Worthless Regression Chapter 287

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[289] Musin (1)

“Why do we have to get out of the way?”

Joowon raised his head at the sound of a grumbling voice.

When Joo Won’s eyes met, Lycan Slope, who did not hide his dissatisfaction, swallowed his saliva without realizing it.

He was a confidant who had been by Joo Won’s side since the days when he was called Gwangrang, so he knew very well what that look in Joo Won’s eyes meant.

Although it is now clouded by the boredom brought on by hundreds of years of time, when Howon, the former leader of Lycan Slope, was alive, Joowon’s name was Gwangrang.

Joo-won was a monster who was aggressive and violent, fighting with anyone, and that no one but Howon could stop or control.

Joowon’s eyes now contained the same light that had shone during his days as a madman.

The henchman looked at Joo Won with a nervous face. Even with that look in his eyes, Joo Won doesn’t act like he did before.

At Jennyella’s request, he left his territory, the snowy field, to make room for her. The confidant could not understand why Joo Won would do such a thing to Jennyella.

Still, he didn’t even dare to ask Joo Won about his doubts.

It was because I was afraid that the question would hurt Joowon’s pride.

“There must be a reason.”

Joowon slowly lifted himself up. Although the distance to the snowy field was long, his eyes still captured the snowy field that he had made his home for over a hundred years.

He saw a carriage crossing the snowy field.


The strong presence felt inside was making Joowon’s heart beat.

If it weren’t for Jennyella’s words, he would have stayed in the snowy field and greeted Sima Lianju.

After Howon’s death and a long period of time, Hoseungsim has become worse than he was in his prime, but even though his name changed from Gwangrang to Joowon, it does not mean that he has become a completely different being.

Joo Won suppressed his boiling fighting spirit.

Just this morning. Although it was something I heard suddenly, it was something Jennyella said herself when she came to see me.

To stay away from the snowy field ‘for the time being’. Don’t get involved in anything that happens here.

“Are you holding it in well?”

The henchman and other Lycan Slopes were all surprised by the giggling sound.

Joo Won was not surprised. He slowly turned his head and looked to the side.

Jennyella was standing not far away. When her eyes met Joo Won’s, she lifted the hem of her skirt slightly and smiled softly.

“Isn’t it difficult?”


“But you have to be patient. “Jumping into you was a scene that didn’t exist in the future I saw.”

“Are you saying that my participation in the war could act as a variable?”

“A being with power like yours could naturally become a variable. I don’t want that. “I’m sure you know it, right?”

Joo Won did not answer. Jennyella’s words were like confirmation of death to him. Joo Won suppressed and swallowed the urge and desire in his heart.

Jennyella came and stood next to Joo Won, her eyes shining.

“It can be more fun to watch than to fight in person.”

“I don’t think so.”

“But that doesn’t work. Hold on… … You have to be patient. There isn’t much left anyway. Are you going to make meaningless what we have endured for over a hundred years?”

“Because the future you hope for is not the future I hope for.”

“Let’s not say anything unpleasant.”

Jennyella made a laughing sound. She looked in the direction of the snow field where Joowon was looking. A carriage crossing a snowy field. And a person running from the other side.

“still. People who have reached the peak as ‘humans’ in their own way clash, right? “It will be fun to watch.”

This is one of the future scenes that Jennyella saw before meeting Sima Lianju.

She did not tell Sima Lianju about this scene. She didn’t think he would avoid her, but she most wanted to have a ‘chance meeting’.

Jennyella said in a voice filled with excitement.

“This is my first time seeing the power of Martial God.”

In a shaking carriage. Sima Lianzhu took off his mask. Lee Seong-min, who was sitting across from him deep in thought, was surprised when Sima Lianju suddenly took off his mask.

“You take your clothes off often these days. Is there a problem?”


Sima Lianju did not answer Lee Seong-min’s question. He looked down at the mask he took off, smiled, and put it in his arms.

“You probably didn’t forget what you asked for, right?”

“I’ve never forgotten.”

Scarlett answered. Scarlett was not an idiot either, and she secretly guessed what it meant for Sima Lianzhu to suddenly take off his mask and say something like that.

She looked at Sima Lianzhu with a stiff face and asked.

“… … no way.”

“no. “Not today.”

Sima Lianju spoke with a confident voice. He slowly got up. Lee Seong-min also stood up following Sima Lianju.

“Is there a problem?”

“Not today.”

Sima Lianzhu muttered the same words he had just said once more.

Okay, not today. Sima Lianzhu had great confidence in this.

“Still. “It would be polite to at least show some caution.”

“What on earth… … ?”

“You don’t know?”

Sima Lianju laughed at Lee Seong-min, who looked like he couldn’t understand.

Lee Seong-min had seen the expression on Sima Lianju’s face when he said that before.

A crone with murimblindness. When you attack that place and face the opening batting batting line.

Sima Lianju had that expression on his face, feeling both joy and excitement.

Although I felt very disappointed afterward because hitting the ball was much easier than I thought. He said it was too early to feel disappointed now.



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“You will find out.”

Sima Lianzhu said with a smile. It was as he said.


Lee Seong-min gasped and swallowed his breath as the huge presence pressured him mentally.

If Jennyella’s presence was an overwhelming fear that stopped one’s breathing and drove one’s mind crazy, then her current presence was a subversive intimidation that made it impossible for me to dare to raise my head.

“This is… … .”

In a feeling of intense intimidation, Lee Seong-min quickly grabbed Scarlett’s wrist.

It was to calm her down. However, this time Scarlett was preparing her response, so she did not react as strongly as she did when she encountered Jenny Ella’s presence.

The carriage stopped.

“Ye-hwa has suffered a lot.”

Sima Lianju muttered this and opened the carriage door. The Black Dragon Association spat out with a shocked face.

“This… … Musin… … It’s the presence of Martial God. no way… … ?!”


Sima Lianzhu nodded his head without a lie.

“I never thought I would meet an old friend in a place like this.”

Yehwa’s face, sitting in the coach seat, was white. Lee Seong-min hurriedly followed Sima Lianju out of the carriage.

Sima Lianzhu said while caressing Ye Hua’s trembling shoulder.

“I brought you here for no reason.”

“Oh, no… … .”

“Stay inside.”


Lee Seong-min grabbed Sima Lianju’s shoulder. He knew it was rude.

There were many times when I talked back to Sima Lianzhu, but I never once tried to force his actions in this way.

However, Sima Lianju did not show any sign of displeasure. His eyes were as pure as a child’s, full of anticipation.

“I said not today.”

“but… … !”

“I would have told you. “Not today.”

“… … yes… … ?”

“It is the Lord himself, not the heavens, who chooses the place to lie down. If the principal dies, it is not heaven, fate, and the future that kill the principal, but the principal himself wishes for and chooses the death of the principal. And, again, “Not today.”

As Sima Lianju said that, he pushed away Lee Seong-min’s hand that was on his shoulder.

“Musin is not enough.”

There was no question about what that meant.

The warrior’s galloping steps stopped.

Although he was a little surprised, that surprise was not a reason for Mushin to hesitate.

He walked towards the carriage with long strides.

I didn’t know that I would encounter Sima Lianju in the north of here. No, it actually went well.

Originally, I was planning to go to Sima Lianju after meeting the Vampire Queen in the north. So it turned out that she was doing well.

“Sama Lianju.”

“Don’t call me by that nickname without affection.”

“Was there affection between us?”

“Isn’t there a level of hatred that comes with it?”

Sima Lianju slowly approached Wu Xin, leaving Lee Seong-min behind.

Martial God gritted his teeth as he looked at Sima Lianzhu’s smiling face.

At the same time, Wu Xin glared at Li Seong-min behind Sima Lianju’s shoulder.

“… … “It’s deafening.”

“Is this your first time seeing it in person? Well, I guess so. “If my incompetent disciple had met you, he would have died right away.”

“… … “It was a bad relationship in many ways.”

The reason he didn’t kill Lee Seong-min right away was because the psychic said he shouldn’t.

Because Musin did not suspect the spirit medium, he kept Gwi-chang alive until now. I don’t know the details, but I thought it was because there was a good reason.

“They should have killed him right away.”

But now. Musin truly regretted not killing Lee Seong-min first.

I felt sorry for the deaths of Gwonjon and Geomjon, but I was not angry because I thought it was the spirit’s will that this happened.

However, he is angry at Amzon’s death.

Musin is not cold-blooded. That Amzon is truly following him.

I deeply understood Amzon’s resentment for losing his daughter to a monster, not a human. Even though Amzon’s martial arts skills were worse than Geomzon’s, Musin still cherished Amzon over Geomzon. It was Musin who taught Amjon the essence of Bobeop.

“… … “Do you have the white elephant?”

Musin asked, glaring at Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee did not understand what he was saying, and Mushin shouted.

“That’s the Baekah that Amzon had! “Do you understand if I say Mystiltein?!”

Only then did Seongmin Lee remember the white awl that Amzon had tried to stab him with. A long awl without a handle.

In fact, the texture felt more like a sharply cut tree branch than an awl.


Because it was such a famous weapon, even Lee Seong-min knew about it. Through Lee Seong-min’s expression, Musin realized that Lee Seong-min had Baek-a, which he had left in the care of Amzon.


A huge power began to oscillate around the god of war.

“The reason Baek Ah was entrusted to Amjon, who was weaker than Geomjon, Changwang, and Wolhu. “It was proof of my love for Amzon that much.”

Musin began to walk at a brisk pace.

“The man who followed me to avenge his daughter was more truthful and blind than anyone else in Cheonoecheon. But… … He’s dead. “He died without ever seeing with his own eyes the world he had dreamed of his whole life.”


Facing the wrath of the God of War, Sima Lianju opened his mouth. He blocked Mushin’s path and shook his head.

“Let’s not discuss something as trivial as revenge. “Don’t you know that it’s not honorable to discuss something like that?”

“I didn’t mean to fight you.”

Martial God glared at Sima Lianju and spat out.

“Even while you were in seclusion, you did not put much pressure on Sima Lian. But you trampled on my respect. Why did you attack the Murim Alliance? Why did you kidnap the Black Dragon Association?”

“I didn’t kill him. The Black Dragon Association is safely in the carriage. “But you don’t come out because you seem to be afraid.”

“Did you betray me?”

“I’m still alive because I betrayed you.”

At Sima Lianju’s answer, Wu Xin’s shoulders trembled.

“you… … “You are trying to ruin my whole life.”

“It seems like you haven’t put much effort into it your whole life.”

“Cheon Ocheon… … “Do you know what you wish for?”

“Preventing the end.”

“Are you knowingly trying to ruin him!”

“Even if both people want the same thing, the means may be different.”

Sima Lianzhu smiled and responded to Wu Xin’s shout.

“A ridiculous story about the annihilation of the outside world. Yes, I heard there is a method… … Actually, I don’t believe that. That is why, even though I hope to prevent the end, I do not agree with your methods.”

“Shut up.”

“It just worked out. If you consider me an obstacle, shouldn’t you just kill me here? I don’t know what it is, but it seems like the item you care about belongs to my student. “If you want to get him back, all you have to do is kill the principal and kill the disciple to take him away.”

“Yeah, that would be the easiest.”


A black electric current popped out from around Sima Lianzhu’s shoulder. Mushin glared at it and spoke with a powerful voice.

“So I think so.”

“It’s all good, but you said one thing wrong.”

Sima Lianzhu smiled.

“It won’t be the easiest.”

The figure of Martial God disappeared. Sa Beop-ju raised both his hands without wavering.

“It’s the hardest one.”


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