Worthless Regression Chapter 297

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Episode 299 70. Will (5)

The long feeling of floating is over. After getting off the fairy horse, Seongmin Lee looked around.

This is the plain near Nerod. This is the place where Lee Seong-min was chased by Geomseon’s Igiregeom while he was returning to Haras after killing Amzon.

[Why did you leave that woman behind at the end?]

“Because it’s dangerous.”

[Is it because of inspection?]

Heoju asked with a chuckle. There was no need for an answer.

After all, Heo Joo knew Lee Seong-min’s feelings well. The sword that flies without regard for the vast distance is dangerous.

The reason he tried to head to the shaman while considering him was because there was a Samarienju who would stop him even if Geomseon turned out to be hostile.

But now there is no Sima Lianju.

If Geomseon decides to throw his sword, there is no way to block it.

That’s why I left Scarlett behind. When Geomseon’s Igigi Sword was aiming for this direction, Lee Seong-min was not confident that he could safely protect Scarlett, not himself.

Even now, Lee Seong-min had his senses sharpened and was alert to the possibility of an approaching sword.

‘This distance is within the range of the sword.’

I know this well because I was chased in this plain for a long time. So I’m on guard… … Even though a considerable amount of time has passed, Igiregeom does not come. Did the Geomseon not notice? Well, no matter how excellent he is, Geomseon is also human.

The distance from the shaman to this place is by no means close. Even with a sword, it may be impossible to detect something at this distance.

[You will hear resentment later.]

‘Maybe so.’

I remember Scarlett’s eyes widening in confusion at the end.

What I said was that I sympathize with you.

It was said that if you become insensitive to the sadness of losing others, you will be broken. Seongmin Lee took a deep breath.

[You have been broken since long ago.]

Heoju said with a smiling voice.

[I pretend to be fine, but… … Your mind is so strange. And, your mind is very unstable. Maybe it’s because of the externality.]

‘is it?’

[It would be better to be conscious of it. That I myself am not okay. You must have that minimum awareness.]

‘Even though I don’t want to do it, thanks to you, I continue to be aware of it.’

[I’m saying this all for you.]

‘Are you worried that I might turn away?’

[I’m worried. Didn’t you make a promise? When you turn around and lose control of yourself, this old man will personally step in and stop you. I hope that day never comes.]

“so do i.”

Seongmin Lee muttered as he pulled out a spear from his subspace pocket. Of course, Lee Seong-min hoped that such a day would never come.

If that day comes, I will be completely separated from Heo Joo, whom I have been talking to for quite some time. That kind of thing… … I didn’t want it.

[why. I feel like I’m going to cry, right?]

“shut up.”

After spitting out a curse, Lee Seong-min moved aside the window he had taken out and looked at the mountain in the distance behind him.

We were supposed to go to a shaman together. Recalling the words of Sabeolju, Lee Seong-min unfolded his light attack.

The boundaries were not reduced. I sharpened my senses so as not to miss even the slightest danger.

However, even as the distance continued to decrease, there was no threat of inspection. Have you not noticed yet? It was so uneventful and so smooth that I was even more worried.

Thanks to running without stopping, Mt. Wudang was just around the corner. Seongmin Lee stopped his steps.

Is it okay to go up like this?

[You can’t not go up.]

That too. Seongmin Lee started climbing the mountain. The mountain terrain was rough, but for Lee Seong-min, it was no different from running on flat ground.

It was my first time coming to the shaman in person, but the shaman was a very famous martial arts sect, so even though I had never been there in person, I knew a lot about it. Haegeomji, shaman’s sword method, Jinbeop, etc.

The place where Geomseon, the shaman’s predecessor, resides, is the highest peak of this mountain, far past Haegeomji and behind the shaman’s buildings.

For the same Shaman shamans, the peak where Geomseon resides is a forbidden place and a sanctuary. Invading him head-on is a challenge to the shaman.

Fighting with a shaman was not something Lee Seong-min wanted. However, isn’t it possible to be polite and make an appointment in advance to meet someone?

Once I got here, I climbed up, but going straight to the peak where Geomseon was located was a worry.

What would Sima Lianju do?

[Do not compare.]

As a thought naturally came to mind, Heoju fired back.

[You are you, and Sima-ryeonju is Sima-ryeonju. Your teacher died, and you inherited his power. Still, it is ridiculous to hope that you will become someone like Sima Lianzhu.]

‘Why is it funny?’

[Because you are you.]

Once again, Heoju gave strength to those words.

[The clothes don’t fit. To begin with, your inclination is very different from Sima Lianju. You have a lot of unnecessary thoughts and worries. Although you have enough strength, you lack confidence. Well, I guess that can’t be helped. You must be… … Among those who have mastered martial arts, he is one of the strongest. Because most of the people you turned into enemies were stronger than you.]

It’s unfortunate. Heoju grumbled.

[Anyway, stop comparing yourself to Sima Lianzhu.]

‘I just want to be like him.’

[It’s ridiculous to want to be like him. Look at it now. What would Sima Lianju do? You are comparing yourself with such useless thoughts. Such idiotic thoughts ultimately lead to self-harm. Because you are worse than Sima Lianju.]

Although I thought it was true, Heo Joo’s words were the violence of language itself. Lee Seong-min cleared his throat and ignored Heo Joo’s words.

In the end, Lee Seong-min had no choice but to climb up again. What would Sima Lianju have done? Because he had no choice but to climb.

It did not cross Haegeomji directly. My wide-open senses clearly detected the presence of shamans standing guard near Haegeomji.

The mountain was rough, and even if it wasn’t a road, there were plenty of paths that weren’t roads if you wanted to go there. The highest peak was easy to find.

Seongmin Lee’s steps stopped.

The sun had already set long ago and the moon was high. I didn’t pay attention to the shaman’s light visible from afar. Seongmin Lee stared into the darkness.

[There is something.]



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Lee Seong-min slightly nodded his head in response to Heo-ju’s mumbling.

The spear was not pulled out. He felt that there was no need to select him and that there was no need to show hostility in advance.

Lee Seong-min stood there and stared into the darkness. After a moment of silence, someone walked out from behind the tree.

It was a young man wearing a blue uniform. He had a long wooden sword hanging around his waist, but he did not touch the side of his wooden sword.

Just as Lee Seong-min showed no hostility, he also raised both hands and walked forward.

“who are you?”

To Lee Seong-min’s question, the young man answered by lowering his raised hand.

“It’s called Cheongmyeong.”

It was a name I had heard in a distant memory. The Jihak of Shaolin, the drunkenness of openness, and the Cheongmyeong of the shaman.

These three are said to be the best among the latter-day indices. Seongmin Lee’s eyes opened slightly.

Cheongmyeong stared at Lee Sungmin’s face for a moment and then turned around.

“Please come. “Master is waiting.”

Cheongmyeong is Geomseon’s immediate disciple. Their age would be similar to that of Jihak and Chwigeol… … The prayer felt from Cheongmyeong was incomparable to those two.


Seongmin Lee was impressed by Cheongmyeong’s achievements.

Except for the Six Venerables of Cheon Oecheon and the Black Dragon Hyeop, I thought that the only master in the martial arts faction who had reached the realm of transcendence was Geomseon.

I never thought that Cheongmyeong, who was shrouded in mystery because he did not go outside the shaman world, was an expert in transcendental realms.

[But there’s nothing strange about it.]

It was just as Heoju muttered. Wijihoyeon, who is talented to the point of absurdity, broke through the wall of transcendence on his own.

Lee Seong-min also reached the realm of transcendence while going through the trials of Black Heart, Mshi, and Denir.

If Geomseon personally made him his disciple, Cheongmyeong would also be a person worthy of being called a genius.

In addition, Geomseon, the greatest shaman expert, taught martial arts as his immediate disciple.

The qualifications are sufficient, and the environment is overly equipped. With effort and luck, it is not unreasonable to reach the point of transcendence.

‘It’s absurd.’

As he followed Cheongmyeong’s footsteps, Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but think that way. It was because I was reminded of Gwangcheonma, who died without being able to reach the transcendental realm.

Qualifications, environment, effort… … And luck. What did Gwangcheonma lack?

“You’re not asking anything.”

Cheongmyeong, who was walking ahead, asks that question. Seongmin Lee responded by following Cheongmyeong.

“The prosecutor himself is waiting for you, what else should I ask?”

“Do you believe in Master?”

“I don’t believe that a great person like Geomseon sent his disciples to lure me into a trap.”

Cheongmyeong let out a low laugh at those words.

“A nickname called Gwichang. Although I have never been to a shaman, I have heard it many times.”

“Because it’s pretty famous. I too have heard your name. “I heard it’s the best among the reviews of shamans.”

Cheongmyeong only smiled at those words and neither confirmed nor denied them.

“There are many guests here.”

“Who is it?”

“Shaolin’s Jihak and the Namgung family’s sword dragon. “The wizard guild leader and the golden magic tower lord.”

I had a feeling that Abel and Lloyd would be there. However, Lee Seong-min looked surprised that Ji-hak and Geomryong were here.

“… … “Is there anyone else?”

Does it end with four? Lee Seong-min thought of Baek So-go. Baek So-go, who broke up with Sima-ryeon. In the note she left behind before she left, she wrote that she was going to become a shaman.

A lot of time had passed since then, enough time for Baek Sogo to come to the shaman.

“doesn’t exist.”

Cheongmyeong answered. There would have been enough time. Did she stop by Shaolin and then go somewhere else?

Seongmin Lee felt puzzled, but did not ask any more questions.

Cheongmyeong’s steps stopped. A small conduit was built at the edge of the cliff.

“Master is inside.”

Cheongmyeong turned around and bowed to Lee Seongmin. Seongmin Lee greeted him face to face and then approached the conduit.

I can feel the popularity inside. Seongmin Lee was a little nervous and clenched and unclenched his hands, which were wet with cold sweat.

Just in case, look for a way to escape. As long as you can freely ride a fairy horse, escaping from the sword will not be very difficult.

“Are you satisfied?”

When the door to the conduit was opened. Those words were heard from inside.


Close the door you came in through. Lee Seong-min took a deep breath and then opened his mouth.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, one thousand two.”

It was a voice without laughter. Lee Seong-min flinched at the name Geom-seon called.

There were no rumors of fighting in the north. But Geomseon’s words seemed to know what had happened to Sima Lianju.

“… … Did you know?”

“One of Nobu’s few hobbies is looking at the stars in the sky.”

Geomseon grinned and laughed.

“I saw a big star fading a week ago. It’s a skill I learned through hard work, but sometimes I get hit hard. … … Yangilcheon. “Are you satisfied?”

“… … yes.”

“Thank goodness. Even though they had different affiliations and different ideologies, Nobu didn’t dislike that friend that much. Anyone who has reached that level has no choice but to admit it.”

Seongmin Lee walked toward the flickering light of the candle. In front of the candlelight, Geomseon was sitting with his back turned.

“One thousand two. “Why are you dead?”

“… … “In the fight against God of War.”

“Was the Martial God stronger than Ilcheon-yi?”


Seongmin Lee answered without hesitation.

“But why did 1,000 people die?”

“… … Wolhu intervened.”

“Was Yue Hu that strong?”

“… … It was a strange fight. Master was clearly stronger than Yue Hu and Martial God combined. however… … .”


Geomseon, who was sitting with his back turned, chuckled.

“It looks like Ilcheoni should have died there.”

Lee Seong-min’s expression hardened at those words.

It was difficult to suppress the emotional turmoil. But the opponent is Geomseon. This is not someone who can throw a fit just because something is unpleasant.

Geomseon slowly stood up.

“Why did you come here?”

“Because the teacher wanted to go to a shaman.”

“You came here following your teacher’s instructions? Aren’t you too arrogant? Strangely enough, at that time… … My level has improved since I was running away from Nobu’s Igigeo sword. But that doesn’t mean you can avoid Nobu’s sword.”

“I was confident I could run away.”

“Would you like to try?”

“I have no intention of doing that.”

Geomseon laughed loudly at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

Geomseon turns around. Unlike Musin and Sima Ryeonju, who maintained a youthful appearance, Geomseon had the appearance of an old man befitting the call of himself Nobu.


The sword drew a smile on his wrinkled face.

“Do you know what Nobu is thinking?”

“… … I do not know.”

“I’m thinking about whether or not to cut you.”

Geomseon didn’t have a sword.

However, Lee Seong-min felt the tip of the sword aimed at him. There is no movement in space. There were no signs, only one-sided anticipation targeting Lee Seong-min.

“Nobu is a Taoist.”

Geomseon opened his mouth.

“I do not commit meaningless killings. but… … Like I said back then. Is it pointless to kill you or not? “Nobu is still not convinced.”

“Because of my evil deeds?”

“It’s more fundamental.”

Geomseon shook his head.

“What do you think of Nobu?”

It was a sudden question.

“no. Let me ask you more clearly. Baby. Do you think the old man will kill you?”

“… … Is this an important question?”

“That’s an important question. “Nobu’s behavior will change depending on your answer.”

“I don’t think it will kill me.”

“Because you want to live?”

“There is a lot of work to be done.”

“In the end, you want to live, right?”

“Is it strange to wish for that?”

Geomseon grinned at Lee Seong-min’s question.

“okay. “Then there is nothing we can do.”

Geomseon said that and sat down. Then, all the anticipation targeting Lee Seong-min disappeared.

“Come here and sit down.”

Geomseon, who was sitting in his seat, gestured towards Lee Seong-min.

“Let’s talk.”

I didn’t sense the slightest hostility from the swordsman who said that.


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