Worthless Regression Chapter 82

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I slept for a while.

I didn’t dream. ‘She’ was mostly like that. She sleeps lightly or deeply. She doesn’t dream much. She, who was faithful to reality and lived every day, did not feel any attraction in the world of her dreams. She never felt sorry for her memories, which faded and disappeared when she woke up.

She is Wijihoyeon. don’t dream I don’t enjoy my dreams while I’m asleep. For Wijihoyeon, the act of sleeping was nothing more than an act of relieving fatigue and killing time efficiently. Wiji Hoyeon opened her eyes and raised her crouching body.

A strong snowstorm was raging.

Trigia, the northernmost part of the area, is a place where it is winter every day and the snow never melts. The snow that falls does not melt, but piles up and freezes. The air is cold enough to freeze your lungs. This is a place where the cold is so harsh that it is difficult to endure unless you wear several layers of thick clothing. However, Wijihoyeon’s attire showed that he did not pay much attention to cold weather. She wore her furry coat but no thick clothing underneath.

Even so, Wijihoyeon did not feel the cold. This is because she has already perfected the Hanseo Buddhist acupuncture technique, so she is not affected by the cold. That’s why I did such a crazy thing by curling up and falling asleep outside in this fierce snowstorm. However, it was annoying to have the flying snow sticking to her hair and skin. Wizzy Hoyeon stretched out her hand above her head.

The black dragon robe that was blocking the driving snow and wind came down at Wijihoyeon’s hand gesture and wrapped around her body. This black dragon cannon, which appears to be fluttering helplessly, was an artifact obtained by Wiji Hoyeon during her travels, and was her favorite. The black dragon can become longer or shorter, wider or narrower depending on the internal strength. Wiji Hoyeon came out from under the tree, shaking off the snow from the black dragon gun that had come down below her, wrapping around her shoulders.

“Why don’t you sleep a little longer?”

A thin, bleak-looking man approached Wijihoyeon and bowed his head. A single ghost sword. One of the Cheonma Army that follows Wijihoyeon. He is the best expert among the less than 20 Cheonma Army and the first person to follow Wijihoyeon.

“My eyes opened naturally.”

Wijihoyeon answered. She neither liked nor disliked the Cheonma Army that followed her. She doesn’t need to be let go, so she’s just being carried around. Although they are following him, that does not mean that Wijihoyeon embraces the Heavenly Demon Army. All that Wijihoyeon did was move towards where it wanted to go, and the Cheonma Army was just following Wijihoyeon unilaterally. Even though the relationship was such that lines were drawn, Cheonmagun followed Wijihoyeon. Because she was fascinated by her overwhelming strength.

“It’s past the appointed time, but you haven’t come.”

“Maybe I overslept.”

Wijihoyeon said with an expression that it was no big deal. Wijihoyeon calmly accepted it that way, but it was not a poisonous ghost sword. He muttered with murderous intent in his thin eyes.

“Insolent. Who is waiting for whom… ”

“The Blood Heaven Demon is making me wait. “It’s me who’s waiting, so why are you angry?”

“But, my lord… ”

“Don’t call me master. I have never taken you under my wing. “I will not stop you from following me as you please, but please do not call me master.”

At Wijihoyeon’s words, Dokgogwigeom’s eyebrows twitched and trembled. He bowed his head without protesting. Being a group that follows may have many uses and may be convenient, but for Wijihoyeon, there was no need for it. Just a moment ago, they were standing in this blizzard to kill time and protect the sleeping Wijihoyeon. But Wijihoyeon did not ask them to do that. So he doesn’t feel grateful. There was no need for that.

Looking back, most of the eight years Wijihoyeon lived in Eria were like that. He saw many things and had many encounters. Wiji Ho-yeon felt joy in the vastness of this mysterious world, but she rarely felt joy in the relationships she met and passed by. Although there were many followers, Wijihoyeon considered himself alone. This is because what they were seeing was Socheonma and not Wijihoyeon.

I don’t care. What others see is entirely their perspective. Therefore, Wijihoyeon did not try to show them a side of himself other than Socheonma, nor did he persuade them to change their perspective.

Wijihoyeon was that kind of person.

‘I don’t like it.’

Wijihoyeon stood in the snowstorm and thought. The Cheonma army that followed her was standing a little behind, a little distance away from her superior, Hoyeon. Although not all of them were experts who had achieved invincibility in the Chinese and Western languages, none of them left the place, even though there were some who were shivering from the cold. Wiji Hoyeon turned her head and glanced at them. Wizzy Hoyeon clicked her tongue slightly as she looked at the emotions in the dozens of eyes looking at her.

I don’t like it.

I hate the expectations they have. I didn’t like that. Wijihoyeon knew those eyes well. Before she was summoned to Eria, even when she lived as a member of the Demonic Cult, she had always seen those eyes. The indifferent father, the religious leader.

When he saw Wijihoyeon, he had eyes like that even without saying it, and many of the masters who taught Wijihoyeon also had eyes like that. Even though the world changed, the gaze toward Wijihoyeon did not change.

The Cheonma Army was looking forward to what was to come. The meeting of Socheonma Wijihoyeon and Hyeolcheonma Baek Mu-seon. What will happen in that meeting? Maybe a new rumor will be born here, and it may spread and become a legend. I am now at that historic moment. And one day, he will catch the eye of Wijihoyeon and become his close associate.

Such expectations are disgusting. Should I kill him? Wiji Hoyeon thought about this as he clenched and unclenched his hands. It’s not difficult to kill. Even if they all attacked, Wiji Hoyeon was confident that he could cut them into pieces and bury them in the snow with a few gestures of his hand. No, it’s not you, it’s reality.

It’s easy, but we don’t do it. Because I knew that no matter how hard I tried, nothing would change. Wijihoyeon had already done this several times, killing those who approached him with disgusting expectations. Nothing changed. On the contrary, such atrocities enthused blind followers. Those who walked the path of Sima Mao Dao rejoiced, saying that even unforgiving cruelty was a style worthy of the nickname ‘Heavenly Demon.’

“You’re here.”

Wijihoyeon muttered. Faba Park! The snow accumulated on the ground scatters greatly. When the floating snow subsided, there were eleven people standing in front, a little away from Wijihoyeon. Wiji Hoyeon raised the corner of his mouth as he looked at the handsome man in the red long robe standing in the center.

“Did you oversleep at least?”

Wijihoyeon smiled and asked. At those words, Hyeolcheonma Baekmu shrugged his shoulders. When Wijihoyeon went to the headquarters of the Blood Cheon Alliance and asked to meet, Baek Mu-seon kicked Wijihoyeon out because he was busy with work and made an appointment to meet here. However, Baek Mu-seon, who had decided on the time and place, came late.

“I will be meeting Socheonma, who is at the height of her fame these days. “I’m just late because I was making preparations for this and that.”

“Then why shouldn’t you have been brought into the Blood Heaven Alliance? “If it were there, there wouldn’t have been any need to prepare.”

“Hehe! “If something unexpected happens, I don’t want to be criticized for bringing Socheonma into the Blood Cheonmae.”

“scandal? “I don’t know what kind of disaster you’re talking about.”

Wijihoyeon said with a smile. Baek Mu-yeon did not answer those words, but slightly raised his right hand. Ten people stood around him. Hyeolcheonsipgeol, who can be said to be Baekmu-seon’s bodyguard, stepped back.

“I have already heard your intentions. “Didn’t you say you wanted to fight me once?”

“I am also called the Heavenly Demon. “I was just curious about your skills with the nickname Blood Heavenly Demon.”

“haha… “It sounds as if they are testing the position.”

“Think whatever you want. Or maybe you think you’re out of luck.”

Wijihoyeon muttered that and walked one step forward. Whoa! The black dragon robe covering her shoulders fluttered loudly, and the snow piled up around Wijihoyeon shot up all at once. The Cheonma Army, who were watching the confrontation between Wijihoyeon and Baekmu-seon from afar, let out an exclamation. Baek Mu-seon, who was facing Wi Ji-ho-yeon, laughed quietly.

“Unlucky… “I don’t know what that means.”

“I needed a partner.”

Wijihoyeon whispered.

“I wanted to try messing with the old file room, but that was quite a hassle. “If you mess with a well-knit group, the consequences are frustrating in one way or another.”

“Are you saying that the blood alliance was untouchable?”

“It’s you who’s messing with it, not the blood alliance. Blood Heavenly Demon Baek Woo-seon. Most of the warriors of Sima Oedo are like starving animals. Because the strongest one happened to be you, you became the leader, and a blood alliance was created around you. “If you fall, will the Blood Heavenly Alliance be able to remain the Blood Heavenly Alliance?”

At those words, Hyeolcheonsipgeol burst into indignation. It was Baek Mu-seon’s raised hand that stopped Hyeolcheon Sibgeol, who was about to stride forward. Baek Mu-seon still looked at Wi Ji-ho-yeon with a relaxed expression on his face.

“You have too much confidence.”

“Because it’s true. It was the right choice not to include me in the blood alliance. “If you had used this lame method, there would have been more corpses.”

“Didn’t I tell you? She just didn’t want to hear unnecessary criticism. If you died within the Blood Heavenly Alliance, people who don’t know anything might say that the Blood Heavenly Demon used cowardly means. There are few people watching, but… That’s enough. However, is it okay? This place is too insignificant to be used as your grave. I will maim you if you want, but I will not kill you. Or bury the body somewhere else.”

“I am overconfident, but you are arrogant. Or maybe I was crazy. “Do you know who is saying that to whom?”

There was no snow around Wijihoyeon. The pouring snow was evaporating as soon as it fell due to Wijihoyeon’s fighting spirit.

“You were out of luck. If I had known where Gwangcheonma was, I would have gone and fought him… “If you want to blame, blame Gwangcheonma, who roams around as she pleases.”

“You’re arrogant. So arrogant… ”

Baek Mu-seon muttered that and rolled up his sleeves. The anger he gave off was as red as blood. Baek Mu-yeon’s eyes were stained red as was his fighting spirit, as his entire body was covered in red. The rumors of Baek Mu-seon, the Demon of Blood, were rather undervalued. He was a monster who had already clearly crossed the peak and was looking to the next level.

“Let me ask you one last question. Why are you doing this? To destroy the blood alliance?”

“You don’t understand. Didn’t you tell me? “It’s because you’re unlucky.”

“Does that mean that you came all the way to this far northern land and challenged me to a fight?”

“If I defeat you, my reputation will grow even bigger.”

Wijihoyeon muttered.

“Then he will hear my story too. Where I have been, what I have done, and how strong I have become. I hope I don’t get so discouraged and crushed for no reason. “That guy is very self-deprecating.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”



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“You don’t have to understand. ah… okay. Just like you asked me a question, I also want to ask you a question. “Can you answer me?”

“If you can answer that.”

“With which hand do you hold the spoon?”

Wijihoyeon raised his hand. The flowing black dragon robe swelled greatly and wrapped Wijihoyeon’s hand.

“If you speak, leave those hands alone.”

As he spoke with a bright smile, the smile disappeared from Baek Mu-seon’s face.

The sudden clash between Hyeolcheonma and Socheonma ended in less than half a day.

On that day, Baek Mu-seon, the Demon of Blood, had his left arm cut off and became a cripple.


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