Worthless Regression Chapter 373

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Episode 375 88. Shaman (6)

Seongmin Lee had no desire to fight with Gemini. I don’t know exactly what Gemini’s plan is, but they say that the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

I had no intention of capturing Gemini, but I also had no intention of killing him right away. It wouldn’t be easy to begin with.

Just looking at the years Gemini had lived, he was like a blood demon. Fighting a Gemini-sized vampire on a moonlit night, especially in the presence of Jennyella, was an option.

[If you step back from here, things will end smoothly.]

Gemini whispered.

[I told you. Quinn has no intention of killing you. Even though she was trapped in space when Quinn unleashed her magical eye, she didn’t mean that Quinn was powerless. She can force herself to come out. She just doesn’t.]

Geomseon is dead.

Lee Seong-min could not help but feel bitter sorrow at the death. Did he fail to avenge his dead disciple and eventually die?

There was no time to get caught up in the overwhelming emotions. Aine’s movements were fast, and Chen and Kun aimed for the blind spot.

Seongmin Lee took their attacks while still trying to determine Gemini’s location.

[I’ll warn you again. Step back. Don’t let me come forward because of my position.]

I had no intention of fighting for long anyway.

The reason they took so long by fighting instead of immediately realizing what they had in mind was to give the shamanist monks time to run down the mountain and run away.

I thought it was a courtesy to Geomseon, who died fighting Jennyella, and to Cheongmyeong, who died in vain.

It took enough time. At this rate, he would have escaped down the mountain.


Seongmin Lee answered by nodding his head. Gemini giggled at that small voice.

[I thought well. Now that things are like this, there is nothing you can do on this mountain. You can’t stop Jennyella now. I don’t think there’s any way to do it later… … Still, isn’t it better than dying now?]

Seongmin Lee slowly lowered the window while listening to Gemini’s giggles. It was an action that seemed to show off to Gemini that there was no hostility.

Chen and Kun’s actions stopped.

It’s probably because Gemini gave them a hint. But Aine is different. Aine was still starving, and she tried to kill Lee Seong-min.

Rather, Lee Seong-min felt grateful that Aine did such a thing. Because she’ll be able to keep her Gemini’s suspicions at bay by acting stupid.

Seongmin Lee jumped into the air to avoid Aine’s attack.

Aine immediately leaped like a cat catching a fishing line and jumped up to the same height as Lee Seong-min.

Seongmin Lee glanced down. The distance was sufficient. He aimed his spear at Aine, who was charging recklessly.

The method has already been prepared. A young purple spirit waved loudly at the tip of the spear.

When the pointed tip of the spear touched Aine, the concentrated magical power swelled greatly.


The bursting magical power engulfed Aine’s body.

The world has opened.


Gemini’s eyes opened wide as he watched it in the dark. With a thought running through her head, Gemini quickly got out.

I know what that martial arts is. I don’t know the name, but this is a space where the Blood Demon was imprisoned for a short time.

A martial artist who had no choice but to suffer quite a bit in escaping on his own even with the power of blood demons.

Gemini couldn’t smile like usual. no way. Gemini gritted her teeth and let out her yell.

“Stop it!”

Chen and Kun leaped upward at the loud shout. There were purple clouds in the sky. Gemini also came forward in person.

Bright red magical power gathered on her hand. When Gemini opened her palm wide, her accumulated magical power swelled to several times its size. Gemini glared at her clouds and fired out her magic.


The magic power that was shot tore through space collided with the world.

“Tell this to Jennyella.”

A voice was heard from within the illusion world.

“I’m saying I’m willing to negotiate.”


The world has gone out. The gathered purple clouds scattered in all directions. Gemini, standing on the ground, looked up at her with a horrified expression.

Seongmin Lee and Aine were nowhere to be seen.

It is undoubtedly true that Aine’s presence prevented Jennyella from coming forward.

What Jennyella hopes for is not to end the world by destroying it with her own hands, but for the future she saw to come true.

There is no doubt about it.

Now that we have decided to turn Aine into a massacre predator, Jennyella will not be at the forefront.

If Aine dies, there is no reason for Jennyella not to step forward herself.

That was not what Lee Seong-min wanted. What he wanted was time and a variable.


Lee Seong-min and Aine fell together from the top of the fairy horse. Aine screamed without knowing what was happening and swung her claws at Seongmin Lee.

Seongmin Lee grabbed Aine’s wrists with both hands and slammed his forehead into Aine’s face.

Aine’s head was thrown back with a dull sound.


Blood spurted from my collapsed nose. Seongmin Lee twisted Aine’s wrist, which was held in his hand.

In his left hand, the young blood ghost demon’s powerful force hit Aine’s solar plexus.


Inside Aine’s body, the Blood Phantom God Demonic Technique’s internal regeneration technique exploded. Dark red blood spurted from Aine’s lacquer ball.

Lee Seong-min knew that Aine’s internal organs were shattered by this blow, but he knew that he could not subdue Aine ‘at best’.

Lee Seong-min flicked his finger toward the window that had fallen on the floor. Immediately the spear flew into the air and he was launched towards Aine.

Aine’s mouth opened wide and blood spurted out. She quickly moved her hand and struggled to pull out the spear that pierced her armpit.

Lee Seong-min stood up and kicked Aine, knocking her down.

[I see you came.]



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Heoju said, giggling. Seongmin Lee brushed off the blood that splattered on his face with his hands.

He dragged Aine into the illusion world, immediately summoned a fairy horse, grabbed Aine by the collar, and leapt through space.

I was worried that Aine would struggle and fall off the fairy horse along the way, but she succeeded in arriving at the fairy forest safely.


People flock to the sudden commotion. Seongmin Lee approached Aine, who was struggling.

No matter how powerful the regenerative power is, once it penetrates, it cannot regenerate properly unless it is removed.

Lee Seong-min kicked Aine, who was trying to pull out her spear, without hesitation. Aine’s body rolled on the ground with a terrible sound.


Teresa screamed. It wasn’t a very nice sight, but I couldn’t help it.

When I glanced behind me, I saw that the Black Dragon Association had taken the lead and covered Teresa’s eyes.

The others did not understand the situation, but they did not try to stop Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min plunged the spear that pierced Aine’s body deep into the ground.

“Stay still.”

Aine gritted her teeth, her golden eyes flashing. Her body wriggled and her tentacles stuck out.

However, Lee Seong-min grabbed Aine’s leash faster than the tentacles attacked.

Since he knew that Aine was not someone who would die easily, Lee Seong-min had no mercy in his hands.


Aine’s neck was broken in Lee Seong-min’s hands. Aine’s body goes limp. But it won’t be long before it regenerates.

“what’s the matter?”

Osla appeared late. The fairies who followed Osla opened their eyes wide as they saw Aine struggling.

The fairies, who didn’t know anything, tried to approach Aine by flapping their wings to welcome the new guest, but Osla raised his hand and stopped the fairies from doing so.


Osla warned the fairies and approached Aine directly. She pouted her lips and grumbled.

“There are too many guests in the fairy forest.”


Seongmin Lee smiled bitterly and bowed his head towards Osla. Osla snorted and waved her hand lightly.

Glittering powder decorated the air. It slowly fell down and wrapped around Aine’s body.

Aine’s body, which was convulsing, slowly stopped. She looked at Lee Seong-min and Osla alternately with an expression of disbelief.

Aine’s eyelids, which were shaking and shaking, went down. Lee Seong-min looked at Aine sleeping and made an expression of disbelief.

“What is that expression?”

“How did you do it?”

“Do you think I have the biggest wings and am the queen of the fairies? Because she has such powers, she is the queen of the fairies. “There is almost nothing I can’t do in this forest.”

Osla proudly stuck out her chest. Lee Seong-min pulled out the spear stuck in Aine’s sleeping body.

Aine did not wake up, but the wound pierced by the spear quickly regenerated in front of everyone. Seongmin Lee stuck out his tongue as he watched the playback speed.

“So, what is it?”

Osla pressed for an answer. Seongmin Lee looked back at the people gathered. Everyone was gathered except for Scarlett, who was at the Magic Tower, and Yana, who was at the Magic Tower.

White Sogo, Black Dragon, Spear King, Teresa, Rubia, Lloyd.

Among these, only Luvia and Lloyd have met Aine in person. Thanks to this, the two were looking at Aine with surprised expressions.

Seongmin Lee explained to everyone why he brought Aine here. If Aine dies, there is a high possibility that Jennyella will go on a rampage.

However, Aine, who had become a monster by feasting on Geomseon’s corpse, could not be placed under Jennyella’s control.

So I brought it here. The Fairy Forest is a place that even Jennyella, with her immense power, cannot easily challenge.

Since there is room for negotiation through Gemini, Jennyella’s movements can be intentional to some extent.

“Will the Vampire Queen agree to negotiations?”

The Black Dragon Association frowned and muttered.

“My favorite card was taken away, so I might come back to get it… … “There is a high possibility of giving up.”

“If that happens, you can kill him then.”

Seongmin Lee answered with a calm expression. The result doesn’t change.

If Jennyella goes on a rampage without trying to find Aine, you can kill Aine at that time.

At least with that, Ainera can completely rule out the danger.

“What if the Vampire Queen tries to negotiate?”

King Chang looked down at Aine and asked.

“The purpose is to buy time. “If Jennyella agrees to negotiate, we can buy time.”

“Time to get from the shaman to the fairy forest? If Quinn decides to come, it won’t take more than a month. What happens after that? Are you planning to gently return that girl to the queen who came to visit?”

“no. I have no intention of waiting for Queen in this forest. “I plan to get ready and run away from Queen.”

King Chang grinned at those words.

“Do you think it’s possible?”

“We will have to try, but even if we end up fighting, we will be able to create a situation to some extent.”

“Queen can create situations the same way. “What are you going to do if that girl picks a night when the full moon is up and attacks us?”

“I hope that doesn’t happen.”

Seongmin Lee said with a bitter smile. This is why Heo Joo said it might be a handshake.

Now that Aine is brought out, Jennyella will try to find Lee Seong-min at any cost.

“No, there is no need to run away.”

Osla, who had been quietly listening to the story, spoke up.

“If there is a fight in this forest, I can actively intervene. I can’t kill Queen, but… … You can interfere. “If we fight in this forest, we might have some chance of winning even under the full moon.”

I didn’t want to get Osla involved. He had thought about fighting here, but he did not want to risk Osla, whom he had helped so many times. He also did not want to ruin the forest that Sabeyeoju loved.

“are you okay.”

Before Seongmin Lee could say anything, Osla shook his head.

“It’s to prevent the apocalypse. Did you say it? When the end begins and everything ends, I won’t even be able to die and will have to go through something terrible. I don’t want to do that either. “Now that we’ve come this far, there’s no reason to save face.”

“… … All right.”

“But we won’t fight directly. “I’m bad at fighting.”

Seong-min Lee also had a hard time imagining Osla stepping up and fighting in person.

[Do you have any intention of recruiting me?]

Heoju asked vaguely. Lee Seong-min answered those words without the slightest hesitation.

‘doesn’t exist.’

It wouldn’t even be possible in the first place.


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