Worthless Regression Chapter 286

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[288] From the North (5)

Sima Lianju’s tone was calm, but it was received completely differently by those who heard it.

In particular, Lee Seong-min’s mouth couldn’t help but open wide.

He said he heard it from Jennyella. Jennyella, who has magical eyes that can see the future, directly told Sima Lianzhu about his death.

Before leaving the mansion, Seongmin Lee recalled the conversation he had with Sima Lianju and Jennyella.

“Master… … “Why are you dying?”

“She didn’t tell me about that either. “You’re a mean woman.”

Sima Lianzhu grumbled like that and tightened his grip on Black Dragon’s neck. He looked down at the Black Dragon Gorge with his eyes filled with death.

“So, swear. “If I die, there will be no way to control you.”

“sleep… … Knock! Even so, this is too radical… … .”

“Do you want to show what is truly radical? In fact, there is no need to take an oath from you. In many ways, killing you here would be much more convenient and easier. “Do you want this committee to do that?”

“Well, that’s… … .”

“Still, I have developed feelings for myself during the several months of journey to get here, so I am recommending that you take an oath. If you insist on not swearing, I have no choice but to deal with it before your presence becomes a nuisance. okay. I won’t kill you since we have a few months together. Instead, I will abolish your dantian and cut off your limbs. “How about that?”

Sima Lianju’s eyes were sincere when he said that.

Black Dragon Hyeop swallowed his saliva. Sima Lianju continued to speak to the hesitant Black Dragon Association.

“Think carefully. You can’t go back to Musin anyway. Even though it was coercive, you betrayed God of War. “If you go back and ask for forgiveness, do you think the God of War will be merciful and forgive you?”

The Black Dragon Association seriously thought about those words. About the martial arts he knows. He didn’t have a particularly cruel personality, but no matter how much he thought about it, he didn’t seem like he would be lenient on a traitor. Even if he didn’t die, it seemed certain that he would pay a high price.

“me… … What do you want me to do? Sima Lianju. I didn’t say you might die. “If you die, who will protect me?”

“My disciple will protect you.”

“f*ck you. Don’t talk nonsense. “How can Gwichang, who is weaker than me, protect me?”

“no. It’s not nonsense. My disciples can protect you. My disciple will stop the martial arts. “If the situation calls for it.”

To be honest, even Lee Seong-min couldn’t understand Sima Lianju’s words.

Although much progress was made in the Black Thunder Heaven with the help of Sima Lianju, Lee Seong-min could not yet guarantee victory against the Black Dragon Alliance or the King of Chang. But I couldn’t tell that to the current Sima Lianzhu.

“Choose. “Either you swear, or you refuse to swear and become an asshole here.”


As if carrying out his words, Sima Lianzhu grabbed the Black Dragon Emperor’s shoulder.

The strong grip crushed the bones and muscles of the Black Dragon Hyeop. Black Dragon Hyeop cursed and closed his eyes tightly.

“I swear, I swear. I, Legon, will never betray Lee Seong-min, Scarlet Lesir, and Yeonhwa. “I will never harm them!”


At the shout of the Black Dragon Association, Sima Lianju nodded his head. He released the black dragon’s blood sword and raised his body.

Even if you are an expert in the realm of transcendence, you cannot disobey the oath you made with your name, mana, and strength.

That promise was one of the laws of this world, and if you break it, you will only end up dead.

Black Dragon Hyeop was pessimistic about his miserable fall and held his face with both hands.

“… … Dying… … .”

Only after the oath of the Black Dragon Association was over did Seongmin Lee mutter in a dazed voice.

I couldn’t believe it. The warrior named Sima Lianju he had ever seen was like a gigantic mountain that could never collapse, possessing the greatest power in the world.

Even the blood-blooded Jennyella, the actual leader of the Predator, did not want to fight with Sima Lianju, and didn’t He Zhou also acknowledge Sima Lianju’s power?

But he dies. Lee Seong-min could not possibly depict Sima Lianju’s death. Sima Lianju glanced at Lee Seong-min and said.

“Why is your expression like that? “Are you feeling depressed because I’m dying?”

“How are you so calm?”

“People die someday. “It’s natural and it’s not something that will happen right now, so is there a need to feel depressed?”

“but… … !”

“I lived without regret.”

Sima Lianzhu raised his hand to stop Lee Seong-min from speaking.

“It has always been that way, and it will always be that way. Death is inevitable, but I will choose when and where I die. So, don’t say anything else to me.”

“but… … Master… … .”

“Didn’t the Vampire Queen tell you? She foretold my principal’s death, and she knew that her words would not limit her principal’s actions. That is correct. This seat is unmoved. “Because she knows she will die someday.”

Scarlett looked at Sima Lianzhu in silence.

She recalled the favor that Sima Lianzhu had secretly made to her in the carriage during the journey.

That request was granted. Because it wasn’t a very difficult task. If you think about it now… … Needless to say about Jennyella’s future.

Sima Lianju seemed to already know that he would die soon.

‘Maybe I’m overthinking it.’

Scarlett sighed as she thought about that.

“I’m going to the shaman.”

Master Sima Lian opened his mouth.

“I need to talk to the shaman’s sword. Also, there might be a wizard guild leader there. I don’t know if it’s still there… … “If there is, we can talk about it privately.”

“Do you ride a fairy horse?”

“no. It doesn’t burn. “We have one chance left, and I don’t think we should waste it on something like this.”

Sima Lianzhu shook his head and answered.

“Don’t tell Yehwa about this.”

Sima Lianju said as he got into the carriage.

Ye Hwa, who considers Sima Lianju his parent, will have a seizure if he learns that he might die.

I am? Lee Seong-min quietly followed Sima Lianju into the carriage.

I don’t consider him a parent. But he considers himself a teacher. He is respecting him. He feels grateful because it has helped him in many ways.

however. Should we just watch him die?

“Don’t think about useless things.”

This was before Lee Seong-min could say anything. Sima Lianju said so.



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“Didn’t you say that this committee chooses? And, we do not believe in the future Jennyella sees. She just can’t accept that the future is fixed. She said that if the situation and conditions are right, she will never deviate, but I think there are enough variables.”

“then… … .”

“I plan to deny the future she saw.”

Sima Lianzhu smiled as he put his mask back on.

“Don’t you think it would be quite fun?”

It was a voice filled with excitement and joy.

* * *

It was my first time on a boat for such a long time.

Deep down, I thought something like that. Maybe I have seasickness. Since I have never been on a boat properly before, I wonder if I would suffer from seasickness if I actually got on a boat and lived on it.

If so, I thought it would be quite fun. Even in my own opinion, seasickness did not suit me, and it would not be common to experience suffering from something like that.

There was no seasickness. Kim Jonghyun felt a little disappointed about that. Seasickness is something you’re born with, but it’s not something you can force yourself to have.

In fact, it’s not something you can enjoy just because you were born with it. I couldn’t help but feel a little regret.

“Okay then.”

While I was enjoying such meaningless contemplation, I was ready. Kim Jonghyun slowly stood up. He had already been spending more than half a year on Volander’s ghost ship.

Fortunately, the Death Knights on this ghost ship were neither impatient nor ignorant.

In response to Kim Jong-hyun’s words, ‘Sufficient preparation is necessary,’ they did not rush to return to human form and participated in waiting for several months.

For them, that level of waiting could not even be called waiting. Thanks to this, Kim Jong-hyun was able to enjoy a comfortable life while being escorted by hundreds of Death Knights.

There was a good reason for staying on the sea, no, on this ghost ship.

Jennyella encouraged the deal with Bolander, but Kim Jong-hyun also had Bolander in mind from the beginning.

Arbes was destroyed by Kim Jong-hyun’s plot. Jeokgwi, who was the leader of the monsters, had his heart pulled out by Yana, and the position of leader of the monsters has been vacant ever since.

Joo Won, the king of Lycan Slope, was an opponent that Kim Jong Hyun could not control. After many years, he became tired and lost the ferocity and simplicity that he used to have when he was called Gwangrang.

In fact, regardless of Joowon’s tendencies, the reason Kim Jonghyun did not approach Joowon was. This was because he could not present anything to Joo Won, and because he knew that there was some kind of relationship between Joo Won and Jennyella.

‘You must not touch Jennyella.’

It’s not just about seeing the future. Kim Jong-hyun was not confident in handling Jennyella’s power.

In the end, only Volander, leader of the Death Knight Knights, remains. In fact, Bolander was the most suitable opponent for Kim Jong-hyun to deal with.

Those who long to become human have no choice but to obey Kim Jong-hyun’s words.

Besides being able to handle it efficiently. There was a good reason why Kim Jong-hyun came to Bolander.

That’s the same reason why I wandered around this vast ocean for months without going to land.

Death knights are different from other undead. They lost their bodies, formed an astral body using their soul, and put armor on it.

In fact, it was the same for lichs, but the biggest and most fundamental difference between lichs and death knights is that, unlike lichs, who wanted to become that way themselves, death knights are cursed or completely corrupted beings.

However, the Death Knight Corps led by Bolander were not corrupted knights, but cursed knights.

It’s not common, but it does happen. A knight who is the target of black magic is cursed and becomes a Death Knight. Or, if you are cursed in a dungeon where extraordinary things seem like common sense, or if you are forced to sign a contract to become a Death Knight without a choice by using a cursed weapon.

It was very attractive to Kim Jong-hyun to see hundreds of such Death Knights gathered together.

The enormous morale emitted by hundreds of Death Knights and the powerful Bolander. That was what Kim Jong-hyun was interested in.

‘It is done.’

Kim Jong-hyun looked down at the magic circle drawn on the floor with a happy face.

It is a magic circle that attracts the morale that fills the area around the ghost ship. The death energy emitted by Death Knights is strong enough to kill those with low resistance just by breathing.

Kim Jong-hyun opened the grimoire while greatly inhaling morale.

The morale emitted by the Death Knight is the power of a bad demon lord. The power of the Demon King who cursed them was degraded and became a fraud after forming their astral body.

Even so, the source is ultimately the devil. Kim Jonghyun licked his lower lip once and then focused his attention on the grimoire.

He tried to become a demon king, but failed. He can no longer use the power of reversal. Since he failed once, he no longer has any regrets.

What he wanted to do now was not to turn this imperfect body back into a demon lord.

It was simple curiosity.

Sneaky… … Sreuk… … .

Death flows. The morale gathered over several months condenses and swirls.

Kim Jonghyun smiled.

Magic never fails. This time, no one will come to interfere, even if they do. Volander and Death Knights will act as shields.

Even though such preparations were made, there were no interruptions.

The magic was completed as planned, and a black door appeared in front of Kim Jong-hyun.

He slowly approached the door.

The door leading to the demon world was opened through the energy of death connected to the ‘demon lords’. Kim Jonghyun didn’t even need to reach out and open it. The door slowly opened in front of Kim Jonghyun.

The moment you try to enter the door. Kim Jonghyun’s steps stopped.

‘Don’t come in.’

I heard that voice in my head.

‘Once you go in, you can’t come back.’

Kim Jong-hyun’s eyes lit up at the quiet warning.


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