Worthless Regression Chapter 85

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Inside the open door stood a small boy. no. In fact, Seongmin Lee couldn’t tell if he was a boy or a girl. In some ways, he seemed to be a man, and in other ways, he seemed to be a woman.

Seongmin Lee looked at him or her for a moment and then stuttered and asked.

“… Denir?”

“that’s right.”

Denir nodded his head. Just as you couldn’t tell the gender from his appearance, you couldn’t tell the gender of Denir’s voice either. Just like Mshi, Denir also looked like a child. Lee Seong-min couldn’t figure out why the beings called ‘God’ took on such an immature form, but that wasn’t the important question right now.

“f*cking mush. “Why did you hand this troublesome guy over to me?”

Denir muttered that and turned around. As Lee Seong-min was staring at Denir’s back, Denir took a deep breath and looked back at Lee Seong-min.

“Are you trying to be satisfied with just looking at my face?”

“… yes?”

“If you’re satisfied with just that, it’s a good thing for me.”

That can’t be possible, right? Seongmin Lee hurriedly followed behind Denir. When Lee Seong-min entered the door, the door closed as if he had been waiting. Denir walked down the hallway with great strides. The hallway of the small country house wasn’t very long, and it wasn’t long before I reached the small living room. Seongmin Lee looked at Denir’s back. The short, bobbed hair flowing over his shoulders looked either like a boy’s or a girl’s. While feeling a strange sense of discomfort, Denir turned around. Denir went to a nearby sofa and sat down.

“What do you want from me?”

Denir asked. It was a sudden question, and Lee Seong-min, who had not prepared an answer, had no choice but to hesitate for a moment. Denir spoke again to Lee Seong-min.

“I probably didn’t come as a greeting vehicle. “What do you want from me that you came here for?”

“I don’t know what to say when I suddenly hear something like that… ”

“hmm. I guess that’s true too. Then change the question. “What do you wish for?”

The designation changes. From what Sungmin Lee wants from Denir to what Sungmin Lee himself wants. However, Lee Seong-min could not give a proper answer to that question. Denir chuckled and laughed at Lee Seong-min’s silence.

“You are indecisive. Or maybe I’m thinking too much. Well, okay. God must be merciful. Rather than talking about things like this, let’s talk a little more comfortably.”

Denir crossed his legs as he said that. Even if we wanted to talk, this was our first time meeting, and what kind of conversation could we have with God? Lee Seong-min, who had kept his lips closed for a moment, opened his mouth.

“Are you a man or a woman?”

It wasn’t a serious question. It was like a joke thrown just to break the awkward atmosphere. Denir laughed at that question.

“You care about strange things. but. Humans are like that… For God, gender does not exist. I just have a little taste. It’s just her nasty taste that Mesh has in her feminine form. A god in the form of a young girl who presides over trials and penance. “Don’t you think it’s nasty?”

I had never thought about it from that perspective, but listening to Denir say it, it seemed that way. Denir continued his speech towards Lee Seong-min, who nodded his head absentmindedly.

“Me too. Gender doesn’t exist in the way I look. “If you want to be considered a man, consider yourself a man. If you want to be considered a woman, consider yourself a woman.”

“… “Is taking on a younger form simply a preference?”

“no. “This isn’t a preference, it’s something that can’t be helped.”

Denir muttered that and took out a cigar. The sight of an androgynous-looking young child biting into a cigar much thicker than his fingers was full of a sense of discomfort.

“You went back in time.”

Denir muttered. Lee Seong-min’s cheeks tremble after hearing those words. But I wasn’t surprised. This is because it was natural for newcomer Denir to notice that Lee Seong-min’s causality had been distorted. There’s no way Denir didn’t notice that Mush noticed too.

“The causality is distorted. what. It is not true that there are entities with distorted causality. Your case is unique. I went back in time. I came back from the result of death… Hehehe! “It’s very fun.”

Denir laughed, swinging his legs. Seongmin Lee looked at Denier and opened his mouth to ask.

“I am under the protection of an unknown being. “Some of it was erased, but not all of it.”

“know. The protection of the being who treats you so well is something that mortals cannot dare to touch. You erased some of their blessings? Hehehe. It’s not something that was erased, it’s just something that made it possible to erase. “It’s probably not that important.”

Denir replies with a smile. Seongmin Lee continued speaking.

“Can you tell me more about this?”

“Your existence is foreign.”

Denir immediately said that.

“When you come back from the dead, you have memories from before you died. If there were no existence like you, this world would proceed according to the memories you have. Of course it has to be that way. But the very existence of ‘you’ becomes a variable.”

“… what… “You mean?”

“Did you live the same as your previous life?”

Denir asked.

“Can you say that you have lived without any differences? Can you say that you have lived every day no different from every day you spent in your previous life? I sleep, eat, drink, sleep, talk, and meet at the same times every day in my previous life. Did you do that?”

“that… That can’t be possible, right? How could that be?”

“okay. So your existence has become a variable. “Because you spent every day different from your previous life, your existence becomes a variable for the flow of this world.”

“I am not that great.”

“Even the flapping of a tiny butterfly’s wings can become a large whirlpool in the distance. In fact, the world today may have changed differently from what you know. is not it?”

Lee Seong-min’s face hardened at those words. There was something to point out.

Lloyd, the owner of the golden magic tower, was missing in the past life that Seongmin Lee remembered. However, because ‘Lee Seong-min’ was in the dungeon, Lloyd returned alive without going missing.

There are different rumors about Socheonma Wijihoyeon. She rose to prominence faster than in her previous life and became known as a woman rather than a man.

Excluding the two that can be said to be the biggest difference, dozens or even hundreds of things come to Lee Seong-min’s mind. Did you spend every day the same as in your previous life? That can’t be possible. I can’t even remember every single day I lived in my past life.

Did you fall asleep at the same time as back then? Eat, drink, buy, talk, meet.

impossible. Even if I could clearly remember every day of my past life, I wouldn’t have been able to live like that. Lee Sung-min now is different from Lee Sung-min in his past life. I learned different martial arts, lived a different life, and had different encounters.

“You are the variable that is changing this world from your previous life. “What do you think it means?”

“… I don’t know… ”

“Your very existence is disrupting the entire flow of this world.”

Denir smiled, showing his teeth.

“I am the god of time. Time is a flow. Your existence is making this world a new one by preventing it from flowing in the direction it should flow. Are you curious about the being that protects you? How can I answer him? No one in this world will be able to tell you about him. “In particular, we who are worshiped as ‘gods’ can never talk about him.”

“why… ?”

“Because it is the ‘end’ that must be kept secret. The moment it is mentioned, we must prepare for extinction. A god like Mushi, who has his own shrine, followers, and is believed in, could at least destroy the ‘Apostle of the End’, but for me, it is impossible. “Because I don’t have a shrine and I don’t have a believer.”

End. Apostle of the End. The moment Lee Seong-min heard that name, he felt a cold chill. It was a sensation he had felt before. When I heard Mush talking to herself. And when he heard the story from Kim Jong-hyun. He had never felt this chill before.

“haha… Look. Even though it was just a light mention, the presence of an apostle was approaching. “I have no intention of saying any more, so please step aside.”

Denir said with a happy expression. The coldness goes away at those words. Seongmin Lee released his blocked breathing and touched his neck.

“Bah, what about that just now?”

“The apostle was just trying to approach. I can’t tell you any more. still… “It seems like he’s someone I can communicate with.”

Denir stood up while saying that.

“I cannot answer your question. Not all gods can answer your questions. “We too are helpless beings who have not been able to escape the bonds of mortality and face the end.”



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“So who can answer that question?”

“Find someone who has shed the bonds of mortality.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know who it is?” !”


Denir responded to Lee Seong-min’s low cry with a sad expression.

“He wanders around so much that I don’t know where he is now. If it’s him, he’ll be able to answer your questions. “That guy is a being whose causality is twisted in a different way than you.”

Envirus, Envirus… Seongmin Lee remembered that name in his head. Even when I recalled my past life, I did not know of a being named Envirus.

“so. Now, let’s take a closer look at the story. What favor do you want to ask me? Why did Mshi send you here?”

“… I am… I do not know. Mushi said that if he came back from death, it was because there was a good reason. And he told me to prepare myself to become worthy of that cause.”

“okay. Right. That’s why that damned Mush sent you to me.”

Denir looked at Lee Seong-min as he said that. Denir, who looked at Lee Seong-min for a moment, shook his head.

“But no.”

“… yes?”

“I said no. I can’t give you my ‘trial’.”

“for a moment… What an ordeal. What does that mean? Are you saying you can give me a trial?”

“I can give it to you. But you won’t be able to handle it. up the pole… I’m going to die. “This is my advice for you, so take heed of it.”

“I also endured the ordeal on the mountain of Mshi. I’m used to pain… ”

“This is different from the pain you know. Mushi’s penance, trials, and abstinence are very kind. Even though Mushi himself is the god who presides over trials and penance. In the end, prohibition is your choice, and you can give up along the way.”

Denir said and laughed.

“But my trials are different. Unlike Mush’s, there is no guarantee that I will ‘definitely’ gain something from my ordeal. Because it’s up to you. And yet it’s terribly painful and boring. So far, there are ten people who have met me and endured trials from me. And only three of them got something out of the ordeal.”

“… rest of it?”

“Everyone is dead. ah. The ordeal didn’t kill them. They just gave up and committed suicide. Of the ten people who took on my ordeal, not a single one was worse than you. Everyone had brilliant talent, passion, effort, grit, and vigor. But among them, only three overcame the ordeal.”

Denir stood up while saying that.

“First, let your head cool down a little. If you come at any time and ask for a trial… okay. If you want to commit suicide. “If that’s the case, it’s not like I can’t give you a trial.”

“Cool your head…” ”

“I mean, just go to sleep.”

Denir frowned and grumbled.

“ah. Still, you can’t sleep here. “Because this is my home.”

I was told to get out of the house.


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