Worthless Regression Chapter 371

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Episode 373 88. Shaman (4)

Geomseon glanced at Cheongmyeong’s body and head lying not far away. Even in this situation, the prosecutor was careful not to damage Cheongmyeong’s body.

Even with the intangible sword that wrapped around the entire space, he gave a gap so that Cheongmyeong’s corpse could not be harmed, and even when Jennyella’s attack was heading that way, he went out of his way to disrupt the attack’s trajectory.

‘It’s meaningless… … .’

Geomseon gave strength to his weakened knees. Stumbling to his feet, he shook his sweat-soaked hair.

I could see Jennyella beyond the beads of sweat that had formed on the ends of her hair. The monster among monsters was giggling and laughing without the slightest sign of fatigue.

“haha… … .”

Geomseon looked at Jennyella and let out a self-deprecating laugh. Her breasts are hot as if she swallowed a fireball whole.

However, the frozen reason allowed me to look at the situation calmly.

My body wasn’t what it used to be. No, even if it were the same or better than before, the result would not have been different.

The Juhwa Ilma took away the freedom of the body from Geomseon, but after entering the Juhwa Ilma, he continued to meditate and trained his mind, not the body.

The martial arts achieved in this way could never be said to be insufficient, even assuming that he was not considered a martial arts expert.

It’s just that the level is different. That’s it. Geomseon’s intangible sword could not pose a threat to Jennyella.

It is possible to succeed in breaking through Jennyella’s defense barrier and even slaughter Jennyella’s body.

But no matter how many times he tries, he cannot kill Jennyella. The Queen of Monsters moves with the sound of her laughter, no matter how many times you cut off her head or pierce her heart.


Jennyella clapped her hands as she watched the swordsman raise his body. she said, nodding her face with a wide smile.

“You want to do more? I don’t really like men who give up quickly. So, I don’t hate you. “If it weren’t for this situation, I might have seriously considered making you my blood relative.”

I meant it sincerely. Jennyella doesn’t hate that type of person.

I love people who struggle and try not to despair no matter how hopeless the situation is.

Jennyella’s favorite hobby for hundreds of years is to corrupt struggling humans with subtle cajoling and seduction, making them beg to be turned into vampires.

During the long 700 years that Jennyella lived, Gemini and the Blood Demon were the only ones who turned her into a vampire without paying attention to her hobby.

“But I don’t have time for that now.”

Jennyella really felt sorry for that fact.

If there had been enough time, it would have devastated Geomseon even more, made him break his faith and desire for revenge, and made him beg to be turned into a vampire.

Jennyella clicked her tongue and stretched out her hand toward the sword.


Drops of blood splattered in the air. Jennyella’s technique bounced off the flow of intangible swords surrounding the sword ship. The corner of Jennyella’s mouth twitched and curled up.

Geomseon took a deep breath and concentrated his mind. His body, which has suffered from paralysis, is so weak that it is impossible to fight directly.

Even if you suppress aging as much as possible and let internal energy flow through your body, your body inevitably belongs to an old person.

Fighting directly with a sword like this is very inefficient. You can subdue a decent person with just your bare body, but your opponent is a centuries-old vampire queen.

Thanks to this, Geomseon’s martial arts developed in a direction that does not use the body.

Intangible Sword and Igige Sword.

Geomseon has already achieved skills beyond his prime through swordsmanship in those two fields.

but… … The opponent is not good. Against the immortal vampire queen, the Intangible Sword and Igige Sword are not enough.

If those two things don’t work, what should you do? Geomseon concentrated his mind even more.

Geomseon knew very well that he would die here. The heart, burning with revenge for the death of the disciple, screams that it will kill that damned monster, but the reason knows that it is impossible.

Still, I don’t back down. He couldn’t back down. Geomseon recalled the message Lee Seong-min sent just before he left. There was a rumor that the headquarters of the Shaman faction was being attacked.

‘How long have I lived?’

I know that the idea that everyone will evacuate safely is greedy. Still, at least. I hope that the children who can inherit and carry on the name of shaman will escape alive.

… … no. Is there any meaning to it? The end has been decided anyway, and it is a future in which everyone is destined to die and disappear.

Catch your slack mind. Even so, it doesn’t mean you’re going to die right now. If you don’t die, if you’re alive.

No one knows what will happen. Perhaps, something that will change the fate that has been decided may really happen.

‘I’ve lived enough.’

I lived too long. This body should have died a long time ago. I held on to my body, which was collapsing due to coin damage, with the desire to live.

Even though I survived like that, I was unable to reach a higher level. There was no point in prolonging her life, she would think several times.


The meaning of forcing a dying body to rise was clear. Thanks to that, Geomseon was able to survive until today.

It reminds me of Cheongmyeong.


If you think about it… … I was too greedy. He was impressed by Cheongmyeong’s talent and took him as his disciple, and he never allowed him to leave Wudangsan Mountain.

He made me learn martial arts every day. Cheongmyeong became an excellent master of transcendental techniques, but I don’t remember ever giving him a proper compliment.

I was too greedy. Since I was a student I personally taught, I thought it was natural to reach that level.

I thought I needed to become a better expert. He taught harshly.

Even though he had not been able to go out into the mountains for decades and only swung his sword, Cheongmyeong did not complain.

The child always accepted the difficult old teacher’s advice with a faint smile.

He eventually died. In vain, unable to do anything. He stayed in this mountain for decades and died without being able to show the world the martial arts he had learned.

Thinking about that, Geomseon felt like his heart was being torn apart. Why were you so greedy?

Tell them to come down and see the world for a year, no, at least a month. What’s so difficult about that… … .

Jennyella didn’t stop coming. She had no interest in what Geomseon was thinking at this moment.

He was not interested in what Cheongmyeong, whom he killed, was to Geomseon, or how much Geomseon was suffering from his meaningless death.

Geomseon gathered his true energy. What supported his body, which was collapsing due to the magic spell, was the secret art of Taoism that had been passed down to the Shaman sect.

As a result, Geomseon’s body was connected to the ley lines of this mountain, and his body survived by living as a parasite on the mountain’s energy.

The true spirit that Geomseon collected was the spirit of this mountain. It was like a warrior triggering an epicenter.

Geomseon burned his soul and used the energy of the mountain as strength.

“It’s a struggle.”

Jennyella chuckled as she looked at the swordsman. Jennyella did not feel a sense of crisis.



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There is no one in this world who can give her a sense of crisis. As for Lord Sima Lian and Lord He, you might not know it, but they died a long time ago.

Geomseon closed his eyes while listening to Jennyella laughing. The intangible sword that surrounded him gave off a dull light and disappeared.

Geomseon is trying to do something. Jennyella knew it, but she wasn’t on guard.

Even if it wasn’t a full moon tonight, she was a predator with overwhelming power.

Even if Geomseon has something in mind, Jennyella does not feel any threat from him.

Jennyella was arrogant. Of course he was caught off guard.

In fact, even if she had not been arrogant and let her guard down, the outcome of this moment would not have been different.


Jennyella’s head fell down. At that moment, Jennyella did not feel her slash. She didn’t even feel that her head had hit the floor.

The body walked without noticing the absence of the head.


Jennyella’s body was cut into dozens of pieces, and then the sword wind blew and split into hundreds of pieces again.

“… … Breathe… … .”

Geomseon took a deep breath.

The space was filled with slashes. It is not an intangible sword. Geomseon’s sword has advanced one step further in that area.

By forcibly pulling the sword’s feet, it was possible to reach areas that the power obtained by pledging the soul could not reach.

The sword could not move. I couldn’t move.

Because his consciousness was ahead of his body, and he knew that if the body walked to follow him, this forced trance would be shattered.

Hundreds and thousands of scattered pieces of meat were tangled together. Jennyella’s body, cut into pieces so that its shape is unrecognizable, regenerates.

Geomseon’s eyes opened wide. His eyes saw something they had not seen before. The finely divided pieces of meat are connected by a red line.

Geomseon quickly gritted his teeth. His consciousness became sharper as he remained motionless.

It must be cut down. It must be cut down. Must be cut… … .

Geomseon repeated to him with tightly closed lips.

Geomseon is not holding a sword. However, Geomseon’s heart became a sword.

An invisible and non-existent sword appeared. It was a sword that no one could see, but the swordsman saw it.

That was his heart. It must be cut down. Geomseon thought once again. Cheongmyeong’s severed head emerged in the middle of consciousness.


The voice that called.

Did you cough? How is your body? All right. Is that so. thank you Yes, yes, yes.

The child’s voice, which had never once said no, distorted the wrinkles that had formed with age.

It felt like the headless body of Cheongmyeong was being pushed on my back.

It must be cut down. No, cut it.

The sword that appeared in my mind came out of Geomseon’s body.

Although he had seen countless swords throughout his life, Geomseon was deeply impressed by the color of the sword created by his own mind.

The sword moves. The sword of the heart roamed over all the laws of this world, could go anywhere, was everywhere, and was nowhere.

Although it had the shape of a sword, it was not a sword, but it could still do anything a sword could.

I saw something.

It was blurry and hard to see. road… … It looked like. The scenery shakes. Jennyella is nowhere to be seen. There is no sword in sight.

A path was visible in the shaking landscape that seemed as if it would collapse or disappear. Geomseon looked at it blankly.

Geomseon did not dare to see the end. Still, I wanted to see the end. I don’t even know what this road is, but Geomseon is overcome with a desire to walk down this unknown road and see the end.

Geomseon stretched out his feet to walk towards the road.

“It’s too early for you.”

A voice was heard from far away on the road. This voice… … Where did you hear that? It felt like a simple voice was pushing my body.

From behind, the headless Cheongmyeong pushes his body, but from the front… … I push my body to stop my voice from coming. In the end, Geomseon couldn’t do anything and just stood there.


Oh yeah.

This voice… … .


Geomseon’s body sank.

Jennyella looked at the swordsman’s neck that had been broken in her hand. Jennyella frowned as she looked at Geomseon’s wrinkled face.

What was Geomseon thinking at the last moment? What on earth did he see that made him look like this?

“If I had known this would happen, wouldn’t I have killed him?”

Jennyella grumbled in a low voice. I don’t like not being able to get answers to my questions because it’s frustrating.

But it was already too late. Jennyella let go of the swordsman’s neck. Geomseon’s body drooped down without any strength.

“Were you even able to use the Mystic Eyes?”

Gemini approached me and asked, tilting her head. Above Jennyella’s head, a small sphere was floating not very high. It is a full moon that Jenny Ella forcibly created by using her last magical eye she had.

“I don’t know what it was, but it was dangerous.”

Jennyella spoke honestly. I don’t know what Geomseon wanted to do in the end.

His body is torn into countless pieces of flesh, and then… … Faster than your body can regenerate.

Something was about to happen. What would have happened if he hadn’t used the Magic Eye?

What if ultra-fast regeneration had not been achieved by receiving the magic power of the full moon? What if what Geomseon wanted to do was faster than grabbing Geomseon’s neck and twisting it?

“I need to get some rest.”

Jennyella said as she sat down. The last magical eye could create a full moon at any moment, but it was not omnipotent.

This has many penalties as it is Jennyella’s last resort.

“Can I trust you?”

Jennyella said, glancing at Gemini.

“Don’t worry, Quinn.”

Gemini replied with a grin.


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