Worthless Regression Chapter 285

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[287] From the North (4)


As if emphasized, the forceful words were enough to silence everyone, including Lee Seong-min.

Even Sima Lianju, who was not particularly interested in the end, could not easily ignore what Jennyella was saying just now.


Heo Joo also muttered in Lee Seong-min’s head. Jennyella mentioned ‘the end’. However, the Apostle of the End does not intervene.

“Is it okay to say it that easily?”

“It doesn’t matter because I’m not telling the fundamental story. Besides, the end has already begun.”

Jennyella smiled and answered Lee Seong-min’s question.

From the answer, Jennyella was able to see that Lee Seong-min had a proper understanding of ‘the end.’

That was enough to pique her interest. A person who cannot see with either the direct magical eye or the future eye.

And you clearly understand the ending, right?

“It’s Kim Jonghyun.”

Master Sima Lian opened his mouth.

“I know about that warlock. The Demon King of the North. “I also know roughly what happened in the forest where the subjugation took place.”

“I think I can explain that in detail.”

“If you say that, does that mean we can’t stop him now?”

“It means that nothing can be done with this amount of information.”

In response, Sima Lianzhu let out a low laugh. information. The one holding the hilt of the sword was Jennyella.

Sima Lianzhu himself knew it well.

No matter how strong he is, he cannot force himself against Jennyella and extract information from her.

It was possible against the Black Dragon Alliance, but it was impossible against Jennyella. It’s an opponent that is impossible to subdue or kill.

“Then tell me.”

“The grimoire ritual gathered together the hearts, souls, and fears of thousands of people. “The ritual that Kim Jong-hyun performed in the North was a ritual that turned him into a demon king.”

“oh my god.”

Scarlett mumbled at Jennyella’s words. Sima Lianju and Lee Seong-min were illiterate about magic, but Scarlett was not. Her face turned white as she understood Jenny Ella’s words.

“You’re turning a human into a demon lord…” … “There’s no way that’s possible.”

“It’s possible. Because grimoire magic is not human magic. I don’t know if the wizard’s guild knows, but the grimoire is the devil’s tome. “There are magic spells prepared for the devil.”

“Isn’t that even more contradictory? The Demon King’s grimoire, said to have magic prepared for the Demon King… … “Why is there a magic that turns humans into demon lords?”

“For that purpose, isn’t it okay?”

Jennyella smiled brightly at Scarlett’s question.

“The grimoire records magic to turn a ‘certain’ human in this world into a demon lord, and for a human who has become a demon lord to use magic as a demon lord. If you look at it that way… … Rather than a simple book of magic, it would be better to view it as a guide to growth and a learning book.”

“Who on earth created such a grimoire…? … ?!”

“I don’t know that either. Actually, that’s not important, right? Even though Arbes had the grimoire, he couldn’t use the magic, but Kim Jong-hyun could. “Because he was special even among humans.”

“The ritual would have failed.”

The Black Dragon Association muttered. It was none other than him who ruined the completed ceremony. The psychic had given instructions to the Black Dragon Association. Go to the forest where the subjugation is taking place and stop Kim Jong-hyun.

‘The psychic didn’t say kill… … .’

If he had to be killed, he would have ordered ‘kill’ without leaving any room for it.

But the medium did not command that. What Jennyella said… … She is sticky and sticks to her ears.

puppet. Thinking of that, the Black Dragon League felt chills and goosebumps rising.

“That’s right, the ritual failed. “Kim Jong-hyun could not become a complete devil.”

“What’s the problem with that?”

Seongmin Lee asked a question. If you fail, isn’t that the end? Although they failed to kill Kim Jong-hyun, the Black Dragon Hyeop interfered with Kim Jong-hyun’s consciousness and caused him to fail.

“The devil cannot exist in this world. There is a reason why the Spirit Queen cannot exist in this world and lives in her spirit world, and why the Fairy Queen cannot come out of her own realm, the Fairy Forest. “This is a very long promise.”

A long promise. This is what I heard from Osla.

“Truly transcendental people like them should not descend to this world. A certain amount of interference is possible, but it must not be manifested. “If Kim Jong-hyun’s ritual was successful and he turned into a complete demon king, he would have been expelled from Eria the moment he became a demon king.”

Jennyella laughed loudly.

“But his ritual failed. Although he succeeded in turning himself into a half demon lord, he did not become a complete demon lord. What does this mean? “He is not banished from this world, but is now able to enjoy the power of the Demon King.”

“… … oh my god… … .”

“Why did Cheon Oecheon give you such an order? Because Kim Jong-hyun was in the way of Cheon Oecheon? If that were the case, there was no need to disturb Kim Jong-hyun’s consciousness. “If he had succeeded in becoming the Demon King without anyone having to subdue him, he would have been immediately expelled from Eria and transferred to the Demon World.”

The Black Dragon Association’s shoulders trembled.

“Celestial. I know about you too. Hehe… … Hehehe! Those arrogant idealists. Frogs in the well. A rat who spins a treadmill without knowing anything… … Hehehe! Do you think Cheon Oecheon and Predator are equal? Among the humans who barely lived for a hundred years, the ones who were exceptional and outstanding and managed to live for hundreds of years were the Martial Gods and the Six Exalted Ones. Do you think we were afraid and wary and left alone the less than ten of you bastards who have barely achieved a lifespan equal to that of humans by sacrificing their entire lives?”

Jennyella laughed in a high voice.

“I left it alone because I had to. You survived because of the Predator’s mercy. But it won’t be long. It won’t be long until our predators’ mercy ends. “The disaster in the south will be a reminder of why we monsters, originating from humans, call themselves Predators.”

“What are you planning to do?”

“It’s not me who does what happens. Kim Jong-hyun and Bolanderji.”

“Volander… … !”

Seongmin Lee’s eyes opened wide at Jennyella’s words. Yeah, south. The sea of ​​the southwest sea. A ghost ship wandering the sea used as a trade route.

By chance, Lee Seong-min also met them. Hundreds of Death Knights and the leader of the Death Knight who leads them. Volander Ebreil.

“Kim Jong-hyun was able to give Volander and hundreds of Death Knights what they desperately wanted. He became half a demon lord and was able to use the demon lord’s power. Do you know what their secret wish is?”

“Being human.”

Seongmin Lee answered. In response, Jennyella smiled happily and nodded her head.

“For that secret wish, Bolander and the Death Knights will commit more terrible slaughter than any other army in the world without mercy. The army of death is unleashed from the south. Yes, this is the first disaster. “Countless people will die, and all of their corpses will rise up as undead.”

“If that’s the first, what’s the second?”

Sima Lianju asked a question in response to Jennyella’s words. To that question, Jennyella just smiled without answering.

“Unfortunately. I can’t answer that either. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like you know and pretend not to know. “Just because I am doesn’t mean I know the whole future.”

“Carceral predation.”



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Master Sima Lian opened his mouth.

“Rumors of genocidal predation have been floating around for hundreds of years. Even though no one has ever seen it. “Is it you?”

“yes that’s right. I saw a future where genocidal predation emerged. “I couldn’t figure out who it was.”

“I know what future you want. “Are you waiting for a massacre?”

It was a question not worth answering. She burst into laughter as she looked at Jenny Ella smiling brightly.

He shook his head and asked in an uncomprehending voice.

“They say the end is the end of everything. Is the emergence of genocidal predation the end? Does that mean it is also a disaster? Just as Kim Jong-hyun was the first disaster.”

“I don’t know that either. The future I see is fragmentary. All I can say is… … “The last future I saw was the advent of the Carnage Predator, and all my actions and the actions of the Predator are aimed at getting to that future.”

“I don’t know.”

Sima Lianju narrowed his eyes and muttered.

“We are hoping for the emergence of genocidal predation. It was understood. I also understand that all your actions are for the emergence of the Slaughter Predator. But why do you want that future? Do you know what’s in the future? Do you think you can control the carnage predation?”

“Don’t be mistaken. I have no intention of controlling genocide. King of all strangers. I want to see for myself the monster that kills and eats everything. That’s all why I hope for that future.”

“Are you saying that you aided and abetted the disaster even though you were aware of it?”


Jennyella answered with a bright smile.

Those words left everyone speechless. A transcendent in the true sense of the word. Speaking about him, Jennyella mentioned the Queen of Fairies and the Queen of Spirits.

The Demon King would also be a being of the same rank as them. They must not descend into this world.

but… … Seongmin Lee recalled what happened at Eorumuri. At that time, the Queen of Spirits descended, albeit temporarily.

“There was a time when the Queen of Spirits descended into this world.”

“I broke a long-held promise. “I don’t know specifically what the promise was, but if you break it, you will have to pay a high price.”

This is what Osla also said. What the Spirit Queen did was a violation of the contract.

What is the contract, what is the long-standing promise. The current Lee Seong-min had no idea.

“I’m sure I understand.”

Master Sima Lian opened his mouth.

“I know you’re not normal. and… … The fact that you have said these things without hesitation means that you cannot prevent Kim Jong-hyun from functioning as a disaster. Also, everything is as you wish. “It is also a paving stone for the emergence of massacre predators.”


“Then I don’t need to talk to you anymore.”

“Are you going?”

Jennyella asked. She tried to say more, but no more words could come out of her open mouth.

Her eyes widen and her mouth slowly closes.

A little silence. After that, Jennyella laughed softly.

Seeing Jennyella like that, Sima Lianju’s movements suddenly froze.

Jennyella was saying something into Sima Lianju’s mind.

In a moment. He nodded his head slowly.

“is it?”

“Are you going?”

“The reason you told me is because you know that my actions will not change if I tell you.”

“Yes. No, maybe I can change it. “I’m telling you this because I’m convinced that no matter what you do, it won’t be a factor in the future I truly want.”

At that answer, Sima Lianzhu laughed. He slowly turned around.

Jennyella called out Lee Seong-min, who followed Sima Lianju.

“… … “No, no.”

Jennyella slowly shook her head towards Lee Seong-min, who stopped.

“There must be a good reason why I haven’t seen you. “I don’t want to create variables by touching it for no reason.”

“… … what do you mean?”

In response to Lee Seong-min’s question, Jennyella just smiled.

Sima Lianju quickly came out of the mansion. The carriage could no longer be ridden. Because he couldn’t control the horses that had become zombies.

Sima Lianju ordered Ye Hwa to find horses capable of pulling a carriage.


Sima Lianju, who was thinking about something for a moment, glanced at the Black Dragon Association.

The black dragon group that made eye contact with him tilts its head.


Sima Lianzhu took off his mask. The Black Dragon, Lee Seong-min, and Scarlett looked puzzled as he suddenly took off his mask.

“100 million!”

The one who screamed out a single word was the Black Dragon Alliance.

The body of the Black Dragon, which was suddenly grabbed by the neck, fell backwards.


Sima Lianzhu, who defeated Black Dragon, raised his finger without hesitation and took possession of his blood path. The bloodthirsty Black Dragon was unable to resist and stiffened in that state.


Sima Lianju said while looking down at the Black Dragon Gorge.

“I will never betray my disciple. Please swear that you will not turn my disciples into enemies. No, swear that you will not harm the Red Magic Tower Lord and Ye Hua.”

“sleep… … Kahn… … What on earth… … ?”

“Don’t you?”

The Black Dragon Association looked at Sima Lianzhu with a puzzled expression. Although he had been subdued by him in the Murim Alliance, it was the first time for the Black Dragon Association or Lee Seong-min to see Sima Lianju’s eyes as young as he was now.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

Lee Seong-min also couldn’t understand Sima Lianju’s actions, so he asked that question. To that question, Sima Lianzhu answered as if it was no big deal.

“The Vampire Queen said.”


“I’m saying the principal is going to die.”

Contrary to the content of his words, Sima Lianzhu’s tone was extremely calm.


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