Worthless Regression Chapter 346

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Episode 348 82. Cron (3)

After some time had passed, Muggeulgae returned. He silently stopped in front of Lee Seong-min and handed him the small subspace pocket he was holding in his hand.

“These are items that were left in the former leader’s office. Things that aren’t that important, like brushes… … Things like that.”

“That’s enough.”

There was no guarantee that he would be able to find the Black Dragon Gorge with this alone, but it was worth a try. Lee Seong-min slightly lowered his head, looking at the radish girl with a bitter expression.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

Muggeolgae turned around without answering. Lee Seong-min also turned away, as he seemed not to want to talk any more. He grinned while looking at Yana and Baek Sogo.

“Okay then. “Shall we go buy a gift for Teresa?”

Baek So-go nodded his head with a faint smile towards the smiling Lee Seong-min. Yana muttered as she watched the back of the girl walking away from her.

“I don’t understand. “Why does that person build up his pride like that against you, who is so much stronger than him?”

“Because there is such a thing as stance.”

“It seems like you simply don’t understand the topic.”

Jana muttered. She couldn’t understand why her radish head was showing such a sharp attitude.

In a way, this was because the way of thinking between humans and monsters was different.

Although his business at Kron was over, Seongmin Lee did not return to the forest right away.

Baek Sogo’s words about not having any good memories from Kron remained in my heart.

Even if it was only for a day, I wanted to enjoy some time and make good memories. There was enough reason for Teresa to tell me to buy a gift from Kron.

Chugeol was watching the three from afar.

Although they felt gazes on them, Lee Seong-min, Baek So-go, and Yana didn’t care. This is because surveillance was taken for granted.

Chu Geol grabbed his left sleeve, which was empty and long. Lee Seong-min and his group were having a conversation while looking at miscellaneous items lying on a mat on the floor. Qu Jie looked at Baek Xiaogo’s face with a faint smile on his face.

Long time no see.

Chu Geol swallowed those words in his heart. Has it already been more than 15 years since then?

I don’t feel the pain from getting hit on the cheek back then. But the emptiness of my empty heart was clearly felt.

Why do I have to stand here and watch you? At that time, I definitely did that for you.

At that time, Baek Sogo resented the drunkard. He asked why he forced himself out. Chu Geol did not understand that resentment.

In the end, if you weigh everything. Getting drunk saved Baek So-go’s life.

Instead of hearing gratitude, I heard resentment. She was despised. In the end, Baek Sogo ran away from Cron and cut off all ties with the Murim Alliance.

For 15 years… … Qiu Jie continued to follow the rumors about Baek Xiaogo. He could never have imagined that Baek Sogo would come to Kron with Gui Chang, whom he thought was dead.

When Gwichang became Mine. Chugeol felt joy inside. She was a drunk girl, and she knew Baek Sogo’s tendencies well.

No matter how much you cherish the priest, if that priest becomes a demon. I thought that the person named Baek So-go, the silent light, was the person who would kill the priest he loved.

It wasn’t.

Why on earth are you there?

Why are you smiling there?

Chugeol couldn’t understand. Still, he had no intention of going and asking in person.

Emotions were agitated and irritated.

For the first time in 10 years, Qiujie lamented that he had no power. If only he had enough strength.

What did you do?

Chu Jie turned around. She thought she had seen something wrong. It seemed like she would continue to feel bad for some time.

As a gift for Teresa, I chose a batting stick that is said to be popular as a souvenir. Although he said he didn’t want a dog-catching stick.

It was largely because Baek So-go was tempted by the merchant’s words that it could be used for self-defense, massage, and even a laundry stick.

“Would you like it?”

“Because I don’t know Teresa’s tastes.”

“You won’t like it.”

Baek So-go asked in an excited voice, Lee Seong-min carefully avoided answering, and Yana answered in a cold voice.

No, you’ll like it.

Baek Sogo spoke with force. She smiled happily as she tapped her own shoulder with her baton, which she held in one hand.

“You can also use it when giving a massage.”

Seongmin Lee bought several kinds of accessories just in case. Since he had never adorned himself with such ornaments while living in the shrine, he thought that he might rather like these things.

Jana didn’t seem particularly interested in choosing Teresa’s gift. In the first place, she rarely shared her personal stories with Teresa, even in the fairy forest.

It was because they were wary of Teresa, who had strong divine powers.

After choosing a suitable gift, I walked down the street. If you think about it, Seongmin Lee didn’t even eat, so he asked a person passing by and went to a restaurant called a good restaurant.

“Have you ever experienced cannibalism, Seongmin Lee?”


While ordering and waiting for food, Yana suddenly asked about it. Seongmin Lee, who was drinking water, almost spewed out the water he was drinking when he heard Yana’s question.

“yes… … yes?”


Baek Sogo glared at Yana with an expression of displeasure. But Yana didn’t care and continued speaking.

“Lee Seong-min, you are a very alien being, but isn’t it true that your body is that of a monster? Have you ever experienced cannibalism? Or, have you ever felt an appetite for humans?”

“… … Why are you asking that?”

“There are many different types of monsters. Among the various monsters, the great monsters with great power are the form of fear that humans possess. The same goes for Heo Joo. For such monsters, cannibalism is natural. “They are figures of fear, and they were born as predators to prey on humans from the beginning.”

“… … Yana, do you have any experience?”

“For me, cannibalism is not an act of great significance. “It’s not like I have a taste for human flesh.”

“Me too.”

“Didn’t you transform into a monster through Heoju’s magic power? And yet you have no appetite for humans?”

Yana asked a question, tilting her head. It was a question she asked out of genuine curiosity. Seongmin Lee answered with an embarrassed expression.

“Even though my body is a monster, my spirit is human. It hasn’t changed at all from when I was human. perhaps… … When I eat human flesh, I may find it ‘delicious’ without even realizing it. “But I don’t want to eat it.”

[If you want to strengthen your power as a monster, cannibalism is not a bad choice.]



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Heoju said.

[Now that we have come to cannibalism, the extinct carnivorous diet will not be revived. There is no way that a new externality will take hold. If you choose to cannibalize, your body as a youkai will become stronger. Maybe you can become stronger faster thanks to the black heart you have.]

Seongmin Lee had no intention of strengthening his power as a monster any further. The body itself is already strong enough.

I plan to focus on adding martial arts and mental strength to this. The current Lee Seong-min is incomparably stronger than 10 years ago, but he is not as strong as the ‘real’ Slaughter Predation or Jennyella.

It was not a matter of the body, but a matter of the substance.

[Did you say Aine? That chimera. You’d better be careful with that bitch.]

Heoju warned.

[That girl’s body is that of a complete monster. In addition, I shared that overwhelming power with you. Unlike you, I have no qualms about cannibalism. Jennyella is trying to make that girl into a new slaughter predator. If Jennyella puts in as much effort as she does, she will become a monster and block your path.]

‘I guess so.’

The food came out. Even though she had just been talking about cannibalism, Yana held up her chopsticks without hesitation. Lee Seong-min once again poured water into his stuffy mouth.

After eating, we rode a fairy horse. There was a place to stop before going to the forest.

Well, I was thinking of meeting Frau there.

If Aladur could do magic, it was natural that Frau could do it too.

“long time no see.”

Frau was still at Jana’s residence.

“And it’s still sudden.”

Frau grumbled as he covered the naked boy in his arms with a blanket.

Baek So-go turned his head to the side with an embarrassed expression, and Lee Seong-min cleared his throat and stepped forward. Frau glared at the approaching Lee Seong-min and spat out.

“From now on, a little bit. “Can you please stop coming to me like this?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Yana, when are you planning on coming back? I’m sure he didn’t start a life with a gisaeng old lady… … Just kidding, kidding. “You can’t do that.”

Frau quickly changed his words as he saw Yana’s eyebrows furrow. Then he sat cross-legged and glared at Lee Seong-min.

“so. What else? Hey, that’s a black and white bulldog. “I guess we met?”

“yes… … “There is someone I want to find, so I came to ask you a favor.”

“Are you the kind of person who does whatever I ask for when I ask for it?”

Seongmin Lee calmly put his hand into the subspace pocket. What he took out was a gem larger than his fist.

When Lee Seong-min wordlessly handed it over, Frau pursed his lips but stretched out his hand to receive the jewel.

Afterwards, Seongmin Lee opened the subspace pocket he received from Muggeolgae. Seongmin Lee took out a luxurious-looking brush and handed it to Frau.

“I want to know where the owner of this brush is.”

“Is this all there is?”

“Should there be more?”

“It is more accurate to use several things rather than just one.”

Seongmin Lee took out everything he had in his subspace pocket. A few more brushes were added, as well as ink stones and clothes.

And various other miscellaneous items. Frau gathered them all in one place and stood a few steps away.

Frau put his hands together and chanted a spell. The witchcraft began in earnest. As befits his name as a great sorcerer, Frau was well versed in most types of magic other than ghost magic. The same was true for this type of witchcraft.

“… … mountain… … .”

Frau, who was concentrating with his eyes closed, muttered. mountain… … Seongmin Lee muttered along with Frau.

Frau’s eyebrows furrowed. She lifted both her hands and cupped her head. The space around her shuddered and illuminated a scene.

“… … uh… … .”

The scenery looked somewhat familiar. Where did you see it? Seongmin Lee tilted his head as he looked at the bleak mountain scenery.

Lee Seong-min was not the only one who was surprised. Baek Sogo, who was nearby, let out a surprised sound.

“It’s the mountain of Mshi.”


Lee Seong-min’s mouth was half-open. Yes, the mountain of Mshi. The video was so blurry that it was hard to make out, but I remembered it clearly after hearing Baek Sogo’s words. A place where surviving is the first penance.

It must have been Mt. Mshi.

‘Why is the Black Dragon Cooperative in Mushi’s Mountain?’

After spending a night in Eormuri, I summoned a fairy horse the very next day. Mshi’s Mountain… … Seongmin Lee clicked his tongue, recalling the mountain where he spent his childhood asceticism.

I thought it turned out well. She also wanted to talk to Mshi. When I was young, I couldn’t understand what Mush said, but now I understand.

“I never thought I’d come back.”

Baek Sogo smiled bitterly and muttered. While Lee Seong-min was wandering around the world, Baek So-go also went back to Mushi Mountain and practiced penance again for several years.


It was neither Lee Seong-min nor Yana who answered.

It was a voice I hadn’t heard in a long time. Seongmin Lee looked in the direction from which the voice came.

“I never thought I’d see you two together again.”

A small girl with bandages all over her body and dirty rags on her body. Mushi was grinning and looking at Lee Seong-min and Baek So-go.

“Are you here again because you want to do penance?”

Mushi asked that question and walked shakily. Through the bandages on his face, Mish’s eyes twinkled.

“Or did you come to meet someone practicing penance on this mountain?”

“Did you know?”

“Don’t look down on God too much. Yesterday, someone looked at this mountain using a spell. Do you think I didn’t see it? “I just left it alone.”

Mushi chuckled and shook the rags wrapped around her shoulders.

“I wanted to let it out slowly, but it worked out well. “Take him with you.”

“You wanted to send me out?”

“They are very nasty people.”

Lee Seong-min tilted his head at Mush’s words, ‘Guys.’

“… … “Wasn’t there just one person?”

“There are two.”

Mshi turned around and said.

“There’s this one crazy guy.”


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