Worthless Regression Chapter 252

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[254] Passion (3)

The demon’s pupils narrowed. Martial God continued to ask, glaring at the one and only eye floating in the air.

“Don’t avoid the answer. “Because I know that this world will come to an end soon.”

[If you know him, you would also know how meaningless your question is.]

“I asked if it was decided.”

[There is an end to everything. The same goes for this world.]

“How can I avoid it?”

[You have your role.]

The demon spirit whispered.

[Every being has its own role. It’s an uneven role. I won’t say that your role and destiny are small, but they are not that big either.]

“It’s up to me to decide for him.”

[You are a particularly large ant among a group of ants crawling on the floor together.]

The demon asked a question.

[You are such an ant. Those ants probably have a role to play too. Even if the ant itself claims that it does not play that role, it does not mean that the ant is not an ant.]

Musin’s cheeks stiffened at those words.

Rumbling… … !

The power that surged from the martial god’s body seemed to cover the sky.

“If you are one of the apostles carrying out the apocalypse. If I destroy your existence in this place. “It might help to delay the end just a little bit.”


The demon responded with a small but powerful voice to Musin’s words with determination.

[I am not an apostle who carries out the end times. All I can do is intervene and show the way. And, I would have said it. You have your role.]

“What is my role?!”

[I do not show you the path.]

The demon’s eyes slowly closed.

[But let me tell you this. Your role does not end here. This is the end of my courtesy to you. Please go back.]

At those words, Mushin’s eyebrows twitched. He kicked the ground and instantly jumped towards the demon spirit.

But when the closed eyes of the devil were opened.


The body of the warrior flying in the air disappeared on the spot.

Wijihoyeon watched it all. She heard everything. But I am not agitated.

It was a very mysterious feeling. Wiji Hoyeon stared at his demon spirit, feeling a sense of discomfort, as if he was not himself, or rather, as if he had realized something.

“What is my role?”

Wijihoyeon asked a question.

* * *

Even before returning to Rubes. Lloyd was called to the Senate.

He felt a little nervous and looked down at the crystal ball. He had a lot to say.

There is much to report. That the subjugation failed. About Kim Jong-hyun. And about the Murim Alliance. The Murim Alliance has not yet announced its position regarding the runaway stock price of Moyong Sega.

This is because not much time has passed since the subjugation ended.

‘You can’t just let this matter go.’

This is something that should not be just covered up as the personal reckless behavior of Mr. Mo Yong-sega. Tolerating this incident would be setting a precedent.

Even if it is said to be an individual’s reckless behavior, since the Mo Yong family is in charge of one axis of the Murim Alliance, the Murim Alliance must be held responsible.

‘It’s obvious what the old senators will say.’

They will try to smooth things over by talking about their interests. Lloyd sighed and placed his hand on her crystal ball.

Although the Senate is said to be retired wizards, they have power within the wizard guild that cannot be ignored.

Lloyd didn’t respect them. Those old men who have more or less fulfilled their wishes do not try to communicate with young wizards.

They reign above their heads as if they deserve to be treated well, and in fact, they are hiding their secret wishes and the knowledge they have gained.

[Why don’t you calm down?]

The moment I grabbed the crystal ball and imbued it with magic. I heard a voice like that. Lloyd’s shoulders trembled.

‘This voice… … .’

Lloyd’s eyebrows trembled. Just once. I have heard this voice before. When Lloyd became the golden magic tower lord. In the position of appointing a magic tower lord.

“… … Are you the guild leader?”

[It looks like you haven’t forgotten, kid.]

The guild leader said with a chuckle. Lloyd immediately bowed his head.

Wizard guild leader. The pinnacle of the wizard guild that exists behind the magic tower lord and the senate. He was also a person who had other meanings to Lloyd than just his position as guild leader.

Envirus, the teacher who taught Lloyd general magic. His younger brother was the guild leader.

“why… … “The guild leader himself?”

[Because it’s worth it. Would you rather deal with the idiots in the Senate than me?]

“No… … is.”

Even if he is my teacher’s younger brother. Lloyd had never met the guild leader in person. Even when he was appointed to the position of Lord of the Golden Magic Tower, he only heard the voice.

Lloyd knew that the guild leader was Envirus’ younger brother, but the guild leader had never once mentioned or expressed it.

[Try reporting first. What happened in the subjugation war?]

In response to the guild leader’s question, Lloyd hesitated and looked down at the documents spread out on the table.

This is a document that records the events that occurred during the subjugation war. Lloyd began reading the contents of the document.

[Kim Jonghyun That kid was going to do something very interesting.]

The guild leader said with a grin.

[Do you know what Kim Jong-hyun was trying to do?]

“… … I do not know.”



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[He was trying to become the devil.]


Lloyd’s eyes opened wide at the guild leader’s words. She wanted to become the devil. Lloyd couldn’t take those words literally. This is because according to his common sense, it was impossible for a human to become a demon lord.

[But I failed. It was meant to be.]

“Failure means… … Are you saying Kim Jong-hyun is dead?”

[no. It didn’t die. Kim Jong-hyun’s name is still written on Grace. Kim Jong-hyun is still the owner of the grimoire.]

The guild leader spoke as if it was no big deal, and Lloyd couldn’t understand the guild leader’s attitude. This was because I absolutely did not think this was a story that could be overlooked so easily.

[The Murimmaeng attacked the wizard guild?]

“yes… … “The green and white magic tower owners, including me, agreed that this should never be tolerated.”

[In that case, let’s end our relationship with the Murim Alliance.]

The guild leader said calmly. Despite those words, Lloyd couldn’t help but open his mouth dumbly.

“… … “You mean that easily?”

[I have no intention of clearing things up completely. However, I plan to make a gesture that says I am offended.]

“how… … “You mean?”

[I’ll think about it later. There was more to it than that. It looks like the Predator has also started moving.]

Hmm, hmm. The guild leader, who was contemplating beyond the crystal ball, opened his mouth.

[Is the Red Magic Tower lord in Sima Lian?]

“I guess so.”

[good. You must not return to the Golden Magic Tower. I will also go to the Golden Magic Tower at the time you arrive.]


Lloyd let out a surprised sound at the guild leader’s words.

* * *

“Damn it.”

Bang, bang.


Bang, bang, bang.


The heat was so hot that it cooked the flesh.

Lee Seong-min, who completed Chinese calligraphy, did not feel hot or cold, but the heat radiating from this place made even Lee Seong-min suffer from the heat.

Seongmin Lee let out a sigh while looking at the back of a dwarf hammering in front of a flame-filled brazier.

“Why are you swearing so much?”

“If it were you, you wouldn’t swear, kid!”

At Lee Seong-min’s words, the dwarf chief, Mackendor, turned his head and distorted his face.

Among dwarves who live longer than humans, Mackendor is the oldest. However, he had a muscular body that was unbecoming of his age.

Mackendor, who was sweating profusely, stopped hammering for a moment, breathing heavily.

“He came to me at random times, showed me a letter from the Fairy Queen, and told me to hammer it… … !”

“Weren’t you happy at first when you heard that you could manipulate dragon scales and bones?”

“I never thought it would be this crazy of a job!”

Mackendor shouted at Lee Seong-min’s words.

“Damn, I thought it was just a few scales or bone fragments. Who would have thought that there were whole bones and thousands of uncooked scales?!”

“Weren’t you happy about that at first?”

It actually did. Just a few hours ago, Mackendor had shown his passion as a craftsman for the first time in decades as he threw scales into the solar furnace that only the chieftain could handle.

But three hours later. Mackendor’s passion cooled down, contrary to the heat of the furnace, which was spewing out heat waves.

“I’m old.”

Mackendor muttered as he picked up the hammer again.

“When I was 30 years younger, I could hammer for dozens of hours and still be fine. But not anymore… … I am an old man. Just come 30 years early. “Why did you come now?”

“I wasn’t even born 30 years ago.”

“Bloody bastard!”

In response to Lee Seong-min’s answer, Mackendor swore again and slammed the hammer down.

“beer… … I need a beer. Very cold beer… … ”

“I don’t trust hammering while drinking.”

“All dwarves have to drink alcohol to ignite their artistic spirit.”

“What I ask of you is not a work of art full of artistic spirit, but sturdy armor and a spear that pierces well.”

“You f*cking idiot, do you know art?”

Despite his struggles, Mackendor did not stop hammering.

Seongmin Lee wiped the sweat running down his forehead with the back of his hand.

After leaving Sima Lian, it took two months to arrive at the dwarf village.

After briefly saying hello to Selgerus, who lives in this village, he immediately went to the Sun Brazier, showed Osla’s letter to Mackendor, and asked him to make a new spear and armor.

“Are you going to keep watching? “By the looks of it, it’ll take a month to make!”

“I don’t think you’ll do it right if you don’t look.”

“What are you looking at me for? “Since I received the letter from the Fairy Queen, I will do my best, so you don’t have to worry.”

Mackendor took out the dragon bone that had been placed in the brazier.

“Damn Dragonborn. “Even though I put it in a furnace that melts mithril and orichalcon in an instant for several hours, it’s still fine.”

“Is processing possible?”

“If it was impossible, I would have said so from the beginning. “Why don’t you just get out of the way and get out of the way?”

“I think so.”

I felt a little sorry that Mackendor was having a hard time in this heat, so I stayed. It seemed like it would be impossible to have more. I never would have thought that there would be such a heat that it would even penetrate the Chinese language. Lee Seong-min turned his body, brushing back his sweat-soaked hair.

“Baby, if you say you’re going, you’re really going.”

“What are you asking me to do?”

“I get bored hammering alone.”

[You senile bastard.]

Heoju muttered as if he was dumbfounded by Mackendor’s grumbling words.

[I heard it has been stuck in this furnace for decades. Isn’t that why he lost his mind?]

‘i think so too.’

Lee Seong-min also sympathized with Heo Joo’s words to some extent.

“… … I heard you were originally a member of Erebrisa. Why did you return your membership?”

“All kinds of kids came to me and begged me to make something for them, but it was annoying and annoying. I wanted to retire and rest. “Sometimes I make whatever I want to make.”

“So you were thrown into this furnace?”

“It feels like it’s hot right now because of the fire, but it’s not usually this hot. It’s a very cozy and nice place. I am going to die here. In the end, after creating my final work, I will throw myself into the furnace and burn to death.”

“It is a death that is a nuisance to those who remain.”

“I think it’s cool.”

Mackendor said without hesitation. Of course, Lee Seong-min did not sympathize at all.

“I need an assistant.”

Mackendor, who was hammering repeatedly, was out of breath.

“I am old. you. Do you have any experience with hammering?”

“I know how to do simple repairs to weapons.”

“That’s a skill that even the mutts in this town know how to do.”

“Are you saying the dog knows how to hammer?”

“Can’t you even understand a joke?”

“This too is a joke.”

“You f*cking bastard.”

Mackendor’s shoulders trembled.

“okay. The spear and armor you used. “You said the guy who made that lives in this town, right?”


“Take him with you and ask him to be your assistant.”

“Are you okay?”

“What’s not to be okay with?”

“It’s a dark elf.”

“As long as the craftsman is good at hammering, what does race have to do with it?”

When Mackendore answered in an annoyed voice, Lee Seong-min chuckled. Lee Seong-min was well aware that although Selgerus held the title of Blacksmith Meister, he was not treated as he should because he was a dark elf.

So far, I have received help from Selgerus several times.

The spears and armor made by Selgerus have been useful so far, and Selgerus has only asked for a very low price when making the spears and armor.

It may have been Selgerus’ self-satisfaction, but Seongmin Lee was grateful to Selgerus for those things.

“All right.”

Lee Seong-min, feeling happy that he could unintentionally help Selgerus, turned around and went out of the furnace.


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