Worthless Regression Chapter 329

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Episode 331 78. Eorumuri 2(1)

“Wasn’t he dead?”

Seeing Selgerus for the first time in 10 years, he reacted as expected. Seongmin Lee opened his eyes wide and smiled awkwardly at Selgerus who asked that question.

“He’s not dead.”

Selgerus seemed curious, so Seongmin Lee briefly told him what had happened.

Nevel didn’t say anything, but he listened closely to what Seongmin Lee said next to him. When Selgerus heard that he had been sealed, he clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“really… … While doing this job, I have met various people and experienced various situations. “I’ve never seen someone as eventful as you.”

“I think so too.”

“And you’ve become more shameless than before.”

Lee Seong-min also sympathized with those words to some extent.

“How are you, Selgerus?”

“I’m doing well. Because thanks to you, I became the Chief’s apprentice. so… … “Did you contact me to report survival?”

“that is… … .”

“You, no way.”

As Seongmin Lee trailed off, Selgerus’ expression changed. After confirming that there was no spear in Lee Seong-min’s hand, she shook her shoulders.

“I woke up and it wasn’t there.”

“oh my god… … .”

Selgerus covered his face with both hands. This is a spear made using a generous amount of dragon bones, teeth, and scales.

A spear made by the chieftain himself, the best blacksmith of the dwarves. I lost the one and only window in this world that was so valuable.

“… … how… … “What did you do when you lost it?”

“I’m not sure about that.”


Although he wanted to swear as much as he could, Selgerus sighed deeply and swallowed the swear words that rose up in his throat.

If you think about it, it was Lee Seong-min who prepared the ingredients, so Selgerus was in a position where he couldn’t curse at will. What does the owner say that he lost it?

“Do you have any more material left?”

At that time, while leaving the dwarven village. Seongmin Lee left all of the remaining dragon materials he had with Selgerus and Chief Mackendor. He didn’t think he had any use for having more, and he didn’t think he would need more spears or armor at that point.

“It has to exist.”

Selgerus grumbled.

“Compared to 10 years ago, your body hasn’t changed, right? He was taller, his arms were longer… … .”

“doesn’t exist.”

“Is there anything else you’d like to request?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“It’s so comfortable. Doesn’t that mean it’s just a window? “I will try my best to make it better than it was 10 years ago.”

Selgerus grumbled and turned around. The mediation is not over yet. She rummaged for something behind her and returned with a spear.

“Use it temporarily until everything is built. “I didn’t make it half-heartedly, so it will be useful.”

Nevel received the spear from Selgerus and handed it to Seongmin Lee. Seongmin Lee lightly swung the spear he was holding and nodded his head.

“thank you.”

With that, the mediation with Selgerus ended. Originally, after this, the brokerage fee would have to be paid to Neble, and Neble should disappear. But Nevel did not disappear.


Nevel looked embarrassed. He stumbled for a moment and touched his temple. A moment later, he looked at Lee Seong-min with an embarrassed expression.

“… … “Excuse me for a moment.”


This was the moment when Lee Seong-min asked back. Nevel’s body wriggled loudly. The space trembled, and the darkness of the night, which could not be illuminated by the light of the bonfire, engulfed Nevel’s body. A moment later, it wasn’t Nevel standing there. The figure wearing a black cloak was the first time Lee Seong-min had seen it.

human? no. Seongmin Lee felt a deep sense of discomfort that he could not explain to the man standing in front of him. Aside from being human, I don’t even know if it’s really alive. However, this is not how he felt when facing the undead.

“nice to see you.”

He took off the fedora he was wearing on his head and bowed his head politely.

“It’s called Laplace. “I am managing Erebrisa.”

“… … “What’s your business?”

Seongmin Lee asked with a bit of caution. He did not feel any hostility from the man who introduced himself as Laplace, but he felt that he was not someone he could deal with comfortably.

“Lee Seong-min.”

Laplace called Lee Seong-min’s name.

“You became a member of Erebrisa through the recommendation of Mshi, the goddess of asceticism and trials.”

Seongmin Lee did not answer. It was a long time ago.

“To be honest, I thought several times along the way that I might have to take away Lee Seong-min’s membership.”

“… … why?”

“Because I thought your fate was slaughter and predation.”

Laplace shrugged his shoulders and said. Lee Seong-min’s eyebrows furrowed.

If you think about it, Mshi, Denir, Osla, etc. seem to have known in advance that Lee Seong-min was a genocidal predator.

Nevertheless, why did they show a friendly stance?

If Genocide’s words are true, transcendental beings, including Mshi and Denir, must accept the fate of this world’s end.

However, the demon rejected him, and Mshi and Denir also betrayed him one after another.

“But I thought we should watch. Now, that turned out to be right. “You were awakened by slaughter and predation, but eventually escaped that fate.”

In this world, the biggest variables created by the devil were Lee Seong-min and Wi Ji-ho-yeon.

Thanks to the demonic spirit reincarnating Lee Seong-min, who was an insignificant being, a lot of destiny power was concentrated on Lee Seong-min.

While it inevitably awakened Lee Seong-min to a predation of massacre, it also created various variables within it.

Having a black heart. Absorbing the magic power of the eomuri. Predating Sima Lianju.

Osla had said. I am friendly to you. What those words meant, Lee Seong-min still didn’t know.



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Does the fact that she is friendly mean that she is friendly to Lee Seong-min, a carnivorous predator? No, no. Mshido, Oslado. She spoke to Lee Seong-min about ‘choice’.

‘Osla is neutral.’

And, depending on what choice Lee Seong-min made, Osla’s behavior would have changed.

Seongmin Lee did not want to be the end. Therefore, Osla placed a seal on Lee Seong-min to delay as much as possible his awakening into a monster and a carnivore.

“What on earth is Erebrisa?”

Seongmin Lee looked straight at Laplace and asked a question. Laplace said that watching Seong-min Lee was ultimately right.

If Lee Seong-min had awakened to a complete slaughter and predation, it would have been unfair to watch.

In the end, the unidentified brokerage guild called Erebrisa does not want to end.

“Hundreds of years ago, dragons completely disappeared from this world.”

I’ve asked Nevel before about what Erebrisa is.

At that time, Nevel avoided talking, saying he couldn’t answer.

“The dragon was wise and great. “They knew that this world was in an inevitable fate of end, and that no matter what they did, they could not change that fate.”

[To be wise and great, you make a damn mess.]

Heoju grumbled. Lee Seong-min ignored Heo Joo’s reaction for a moment.

“In the end, the dragons all chose to leave this world together.”

I knew that story. A while ago, I heard about that story from the Black Dragon Association.

“Dragons have left this world, but the world they were born and raised in… … I just couldn’t abandon Aria. They knew too much. This world is a breeding ground maintained for a purpose, and if that purpose is achieved, it will collapse at any time. “The world we recognize now is actually a world that has been repeated many times.”

“… … so?”

“The dragons wanted to change the fate of this world. Therefore, before leaving this dimension, they left behind a huge magic system in this world. That is Erebrisa.”

It was said that the qualifications to become a member of Erebrisa were to meet the conditions to become a variable in the world.


Seongmin Lee nodded his head. At the time, I couldn’t tell what was being said, but not now. Seongmin Lee learned a lot.

Erebrisa wants to change the fate of the end. The ‘variable’ they have as members refers to a variable that can change the end of this world.

“Why did you appear in front of me?”

“you are… … .”

Laplace trailed off.

“It was the biggest adventure for us. We fear that our support of you may ultimately be for the sake of the end. But we trusted Mr. Mashu who recommended you.”

Mushi knew Lee Seong-min’s identity.

“That belief paid off. Seongmin Lee. You have escaped the fate of slaughter and predation that must have occurred, and have become a being who is not caught up in any fate. You don’t know that I, the manager of Erebrisa, met you. And to inform you of things unknown in this world.”

“Which one?”

“About Socheonma.”

At those words, Lee Seong-min’s expression hardened.

“… … What do you know about her?”

“I know a lot. Socheonma is the biggest variable that can save this world from its fate of end.”

“Why are you telling me that?”

“It is true that Socheonma is the biggest variable, but she is under the protection of a demon spirit. The end of this world is being delayed because of the devil’s betrayal… … “We still don’t believe in demonic spirits.”

“Aren’t I also under the protection of the demonic spirit?”


Laplace’s eyes widened at Lee Seong-min’s question. He looked at Lee Seong-min for a moment, then shook his head.

“no. “I don’t feel the devil’s protection from you.”

Because of that answer.

Seongmin Lee was able to gain confidence as to why his broken spirit was restored.

It was the effect of the black heart, not the magic spirit’s protection.

The black heart embedded in the body regenerated even the broken spirit. The black heart given to Lee Seong-min was a stepping stone for Lee Seong-min to awaken to a massacre.

In the end, because of this, Lee Seong-min was able to extinguish the massacre and be revived.

“You are not subject to any destiny.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I don’t want anything big. “What we want is to prevent the end.”

[I think I’m hoping for something great enough.]

Heoju grumbled.

“There are no rumors circulating around the world about Socheonma. But we are aware of Socheonma.”

“… … she is. “Where is Wijihoyeon?”

“Socheonma is wandering the dungeon.”

Since 10 years ago.

“There are times when dungeons are revealed to the world periodically, but even before they were revealed, dungeons existed between the gaps in the world. and… … When the end time comes. “As the dungeon opens all at once, monsters within the dungeon pour out.”

That too is the end.

“Socheonma wanders around these dungeons alone and destroys them. And it monopolizes the powers that exist in that dungeon.”

“Aren’t her actions meant to prevent the apocalypse?”

“As I said, we have Socheonma… … No, I don’t believe in demonic spirits.”

Laplace said, shaking his head. Laplace’s presence began to flicker vaguely.

“Avoid meeting demonic spirits. Demon spirits cannot leave the Demon Spirit Pavilion in the Huja Mountains. So, never go there. By not being a massacre predator, you have become a being with no destiny whatsoever, but if you meet a demonic spirit… … “You may be forced into a fate by demonic spirits.”

That last warning.

Laplace’s figure disappeared. It was the same with Nevel. It was dangerous for them to talk any further than this.

Even though the dragons have disappeared from this world, the system they left behind called Erebrisa lives on in the world called Eria.

They have no choice but to look into the minds of the demonic and divine spirits who manage this world.

‘Don’t believe in devils?’

So, can we trust Erebrisa? A deep question remained.


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