Worthless Regression Chapter 372

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Episode 374 88. Shaman (5)

Before the inspection line collapsed.

Seongmin Lee stabbed his spear at Aine, whose entire body was covered in flames.

Every time Seongmin Lee’s spear moved, the flames fluttered their hot tongues and tried to engulf the spear.

However, the flame did not dare to swallow the attack due to the electric current contained in the spear.

Aine, crouching in the flames, felt her heart pounding as if it would explode.

This strong impulse made Aine, who had already swallowed dozens of hearts, feel so hungry that she felt like she was going crazy.

Aine swallowed her saliva as she imagined Lee Seong-min’s heart, which she had not yet been able to pull out and eat.

It will probably be the first taste you taste in your life. And it’s going to be incredibly delicious.

‘Of course. It’s the same as the one in my body.’

There was a lot of saliva in my mouth. I couldn’t wait to eat it.

But I couldn’t eat it easily.

You have to kill Aine here.

Seongmin Lee recalled that fact. It was the best timing as Geomseon was holding Jennyella.

Jennyella is trying to turn Aine into a predator. That was undoubtedly true.

Aine, who even devoured the Flame Spirit King, had infinite potential to become a monster equivalent to a genocidal predator in the future, even if she had not been appointed from the beginning like Lee Seong-min.

[I understand why Jennyella came all the way here. He’s probably thinking of making that girl eat the sword.]

‘I don’t understand Jennyella.’

Lee Seong-min responded to Heo-joo’s grumbles by performing a step to avoid the oncoming waves of flames.

‘Why are you making Aine do this? In many ways, it’s easier for Jennyella to do it herself.’

[How do I know what that crazy bitch is thinking…? … only. Jennyella has shown me too much to just say that.]

Heoju muttered.

[She wants to watch rather than do it herself. He has seen too many things with his magical eyes that see the future, and has spent hundreds of years acting to make what he saw come true. Since the Slaughter Predator has stopped appearing, that girl is trying to create the Slaughter Predator with her own hands. Assuming that this world is destroyed.]

‘You mean you want to take a look.’

[yes. If you kill Aine here… … Jennyella, you might really see that girl going crazy. If that little monster dies, the future Jennyella saw will be completely closed.]

But it won’t change in the end. Heoju muttered.

[If that happens, Jennyella will act really recklessly. So far, rather than taking action directly, Jennyella has taken action to make the future she sees a reality. The reason we attacked this mountain was to increase the power of that little monster. But what if it disappears? How will Jennyella act?]

Heo Joo’s words were delivered from a different perspective than Lee Seong-min’s.

Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but pause a little at that. I couldn’t ignore Heo Joo’s words.

As he said, the reason why Zeniella had been moving quietly without taking any major action until now was to refine Aine as a slaughter predator.

As a result, the reprieve that exists until now has been created. If Jennyella had taken action from the beginning… … .

[The world would have been destroyed during the 10 years you were sealed.]

Heo Ju did not hesitate at all when talking about him. Lee Seong-min also had no choice but to admit it. There is no one in the world who can stop Jennyella on her own.

[You seem to have thought that you would definitely kill that girl here, but this old man doesn’t think it’s necessary. This is because Jennyella’s behavior is controlled to some extent by the presence of that woman.]

‘But Aine is too dangerous to be left alone.’

[yes. Geomseon will probably be killed by Jennyella. And if it goes according to the picture Jennyella drew, that girl will eat Geomseon’s body. Unlike you, that girl doesn’t hesitate to prey, and she’s more efficient at preying than you.]


The flames stuck together and continued for a long time. Aine straightened her crouching body.

A huge wall of flame rose up. It moved forward quickly, burning everything in its way and trying to pounce on Lee Seong-min.

Lee Seong-min took a few steps back, spinning the spear in his hand.

[Run away.]

First of all, Lee Seong-min sent such a message to the independent Jang Moon-in. Jang Moon-in, a shaman, opened his mouth to protest, but Lee Seong-min did not let him finish.

[This is the meaning of the old man Geomseon. Run away. Abandon this mountain and run as far away as possible.]

No information was given about Geomseon’s death. This was because Jang Mun-in, a shaman, did not seem like a great man who would simply back down after hearing him.

Probably, he will go on a rampage to avenge Sajo’s death. That is not what the prosecutor wants.

The highway opened the way. A large hole opened in the middle of the wall of flame. However, before the next herbivory could unfold, the overflowing flames filled the hole again. Seongmin Lee thought calmly.

I was planning to kill Aine.

But what after killing him? What should I do with Jennyella, who is going crazy?

It is true that Aine’s presence was suppressing Jennyella even a little.

If Aine dies, Jennyella will step forward and become the ultimate disaster herself.


Seongmin Lee needed time. He had to buy time somehow. Killing Aine would create a disaster called Jennyella, and now Lee Seong-min cannot handle Jennyella.


We need to create a variable. If there is no distance to use as a variable, you have to force it.

[What should we do?]

Heoju asks. Before I could answer that, I felt a shock and a sense of crisis behind me.

Seongmin Lee immediately twisted his body and swung his spear widely. Chen and Kun, who attacked while hiding behind the flames, are pushed back.

Jennyella’s blood relatives, who had only been watching until now, began to move. This means that Aine is important to what Jennyella wants to do.


After hearing Lee Seong-min’s thoughts, Heo Joo let out a laugh.

[Maybe a handshake?]

‘It’s okay to be a variable.’

[Crazy guy!]

Heo Joo chuckled and laughed. Aine, Chen, Kun. While there were three enemies, Seongmin Lee was alone.

It wasn’t a big problem. Jennyella… … No, unless you add Gemini or so.

“… … Huh.”

Seongmin Lee took a deep breath. Be aware of the spear in his hand. Ever since he performed the dance, Lee Seong-min has felt the weight of the spear.



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King Chang said that this was the beginning of the new unity. Know the weight, know the spear, be conscious of holding it.

I become the window, and the window becomes me. When asked about the next level,

“How should I know, asshole? Are you arguing that I only got this far with the title of King Chang? “If you have any questions, ask your teacher!”

I heard such swearing. This probably means that even King Chang could not reach more than the unity of Shinchang. It seems that Sima Lianju had somehow reached the beginning of the incomprehensible state that he showed in his fight with the God of War, but that state was high enough to make him vomit blood just by imitating it even a little, even with the capabilities of the King of Spear.

That means that by attaining Shinchanghapil, he is a little closer to the state of Simaryeonju.


Stick a heavy spear and stick to the basics. That’s it.


There was a big hole in the fluttering flames. Chen’s face is visible beyond it.

The expressionless guy’s eyes open wide.


The spear struck with such force pierced Chen’s shoulder joint.


Seongmin Lee wrenched out the spear he had pushed against. It then attacked Kun, who was trying to attack next to him.


Kun’s body staggered greatly after being hit by the spear. Just as he was about to deliver the final blow, Aine attacked him from behind.

Aine’s nails, wrapped in flames, pierce her back. Even though he didn’t turn around, Lee Seong-min felt him. After the drama, his senses became sharper.

It was an instant.

Aine’s hands fluttered and scratched the air. Both of his arms were shattered and there was a large hole in his chest.

Chen and Kun, who had recovered from their wounds, gritted their teeth and lunged at Seongmin Lee. They are the third and fourth in Jennyella’s blood relatives.

However, compared to the second blood demon, there was a huge difference. They were two people that even an expert in the realm of transcendence could easily deal with,

Lee Seong-min was not an expert at any level. Even if today is a moonlit night, they are weaker than blood demons.

It cannot be compared to a blood demon. Even if those two worked together, it was impossible to put pressure on Lee Seong-min.

Moreover, it is not only vampires who receive the blessings of the night.

Yokai also receive the blessings of the night, although not as much as vampires. The senses are sharper, the temper is more violent, the muscles are stronger, the movements are faster, and the force is stronger.


My spirit boiled. A mysterious spirit appeared. Lee Seong-min’s magical power enveloped the entire space.

Chen and Kun’s white faces turned even paler. Aine’s flame, which had been burning ceaselessly, stopped for a moment.

The powerful and powerful God that was deliberately unleashed stopped their sense of time, even if only for a moment.

Time moved, but everyone except Lee Seong-min could not. The supernatural power is a magic trick that is manifested by the Great Yokai’s awareness and does not follow common sense.

Rather than killing Aine, Lee Seong-min prioritized excluding Jennyella’s upper-ranking blood relatives, the Chen and Kun brothers.

It is not easy to kill a high-ranking vampire like that on a moonlit night.

Killing people recklessly is also a problem. When vampires originating from Jennyella die, their power is returned to Jennyella.

Seongmin Lee already knew the answer to such a case. I just don’t want to know.

To begin with, predation is not a very efficient act for Lee Seong-min. The power that Seongmin Lee can gain through predation has already reached its limit during Dragon Heart.

Although it is not completely extinct and there is a possibility that it remains somewhere in the body, it is a power that cannot be used comfortably right away.

Even if I didn’t feel like it, I had no intention of hesitating about this. You should do it when you can.

Blindly eating the heart is not the answer to predation. The priority is to push it to the point where it can no longer be played.

Everything happened in an instant. It was an instant for the movement of everyone except Lee Seong-min to stop due to the immensely strong man’s pressure on the space, and it was also an instant for everyone to fall to the ground with blood spurting from the spear he swung.

Aine’s regeneration was faster than that of Chen and Kun. She didn’t understand what had just happened to her.

When Aine ran for Lee Seong-min, Lee Seong-min had already stabbed the spear into the chest of Chen and Kun.

As soon as he pulls out his spear, he swings it backwards to check Aine’s approach. Avoid his digging nails by slightly twisting your waist and push your feet in.

The Ibo Gurgessal of the Martial Spirit’s Soul pushed Aine back, and the Sambo Murderous Kill and Sabo Frenzy tore Aine apart with flames.

He concentrated his mighty strength on Chen and Kun, who were shouting and attacking, putting pressure on their movements.

Lightning Chou created dozens of holes in their bodies, smashed Chen’s head with a white bullet, and Jeomyeongseom exploded Kun’s head.

It was overwhelming. Frescan, who was yelling to kill the heart thief, watched the fight without saying anything.

The fight could not be followed through Frescan’s eyes. Every time the purple electric current crackled, blood splattered and someone fell.

When you get up again, you fall down again. Preskan watched his daughter Aine cough up her blood again and again.

“My daughter!”

Frescan cried out.

[Geomseon is dead.]

Lee Seong-min’s body suddenly stiffened at the voice he heard in his head.

[I told you to run away. Why are you here instead of running away?]

Gemini grumbled.

[Isn’t this prank too much?]

Seongmin Lee opened his senses and tried to find Gemini. However, even with heightened senses, it was impossible to locate Gemini.

[Don’t try to find me. Because if I decide to hide, it’s impossible for anyone but Quinn to find me. Rather, why didn’t you run away?]

Thanks to you, I came this far. Gemini fired back.

[I also have a position, so if you force yourself to do something more, I have no choice but to step in and stop you.]

“There must be a good reason why Queen doesn’t come.”

Seongmin Lee muttered as if to be heard. Gemini laughed at those words.

[that’s right. The queen can’t come in person. Because she used her magical eyes. I’m not sure, but it seems like the sword was strong enough to require the use of the Magic Eye.]

The magical eye that creates the full moon.

[If you use that magic eye, the queen will be unable to move. To be precise, she cannot go outside the area of ​​the full moon she created.]

This time too, Gemini came forward and said something that wasn’t even asked.

Gemini is Jennyella’s blood relative, but unlike other vampires, she does not completely obey or control Jennyella.

Seongmin Lee had no intention of placating Gemini. But she clearly remembered what Gemini told her.

[Step back.]

It is clear that Gemini has other plans for Jennyella.

But this time the warning was real.


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