Worthless Regression Chapter 328

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Episode 330 77. Seal (5)

In some sense, and from some perspective. Lee Sung-min was a hero.

If only Lee Sung-min hadn’t been caught up in madness in the story from 10 years ago.

If only the story had ended with defeating the Death Knight Lord and defeating the Demon Lord Kim Jong-hyun.

Without a doubt, Lee Seong-min would have become a hero. No matter what kind of evil deeds Lee Seong-min committed under the nickname Gwi-chang before, it could not be compared to the evil deeds of Volander and Kim Jong-hyun, whom he killed.

But Lee Sung-min did not become a hero. He defeated the Death Knight Lord and the Demon King, but in the end, he was consumed by madness and became a monster.

That story from 10 years ago ended in tragedy if Lee Sung-min was the main character.

“let’s go.”

That kind of Lee Seong-min. The ghost that defeated the Death Knight Lord and the Demon King is right in front of you. The Murim warriors who were freed from their chains by Lee Seong-min looked like they didn’t know what to do.

In the past, Lee Seong-min was an enemy of the Murim Alliance.

Of course, among the warriors here, there was no one who attacked Lee Seong-min with something that happened 10 years ago.

I was able to make that level of distinction. There wouldn’t be a fight in the first place, and Lee Seong-min was a lifesaver for them.

In fact, the opposite is true. For Lee Seong-min, they were benefactors who broke the seal by sacrificing their lives.

“I… … that is… … .”

Tang Axi stuttered and tried to say something, but she herself had no idea what to say in this situation.

She glanced at Lee Seong-min’s back as he walked ahead. They were heading out of Germud.

“Thank you for saving me.”

Mo Yongchan opened his mouth. He was glaring at Lee Seong-min’s back, but he did not rush in, shouting revenge like his father. He was not sure about his revenge.

“… … “Are you saying that you don’t remember anything that happened in the past 10 years?”

When Lee Seong-min did not respond to his thanks, Zhuge Ying quietly asked a question. Zhuge Ying referred to Lee Seong-min, who may have been his brother’s enemy, as Daehyeop.

Even putting that aside, it meant respecting Lee Seong-min’s achievements in defeating Bolander and Kim Jong-hyun.

In response to Zhuge Young’s question, Lee Seong-min slightly nodded his head.

“I have no memories of the time I was sealed.”

What on earth has happened in the past 10 years? Of course, Lee Seong-min had doubts about that. After taking those who followed outside of Germud, I planned to call Nevel to find out what had happened.

[Do you really need to take me there? You can just throw it away.]

‘They became a sacrifice and my seal was broken. It’s a reward for that.’

[What is the reward?]

Heoju grumbled.

“If you have any questions, please ask us. “We will answer if possible.”

“What is your name?”

First, Seongmin Lee asked that question. Because he didn’t expect to be asked his name at this time, Zhuge Ying was momentarily speechless. But after a while he hesitated and said his name.

“… … Jegal… … “It’s called a spirit.”

Lee Seong-min was surprised by the answer and turned around. Jegal Young. If it’s Zhuge… … .

“dead… … “Jegal Taeryeong was my older brother.”


What should I say in this case? When Lee Seong-min hesitated slightly, Zhuge Ying quickly raised his hand.

“it’s okay.”

“… … 10 years ago. In this city… … So, after I went crazy. “What happened?”

Lee Seong-min cleared his voice and asked that question. Fortunately, Zhuge Ying was able to answer this question.

“After you were consumed by madness. Kim Jong-hyun attacked the survivors of the punitive force. In the process, some damage… … “It happened.”


Seongmin Lee sighed. Of course, Lee Seong-min had no memory of that time.

“The punitive force was very exhausted. They couldn’t stop you from going crazy and retreated. What they saw as they retreated… … “It was you killing and eating zombies.”


Heo Joo made a vomiting sound in Lee Seong-min’s head.

The corners of Lee Seong-min’s mouth trembled. When he heard that he had eaten rotten zombie flesh, he felt a disgusting taste in his mouth.

“After adjusting our posture, the punitive force went to stop you again. But you were already out of town at that point. It was sealed. According to the story the vampire told, it seems that the great sorcerer who participated in the subjugation team at the time sealed you away… … Actually, I have one more question. “According to the traces confirmed by the punitive force at the time, it was assumed that you had been involved in a fierce fight with someone.”

“… … fight?”

“yes. I don’t know who it is. “It is said that there were traces of such a fierce battle that the terrain collapsed and the structure of the city changed.”

Who is it?

Not Frau. She is not very good at hand-to-hand combat. Yeah, it’s definitely questionable. Even if Frau is a great sorcerer who is at the peak of the field of ghost magic. Was it possible for her to completely awaken as a monster and subdue and seal the rampaging Lee Seong-min?

‘Someone stopped me.’

Naturally, Lee Seong-min’s thoughts continued that way. While the Paladins retreated, someone stopped Lee Seong-min from going on a rampage.

And Frau joined forces with someone else to seal Lee Seong-min.

Who on earth? Who has that kind of power? It won’t be Jennyella and Joo Won from Predator. King Chang and Black Dragon Gorge who disappeared in the north? Impossible due to time… … No, if the Black Dragon League had taken the form of a dragon and flown, it would have been possible to arrive from north to south in a little over a week.

‘It’s probably not a martial god.’

Could it be Wijihoyeon? or not… … Baek So-go’s sister-in-law? I don’t know. Although there were guesses, there was no certainty on either side.

“Fortunately, the saint of the church was safe. When they couldn’t find you, they announced what had happened in Germud. you are… … “He was known dead for 10 years.”

“… … Right.”

But it didn’t die.

‘There’s a lot to find out.’

You need to look for Wijihoyeon. I heard many things from Slaughter Posik. The absurd level of talent that Wijihoyeon possesses, and the reason for it.

The demon spirit is refining Wijihoyeon as an absolute entity to prevent the end. 10 years have passed… … Did Wijihoyeon have that much power?

‘The world did not fall for 10 years.’

The end is not over yet.

‘I said the Queen of Spirits would wake up.’

The massacre predator said so as it disappeared. It is said that the Queen of Spirits awakens from her sleep. Does she mean that she will become the bane of her demise? why? Because Lee Seong-min did not know about Abel killing Cain, he could not understand that the Queen of Spirits was coming to an end.



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‘They said the Vampire Queen would move. That means that in the end, she too will be the end of herself.’

Can I stop it now with my own power?

I wasn’t sure. Jennyella, whom Lee Seong-min saw, was a powerful monster whose power seemed to have no end. No matter how much Lee Sung-min gained the power of a complete monster, she was not confident that she could win against Jennyella.


In front of the gates of Behenger, Lee Seong-min stopped walking. He thinks that if he brought me this far, he returned the favor by releasing the seal.

Zhuge Ying tried to say something more, but Lee Seong-min did not listen. Now that he had come to his senses for the first time in 10 years, he had a lot of work to do right away.

First, he planned to return to the Fairy Forest to meet Osla and find out the whereabouts of Scarlett, whom he left behind there. Afterwards, he goes to Ermuri and meets Yana to ask her about Frau’s whereabouts.

It is a long journey of an enormous distance, but to Lee Seong-min, the distance has no meaning.

“… … huh?”

Summoned a fairy horse.

I tried to summon you.

However, the fairy horse did not appear.

Seongmin Lee blinked and looked around. Once again, he called for Fairy Ma, but Fairy Ma did not appear. Then Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but be embarrassed. Why doesn’t the fairy Ma, who he used well before being sealed, not appear?


[It appears that your connection with the Fairy Demon was lost while you were sealed in the dimensional gap.]

I didn’t know if that was really the reason, but I couldn’t use the fairy horse at the moment. Then Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

If you can’t use your fairy horse, you have no choice but to travel the enormous distance on your own.

‘I guess I’ll have to go to Eormuri first.’

After calling the fairy horse several times, Lee Seong-min gave up. He slowly raised his hand to the Murim warriors who were looking at him blankly.

“… … “Okay then.”

After saying those words, he opened his eyes and jumped over the castle wall in one go. Even if he can’t use a fairy horse, Lee Seong-min’s light attack is faster than anyone else’s.

The amount of internal energy and magical power is so great that the end is unknown, so it is possible to run for several days without rest if you put your mind to it.

It takes about a week to get from Germud to Ermuri. At Lee Seong-min’s speed, it would take less than three days.

But before that.

After widening the distance between the Murim Alliance warriors, Lee Seong-min called Nevel.

“oh my god.”

At Lee Seong-min’s call, Nevel jumped out from the shadows. He looked at Lee Seong-min with his eyes wide open, then quickly adjusted his expression and bowed his head.

“This… … It’s really been a while. “Are you alive?”

“Have you heard rumors about me too?”

“It was a rumor I had no choice but to hear. “It’s already 10 years ago.”

Seongmin Lee said while smiling at Nevel, who smiled awkwardly.

“I want to know what happened in the 10 years I was gone. and… … .”

Wijihoyeon, Baeksogo, Scarlet, Black Dragon, Changwang. Seongmin Lee requested information about them. He also asked about Cheon Oecheon and Musin.

“ah… … and.”

Seongmin Lee scratched his head as he felt an emptiness in his back.

“Could you please connect me with Selgerus as well? First, listen to the information.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Because there was so much information requested, it was around sunset when Nevel contacted me again.

Seongmin Lee stopped running and prepared to sleep on the street. She lights a bonfire and opens the subspace pocket. Fortunately, the food stored 10 years ago remained intact.


Nevel held out a transparent crystal ball towards Seongmin Lee. Lee Seong-min received it and concentrated his mind.


The sphere glowed, and the enormous amount of information it contained entered Lee Seong-min’s head.

Wi Ji-ho-yeon and Baek So-go appeared in the world infrequently for 10 years.

It seemed like she had been wandering this world for 10 years. What was surprising was Scarlett.

‘Red Sage?’

The great sage of the Legro Forest. That was the word that called Scarlett now. Legro Forest is a fairy forest where Osla is located. It seems that Scarlett has been living in that forest ever since Lee Seong-min left her on the fairy horse without picking her up 10 years ago.

The Black Dragon Association and the Chang King… … The rumor is not confirmed. Could it be that he died in a fight with the god of war?

Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip. Cheon Oecheon still hasn’t revealed his identity, and there are no rumors about him.


Ten years ago, the silent vampires and lycanthropes in the north began to move actively.

The Predator, which had been silent for a long time, began to move.

The current Murim lord is Mugeolgae, the Ark of Openness. In the past, he suffered the humiliation of having his Tagu Bongjin shattered by Sima Lianju, and was in charge of the Murim lord following the disappearance of the Black Dragon Association.

‘The Predator has moved. … … It’s just as Slaughter Predator said.’

What is Jennyella hoping for now? What kind of future did she see?

Seongmin Lee sat in front of the bonfire and was lost in thought. Currently, in Eria’s martial arts world, there are constant fights, big and small, between the martial arts alliance and the clan alliance.

Unlike the Sima Lian, the clan was violent and subversive. And the Predator is on the move. The world that awoke after 10 years was close to turbulence.

The god of war aims to prevent the end of the world, but the spirit that moves the heavenly world is a stooge of the end of the world. What on earth has Musin been doing for 10 years? What about Wijihoyeon? What about Baeksogo?

“Can I connect you with Selgerus?”

Nevel asked carefully.

“Oh, yes.”

Seongmin Lee stopped thinking and nodded his head.

First, a new window was needed.


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