Worthless Regression Chapter 345

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Episode 347 82. Cron (2)

Beggars were gathered at the entrance of Eunru. It was just as Dmitry intended when he died from Lee Seong-min.

Eunru, a luxurious tower located in the center of Cron City.

If a big commotion breaks out there, beggars are the first to flock there. Dmitry’s original intention was to create a mess by dragging in beggars and then take advantage of the opportunity to escape.

What Dmitry failed to keep in mind was that the difference in skill between Lee Sung-min and himself was too great.

I was overpowered without even being able to waste time, and was unable to create a chance to escape.

On the way out of the annex, Seongmin Lee checked the fallen mercenaries.

To borrow Yana’s words, she has incredible strength.

Although I got a bit of a feel for it in the forest with Reg, it was my first time using it like this. Lee Seong-min was secretly satisfied with that certain power.

Sima Lianju used to say ‘direction.’ When you enter the realm of transcendence and reach the realm of martial arts that is far beyond human understanding and common sense.

How do you take care of it? In the case of Sima Lianju, it was good, and the conclusion that Sima Lianju reached was Black Thunder and Heaven.

Lee Seong-min inherited the power of Sima Lianju and accepted the group of Black Thunder. Although he was not yet at the same level as Sima Lianju, the extreme pleasure he pursued was also present in Lee Seong-min.

It doesn’t stop there. Seongmin Lee was moving forward faithfully with his own direction. The same was true for the use of super-powerful gods.

“Your mercenary leader is dead in the room on the top floor.”

Seongmin Lee spoke to the gathered mercenaries. They were sober from the alcohol and swallowed their saliva with pale faces. Seongmin Lee said as he passed by them.

“Bury it or burn it. do whatever you want.”

After saying that, I opened the main door of Eunru.

Open beggars beyond. Yana wrinkled her nose at the stench that washed over her. Baek Sogo sighed and avoided the beggars’ gaze.

Openness is a way to pursue medical cooperation. Although it had previously split with Chujie, it did not mean that Baeksogo lost favor with the idea of ​​openness. Because she, too, was seeking something like openness.

“you are… … ?”

One of the open beggars standing close to Lee Seong-min opened his mouth. Lee Seong-min gave an honest answer to the searching gaze.

“I am deaf.”

All the beggars were shocked by the words he spoke calmly. Because they also knew the rumor.

That’s not the only reason for surprise. Most of the beggars here were in Kron 10 years ago.

At that time, when Sima Lianzhu trampled on opening up miserably.

“ear… … window… … ? Why are you here… … .”

“I had a personal grudge against the mercenary king, and I am on my way to repay it a while ago.”

Personal grudges. The beggar who had opened his mouth to say that he had paid the debt and left swallowed his saliva without being able to say anything.

The mercenary king is a giant that even the Murim Alliance cannot easily touch. Aside from their inaction, most mercenaries admire the Mercenary King and hope to become like him.

Among mercenaries, the name Mercenary King is like heaven.

“The mercenary king… … ?”

“He died.”

Lee Seong-min spoke about the death of such a giant without the slightest change in his expression. To Lee Seong-min, Dmitry was a man who could not be called a giant.

“I killed him because there was a good reason to kill him. And the fuss is over, and I have no intention of causing any more fuss. So, could you please make way for me?”

Seongmin Lee politely asked. However, the gathered beggars only hesitated and did not move aside. Seongmin Lee spoke once again.

“I can do the same thing my master once did for you. I’m ready for that. But I guess not you. “There was no manpower available to bat the ball.”

At those words, the beggars’ shoulders trembled. Humiliation, anger, fear. The expressions on the faces of the gathered beggars were varied.

“Say it again. I have no desire to fight. However, I have no intention of avoiding you. therefore… … Open the way. Otherwise, I have no choice but to force it and go.”

That was it.

Little by little, the road opened. Baek So-go made a bitter expression as he looked at the beggars retreating.

Soon, Baek So-go’s eyes turned to Lee Seong-min. Just as Baek So-go changed, Lee Sung-min also changed.

She knew it for sure. The priest was no longer the boy who sat down in shame at the death of the sword demon he had killed himself on Mt. Mshi 15 years ago, unable to protect his own life.

He wasn’t the young man who pushed your back and said he was here to save you from the doppelganger’s dungeon, or the young man who became Sima Lianzhu’s disciple and listened to your story while sharing a drink.

It was certainly not the monster that had lost its mind and gone wild in Germud.

‘I am.’

Has it changed?

Baek Sogo felt that it was difficult to come up with an answer on his own. Destroy evil from the world. That was Baek Sogo’s belief.

The reason why that belief was broken was because I learned that the world that I had hoped to save by destroying evil was in fact destined for destruction.

I was so desperate. She felt like everything she had done so far was futile. Despite such despair, Baek Sogo is now here.

Walking behind the one and only priest.


Following Lee Seong-min as he walked, Baek So-go raised his eyes and looked at the sky.

To save the world and change fate.

The great cause desired by his priest. Baeksogo is here because the priest said so. No, no.

Just, just. it was good. Going with a priest like this. Walking behind a priest. He wakes up from despair at the priest’s words and joins him in doing what the priest wants and wants to do.

[You must become a dagger.]

Those words, which I had heard several times, sharpened a sharp edge deep in my heart, and I went into hiding even deeper.

After passing through the road opened by the open beggars, Lee Seong-min headed straight to the Murimmaeng in the center of Kron. Fortunately, the distance between Eunru and Murimmaeng was not that far.

“Do you plan to leave surveillance alone?”

“There’s no need to hit it.”

Lee Seong-min answered Yana’s question with a somber expression. It’s not like I’m going to fight. There is no need to sharpen the blade for no reason.

Arrived in front of the Murim Alliance. Ten years ago, Sima Lianzhu almost destroyed the largest hall of the Murim Alliance, but the building was still intact, perhaps because it had been repaired within the past ten years.

The gate was not closed but was wide open. It felt like the story had already been told on the way here. Beyond the gate was full of warriors in line.


A somber voice called out to Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee saw a middle-aged man standing in front of the group.

The man only looked middle-aged, but his actual age was probably older, and he was wearing dirty mat.

It was a face I remembered. Seongmin Lee stopped and looked at the man.



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No hanger.

Current Murim lord.

Ten years ago, he was the Ark of Openness, but after the disappearance of the Black Dragon Association, he handed over the position of Ark of Openness to his disciple, Chu Geol, and became the Murim Lord.

“Long time no see. “Do you remember me?”

“… … Every time I remember.”

Muggeolgae murmured. I have never forgotten what happened 10 years ago. At that time, Sima Lianju, who brought shame to Mugeolgae and Gyeonggae, and indeed to the entire martial arts faction, had died a long time ago.

I never thought that after 10 years, I would encounter that student like this.

“… … “I heard you killed the mercenary king.”

“I killed him for a good reason. “It’s a private matter and I don’t want to talk about it in a place like this.”

“why… … “Are you here?”

The faces of the Murim warriors were full of tension and fear. The young man they are facing single-handedly defeated the Death Knight Lord and the Demon King 10 years ago.

He was also the only disciple of Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon, the number one scholar of the Four Schools at the time and the Sima Lianju who destroyed the Tagubongjin and devastated the Murim Alliance.

“I came because I had a favor to ask.”

I have no intention of fighting. Seongmin Lee spit it out with force.

“The leader of the squadron, the Black Dragon Association. Ten years ago, my teacher kidnapped the Black Dragon League. Because it was such a sudden incident, his belongings must have remained intact in the office he was using at the time. There is no way it was all incinerated. “I’d like to receive one of those items.”


“It’s a private matter.”

Lee Seong-min did not necessarily say that it was to find the Black Dragon Alliance. If he found out the reason, he thought that Mugeolgae would not cooperate.

“… … It’s all private. I’ll ask you, Gwi-chang. Why is Nobu… … No, should the Murim League cooperate with your private affairs?”

“If you don’t cooperate, we have no choice but to force you.”

Muggeolgae’s eyebrows twitched at those words. The mat wrapped around the body swelled.

“Do you think Nobu would endure such an insult?”

“Think rationally.”

Seongmin Lee said while shaking his head.

Rumbling… … .

The sound of a thunderbolt was heard around Lee Seong-min. A writhing, spreading purple energy enveloped Lee Seong-min.

A god with great strength moves as the spirit guides him. The eyes of the Murim warriors, including Mugeolgae, opened wide.

It felt like something invisible was squeezing my heart.

“I can do exactly what my teacher did. I assure you, no one among the nine factions except Geomseon will be able to stop me. Do you see what I mean? “I could kill all of you right now.”

The warning delivered in a low voice was very explicit.

“Do you know why I don’t do that? It’s simple. Because I don’t want to fight with you, because I don’t want to kill you. So, I’m asking you to cooperate. “Before I decide to force myself to do something I don’t want to do.”

“Big… … !”

Blood flowed from the corner of Mugeolgae’s mouth as he tried to resist the oppressive force. It is true that Mugeoulgae is a figure with a high distribution in the political faction, Moorim.

It is also true that we are at the end of the peak. That’s all, at best. To Lee Seong-min, who treated the transcendent realm like a child, the thousands of warriors of the Murim Alliance who blocked his path were nothing more than gathered ants. Even though they are of different rank, they are very different.

“I am.”

Baek Sogo stepped forward. She took off her bast covering from her face. Then Muggeolgae’s eyes opened wide.

It wasn’t just the hanging thing. Many people recognized Baek Sogo’s face.

“My name is Baeksogo, and he is nicknamed ‘Mukseomgwang’.”

“Muk… … glare. Why are you… … ?”

“I am the sister-in-law of Gwichang Lee Seong-min here.”

Baek Sogo said to him with a calm expression. Then, astonishment appeared on the faces of everyone who knew Baek Sogo.

There are not many people who know that Mukseomgwang Baeksogo is the difference between a ghost and a death penalty.

At most, they are the ones who acted with Baek Sogo in the Doppelganger Dungeon 10 years ago.

Chwi-geol did not even reveal to his teacher, Mu-geol-gae, that Gwi-chang and Baek So-go were punishable by death.

“I swear with all the work I have done under the name of Mukseomgwang so far. My priest is not asking me to do this for evil purposes. So please do me a favor.”

Baek Sogo bowed his head. Looking at that, Muggeulgae let out a hollow laugh.

Baek So-go, famous for his collaboration with the disciple of Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon, is the death penalty.

Muggeolgae looked at Lee Seong-min with gloomy eyes. Seongmin Lee approached Sogo Baek, who was bowing his head, and was shaking his head.

“private residence. “You don’t have to.”

“But, priest… … .”

“I just spoke a little louder. I have no intention of killing them. “If I do something like that, my sister-in-law will hate me.”

Baek Sogo only smiled bitterly and did not reply. Those words made Muggeolgae feel even more despondent. That’s just the reason… … Muggeolgae closed both eyes.

“… … Demon Emperor… … “You created a monster.”

I sighed like that. Gwichang Lee Seong-min. He must be in his mid-30s now. In my mid thirties… … That level of inaction.

When I heard that Sima Lianju had died and that Guichang had also died, I thought that there would be no one in the Four Sects.

I didn’t think the blood demon that came from anywhere would be that great of a person.

It wasn’t.

The dead demon emperor’s disciple, who was thought to be dead, was alive and had become a huge monster. Muggeolgae turned around, feeling bitter.

“Let’s believe what Muk Shin-gwang says.”

Muggeolgae felt grateful to Mukseomgwang for stepping forward. Thanks to her swearing and asking for it like that, she was able to maintain at least some respect.

“Wait a moment.”

Muggeulgae took heavy steps.


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