Worthless Regression Chapter 298

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Episode 300 71. First (1)

The candle flickers.

Geomseon, who was sitting opposite him, had a thin smile on his wrinkled face. Seongmin Lee stared at the inspection with a nervous face. It was Geomseon who suggested that we sit down, and it was Geomseon who suggested that we talk.

However, the swordsman did not say anything for quite a long time and just looked at Lee Seong-min’s face.

“How did Ilcheon die? “Can you tell me?”

After the silence, Geomseon’s mouth opened.

Lee Seong-min took a deep breath. Because his memory was clear, there was no problem answering.

But there were difficulties. Because recalling the memories of that time still torments my heart.

“Are you suffering?”

“… … “No, it’s okay.”

To the swordsman’s question, Seongmin Lee answered with a swallowed breath. Since there was no reason to lie, Lee Seong-min told the swordsman everything that had happened in the northern snowfield.

He didn’t just mention Sima Lianju’s death. Jennyella also told me about the future she had seen, hoped for, and was working to create, which was the reason she went north.

The long story has come to an end. Geomseon listened to everything with an undisturbed attitude during the talk.

Thinking over the story that ended with the death of Sima Ryeonju, Geomseon closed his eyes.

“Has it been like a fable?”

Geomseon muttered in a low voice.

“fable… … Top line… … ?”

“To put it simply, it means that you have become a hermit. Cluck… … Who would have thought that Ilcheon, who has the nickname Demon Emperor, would be the first to reach a level that even Nobu has not yet reached. “If what you say is true, then Ilcheon-yi was truly the best person in the world at all times.”

There was no sense of envy in Geomseon’s voice as he said that.

“No, can’t you say it’s a fable? If you think about it, it doesn’t mean you have become a hermit. Even so, I can’t help but admire the level that Ilcheoni has reached.”

After laughing and praising Sima Lianju’s inaction, Geomseon raised his gaze and looked up at the ceiling.

“Do you blame God of War?”

“What kind of answer do you expect from me?”

“It’s an obvious answer. And, it’s an honest answer without lies.”

“I resent you.”

“Of course it is.”

Geomseon grinned at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

“But in the end, what we want is the same. Both you and Mushin. “Your desire is to prevent the end.”

“Did you hear this from the wizard guild leader?”

“It was an interesting story.”

Geomseon nodded his head.

“Cheonoecheon’s very existence is contradictory. Their goal is to create a world for humans, and they are working to prevent the end of everything. On that subject, they move according to the will of God, not their own will.”

“… … Spirits are suspicious beings.”


The prosecutor also agreed with Lee Seong-min. No matter how much I thought about it, the spirit’s will and the instructions given to the heavenly world were questionable and sometimes contradictory. I cannot possibly understand the true intention of the spirit. Moreover, I cannot understand why the spirit himself tried to kill Sima Lianju.

“The god of war is a puppet.”

Geomseon muttered.

“If we look only at the present, the spirit that is doing everything in its power to prevent the end is actually acting for the sake of the end. “Musin seems to think that his actions are preventing the end and saving this world.”

“Inspection. “What do you wish for?”

“If the end is something that can be prevented, then it should be prevented. … … But Nobu is unable to leave the shaman.”

Lee Seong-min’s eyebrows twitched at Geom-seon’s muttering.

“What does that mean?”

“Each coin.”

Don’t buy coins. He never thought he would hear those words from Geom Seon’s mouth. The swordsman continued to speak to Lee Seong-min, who looked surprised.

“I was too greedy. I tried to go too far, but I wasn’t prepared properly. Juhwaipma destroyed Nobu’s Danjeon and changed Nobu’s body into a body that was alive but could not be said to be alive.”

“What nonsense… … .”

“It’s not a lie.”

Geomseon shook his head.

“Baby. The old man was on a high ground, and from that height he suffered a shock and slipped and fell. It is only on Mt. Wudang that Nobu can maintain a state worthy of the title of Geomseon. “If he goes out of this mountain, Nobu will not be able to walk even ten steps and will vomit his blood and die.”

“… … that… … .”

“Why do you think Nobu hasn’t been a shaman for a long time?”

Lee Seong-min could not answer the question asked by the prosecutor with a smile.

“With a body like this, Nobu can’t go out on his own. That’s why I focused on nurturing disciples. Cheongmyeong… … That child is a child with greater talent than anyone Nobu has ever seen. But he’s not good enough. “It is impossible for that child, who is weaker than you, to prevent the apocalypse.”

It was frustrating. Seongmin Lee curled his fist.

Was it the cooperation of Geomseon that Sima Lianju was expecting? At least, even Sima Lianju would not have thought that Geomseon would be this helpless.

“Are you disappointed in the old man?”

“… … any.”

“Cluck! You wouldn’t have guessed that the shaman’s sword was a broken old man who couldn’t even go far away. Ilcheon-i must have been like that too.”


“But you can kill.”

Geomseon said with a smile.


Lee Seong-min’s expression stiffened at the anticipation running down his spine. As he tried to get up, Geomseon opened his mouth.

“Don’t move.”

The swordsman did not draw his sword. To him, the sword was meaningless.

Even if my body was damaged after experiencing the demonic spell and I became unable to leave this mountain. The Geomseon within this mountain was a top-level expert with enough skills to be called Geomseon.

“From the moment you entered this mountain, you were within Nobu’s streets. “If Nobu had his way, your head would have already fallen dozens or hundreds of times.”



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“Are you going to kill me?”

“Being a disciple of Ilcheoni. Questions about Ilcheon’s death. So I called you here and talked to you directly. And now I guess I have to make a decision.”

“Are you going to kill me or not?”

“How many people in this world wish for death? That’s why we want to prevent the end. “Because I do not wish for unconditional death.”

“I want to prevent the end.”

“Can you be sure that you are not the apocalypse?”

Geomseon asked about him.

“Didn’t you say it yourself? “The spirit announced that Sima Lianju is the axis of the end.”

“You are the one who said the spirit was suspicious.”

“yes. There is a suspicion that the military gods are being manipulated like puppets by the gods. The reason why a child named Kim Jong-hyun was unable to fully awaken as a demon king was ultimately due to Cheon Oe-cheon’s interference, and thanks to that, Kim Jong-hyun became one of the disasters for the end. “This is also what you said.”

“Then why…” … .”

“Think about it carefully.”

Geomseon’s eyes narrowed.

“A spirit giving instructions to Cheon Oecheon. “Have you ever been in contact?”

Seongmin Lee was speechless. ah. He recalled a memory from long ago.

Shaolin, yes, Shaolin.

Ambassador Buryeong, the head of the squadron. It was a long time ago. A long time ago. It’s a memory from before I even entered the mental world, so it goes back a thousand years.

At that time, at my first meeting with the French Ambassador. The spirit residing in Master Bulyeong’s body spoke. Go north. You will meet a noble person there.

“If the spirit is hoping for an end by using the heavenly world, then, baby. “What are you?”

Lee Seong-min’s eyes shook greatly. He swallowed dry saliva as the anxiety creeping up on him.

“Didn’t you also come into contact with the spirit and move according to the will of the spirit? I heard from Abel what kind of being you are. You were the one responsible for bringing about the end. You could have brought about the end just by staying alive. But why did the spirit bother to contact you and force your actions?”

There are no coincidences in this world.

“Isn’t this the end for you too?”

Seongmin Lee was silent. Geomseon’s words could not be said to be unconditionally false. It wasn’t something that could be denied unconditionally, saying it couldn’t have been so.

“So you’re going to kill me?”

“I said it was the fundamental reason. If we can stop it, we must stop the apocalypse. Fortunately… … You are in Nobu’s street. Within a distance where it is very easy to cut you down.”

“… … I’m not sure. “I am confident that I am not the end.”

“Then what are you?”

“I am who I am.”

Seongmin Lee answered while gritting his teeth.

“It was the same for the military gods, who were acting as puppets of the gods while trying to prevent the end. Would it be any different if it were you?”

“Inspection. “You are not even sure of yourself.”

Seongmin Lee let out an annoyed expression. He no longer used honorifics toward Geomseon.

“They threaten me, saying it’s the fundamental reason, but I’m not sure if it’s really okay to kill me.”

“Cluck! Yes, you are right. Honestly, I don’t know. The old man does not know what the spirit wants. It seems like they are acting for the sake of the end, but we cannot know the true intentions of the spirits. Perhaps the will of the gods or the actions of the gods may truly be to prevent the end.”

“You want to avoid responsibility for your choice.”

Lee Seong-min spat out that and suddenly stood up.

“If you think killing me is right, you can kill me. But you’re not sure whether you should kill me or not. “I don’t know what you want or want to achieve with this meaningless conversation.”

“You’re stabbing me where it hurts.”

Geomseon laughed. The anticipation that had enveloped all directions disappeared.

“I wanted to know about you. Baby. You are a disciple of Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon and a ghost. You are trying to prevent the end, but you are afraid that you may be the end. decided. Nobu will not kill you here. “I don’t know what the consequences of Nobu’s actions will be.”

Seongmin Lee did not answer but glared at the swordsman. Nobu continued to speak while receiving Lee Seong-min’s hostile gaze.

“Even Nobu knows that your existence is special. You may have come into contact with a spirit, but your specialness may make an exception. Cluck… … It’s difficult. Very difficult. “It is extremely difficult for humans to understand what non-human beings are doing.”

“Just like you do what you want to do.”

Lee Seong-min calmed down his anger and opened his mouth.

“I’m just trying to do what I want to do. “If you try to stop me, I will have no choice but to try my best to escape your restraints.”

“Are you really saying you can escape from Nobu trying to kill you?”

“Don’t look at me so funny.”

Lee Seong-min’s golden eyes flashed.

In response to the heightened emotions, the inner energy and magical power stirred, and a purple electric current crackled around Lee Seong-min’s shoulders.

The essence of Black Lightning Heaven obtained by inheriting the power of Sima Lianju was naturally used.

“I’m not sure I can kill you on this mountain. But you can be sure that he won’t die from your single blow. Also, before you kill me, you can kill more than half of the Shaman Daoists without knowing it.”

Geomseon chuckled at those bloody words.

“Are you threatening Nobu?”

“Isn’t it a good thing if it ends without anyone dying?”

“Stop it. Nobu will not kill you. “I have no regrets about the old man’s life, but the life of an innocent younger student is more valuable than the old man’s life.”

“… … Why are Shaolin’s Jihak and Nangung’s Sword Dragon here?”

“It’s because I wanted to leave a possibility.”

Geomseon smiled.

“Regardless of the end, I wanted to suggest a path forward for future generations full of potential.”

“… … Even if the recluse is different?”

“The talent of those two was so great that it would have been a waste to just use that as the reason. Bulyeong also knew him well. That’s why I entrusted the two to Nobu.”

“If they were sent by Ambassador Bulyeong, then wouldn’t they also have come here by the will of the gods?”

“It’s the same reason I didn’t kill you.”

Geomseon closed his eyes.

“I don’t want to trample on the possibility of what might happen.”

At that muttering, Lee Seong-min quietly suppressed the momentum he had gained. His swordsman slightly opened his closed eyes.

“You are handling Ilcheonyi’s martial arts skills brilliantly.”

“… … “Because I received a lot.”

Lee Seong-min muttered that and turned around. He had nothing more to talk about with Geomseon. He wanted to say hello to Jihak and Namgung Heewon, but he didn’t think it was necessary.


When Lee Seong-min was about to leave the conduit. The closed door burst open.

Abel, who was running in, looked surprised when he saw Lee Seong-min. It was not a situation to say hello. Abel quickly exhaled.

“Something happened.”

Geomseon stood up behind me.


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