Worthless Regression Chapter 299

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Episode 301 71. First (2)

Kim Jonghyeon.

Abel spoke about him in a stiff voice. It all started with a ghost ship that came to the southern coast.

The Navy in charge of coastal security attempted to sink the suddenly visited ghost ship, but was not successful.

The long-distance interception magic fired by the wizards could not reach the ghost ship, and the sailing ships set sail to pressure them sank one after another.

Hundreds of Death Knights poured out from the ghost ship that reached the port.

They slaughtered people without mercy, swinging their swords.

The corpses that died like that immediately became undead and rose up, and in an instant, the port city became a city of death filled with only undead.

“Who else but Kim Jong-hyun could do this?”

Abel spat out. Seongmin Lee stood in silence and listened to the whole story.

“… … “The first plague.”

Seongmin Lee muttered in a low voice. At those words, Abel jerked and turned her head.

In response to his gaze demanding an explanation, Lee Seong-min told the story he heard from Jennyella.

What Jennyella said with a smile became reality. Kim Jong-hyun, who came into contact with Volander, the Lord of the Death Knights, was able to use Volander and the Death Knights to his heart’s content in return for giving them a twist as a human being that they had longed for.

[It’s corrupted. No, maybe it’s because I’m that desperate.]

Heoju muttered.

Lee Seong-min could not help but agree with those words. The Volander I met at sea was not a person who could be called a villain, even though he was a Death Knight.

They only killed pirates to clean up trash and did not touch other humans.

[It was like that even when this old man was alive. Bolander’s goals were different from other humans and black stars. It must be because she had no choice but to become a Death Knight. Maybe it was because I wanted to be human that I ended up like that. so… … We have no choice but to cling to ways to become human. Even if it is a massacre of civilians that he has not done for hundreds of years.]

“What about Sima Lian Ju?”

Abel, who had been silent after listening to Lee Seong-min’s story, spoke out. He didn’t seem to know about Sima Lianju’s death.

“… … “Master has passed away.”

“… … what?”

Abel looked blank at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

Seongmin Lee did not explain to Abel about Sima Lianju’s death, but resumed his stopped steps.

Abel quickly asked Lee Seong-min, who was trying to pass by him.

“Where are we going?”

“I’m going south.”

“… … Are you planning to stop Kim Jong-hyun?”


“Let’s go together.”

Abel said that without hesitation. At those words, Seongmin Lee looked back at Abel.

“Do you believe me?”

“What kind of bullshit is this all of a sudden?”

“… … Maybe I, too, am part of the apocalypse.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Who cares that you might be part of the apocalypse? “Kim Jong-Hyun is going crazy right now, so it’s important to stop him.”

Abel said that and looked toward the sword.


Abel spit out after chewing his lower lip once.

“It’s a shame I can’t ask for your help.”

“I think Nobu feels sorry too.”

Geomseon answered with a faint smile. Abel stared at the sword for a moment and then turned around.

Heoju chuckled as he watched Abel stride forward with the hem of his robe fluttering.

[You have such a hot personality. Unlike my older brother, who seemed like an idiot.]

“It will take several months to get south from here. In the meantime, Kim Jong-hyun will do more shit. “Maybe the entire south will be devastated.”

“You don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

Abel frowned at Lee Seong-min’s words. As someone who did not know the existence of fairy horses, Lee Seong-min’s words could only be heard as leisurely nonsense, unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

After coming out of the conduit, Lee Seong-min summoned a fairy horse.

“oh my god.”

Abel’s mouth opened wide when he saw the fairy horse. He looked back at Lee Seong-min in disbelief.

“This… … It’s a fairy horse. Words that can transcend space and space. “How can humans do this?”

“I borrowed it from the Fairy Queen.”

“Are you worried that a subject receiving such favors might be part of its own demise?”

Abel spat out with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“If you were truly part of the apocalypse, the Fairy Queen would not show you this favor. “If she did it knowingly, it would mean the end of the fairy queen as well.”

“It wouldn’t be impossible.”

Seongmin Lee answered with a bitter smile. This is what Osla has said several times.

I am friendly with you and respect your choices. If Lee Seong-min is part of the end, Osla, which shows favor toward Lee Seong-min, may also be part of the end.

“Put those damn worries away. “Now is not the time to think about that.”

Abel exhaled and quickly got on top of the fairy horse.

“Even if you can become the end someday, you will not be the end of the world you are now. is not it?”

“I guess so.”

“Then there will be no problem with going to stop Kim Jong-hyun. Kim Jong-hyun is located in Germud, a city at the southernmost tip. Have you ever been there?”

“doesn’t exist. “I have been to Wreckborn before.”

The port town where Lee Seong-min went to sail to Bellador was Lekbon.

Wreckbone… … Wreckbone. Abel, who was muttering that name, frowned.

“The distance from Germud to Lekbon is quite long. Have you ever been to any other southern cities?”



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“I’ve been to Eormuri and Deven.”

“It’s similar. There are monsters in Eormuri. One of the black stars, Red Demon, is dead and Yana is ruling… … Since Kim Jong-hyun is on a rampage, the atmosphere in the community seems to be unusual. He doesn’t want to have any trouble, so let’s avoid the group. Deven is actually further away… … “Reckborn is the best.”

“Can we go there?”


Seongmin Lee got on the fairy horse. Then, a sudden thought occurred to him and he asked Abel.

“Are you not taking Lloyd with you?”

“He’s no help. It would be better to leave it here. What about you? Even though Sima Lianju is dead, isn’t he still with the Red Demon Tower Lord?”

“It might be dangerous, so we parted ways in the fairy forest.”

“They’re all the same. The two men get to ride horses together… … “It won’t take long, right?”

It was a question that didn’t need an answer. Seongmin Lee thought of a place he had visited before.

The fairy horse started touring. The scenery changes during the long feeling of floating.


Upon arriving at Wreckborn, Abel was the first to let out an exclamation.

“To leap that enormous distance in an instant. “This is absolutely impossible with human magic.”

After repeatedly expressing admiration as a wizard, Abel came down from the fairy horse. Rekbon was bustling late at night.

As it is a port town, bustle is part of everyday life, but the atmosphere throughout the town was one of fear rather than noise.

People were clamoring to board the anchored ship.

Seongmin Lee caught one of the people passing by in a hurry.

“Is there a problem?”

“This is crazy!”

A man who was carrying a bundle of luggage on his back started swearing. Lee Seong-min held the man’s wrist tightly without saying a word. The man’s expression suddenly changed.

“W-what are you curious about?”

“Why all the fuss?”

“that is… … That is. “Do you not know what happened in Germud?”

That was enough of an answer. Seongmin Lee let go of the man’s wrist he was holding. Abel, who was next to her, took out a cigarette pipe with an annoyed expression on his face.

“Rumors spread quickly. It looks like the tragedy that Kim Jong-hyun committed in Germud has already spread here. It’s better to evacuate. “It would be foolish to stay for no reason.”

Even Lee Seong-min knows how powerful the Death Knight army led by Bolander is. Although they have never fought, they are more powerful than any army or faction that exists in this world.

All Death Knights have skills exceeding the pinnacle level, and Bolander is a monster with one of the greatest powers among the Predators.

His skills would be comparable to those of the Spear King or the Black Dragon Alliance.

But beyond that, the problem is Kim Jong-hyun. Kim Jong-hyun, who gained the power of a quasi-demon king, was allowed to exist in this world because he did not awaken as a full-fledged demon king.

Yet, he wields the limited power of the Demon King. Moreover, even without the power of the Demon King, he is an outstanding warlock.

When Abel said that it would be foolish to stay for the rest, he meant it with Kim Jong-hyun in mind.

For no reason, the increasing number of corpses means that Kim Jong-hyun’s army is getting stronger.

“It takes about a week to get from here to Germud.”

“If you hurry, it will arrive sooner than that.”

“No, you shouldn’t be too hasty.”

Abel shook his head.

“You need to know fractions. Do you think that just the two of us can stop Kim Jong-hyun and the Death Knight’s army?”

“It must be difficult.”

“If there was a Sima Lianju, I wouldn’t know.”

Abel grumbled.

“It is true that Kim Jong-hyun should not be given much time. “It is pointless to throw surplus supplies against the Necromancer.”

“Then what do you want to do?”

“In a week, troops will arrive to stop Kim Jong-hyun.”

Abel said, exhaling a long puff of smoke. Seongmin Lee couldn’t really understand what that meant.

It is pointless to pour surplus supplies against the Necromancer. This is exactly what Abel said just now.

“Kim Jong-hyun is better than any other warlock that exists in this world. He has a grimoire, and through a ritual he performed in the forest, he became a being equivalent to the Demon Lord. Even if it’s only half.”


It was too noisy here to talk. Abel took Lee Seong-min with him and left the port.

As I searched for a deserted place, I ended up in a dirty back alley.

Abel didn’t care what Seongmin Lee was watching and summoned Erebrisa’s broker.

“You gave me a ride on a fairy horse, so I’ll buy the carriage.”

“Do you really need to take a carriage?”

“You may be a light Duke and can run for a long time, but you are not a wizard. “Wizards are more sensitive than you think.”

“Honestly, I don’t understand.”


“It’s a waste of time.”

“It’s to avoid dog death.”

After asking the broker for a carriage, Abel turned the pipe upside down and shook out the ashes inside.

“It would be a disaster for the two of us to go and stop Kim Jong-hyun with an overflowing sense of justice. Of course, the two of us are not ordinary scraps, so if we put our lives on the line, we could inflict a significant blow to Kim Jong-hyun’s army. Yes, that’s all we can achieve if we both sacrifice our precious lives.”


“This case is different from the massacre that took place in the north. Kim Jong-hyun used the Death Knight army to annihilate a ‘city’. Tens of thousands of people have died. In the north… … There were many problems. “It was the realm of the vampire queen, and Kim Jong-hyun’s potential was looked down upon too.”

“Are you saying it’s different this time?”

“It has to be different. This is not the territory of the vampire queen, and Kim Jong-hyun has a precedent. furthermore… … “I don’t know if it was intentional, but there is a saint of the ‘church’ in the south.”


“You don’t know. “Because he’s not a very well-known person.”

While the conversation was going on, an agent from Erebrisa brought a large carriage. Abel looked at Lee Seong-min and asked.

“Do you know how to pull a carriage?”

“Do I have to drag it?”

“how old are you?”

“Do you mean physical age or mental age?”

“Damn it.”

Abel grumbled and flicked his fingertips. A tiny burst of light erupted and she became a whitish human figure.

Abel drew his fingers and wrote down the spell, and the summoned familiar climbed onto the carriage seat.

“They say the church didn’t do much in the subjugation war in the north. But not this time. There is a precedent and tens of thousands of people have died, so the saints of the church are definitely moving. As long as there are Death Knights, we have no choice but to move. “They also have a position.”

“Do you think they can threaten Kim Jong-hyun?”

“It will buy us some time to punish Kim Jong-hyun.”

Abel muttered that and entered the carriage. She sat across from Lee Seong-min, and Abel shook her head as she took a deep breath.

“Just say something. What on earth happened… … Is Sima Lianju dead?”

With that question, the carriage driven by the familiar began to move.


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