Worthless Regression Chapter 327

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Episode 329 77. Seal (4)

10 years.

“10 years?”

It was so absurd that my voice came out like that. I thought it would be 5 years at most, but it ended up being 10 years.

The time when rivers and mountains change once was sealed. 10 years… … Lee Seong-min laughed as he repeated it in a low voice.

So, you were sealed in Germud for 10 years? who?

“Who sealed me?”

“… … I’m not sure though. It’s not magic that sealed you, it’s the shaman. Also, shamans who can perform this level of sealing are not common.”

‘Mr. Frau.’

I understood to some extent what was happening. At that time, 10 years ago, there was also Frau in Germud.

Abel devoted his entire life to Gries and died, but Frau did not die.

The magic of a twist that Kim Jong-hyun left behind as his last gift. As a result, Lee Seong-min’s body lost control of his consciousness and became a complete monster, going crazy.

It seems that Frau sealed Lee Seong-min in order to prevent his body.

‘I’m glad I didn’t die.’

“Who are you?”

Seongmin Lee looked at Lao Xian and asked. After that, he slowly turned his head and looked around.

There were dozens of vampires. Lycanslopes no longer drank alcohol. Before I knew it, they too had come over and were standing near Lee Seong-min with their arms folded.

I saw black magicians, and I saw martial arts people. Lee Seong-min raised his finger and pointed to the prisoners of the political faction who were sitting bound.

“Why are they doing that?”

Since I woke up after 10 years, I’m bound to have a lot of questions. It was annoying to have to answer them one by one, but Lao Xian didn’t show it out loud.

This was because I wanted to give Lee Sung-min as friendly an impression as possible.

“… … My name is Laoxian. “I am a blood relative of the Vampire Queen.”

Vampire Queen, Bloodthirsty Jennyella. Lee Seong-min’s eyes narrowed at the mention of her being a blood relative.

“We came all the way south to break your seal.”

“Are those drones also Predators?”

“No way. How could a human be a member of the Predators? “They are messengers whom we collect and carry out.”

Lao Xian glanced at the warriors of the clan and answered. Even when told that they were errand boys, they did not show the slightest hint of offense.

Lao Xian, like Lee Seong-min, raised his finger and pointed at the prisoners of the political faction who were sitting tied up.

“These are the Murim Alliance political faction. They heard somewhere that we were doing something in this city, and they tried to sabotage us. So I caught it.”

“Why are they dead?”

Seongmin Lee asked, pointing to the dead people who were lying face down in their hands. At those words, he Lao Shen chuckled.

“It was to unseal you. “Our warlocks are not very good at magical seals, so we had no choice but to use this method.”

People died to break his seal. It didn’t feel that good.

However, he was not shameless enough to ask Lao Xian why he killed innocent people. Seongmin Lee nodded his head and asked a question.

“Is it the Vampire Queen who asked you to unseal me?”

“… … yes.”

After a moment of silence, Lao Xian answered. It was a lie. Jennyella did not give Lao Xian an order to unseal Lee Seong-min.

“Where is Jennyella?”

“The Queen is in the mansion to the north.”

“Why didn’t she come herself?”

“You said you wanted to wait.”

Lao Xian answered. At those words, Lee Seong-min burst into laughter. You want to wait? Should I say it’s like Jennyella? Or is there another trick? Is there any reason not to move in the current situation? Of course, Lee Seong-min had no intention of just going north just because Jennyella called. And maybe Jennyella knows that too.

Unless she comes forward herself, and unless Lee Seong-min goes crazy, there is no way she can go north as Jennyella tells her to. What does Jennyella want? Seongmin Lee shrugged his shoulders and asked.

“What if I don’t go?”

“… … “I will have to force you to take me with you.”

Lao Xian muttered.


Jennyella did not order Lao Xian to unseal Lee Seong-min. She did not order anything about Lee Seong-min.

Jennyella could not see through Lee Sung-min’s existence and could not see a future involving Lee Sung-min. That’s why Jennyella tried to watch Lee Seong-min.

However, Jennyella’s future vision has lost its power since a year ago. She could no longer see her future.

Since then, Jennyella has not left her mansion. The psychological connection with his blood relatives was almost lost, and Jenny Ella’s blood relatives were being neglected.

Laoxian moved independently for Queen, who did not respond. Attracted some lycanthropes, vampires, and warlocks. Jennyella even used her blood oath, which she had saved before locking herself in her mansion, to come this far south.

“Do you think you can do it?”

Seongmin Lee asked while looking at Lao Xian.

The situation going on is unusual. Tang Axi gulped.

She couldn’t decide whether the current situation was good or bad for them. Mo Yong-chan was looking at Lee Seong-min’s back with bloodshot eyes.

“… … “Please save me!”

After a little silence, Mo Yong-chan shouted.

“I am Mo Yong-chan! Mo Yong Seo-jin’s younger brother whom you killed!”

Lee Seong-min’s shoulders trembled at those words. He slowly turned his head and looked at Mo Yongchan. Mo Yong-chan swallowed his saliva when he saw Lee Seong-min’s eyes shining gold.

Yongchan Mo. Perhaps because 10 years have passed, so much has changed. The physique and the face. Looking at Mo Yong-chan, Lee Seong-min felt a little bitter.

Lee Seong-min did not kill Mo Yong Seo-jin. The reason why Daeun Moyong died in the north was because he was crazy about revenge and crossed the line.

“You’ve grown a lot.”

Seongmin Lee muttered that and looked back at Lao Xian.

“I don’t think they have any more needs.”

“If you come with us, we will not harm them.”

“Aren’t you misunderstanding something?”



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The corners of Lee Seong-min’s mouth rose slightly as he looked at Lao-xian.

“You can’t force me. “If the Vampire Queen came in person, she wouldn’t know.”

“… … “Aren’t you looking down on us too much?”

Lao Xian’s eyebrows furrowed.

He did not look down on Lee Seong-min. The opponent is the person who defeated Volander, the Death Knight Lord.

We were prepared to that extent. Laoxian is Jennyella’s fifth blood relative, and is a powerful vampire who received a lot of power from her.

Also, the vampires he brought with him were Jennyella’s higher-ranking blood relatives, and although they were not as strong as Lao Xian, they were monsters with sufficient power.

Is that it? We even received support from Lycan Slopes. I wanted to involve Joo Won if possible, but I couldn’t even meet Joo Won. This is because a year ago, Jennyella locked herself away in her mansion, and as the months passed, even her main wife disappeared.

Lee Seong-min chuckled. Like Laoxian said. The outsiders gathered here are monsters with ample power.

There was nothing to see about the Predator’s messengers, and the warlocks were not that threatening. But vampires and lycanthropes are different.

“I don’t want to fight with you. If you come with me… … .”

Everyone’s wishes are different. Since no one has any intention of giving in, the conversation is pointless. That’s how conflict is created.

Who moves first? That’s what matters now.

Seongmin Lee glanced at his hands, which were holding nothing. That was a little disappointing. Now that his body was lighter, he wanted to swing the spear.

‘I can’t help it.’

Lee Seong-min’s toes were lifted.


When Lee Seong-min’s appearance disappeared, the air where he was standing was torn apart and an explosion of sound broke out.

The shock wave generated just by movement scratched the ground. The warriors who had collapsed nearby screamed and rolled around on the ground.

The screams continue. In the center of the scattered clan warriors, Lee Seong-min raised his body from his bowed position. The ultra-fast movement itself became a wide-ranging attack.

Lee Seong-min glanced at the clan warriors who were lying down and groaning, then lowered his posture again.


The warlock who made eye contact with Lee Seong-min hurriedly pulled out his staff. Before they could recite the chant, Lee Seong-min passed by them. The bodies of the warlocks flew high into the sky.

At that point they were already unconscious. There was no need to hit him.

‘It’s fast… … !’

Lao Xian quickly kicked the ground. The twenty vampires he brought with him followed Lao Xian.

The lycanthropes ended the sign language by howling like animals.


The Lycan Slopes leap forward, kicking the ground. He tried to swing his spear as was his habit, but there was no spear in his hand.

I can’t help it. Seongmin Lee grumbled and raised both his hands.

Although he was familiar with and good at using a spear, that didn’t mean that Lee Seong-min had any talent for bare-handed fighting. Lee Seong-min inherited the power of Sima Lianju. The group of Sima Lianju was in Lee Seong-min’s mind, and Sima Lianju does not use weapons.

Large fingernails attack Lee Seong-min, who leaps into the air. All of those movements seemed slow to Lee Seong-min’s eyes.

On the other hand, Lee Seong-min’s hands are fast.

The outstretched hand suddenly digs under the nails. He grabs his wrist and twists it, flips his waist, tilts his lower body up, and swings his legs.


I could tell without looking. His swinging foot tore off Lycan Slope’s head. I twisted and squeezed his bent wrist more strongly. His entire forearm muscles twist like a twist.

I feel an attack coming from the side. When the purple current flashed, Lee Seong-min was no longer there.

The place where he appeared was the center of the Lycan Slopes. They were floating in the air, hiding their embarrassment and shouting.


The inner energy and magical power surrounding Lee Seong-min’s body swelled. When Lee Seong-min raised both hands, they exploded all at once.


The electric current shot forward pierced the bodies of the Lycan Slopes.


The lycan slopes swallowed the blood. If you look only at physical strength, they are truly the strongest among humans.

They rushed toward Lee Seong-min, with his bleeding wounds instantly regenerating. Bright red eyes flash between the gaps. The vampires used the lycan slopes as shields and were aiming for Lee Seong-min’s blind spot.

Lao Xian and Lee Seongmin’s eyes met.


At that moment, Lao Xian clearly felt it. She was sealed for 10 years. Naturally, Lao Xian believed that Lee Seong-min was weaker than before due to the aftermath of being sealed for 10 years.

Wrong. 10 years of sealing did not weaken Lee Seong-min. Rather, his body became a monster, and the carnage predation disappeared and became completely stable.


The bodies of the Lycan Slopes that the vampires were using as shields were torn apart by the thunderbolt of the Black Thunder.

Seongmin Lee approaches. Lao Xian gritted his teeth and stretched out his hand. His hand, engulfed in bright red light, touched Lee Seong-min’s work.


Laoxian’s body, caught in the explosion, fell through the rubble of the building.


Rebecca screamed. Jennyella’s fifth blood relative, Lao Xian, was sent away in vain like that.

Even though it was not a moonlit night, Lao Xian’s power was not something that could be easily suppressed. The Lycan Slopes that fell to the ground stagger and rise up.

They too were mortally wounded but did not die. Rebecca and the other vampires attacked Lee Seong-min with murderous intent.

[You’re stupid.]

Heoju grumbled. Seongmin Lee also agreed with those words. Seongmin Lee’s eyes sparkled.

It didn’t take that long.

Everywhere was stained with blood. The blood shed by vampires, the blood shed by Lycanslope. The situation was better for the warlocks and clan warriors who had already fainted. Lee Seong-min brushed off the blood from his body and approached the prisoners. The vampires and lycanthropes did not die, but they could not regenerate their wounds as quickly as before. That was enough.

The fact that Laoxian was Jennyella’s fifth blood relative made Lee Seong-min stop killing them. He had no desire to tease Jennyella for no reason.

“he… … Hehe… … .”

Dang Ah-hee trembled as she saw Lee Seong-min approaching. The inaction that Lee Seong-min showed during that short period of time made everyone here sick. Is it possible for a person to move like that? Does that really mean martial arts?

“Are you okay?”

Dang Ah-hee, who was sitting down, smelled of urine.

Seongmin Lee pretended not to know this and freed the prisoners.


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