Worthless Regression Chapter 330

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Episode 332 78. Eorumuri 2(2)

Originally, Lee Seong-min had planned to go to the Huyal Mountains to meet Ma-ryeong after hearing his condolences.

This is because it is not far from Eormuri to the Huyal Mountains.

I don’t want to believe what Laplace said, but I have given up wanting to go to Majyeongjeong.

At best, I was free from what was called fate, but I didn’t want to get caught up in a fate I didn’t want by getting tangled up in demonic spirits.

‘You didn’t tell me the most important thing.’

Seongmin Lee clicked his tongue, remembering the disappeared Laplace. He had heard about what Uzy Hoenn was doing, but he had not heard about the important location of Uzy Hoenn.

Wandering the world and conquering dungeons. I mean, I’ve been doing it for 10 years.

‘Wijihoyeon probably knows that I’m dead.’

It’s not just Wijihoyeon. Everyone who knows him probably thinks that Lee Seong-min is dead.

But soon, rumors will spread. The rumor will spread through the people that Lee Seong-min saved in Germud.

Seongmin Lee had no intention of moving secretly. I know Scarlett’s location for sure, but I don’t know the locations of Wijihoyeon and Baeksogo.

After being dead for 10 years, he must now make it clear that he is alive.

After spending that night sleeping in the open, Lee Seong-min left for Eormuri again early in the morning.

After running like that for two days, we arrived in front of the Eorumuri castle gate.

If I had a fairy horse, I could have arrived faster. Feeling such regret, Lee Seong-min passed through the gate of Eorumuri.

A ghost city I came to after 10 years.

When I came back then, I was half a monster, but now I have become a full monster.

Perhaps because of this, most of the monsters walking around the city glanced at Lee Seong-min. Yokai recognizes youkai.

They felt the enormous power of Lee Seong-min. Since this was the first great monster they had seen in this city, it was natural for them to pay attention to Lee Seong-min.

If so much attention is focused, moving secretly will only arouse suspicion. Seongmin Lee crossed the streets of Eorumuri without rushing.

The place he was heading to was Yeohwaru, a high-class fairy of the Eormuri where Yana resides.

As 10 years had passed, it was doubtful whether Yana was still here, but Yeohwaru itself did not disappear.

“What brings you here?”

“To meet Yana.”

Entry was blocked at the entrance to Yeohwaru. Towards the monster who asked in a cautious manner, Lee Seong-min answered directly without hiding his true intentions.

“yes… … “Yes?”

10 years ago. It was an unknown secret that Yana was in Yeohwaru. It is still the same now.

Yana still does not participate in the external affairs of the Eormuri, and even her location is not properly known.

[Please come inside.]

Yana’s voice rang in Lee Seong-min’s head. Seongmin Lee passed the gatekeeper without answering.

The gatekeeper only hesitated and did not stop Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee entered the annex under the guidance of Yana.

I saw Yana sitting beyond the pure white paper door. Seongmin Lee slowly opened the paper door.

“Long time no see.”

Yana was sitting in her seat with her unchanging beautiful appearance.

She looked up at Lee Sung-min, who was standing there with his golden eyes shining. Yana realized that Lee Seong-min had become a complete monster and let out a low exclamation.

“You have become a monster.”


“… … It’s strange. If a human becomes a monster, their existing values ​​will completely collapse and their personality will become distorted… … .”

“Sometimes things like this happen.”

Seongmin Lee had no intention of explaining everything about his situation to Yana. Although Yana is also friendly to Lee Sung-min thanks to her heroism, she is a powerful yokai with endless power.

Yana is a nine-tailed fox whose strength is not far behind that of Jennyella.

Moreover, her power was received from the demonic spirit of the Demon Spirit. For Lee Seong-min, Yana’s presence could not help but feel uncomfortable.

“… … 10 years. “It took a long time.”

that word.

Lee Seong-min was known to be dead. However, Yana knows that Lee Seong-min is not dead but sealed. The only one who knows that fact is Frau, who sealed Lee Seong-min.

“When you said you were sealed in Germud. I lamented that I had not gone to Germud with Frau. “If I had been there, I would have been able to sort out the affairs in Germud with my own power before you became a youkai and were sealed away.”

“Isn’t it that Heoju was sealed, not me, that you were sad about?”


Yana answered honestly. Seongmin Lee smiled bitterly and sat across from Yana.

“… … Heoju is still within me.”

Yana’s face brightened at those words.

Yana’s concern for Heo Joo is sincere. In fact, Heoju grumbled in Lee Sungmin’s head as if he was dissatisfied with Yana’s reaction.

[Then what are you doing? Something you can’t even eat.]

‘eat? what?’

[Well. That desirable body. Why are you going to eat Yana instead of this old man?]

‘shut up.’

Lee Seong-min ignored Heo-ju’s words that were chuckling in his head.

“I came because I wanted to ask you something.”

“What is?”

Yana’s expression did not change even though she was asked a variety of questions. Instead, she smiled.

“Your friend. “About Frau’s whereabouts.”

“ah… … .”

At that question, Yana trailed off.

“Please be honest. You knew I was sealed. That would mean that I met Frau after I was sealed.”

“I also want to ask you something.”

Yana opened her mouth.



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“What do you plan to do when you meet Frau? Are you sure you have a grudge against Frau for sealing you away 10 years ago?”

“no. I don’t have any grudges against Frau. On the contrary, I feel grateful that it stopped me in that way. What I want to know… … When I went crazy. “It’s about exactly what happened in that city.”

At those words, Yana looked into Lee Seong-min’s eyes. After a moment of silence, Yana got up to her feet.

“Please follow me.”

Yana said that, opened the paper door, and went out. Fortunately, Frau seemed to be nearby. Seongmin Lee was relieved that he didn’t have to wander around looking for Frau.

The place Yana took Lee Seong-min to was the garden behind Yeohwaru. Seongmin Lee remembered this place.

There is a hidden space in the garden, where the village survivors who know how to manipulate magical powers live.

Yana opened the door to a hidden space.

“I’m just saying this just in case… … If you try to harm her Frau, I must put you down for her sake.”

“That won’t happen.”

Lee Seong-min answered like that and followed Yana through the space door.

In the middle of a small village, there stood a gorgeous mansion that did not fit in with the scenery. Yana opened the door to the mansion without hesitation and went inside.

The pretty boys and young men bowed their heads when they saw Yana.

Seongmin Lee laughed as he looked at their faces and clothes. Ten years had passed, but Frau’s tastes did not seem to have changed.

“oh my god.”

Yana’s steps stopped.

Frau, who was half-naked sprawled out on a fancy bed, had his mouth wide open at the sight of Lee Sung-min without even thinking about covering himself.

After that, Frau frowned at Yana.

“I guess you didn’t sell me?”


Yana shook her head. Well, that can’t be possible. Frau grumbled as he raised his body and sat up properly. She narrowed her eyes and glared at Lee Seong-min.

“… … “It looks fine.”

“It’s actually fine.”

When Lee Seong-min answered, Frau burst into laughter.

“I don’t know. “You were truly crazy 10 years ago.”

“I have no memory of that time. … … “Don’t be too guarded.”

“Do you look like you’re not on guard? “I’m so glad I don’t remember.”

Frau chuckled.

“You were terrible 10 years ago. I have lived for a long time and seen many youkai… … I have never seen a monster as violent and barbaric as you were back then. Kill every zombie you see and eat them without stopping. “Even thinking about it now makes me sick.”

“That goes for me too. Why do you keep emphasizing that I killed and ate a zombie?”

“What is the emphasis? “I told you this once, right?”

“Everyone who saw me said that.”

Lee Seong-min grumbled like that and licked his lips for no reason. suddenly… … That thought occurred to me. It was sealed for 10 years.

During that time, Lee Seong-min did not eat or drink anything. He had been sleeping and eating for the past few days, but for the previous 10 years he had not eaten, drank or ate anything.

So doesn’t that mean that the chewed flesh of the zombie has been in the stomach for 10 years?

Thinking about that made me feel like shit.

“I am normal now.”

“Then I’m glad.”

“I am… … I don’t know anything about what happened there. That’s why I came to you. Frau. What on earth happened there? “How did you seal me?”

“Abel is dead.”

Frau spat out.

“Abel must have been satisfied in his own way. “He died after killing his older brother, who had been his nemesis since childhood, with his own hands.”

“… … yes?”

Lee Seong-min’s eyes opened wide at Frau’s words.

“Abel… … “You mean you killed Envirus?”

“There was no life left to use Gries’ magic. So, Abel broke the wizard’s taboo. Someone else’s life… … He killed his own brother and took his life away.”

“ah… … .”

Envirus is dead. Yes, that’s why Slaughter Predation said that.

Soon, the Queen of Spirits will open her eyes.

Until now, Seongmin Lee did not understand why the Slaughter Predator mentioned that the Queen of Spirits would open her eyes.

The nuance of Slaughter Predator’s words at that time seemed to be taunting that the Queen of Spirits would become one of the apocalypses.

But now, Lee Seong-min understood why it was like that.

Envirus is dead. The Spirit Queen loved him so sincerely that she appeared in this world in person to prevent Envirus’ death.

But, what if Envirus died? It was also possible for him to turn away because of his death.

“… … I was with Envirus… … What about that spirit? “Where did you go?”

“When you were about to go crazy, you turned into light and disappeared. “It seems like I was actually summoned back to the spirit world.”

Rubia. Lee Seong-min thought of her name and closed his eyes tightly. Someday, if I get the chance. Gwangcheonma’s voice lingered in her head, asking her to check on how she was doing.

“… … “How were you able to seal me?”

“I really don’t seem to remember anything.”

“I also found out in my own way. They say that before you sealed me away, I had a fierce battle with someone. … … “Who on earth is that?”

“It’s someone you know.”

Frau shrugged his shoulders.

“Ink flash light Baeksogo.”

“… … ah.”

Lee Seong-min’s eyes trembled.

I wasn’t embarrassed.

Probably, I thought so. If Baek So-go’s personality is anything to go by, he will definitely come to stop Kim Jong-hyun, who committed massacre in the south. When heading south, Lee Seong-min also secretly expected to meet Baek So-go.

“When I was running away from you, who was going crazy, she suddenly appeared. “What was so sad about her that she pushed you away, shedding tears.”

I felt a throbbing feeling deep in my chest.

“I decided to stop running away and help Baek Sogo. “No matter how shameless I was, I couldn’t just run away from that situation.”

“… … so… … ?”

“Baek Sogo said he didn’t want to kill you.”

Frau frowned.

“I thought it would be better to just kill him. … … It would be impossible for me to kill you alone. I sealed you in a gap in space. “I thought it would last at least 50 years, but I didn’t know that the seal would be released in 10 years.”

“After that, where did Sister Baek Sogo go?”

“I don’t know.”

Frau grumbled, shaking the side of his head with his hand.

“He got some pretty bad injuries, but he didn’t die.”

Through the information he heard from Nevel, Lee Seong-min also knew that Baek So-go was not dead.

‘… … private residence.’

He said he didn’t want to kill him.

Seongmin Lee lowered his head and closed his eyes.


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