Worthless Regression Chapter 344

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Episode 346 82. Cron (1)

The reason the Mercenary King was in Cron was simple. Currently, the Eria Murim is divided into the Murim Alliance of the political faction and the Murim Alliance of the Sa faction.

Ten years ago, the Sima Lian was an alliance of four factions, working only in its own territory, but it was not a blood alliance.

Starting with the gathering of warlocks, the clan has continued to make radical moves since its establishment.

Although it was not yet an all-out war, the clan’s provocation and violence were gradually crossing the line.

War may break out soon.

And war is an opportunity for mercenaries to make money. For hundreds of years, Eria was so peaceful.

There has rarely been a proper war in this wide world. There is only one nation, and the nobles do not quarrel with each other.

The lords of a city do not try to invade other cities. It is in the martial arts world that fights occur frequently.

The territorial dispute between small and medium-sized factions became a small battlefield where mercenaries were active. Other than that, things like subjugating monsters.

Previously, Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon, who was the leader of the Sima Reunion, invaded the Murim Alliance, destroyed the Great Tagu Bongjin, which the Open Army was proud of, and defeated and kidnapped the leader, Black Dragon.

It was an unprecedented humiliation and humiliation in the history of the Murim Alliance, but the Murim Alliance was unable to declare war on Sima Lian over that incident.

This was because the power of Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon, who was the master of Sima Lian, was so powerful.

However, the Demon Emperor Yang Yitian died, and Sima Lian collapsed.

An outstanding warrior named Blood Demon suddenly appeared and formed a clan, but it was never properly shown how strong a person Blood Demon was.

At least for the Murim Alliance, the clan with blood demons was a more formidable opponent than the Simarian with Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon.

Also, the current Murim lord, the open ark… … No, it also played a role in that the tendencies of the previous Ark, Moo Geol-gae, were completely different from those of the Black Dragon Association.

The Black Dragon Association, which was a puppet of Cheon Oecheon, did not try to confront Sima Lian. But it wasn’t a bridge.

He was a person who hated the Four Sects, and thanks to being humiliated by Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon, his hatred of the Four Sects turned into hatred.

“It will probably be difficult to get a favorable response.”

Lee Seong-min said as he passed through the gates of Cron.

“Ten years ago, I was Sima Lianju… … He came to Kron with the Master and saw with his own eyes the Master’s crushing destruction of the Tagubong Jin of Gaego. I also saw him storm into the Murim Alliance building and beat up the Black Dragon Hyeop.”

After that, the Murim Alliance tried to prevent the rumor from spreading, but because so many people saw it, the rumor eventually spread.

“Then shall I go?”

Baek Sogo asked, tilting his head. Seongmin Lee thought for a moment and shook his head.

“no. Let’s go together. “If you can’t get a favorable response, you just have to use force.”

“Is there any need to turn the Murim Alliance into enemies?”

“Depending on the situation. Over the course of 10 years, the Predator brought the Sapa together through a blood pact. “Even the Murim League doesn’t know.”

In this case, what we had to think about was Cheon Oecheon. For that purpose, I am going to meet Dozon.

Rather than stopping by the Murim Alliance, Lee Seong-min planned to meet Dozon first.

If there was a commotion at the Murim Alliance, there was a good chance that Dozon could run away during that time.

In case you didn’t know, Lee Seong-min and Baek So-go wore human skin masks. I wasn’t planning on making a fuss until I met Dozon.

I tried to give Yana a human skin mask, but she didn’t need it.

“Is it magic?”

“It’s a magic trick.”

Yana, standing next to Lee Seong-min, had transformed into a woman with black hair and dark eyes. Her adorable tail was gone and she was wearing a military uniform instead of the hanbok that was so eye-catching, so there was nothing suspicious about her appearance at all.

Baek So-go asked, glancing at Lee Seong-min’s long hair tied back.

“Does the priest have any intention of cutting his hair?”

“This is the first time I’ve raised it like this, so I’m leaving it alone. “I never felt any discomfort.”

“But I think I liked it better when it was shorter.”

Baek Sogo said with a faint smile. At those words, Lee Seong-min blinked his eyes and looked at Baek So-go. Then he touched his own hair tied behind him.

“Then let’s cut it next time.”

“It’s still not bad.”

While having that conversation, we headed to the inn ‘Eunru’. This was because Dozon, Mercenary King Dmitri, and the mercenary group he led were renting the entire Eunru to use.

Seongmin Lee stood in front of Eunru, a luxury inn. As he expands his spirit, he can feel the presence of people inside Eunru.

Dmitry’s mercenary group has a total of 300 members, with most of the mercenaries being S-rank or higher, with the lowest level being A-rank.

It’s not that there are no mercenaries of B level or lower, but mercenaries of that level are treated only as odd jobs in Dmitry’s mercenary group.

One mercenary group possesses the power to compete head-to-head with a significant Daemun faction.

The fact that there is Dmitry, an expert in the transcendental realm, surpasses the power of the nine-file group.

‘There is.’

I wondered what I would do if I didn’t have it. Seongmin Lee smiled and approached the door of Eunru.

The loud noise leaked all the way to here. It looked like they had been drinking since broad daylight.

Whether the rank is low or high, the pleasures enjoyed by mercenaries are not much different. There is only a difference between cheap alcohol and high-quality alcohol, and between a cheap prostitute and a high-class prostitute.

Seongmin Lee slowly opened the door to Eunru. Then he walked inside the door without hesitation.

You can see a spacious garden and large mansions beyond it. The mercenaries who were drinking in the garden glanced at Lee Seong-min, but they soon drank without paying attention.

I thought there was no need to be on guard. Lee Seong-min and Baek So-go have perfectly completed the half-turn return, so their martial arts level does not leak out.

It was the same for Yana. If you put your mind to it, you can hide your power inside.

Pass through the garden where drinking parties take place without being stopped.

After passing several mansions, Lee Seong-min stopped at an annex that was more luxurious than the main building.

I could feel Dmitri’s presence inside. Besides Dmitri, there are several more signs.

It is more powerful than the signs I felt on the way here. It seemed that the mercenary group’s executives and Dmitry were using the annex.


Yana wrinkled her nose and muttered.

“I don’t think we’ll see a very good picture.”

Seongmin Lee also agreed. But isn’t that something you can’t wait for?

Without any fuss, Lee Seong-min jumped up to the top floor of the annex. As he opened the closed window and went inside, his eyes met Dmitry’s on the bed.

Dmitry, who was flirting with two naked women, opened his eyes wide when he saw Lee Sung-min.



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“what… … hey!?”

Dmitry suddenly stood up. His scar-covered body looked like armor made of writhing muscles.

Baek Sogo cleared his throat and averted his gaze as he looked at the rattling object. Yana looked at Dmitry with disdain.

Dmitry flinched at that gaze and stepped back, covering his groin with one hand and reaching for the large sword that was standing in the corner.


Dimitri shouted. The shout caused an uproar throughout the annex. I heard the sound of mercenaries approaching.

Seongmin Lee raised his foot while looking at Dmitry.


When his foot lightly hit the floor, an intangible force erupted in all directions, centered around Lee Seong-min.

It engulfed the entire mansion, ignoring all physical obstacles in its way.

“A god of great power… … !”

Yana let out a light exclamation. The power of a monster is the power of a monster.

If a master of transcendental realms can interfere with space, a great youkai, who has gained great magical power by receiving numerous fears as an offering, will perfectly tune his magical power and perform magic based on his magical power.

This was the case for Lee Seong-min. The Dragon’s Lore, which was previously absorbed into the Black Heart and could be used implicitly, gained even more power by becoming a complete youkai.

It could truly be said to be a god of incredible strength. A mysterious phenomenon that is difficult to explain rationally, related to monsters, dragon powers, chaos, and ghosts.

The spirited merchant that only appears in stories was unfolding to perfection and beyond. It was a power that I was able to master perfectly while living in the fairy forest.

If you put your mind to it, you can kill it with just momentum.

It may be difficult for those who have deeply learned the martial arts of King Jeongjong, have deep Buddhist devotion, and have excellent divine power. There was no need to give much strength to the unruly mercenaries.

I said I could kill him, but I had no intention of killing him. Because I didn’t come here to slaughter.

“omg… … !”

Dmitry’s expression changed under the intangible pressure. He quickly raised his internal strength and resisted Lee Seong-min’s powerful attack.

But the women lying on the bed could not even resist. The women lost the light in their eyes and lowered their heads helplessly. The mercenaries who climbed the stairs and ran through the hallways were the same.

“Who on earth… … ?”

“Just put some clothes on.”

Seongmin Lee said as he took off the bast mask covering his face.

“I’ll wait that long.”

He took it off so he could recognize him, but Dmitri couldn’t recognize Seongmin Lee’s face.

He glared at Lee Seong-min and slowly began to pick up his clothes and put them on. Then he shook his head.

What on earth is this?

What on earth is that guy doing?

However, no matter how much I thought about it, I had no idea who it was.

‘Two women behind me… … It’s not enough to worry about. The problem is that guy… … .’

Dmitry acknowledged that Lee Seong-min was a better expert than him. Even with Dmitry’s transcendental state, he was able to achieve the impossible feat with such ease.

Is there such a master like that in the world these days? And why would a master like that do such a damn thing to me?

“thing… … Let’s hear who it is. “What on earth are you doing, great man?”

“I ask the questions.”

Damn you bastard. In response to the icy response, Dmitri cursed in his heart.

Should I surrender? There’s no guarantee that they won’t kill you? I had no choice but to find a gap and escape.

As he put on his armor, Dmitri made up his mind. Fortunately, the guy seemed to have let his guard down.

Isn’t this usually the case? When you realize that you are overwhelmingly stronger than your opponent. Ignoring the other person and letting down your guard.

Dmitri had the nickname Dozon and was a mercenary king. And, the mercenary group is far from fair and square.

It was actually better if the other person let down their guard. Even if you can’t kill him by catching him off guard, you can definitely create an opportunity to escape.

Dmitry held his condolences tightly. Once Dmitry was ready, Lee Seong-min lowered the spear that was on his shoulder.

It was no surprise that Dmitry did not try to run away. Seongmin Lee saw Dmitry for the first time today, but he had a feeling that he was not a warrior with a strong will to risk his life. If so, isn’t the target obvious?

‘window… … f*ck, it’s ominous for no reason.’

A nickname called Gwichang floated around in the corner of my head. The guy who killed that monster-like Geomzon, killed Amzon who was sucking Musin’s asshole, and killed Gwonzon as well.

Did you say that King Chang was equal to him? Still, there’s no way he’s a ghost.

The fact that the Ghost Spear, known to be dead, was in fact alive was a rumor that had already spread throughout the area, but Dmitri did not even think of the possibility that the unknown spear in front of him was the Ghost Spear.

This is because it is impossible to get from Germud to Rubes in less than a month.

Dmitri, who had been slowly dragging his feet, suddenly kicked the ground.


Dmitry’s body leapt forward with a tremor that shook the entire mansion. Dmitry closed the distance to him in an instant and swung the great sword he held with both hands.

Seongmin Lee watched Dmitry swing the sword with a calm expression.

A ‘click’ sound was heard in the sound of the long sword tearing through the air. A small memorandum shot out from the vambrace covering the guy’s wrist.

Lee Seong-min laughed and twisted his body slightly. A small memorization escaped Seongmin Lee.

He extended his spear towards the falling sword behind him. The great sword, which could not be swung to the end, stopped in vain.

Dmitri took a deep breath and tightened his grip on the sword. But the sword blocked by the window did not budge.

Unlike Dmitry, who held the sword with both hands and struck it down with all his strength, Lee Seong-min held the spear with only his left hand.

“this… … Seed… … !”

Dmitry’s face distorted. A cackling sound came from where the sword and spear met.

The space around Dmitri began to tremble. I had no intention of waiting until that point.

Lee Seong-min’s right hand, which was not holding the spear, moved forward. Dmitry was frightened and tried to escape using footwork, but it was a pointless struggle.

When Lee Seong-min’s right hand touched Dmitry’s chest, the breastplate protecting him did not break.

But a lot happened inside Dmitry’s body. The violent spirit that seeped into Dmitry tore his energy and blood and shook his inner strength. Blood spurted from Dmitry’s nose and mouth.


It was overwhelming. Even though they were at the same transcendental level, there was an overwhelming gap between Lee Seong-min and Dmitry.

Just as Sima Lianju treated the Black Dragon Association like a child, Lee Seong-min was also able to treat Dmitri like a child.

Dmitri, whose legs were shaking, eventually sat down. He had no time to activate the memorized and enchanted magic hidden throughout his armor.

Even if we had used them all, the results would not have been different. Seongmin Lee walked up to Dmitry, who was trembling, and grabbed his wrist.

“Tell me about Cheon Oecheon.”

“you… … Who are you… … .”

“I told you I would be the one asking the questions.”


Seongmin Lee’s thumb pressed the middle of Dmitry’s wrist. Dmitry’s body trembled as if struck by lightning.

The spirit power that seeped into the Qi and blood did not cause pain to Dmitri. However, Dmitri felt a definite sense of strangeness and knew that it was a blatant threat.

If you don’t cooperate, you will die here. Or do you become such an idiot that it would be better to die? Either way, it was clear that I would feel the most terrible pain I had ever felt.

“ah… … All right.”

“I swear. “I will tell you the truth.”

Dmitri was quick-witted. He knew very well that he was more afraid of Lee Seong-min who was right in front of him than of the martial god who did not know where he was.

After that, it was all smooth sailing. Dmitry answered everything Seongmin Lee asked.

For 10 years, Musin went back to closed school training, and Cheon Oecheon was virtually neglected.

Dmitry also did not receive any special instructions from the medium, so he was faithful to his life as a mercenary king rather than a dojo of the world.

“How are the medium’s orders carried out?”

“Crystal ball… … “There is this.”

“Give it to me.”

Dmitry, who had suddenly raised his voice, calmly opened the subspace pocket and handed over a crystal ball.

Seongmin Lee put it in his subspace pocket. The purpose was to attempt to determine the location of the psychic through this.

“Cheon Oecheon… … that… … Nothing was done until the last 10 years. In fact, the only people who belong to Cheonoecheon now are Musin, Wolhu, and me… … .”

“Wolhu must have died?”

“yes? What does that mean? Wolhu began training in the closed coffin at his residence… … .”

Lee Seong-min’s eyebrows twitched at those words. Wolhu must have died? I was suspicious, but I didn’t ask about it.

Anyway, after my work here was over, I was planning to go to Wolhu’s residence.

There was nothing more to hear from Dmitry.

When Lee Seong-min got up, Dmitry swallowed and looked up at Lee Seong-min.

Seongmin Lee looked down at Dmitri and then snapped his fingers.

Pow! The fired bullet pierced Dmitry between the eyes. Dmitry fell to his death without even being able to scream.

“Was it necessary to kill him?”

“There was no need to keep him alive. “Because we might become enemies one day.”

“but… … Priests. Although we are being deceived by the gods, Cheon Oecheon’s goal is to prevent the end. Then that guy too… … .”

“The only people who acted to prevent the end were Mushin, Wolhu, and the psychic. That guy doesn’t even know what the end is. I just lived for my own benefit. He is neither righteous nor good. “My sister-in-law is a person not worthy of sympathy.”

Baek Sogo only laughed bitterly at those words but did not refute anything. Seongmin Lee said, picking up the spear he had put down.

“It’s noisy outside. “It looks like people gathered because of the noise from earlier.”

“Shall we sneak out?”

“There’s no need to do that.”

Lee Seong-min said that and left the room.


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