Worthless Regression Chapter 331

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Episode 333 78. Eorumuri 2(3)

“What do you plan to do next?”

Yana asks. Lee Seong-min, who had his head down, slowly raised his head in response to the question.

I found out about something that happened 10 years ago. That day, there was Baeksogo in Germud. It was she who stopped Lee Sung-min, who had become an out-of-control monster, and it was she who ultimately failed to kill her Lee Sung-min.

I will destroy evil. I remember Baek Sogo saying that. Lee Seong-min, who was in Germud at that time, must have been a villain.

He lost his temper and went wild, attacking the Paladins. If the people around Lee Seong-min had been living humans instead of zombies.

What Seongmin Lee attacked and ate would have been humans, not zombies. Even Baek Sogo would have known that. Nevertheless, Baek So-go was unable to kill Lee Seong-min. According to her own narrow standards, Lee Seong-min, who lost his temper and went on a rampage, would have been evil.

Nevertheless, Baek So-go was unable to kill Lee Seong-min. He didn’t kill. He couldn’t kill.

‘The sister… … ‘I’m wandering.’

Over a long period of 10 years. Baek So-go, the ink-shin gwang, was making a name for himself as a charlatan among charlatans.

She wandered the world, rescuing civilians in trouble and defeating the madhus of Sapa.

I have a question.

Currently, Moorim is divided into two. The political faction Murim Alliance and the Sa faction Alliance. The clan is a new organization of the four factions brought together by the blood demon, and the Murim alliance and the clan have repeatedly had large and small conflicts.

According to Baeksogo’s standards, blood alliances are evil. In fact, unlike during the Simaryeon period, the clan clans were the target of complaints by excessively exploiting the villages and cities around them.

Baeksogo is strong.

For 10 years, Baek Sogo appeared infrequently in this world. Most of them were about defeating the Madou of a certain region and causing the downfall of the Sapa sect that was exploiting excessively.

Most of the Maduwa clans that she brought down were affiliated with clans. Considering Baek So-go’s character of wanting to destroy evil, the blood oath is evil by her standards.

‘no way.’

Seongmin Lee concentrated his mind. Dig into the information received from Nevel. The last time Baeksogo was seen was in Cheped a year ago.

One of the cities leading north.

no way.

Seongmin Lee trembled slightly at the ominous feeling that came to his mind.

For a year after that, Baek Sogo did not appear in the world. Why did she go to Cheped?

Cheped is one of the cities leading to the north.

At the far end of the north, in Trabia, there is the vampire queen Jennyella. The pinnacle of Predator. A monster among monsters. Seongmin Lee jumped up from his seat. Although it was not confirmed, the anxiety was a certainty.

Baek So-go wandered the world for 10 years. The Sapa warriors I saw in Germud earlier. The warriors of the clan.

Laoxian said. They say they are their own errand boys. The Predator and the clan are connected. Perhaps, it may be Predator and Jennyella who are leading the clan behind them.

Baek Sogo found out that fact. And, as for her personality. If she follows through on her arrogant wish to destroy evil. In today’s world… … What Baek Sogo thinks is the greatest evil.

Having lived for hundreds of years, he stands at the top of an alien group called the Predators. Behind the backs of the clan, they persecute citizens and engage in repeated conflict with the Murim Alliance.

‘no way.’

Not confirmed. I just have a lot of anxiety. But, if that’s the case. What if Baek Sogo headed north to negotiate with Jennyella? I am anxious and scared that there have been no rumors related to her for a year.

Why was the news from Baeksogo heading to Cheped cut off?

“Why are you doing that?”

Yana asked.

Lee Seong-min chewed his lips. There are many, many questions. Questions that have accumulated while sleeping for 10 years.

There is also something about Wijihoyeon. Wijihoyeon… … How did you react when you heard that Lee Seong-min had died?

Did he calmly overcome Lee Seong-min’s death and wander the dungeon for 10 years?


That can’t be possible. Wijihoyeon is not that type of personality. Seongmin Lee knew Wijihoyeon well. She is what kind of personality she is. If she really thought that Lee Seong-min was dead, Wiji Ho-yeon would have put everything aside and come to Germud.

But it didn’t come. There was no information that Wijihoyeon came near Germud.

‘Wijihoyeon is connected to the devil.’

I remembered holding Baek Ah in my hand in the mental world. There is a high probability that the person who gave Baek Ah in his hands at that time was a demon.

Did the demonic spirit tell Wijihoyeon that I wasn’t dead? Is that why Wijihoyeon didn’t come?

No, that’s not what’s important now.

“… … “I have to go.”


Yana asked, tilting her head.

Go or not. Frau grumbled and fell back onto the bed. She didn’t want to get involved with Lee Seong-min anymore.

But it wasn’t Yana.

“… … I have a place I need to go urgently. Legro Forest near Belador. “You have to go there.”

The distance from Ermuri, near the southern end, to Cheped is too far. So, I planned to first go to the Regro Forest, meet Osla, and get the fairy horse back.

Fortunately, Seongmin Lee had previously stopped by Cheped when he first went to Trabia.

“What’s going on?”

Yana asked.

“Even if you have to hurry, please let me know. “Maybe I can be of help?”

Lee Seong-min hesitated for a moment at those words. Should I trust Yana? It was because such distrust was in the back of my mind. What Laplace said caused a lot of confusion to Lee Seong-min.

Don’t trust the devil. Yana is a being who received power from a demonic spirit.

Despite his knowledge, Lee Seong-min explained to Yana why he had to go to the Regro forest.

Now was not the time to discuss that. Just because we cannot know the true intentions of the devil, it is also funny that we should be deceived by Laplace’s words and unconditionally distrust the devil.

At least it was an unmistakable fact that he had received help from the devil in his life so far, and it may have been the devil who put Baek-ah in Lee Seong-min’s hands.

“Let’s go together.”

After listening to the shortened story, Yana nodded and said.


“You said it was a lego forest, right? “Bellador knows how to get there.”

“for a moment… … .”

“Didn’t you say we had to hurry?”

Yana said that and turned around. Seongmin Lee gave a brief greeting to Frau and followed Yana out. She opened the door to the space and came out, looking up at the sky.



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“Lee Seong-min.”

“… … yes.”

“Are you planning on fighting the Vampire Queen?”

“If you need.”

“I’ll be honest. I have no reason to be sad about your death. However, you will be saddened by the death of the Heoju within you.”

Nine tails appeared behind Yana’s back.

“The Vampire Queen… … It is a monster with the power to go beyond anything you can imagine. It’s a monster that even I can’t guarantee victory over. If you fight her, and if she wants to kill you, you must die.”

“so… … Are you saying you want to go together?”

“yes. I don’t want Heo Joo to die. Heoju chose to live with you and is within you. “I have to protect you because I don’t want Heoju to die.”

[Are you planning to leave this city?]

Heoju’s spirit rose up. Yana smiled at Heoju’s humming voice.

“Now you’re finally giving me a voice.”

[Hmm… … .]

“This city is not that precious to me. “I can always give it up for you.”

Heoju licked his lips at those blind words. Yana, showing nine tails, stretched out her hand towards Lee Seong-min.

“I will go with you.”

“… … thank you.”

Lee Seong-min answered like that and held Yana’s hand. Yana’s nine tails wrapped Lee Seong-min’s body.

Then, a bright golden light enveloped the two. The golden sphere of light that swallowed the two flew into the air. In it, Seongmin Lee did not feel any sense of floating.

Yana’s hand, which was touching Lee Seong-min’s, disappeared. Yana transformed from her human form into a beautiful golden fox, and Lee Seong-min climbed on her back.


Yana started running through the air. The eomuri moves away at an incredible speed. Just as there was no sense of floating, there was no sense of speed. Her nine tails stretched out and sprinkled golden light into the sky.

Seongmin Lee looked down with bewildered eyes behind Yana’s back. Yana’s running speed was faster than Lee Seong-min’s light attack with all her might.

[While you are away. I have been contacted by Jennyella.]

Yana’s voice rang in Lee Seong-min’s head.

[It was an invitation to join Predator. Of course I refused. There was absolutely no reason to go in.]

“Did you just back down when I refused?”

[Because Jennyella didn’t come in person. Since then, she has not had any contact with Jenny Ella.]

Look below. The scenery was passing by quickly. Yana continued to increase from her initial speed.

In the past, Kim Jong-hyun said that even at Yana’s speed, it would take two days to reach the Hujal Mountains from Eormuri. That was a remark that looked down on Yana’s speed.

Yana ran without stopping. Even at night, she ran without sleeping, and her speed did not slow down at all.

Moreover, because I was running in the air, I was able to run in a straight line all the way to the Legro Forest.

After running for four days, I was able to arrive near the forest.

If it hadn’t been for Yana’s help, it would have taken Lee Seong-min over a month at the earliest to come to the forest.

Seongmin Lee came down to the entrance of the forest with Yana.

“thank you.”

Yana looked a little tired, perhaps because she had been running at full speed for four days. When her Lee Seong-min expressed her gratitude, Yana shook her head with a faint smile.

“It wasn’t such a big deal.”

Seongmin Lee entered the entrance of the forest with Yana. He did not hide his presence but openly revealed his presence. Not long after, the forest scenery began to shake greatly.

From afar, you can see the lights emitted by the fairies twinkling. Seongmin Lee, who was about to approach that direction, sighed and thought for a moment.

Should I avoid this or not?

“Just stay.”

Seongmin Lee quickly spoke to Yana.

As soon as those words were finished.


The sphere of flame shot across space collided with Lee Seong-min’s body. Lee Seong-min straightened up his body, which had been slightly swaying.


An angry curse was fired. Although the sound was loud, the actual power was not that great. Lee Seong-min turned his head, wondering what expression to make.

I saw Scarlett with her hands on her hips and her eyebrows furrowed.

“… … It’s been a while… … .”


It was before Lee Seong-min finished speaking. The sphere of flame floating around Scarlet shot out once again and hit Lee Seong-min’s face.

This time it was a little stronger. If she hadn’t quickly pulled up her self-defense device, all of her hair would have been burned off.

“야, 이 개새끼야.”

Scarlett raised her finger and pointed at Lee Sung-min.

“At that time, after you abandoned me like that!”

“that is… … For Scarlett… … .”

“Then you think I’ll feel at ease? uh? Nam was genuinely worried and said he would go with me. “If you push me away like that right before you go!”


The fireball exploded once again.

“And if he comes back fine, I don’t know. It’s been 10 years since I came back! It’s obvious, it’s because of the fairy horse, right? I knew it would happen. That’s why I deliberately asked you to take the fairy horse back!”

“Is that what it was?”

“That way you won’t come back even if it’s because of the fairy horse!”

Scarlett screamed loudly.

“… … Fortunately, the. “So, didn’t Scarlett know that I wasn’t dead?”


“And, even if it wasn’t for the fairy horse, I would have definitely come back here. “I would have thought Scarlett would be worried.”

“so. “Did you come back here to say sorry because you were worried about me?”

“that is… … .”

When Scarlett shot back, Lee Seong-min blurted out his words without realizing it. Then Scarlett’s face distorted.

“After all, the reason you’re here now is because of the fairy horse!”

Seongmin Lee had nothing to say so he kept his mouth shut.


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