Worthless Regression Chapter 343

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Episode 345 81. Purification (4)

“That’s great.”

Levias lowered his blood-soaked hands. The sound of applause could be heard on the other side of the slightly exhausted breathing.

“First, when I decided to take you, King Gwon’s daughter, as a disciple. I am… … “I had no doubt that you would become the best of my students.”

Levias looked down while listening to Wolhu’s words. There, the sister-in-law that Levias had just beaten to death was lying lying around.

It wasn’t just her. There were fifteen people in this dark room, including Levias. All of them were women, disciples whom Wolhu had raised and raised throughout his life.

Until just a few days ago, as capital punishment, we were smiling like real sisters.

The past 10 years have meant a lot to Levias. After losing his biological father, full of revenge, he came to Yisan and became Yue Hu’s disciple.

Life in the Moon Palace was for revenge one day, but 10 years have passed and the desire for revenge has faded.

This place was calm and peaceful. The moon palace in the sky, completely separated from the world, was close to the moon and far from the ground.

This place, far removed from all the chaos on earth, was a kingdom of abstinence and moderation. Everyone was quiet and considerate of each other.

The master, who was rarely seen, generously provided food, drink, and martial arts skills for his disciples.

For ten years, Levias lived in the Moon Palace. All of his sisters-in-law, who were like his own sisters, were kind to Levias.

Among Wolhu’s disciples living here, there were none without a story. Everyone licked each other’s wounds and comforted each other.

Levias thought he was softening. He forgot his desire for revenge.

It wasn’t.

Everyone was like that. When the master, who had not been seen for 10 years, suddenly announced that he would choose his immediate disciple. When he said that he would only teach the secret martial arts to the strongest surviving disciple among the fifteen.

Everyone pounced on each other at the same time. The nature and individual circumstances that were suppressed in the Moon Palace. It was just hidden deep in my heart without losing my spirit.

Levias was like that too. She realized that she was not going soft, that she had not forgotten her desire for revenge.

It was just deeply hidden. So that no one else notices. So as not to bring it up in an unnecessary situation.

survived. She killed those who were like her sisters. It’s been 10 years. At most 10 years. Isn’t it natural to place more importance on avenging the father who was a father and daughter for hundreds of years than on those who were like sisters for 10 years?

You probably thought so too. Each person’s circumstances and story. They must have tried to kill each other with things like that. Levias shook his blood-soaked hands with bitter eyes.

“Come here.”

The door to the darkroom opened. Beyond that, Wolhu was not visible. For ten years, Yue Hu did not appear to his disciples. But the voice continued to be heard, guiding his disciples.

Levias followed Wolhu’s voice and left the room. He walked down a long hallway and headed to the deepest part of the Moon Palace.

Toward Wolhu’s sleeping quarters, where no one enters. There was no hesitation in Levias’ hand as he opened the closed door. The door opens,

When I saw an empty room, a small sphere of light floating in the air, and flesh writhing within it.

When I stepped back and tried to leave the room, the door closed. Wolhu’s voice was heard from within the sphere of light.

Come here. closer. Every time I spoke, my flesh twitched.

When I looked closely, I saw that what was emitting a voice was a fragment of a smashed head. Among them, the part of the jaw that remained, including the lips, was emitting Wolhu’s voice.

“I will give you the strength to take revenge.”

Levias’ body trembled.

* * *

Teresa decided not to return to the shrine, but to remain in this forest. Still, it seems she didn’t want to cause concern, so Teresa asked Lee Seong-min to deliver the letter.

In the end, Lee Seong-min rode a fairy horse to the shrine in the middle of the night and left Teresa’s letter at the bedside of Theos, who was sleeping.

With this, Lee Seong-min has acquired his own force that can stand against the end, or more accurately, the Vampire Queen and the Predator.

Sogo Baek, Scarlett, Yana, Teresa. Although their numbers are small, they are people that no one can ignore.

More here.

Seongmin Lee thought of the Black Dragon Association and the King of Chang. If those two were still alive, there was a high probability that they would be on Lee Seong-min’s side.

They probably don’t want everything to end with the end.

The Black Dragon Association and King Chang were once members of Cheon Oecheon, but they became dissatisfied with Mu Xin’s actions and betrayed him. At that time, the two did not die in the fight against the god of war, so 10 years later, they are probably still alive.

The problem is where to find them. Although they have certain characteristics, they were unable to determine the location of the Spear King and the Black Dragon Alliance even with the information obtained through Erebrisa.

A week has passed. In one week, Baek Sogo completely recovered his body, which had been weakened by a year of addiction.

Seongmin Lee took his time and checked his condition. Since my body has become perfect, it is undoubtedly true that I am stronger than I was 10 years ago.

But you can go further. There is still room left. It was the power inherited from Sima Lianju that showed him a clear path.

A complete transformation.

Sima Lianzhu had told me about this in the carriage he was carrying with Black Dragon.

‘Once you reach the transcendental level, there is no room for further development in your martial arts and body. Going through a complete transformation once again. In the process, the body and martial arts that had no room for development advance to a more advanced and transcendent place. In fact, at that point, the body goes far beyond that of a human being. Thought and action become one, the understanding is wide open, and most military books can be completely understood after reading them once.

The inner energy never dries up and dantian becomes meaningless. ‘The whole body becomes dantian and there is no need to draw out internal energy.’

Seongmin Lee was just wondering, so he called Nevel and bought an Ascension Martial Arts Book. Then he sat down and started reading the martial arts book. Rather than learning it easily with the help of skills, I tried to understand martial arts using only my intellect.

“… … “Umm.”

I could understand it to some extent. Lee Seong-min’s accomplishments and the number of people he has accumulated so far are few and far between.

However, this does not mean that Lee Seong-min’s understanding is outstanding. The reason Lee Seong-min was able to achieve this level of inaction was because of a lot of effort, events, and luck, not because he had outstanding talent or intelligence.

‘The understanding is wide open and most martial arts books are completely understood after reading them once… … ‘I have no idea what that feeling is.’

Because I had lived my whole life with a dull intellect, I couldn’t understand Sima Lianju’s words.

How can a person completely understand martial arts with just one look? Although he was secretly looking forward to it, it seemed that Lee Seong-min’s body had not yet reached the level that Sima Lianju had achieved.

Although it was disappointing, I also thought it was a good thing. This is because it means that there is still room to become stronger.

Meanwhile, Selgerus completed the spear. The newly made spear by Selgerus fit Seongmin Lee’s hand perfectly.

Selgerus looked dumbfounded when told that the temporary window had been smashed, but he was not as angry as I thought. Now, it just seemed like he was going to do it.

“Now that I think about it, sister. “Where has the spear I originally used gone?”

“… … hmm… … that is… … “It’s broken.”

Baek Sogo said with an apologetic look on his face, but he didn’t care. I felt rather fortunate that it ended with one window being broken.

When you have become somewhat familiar with the new window.

Lee Seong-min prepared to go out.

There were many questions. Starting with the question, where on earth is Wijihoyeon?

What is the devil’s true intention? What did Cheon Oecheon do for 10 years? Where is the martial artist and where is the psychic?

I planned to do it step by step. Fortunately, there are some clues. Lee Seong-min knew that the person called the Mercenary King was the Taojon of Cheonoecheon. The Mercenary King is not dead yet, so if you want to find out about Cheon Oecheon’s current situation, you must dig into him first.



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And, blood oath.

Blood demon.

This is what is currently in question. At that time, at the vampire queen’s mansion where I went to rescue Baeksogo. Gemini taught me so much.

Gemini said it was just a waste of time, but when I think about it now, I have so many questions.

Gemini informed her that the blood demon of the clan was the second blood relative of the vampire queen.

Why did you have to say that? There was no need for Gemini to say something like that in that situation.

Something that doesn’t need to be said. Information that does not need to be disclosed.

It was not publicly known that the clan was related to the Predator.

With the power that Lee Sung-min has, he cannot challenge Jennyella in Trabia. She has unknown powers, and Trabia is where she has lived for many years.

[I heard that even mutts eat some food in my house. Jennyella is not much of a mutt.]

Heo Joo’s analogy was cheap, but it was not wrong. Yes, challenging Jennyella in Travia is impossible for now.

But blood demons are different. Blood Demon of the Blood Pledge. Jennyella’s second blood relative. I don’t know how much power is concentrated in the clan, but it cannot be compared to Travia, where Jennyella is directly present. Seongmin Lee cannot kill Jennyella. But what about blood demons?

‘I don’t know what you’re thinking.’

Did Gemini intend this? That’s all I could think of. He was like that when he rescued Baek Sogo. Despite taking so long, Gemini did not try to stop Lee Seong-min.

[Maybe it’s a trap. Unless Jennyella comes forward, there will be almost no trap to stop you.]

Joo Won might be there. Heoju grumbled. Certainly, if Joo Won is in the clan, it will be dangerous in many ways.

However, if he were to challenge the clan, Lee Seong-min had no intention of going alone. It is said that four people can barely ride a fairy horse, but if riding a fairy horse is difficult, you can just walk.

‘not now.’

Dozon and the mercenary king’s location have already been identified. Since he was such a famous person, it wasn’t that difficult to figure out his location. Moreover, the city where the mercenary king was located was a city that Seongmin Lee had visited before.


It is a city where the Murim Alliance exists. 10 years ago, with Sima Lianju… … I went to Kron. It was to beat up the Black Dragon Association, who was the Murim lord at the time.

It worked out just fine. I was planning to go to Kron soon, but I thought I could take care of some other business there while I was going to catch Dozon.

The other thing to see in Cron was at the Murimmaeng. The office of the Murim League. It was to obtain one of the items from the Black Dragon Association that might be there.

At that level, you will be able to find out where the Black Dragon Alliance is through spells such as Frau or Aladur.

‘If possible, it would be nice to be with King Chang.’

Yana and Baek Sogo approached. They said they would go to Kron together just in case something happened.

Teresa had never been to Kron before and seemed eager to go, but I couldn’t take her with me because I didn’t know what would happen because she had no combat skills.

“Don’t stick out your lips like that.”

“There’s nothing in this forest and it’s boring.”

“I heard you play well with fairies.”

“That’s what I play with.”

I don’t think you should say that. Seongmin Lee thought of Teresa talking haha ​​with fairies, but he didn’t go out of his way to make fun of her. Seongmin Lee bowed his head as he looked at Scarlett, who was standing with her arms crossed.

“Then, I’ll be back.”

“I hope you like it. “Going out with two women?”

“It’s not like we’re going out to have fun.”

“I’m telling you to come and have fun. “To put it bluntly, the world might end tomorrow, so I have to enjoy it while I can.”

“Scarlett, you’re not enjoying it either.”

“You have to have someone to enjoy it. I am married to magic. “After I finish my research, I will divorce and marry someone.”

Scarlett grumbled and rubbed the dark circles under her eyes with her fingertips. Teresa, who was poking her lips out sullenly, said.

“Let’s buy a gift. Something like Kron’s specialty. “What’s famous there?”

“The most famous souvenirs are open batting sticks. After Mugeoulgae became the Murim lord, open beggars started doing business.”

“I don’t need a club to catch dogs… … .”

“Then let’s buy it in moderation.”

Lee Seong-min chuckled and got on the fairy horse. Yana and Baek So-go rode behind Lee Seong-min.

“I don’t have any good memories of Cron.”

Baek Sogo smiled bitterly and muttered. Seongmin Lee slightly turned his head at the words he heard behind him.

“Is that so?”

“huh. When I left the priest alone in the dungeon… … The location I moved to with the teleport scroll was Cron. “I ran out of Kron immediately after that and never went back.”

It’s already been over 10 years. Baek So-go chuckled and grabbed Lee Sung-min’s waist.

“Will I have good memories this time?”

Baek Sogo muttered in a low voice.

Before she could reply, the fairy horse jumped through space.


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