Worthless Regression Chapter 342

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Episode 344 81. Purification (3)

could not understand.

Sarahenne, the Queen of Spirits, narrowed her eyes as she looked at Wijihoyeon looking at her from beyond.

This is the spirit world.

It is a place ruled by Sarahenne, and beings other than spirits can never exist in this world.

It was the most basic law that even Sarahenne, the queen who ruled the spirit world, could not help.

That’s why Sarahenne couldn’t take Cain to the spirit world, so she created a small space at coordinates that overlapped with the spirit world and had Cain stay there.

Wijihoyeon is not a spirit. Yet, it exists here, in the spirit world. The most basic law that constitutes the spirit world is being denied to Wijihoyeon.

“… … you… … “Who are you?”

Sarahenne asked a question while glaring at Wijihoyeon. Why are humans here… … No, more than that.

Is that really a human?

Wijihoyeon did not answer that question. She stretched her feet forward without breaking her bored expression.

It was the moment Wijihoyeon’s feet touched the ground. Quad deud deuk! The entire earth became an awl and a blade, trying to tear Wijihoyeon’s body to pieces.

Even though some of the spirits that filled this world disappeared, there were still too many of them. All of those spirits were trying to kill Wijihoyeon according to Sarahenne’s will.

The earth spirits became the earth itself, but their attacks did not threaten Wijihoyeon.

The moment the attacking blade and awl of the earth touched Wijihoyeon, their trajectory was forcibly twisted and shot in a different direction.

The space in which Wijihoyeon exists was distorted and protecting her. It was a top-level defensive barrier that would be insulting to compare to something like self-defense.


Wijihoyeon muttered. She slowly turned her head. The countless spirits that had hidden her appearance were all visible to Wiji Hoyeon’s eyes.

Wijihoyeon was planning to kill them all. Of course, along with the Spirit Queen. Wijihoyeon came all the way to the spirit world just for that purpose.

Of course, Wijiho also knew that it would not be an easy task. The opponent she must face this time is Sarahenne, the queen of spirits.

He is a force that cannot be compared to the dungeon and boss monsters within it that Wijihoyeon has faced for 10 years.

‘Still, the last five dungeons were a little difficult.’

I almost died. The five final dungeons are where the monsters of the apocalypse who truly want to end this world sleep.

But, it didn’t die. In the end, Wijihoyeon survived and erased all dungeons from this world. There will be no more dungeons appearing in Area in the future.

The 10 years Wijihoyeon spent were the most intense times of her life so far.

We fought without stopping. After the fight, he immediately left to find another fight. All of that refined Wijihoyeon into a monster of monsters.

Natural talent. given talent. experience.

It’s going to be pretty hard this time too.

Wijihoyeon sensed it. Endless spirits. The spirit queen stands behind him.

The queen must be especially careful. She is a transcendent in the true sense of the word, and a transcendent is also immortal.

Besides, this is the spirit world. It is a space where spirits and spirit queens can demonstrate their power without any penalty.

still. can do. must do it. Wijihoyeon moved forward, accepting the hostility of all spirits with his body. When the flame spirits unleashed their power, Wijihoyeon walked in the middle of the hellfire. Heat and flames surge from all around her, assaulting her.

Beyond that, the wind spirits created a storm. Sarahenne was watching Wijihoyeon without moving.


Wijihoyeon slightly nodded his head.

* * *

“I want to ask you something.”

Teresa opened her mouth. Lee Seong-min, who was looking at Baek So-go’s sleeping condition next to her, turned her head and looked at Teresa.

He was deeply grateful to Teresa. If he had answered that not even Teresa could do anything about Baeksogo’s poison, he would have been really at a loss as to what to do after that.

“What is?”

so. Seongmin Lee developed a deep liking for Teresa. She knew that when someone asked her to do something, she would oblige if it was something she could do.

“What are you trying to do?”

Teresa asked, looking at Lee Seong-min. It was quite a surprising question. As Lee Sung-min watched her without answering, Teresa took a deep breath and spoke.

“It’s strange.”

“What do you mean?”

“Lee Seong-min. You defeated the Death Knight Lord and the Demon King 10 years ago. And he went crazy due to the devil’s curse. And now, 10 years later, I have come to my senses.”


“So what do you plan to do next?”

look. Teresa said, looking down at White Sogo.

“Ink flash light Baeksogo. “She has a high reputation as a charlatan, and her inaction is evaluated as one of the top five among the political faction and the martial arts faction.”

“You know very well.”

“If you stay in the shrine, the rumors outside are really interesting. I know a lot. “I heard a lot of stories.”

Theresa smiled brightly as she said that.

“And the red sage. He left the wizard’s guild, established his own magic tower, and taught magic to his students without discrimination. It seems that the wizard guild doesn’t like the red sage that much, but she says that her skills have already surpassed most magic tower lords.”

Seongmin Lee glanced at Scarlett nearby. As soon as his eyes met her, she puffed out her chest and made a happy expression.

“And the nine-tailed fox of all people.”

Yana was not nearby. She was sitting quite a distance away from Teresa, who wielded powerful divine powers, as if she felt uncomfortable. But all the stories that come and go here will be heard in Yana’s ears.

“More than 10 years ago, the owner of the monster city, Eormuri, changed. It was Yana who defeated the owner of the sub-lease and took over his place. and… … Even fairies.”

It’s a mess.

“Isn’t that right?”

It would be a strange combination for Teresa, who does not know the circumstances. The queen of the highest level wizards, charlatans, monsters, and fairies of her time. People who have nothing in common are gathered in one place.

“Because of you?”

Teresa asked with a smile.


Seongmin Lee answered without hiding anything. Since he saved Baek So-go’s life, he planned to treat Teresa accordingly.

There is no need to hide these conversations in the first place. When Lee Seong-min answered honestly, Teresa’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.



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She tilted her head toward Lee Seong-min and continued asking questions.

“What on earth do you want to do? No, what are you trying to do? Gathering up this much power. Although their numbers are small, the people gathered here are powerful people who can easily overthrow a city, including you, Lee Seong-min. “You’re not saying you want to conquer the world, are you?”

“Have you read too many novels?”

“I thought it was pretty plausible… … .”

“I don’t intend to do that. I just… … .”

Teresa doesn’t know about the end times.

The same goes for Yana and Scarlett. The reason Yana helps Lee Seong-min is not because she wants to prevent the apocalypse, but because Heo Ju is in Lee Seong-min’s mind.

Scarlett has given her strength so far due to her goodwill toward Lee Sung-min and her concerns about Baek So-go.

Considering what happens in the future, wouldn’t it be better to reveal it now and ask for cooperation?

You never know when the Queen of Spirits will open her eyes. But even though the Queen of Spirits hasn’t opened her eyes yet,

There is a vampire queen. There is a Predator. Unlike the Spirit Queen, who does not know when she will open her eyes and descend, the Vampire Queen and Predator are real threats to this world.

“… … “Mr. Yana.”

Seongmin Lee quietly called Yana. So, how should we talk about it? Seongmin Lee was lost in thought for a moment. One day the world will perish. Should I say it endlessly?

“It’ll be okay if you tell me.”

Osla flew to Lee Seong-min’s side as he was sorting out his mind.

“The Vampire Queen can no longer see the future. It means that this world is completely doomed to end. “Now, even if we talk about the end and the reasons, nothing will change.”

These were not hopeful words. If what Osla said is true, it means that no matter how hard we try, we cannot avoid the end.

As a test, Lee Seong-min spoke about the end.

Specific words, specific topics. From the moment it is mentioned, the threat of the Apocalypse comes in.

In the first place, the Apostle of the Apocalypse is a system to prohibit revealing the truth of this world.

There is no chill on the back of the neck. It was just as Osla said. This world has already been doomed to end.

When all stories are over. Jana said nothing.

She just watched Lee Seong-min with deep eyes. Unlike Jana, Scarlett and Theresa reacted openly.

In particular, Teresa closed her half-open mouth and swallowed.

“What is Heoju hoping for?”

Yana asked. This time too, she was asking Heo Joo’s doctor.

“I’m hoping for what I’m hoping for.”

“Then I also hope for what you wish for.”

Yana said, bowing her head slightly. She didn’t change anything. Laplace’s words about Yana being given power by a demonic spirit and that the demonic spirit is suspicious continue to bother me.

“so… … .”

Teresa let out a trembling voice.

“you are… … To prevent the end… … .”


When Lee Sung-min answered, Teresa covered her face with both hands. She didn’t know how to answer.

The purpose of this world’s existence or its planned destruction.

It was a topic I had never thought about before in my life, and truths I had never imagined would exist. Teresa, to her dismay, was in her mid-twenties at most.

There was much more time left to live than there was time to live.

“… … can be changed into… … “Is it there?”

“I do not know.”

That you can change it. I didn’t say that.

“still. “I intend to do everything I can to change that.”

Seong-min Lee said that and looked down at Baek So-go.

Baek So-go opened his eyes and was looking up at Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min also knew that Baek So-go had opened his eyes from the beginning.

Baek So-go’s eyes, which were cloudy and full of turbidity, became clearer than before. Teresa lowered her head, not knowing what to do.

I don’t want to die.

Most people probably think that way. So, Teresa couldn’t understand even more.

“Why is the Vampire Queen hoping for an end?”

“How can humans understand non-human beings?”

Even as Lee Seong-min, I had no choice but to say that. The Vampire Queen, Jennyella, has been preparing everything for the emergence of the Slaughter Predator for hundreds of years.

Even though she knew that the existence of the Slaughter Predator would end this world, Jennyella hoped for the appearance of the Slaughter Predator.

And now he is trying to create a new slaughter method with his own hands.

Teresa covered her face with both hands and lowered her head. It was something he didn’t even have to worry about.

If the fate of the end can be changed, isn’t it a good thing that it must change at all costs?

“… … “I don’t think you need to take me there.”

Teresa sighed and lifted her lowered head.

“If there is anything I can do to help, I will. Well, it’s just a way to treat wounds… … No, I don’t think that will be of much help to you either.”

Teresa looked sullen and looked at Lee Sung-min. For Lee Seong-min, who has the body of a monster, and Yana, who is a complete monster, Teresa’s divine power is only poison, not help.

“thank you.”

It is said that Lee Sung-min and Yana cannot benefit from Teresa, but Baek So-go and Scarlett cannot.

And also for the monsters the Predator will fight in the future. Seongmin Lee smiled at Teresa.

“f*ck you world.”

Scarlett spat out.

“I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do. I sacrificed all of my youth to walk down the path of magic. “The most beautiful and energetic years of my youth were spent on Mt. Mshi, unable to wash or change clothes, and smelling like shit.”

I think back to Scarlett from those days. With her scruffy appearance, she looked dirtier than her open beggar.

“Damn it, I haven’t even been able to date or get married because I’m living the life of a wizard. But the end? “The world is falling apart?”

Crackling. Scarlett gritted her teeth.

“That’s not allowed. I will live a long time. So f*cking long. “As much as I have suffered and not been able to enjoy it so far, I will continue to enjoy it.”

“Isn’t it okay to enjoy it now?”

“Are you saying that? “The research isn’t over yet, so why not enjoy it!”

Without any reason, Scarlett was upset about the ending for very personal reasons.

Rather, that would be a common reaction. If you think about it, Lee Seong-min’s desire to prevent the end was also a very personal reason.

There are just a few things added to it. The death of Sima Lianju and the death of Abel. For Baeksogo.


Seongmin Lee thought of Wijihoyeon.

For what reason does she want to prevent the apocalypse?


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