wu Feng and other Taoist monks. As soon as the mountain gate closed, Wu Feng quickly approached Lee Seong-min and asked.

“Did you know the Sword Demon?”

“Before… “There was a connection.”

“Hmm. okay.”

Woopung muttered with a worried face. Seong-min Lee ignored Woo-pung’s expression and looked around Hwasan’s building. He felt it on the street as well, but the atmosphere in Hwasan’s main school was completely different from the quiet Shaolin. It was not a difference between Taoism and Buddhism, but rather the unique adaptation that the Huashan school had made in Eria.

When the news that he had brought Shaolin’s calligraphy was delivered, Lee Seong-min immediately met alone with Jang Mun-in of the Hwasan faction. Lee Seong-min also knew through rumors that Seongha Daoin, Yupunggeomseon, a long-time master of Hwasan, was one of the greatest sword masters in the nine worlds, but when he met him in person, he felt like an impressive old man next door.

“I thought Jihak would come.”

His Holiness the monk, who was sitting across from Lee Seong-min, muttered. Originally, Jihak would have come. It’s just that Seongmin Lee had some business to attend to in Drimoore, so he came instead. When Lee Seong-min opened his mouth to reply, the saint shook his head.

“ah. I don’t mean to blame you for that. That could happen. Even though Shaolin and Hwasan are located quite close together, the round trip would take about a month. Actually, it doesn’t really matter who comes. “All you have to do is get a letter.”

While saying this, His Holiness the Doin received a letter from Lee Seong-min. As the monk broke the seal on the letter, he glanced at Seongmin Lee.



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“You have reached great heights beyond your age. But I don’t think he’s a disciple of Shaolin.”

“yes. That’s right.”

“But it might be related to Shaolin. Cluck! Shaolin is very fortunate. He also possesses world-class skills like Jihak. Just by chance, I ask, have you read the contents of this letter?”

“I didn’t read it.”

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if I read it. It’s not like there’s anything very secret written there. “The current Murim leader, the shaman Myeongwolja, said that he would step down from his position as leader, so this is only an answer to the request of Master Bulyeong to temporarily take over the position of leader until the next leader is selected.”

Seongmin Lee nodded in understanding at those words.

“It’s as expected. The French ambassador refused. “He seems like a nasty old man.”

I thought Seongmin Lee would do the same. This was because the French-British ambassador that Lee Seong-min knew would never have accepted such a proposal. His Holiness the monk took a deep breath and burned the writings with samadhi fire.

“I would like to hear from the young monks who came with you. “They say you are the sword spirit and the nine faces of the mountain gate.”

“ah… yes. “We had a chance to meet each other.”

“It’s a nuisance. Do you know why I am avoiding fighting the Sword Demon?”

His Holiness the monk crossed his arms while muttering that. Seongmin Lee nodded his head, remembering what Woo Poong had said.

“I heard that it is because if you accept the demands of military service, there is no end to it.”

“That is also true. But that’s not all.”

His Holiness the monk frowned as he brushed off the ashes from his hands.

“It’s just a rumor, but the Sword Demon is dirty.”

“… yes?”

“no. Rather than being messy… ”

His Holiness the monk clicked his tongue slightly.

“It’s dangerous.”


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