Worthless Regression Chapter 253

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[255] Passion (4)

Baek Sogo looked at his completely white hair in the mirror.

Starting from Mt. Mshi, I experienced many things. The many years he spent in the mountains he reentered and the 1000 years he spent in the spirit world of Denir.

It took several more years to embody the practice I gained in the spiritual world again.

So now. Baeksogo was leaving Drimoor where Denir was.

She put away the mirror. She thought that her own face reflected in the mirror was unfamiliar.

Even the hair that has turned white. The gaze becomes too deep. Baek Sogo pressed his temples. Her practice in the spiritual world also brought many aftereffects to her.

Not decades, not hundreds of years, but a thousand years. I lived alone in a white world with nothing.

Learn martial arts, learn them, learn them. I already knew and mastered the martial arts spirit, but with the enlightenment I gained there, I rewrote it dozens of times and learned it again from the beginning.

I became stronger.

That was undoubtedly true. Mushi’s protection also worked in the spiritual world. Thanks to this, Baek Sogo was able to completely overcome the wall of transcendence.

From the time he re-entered Mushi Mountain, Baek Sogo blindly pursued power.

This was because he felt that in order to achieve his ideals, he needed the strength to not give in to anyone.

What sustains her ideals is faith.

In accordance with righteousness and morality. Yes, opposing evil and establishing justice.

I was very disappointed in the Murim Alliance, which I thought was the best fit for it.

How foolish I was. Even though she knew the truth, there were many facts she ignored. In the overflowing days of my life in the spiritual world. Baek Sogo thought about him non-stop.

Jeongpa Island, Sapa Island.

It is meaningless in this world.

The martial arts world that exists here is not like a martial arts world, and there is no longer any sense of cooperation, let alone righteousness and duty, in the political factions.

Instead of letting go of the interests they have, they fill their stomachs with greed, and those who have do not hesitate to take from those who do not have.

The conscience of a charlatan who had initially refused was worn away by time and repeated malice, and the righteousness of the political faction was deteriorated.

The Gupa Ilbang, which has a long tradition, has become no different from the Parakho group, which does not seek to reach enlightenment by devoting itself to nothing, but seeks to gain benefits by gaining superior power over its opponents.

Among the powerful, there is no one who can be called a charlatan. What is a cooperative in the first place? Righteousness and duty are something. What is justice? Who in this world can judge him with clear standards and standards?

Everyone has everyone else’s standards and standards, and Baek Sogo himself felt no different from others. Humans, all humans are different.

Humans cannot completely understand each other, and there is no such thing as a truly righteous human being.

It’s a contradiction. Baek Sogo also knew.

The ideals she had, the beliefs that established her, and the standards and standards she had that became her foundation.

That it may not be correct in the eyes of others. How contradictory and selfish it is to regard oneself as the absolute standard, speak of righteousness and duty, and judge others while advocating cooperation as a charlatan.

Because I knew him. Baek Sogo did not know where to go.

‘I want to meet a priest.’

One of the winds. I want to meet the priest who gave up his life for me. The priest’s actions… … It was a cooperative.

Rather than seeking his own safety, he gave up his life for others in the face of death. Within Baeksogo’s standards, the actions of priest Lee Seong-min were enough to be called chivalrous.

A priest like that. The priest whom Baek Sogo wanted to meet again. He became a disciple of Sima Lianju.

Sima Lianju Demon Emperor Yangilcheon. He and the Safa organization he leads, Samaryen, are what most people say are evil.

Isn’t that actually true?

It would be arrogant to say that all Safa people are evil, but most of those who are called madhu and commit evil deeds are Safa people.

‘And the priest. you also.’

Lee Seong-min, a priest of Baeksogo, earned the nickname ‘Gwichang’ by killing the sword demon who killed Jang Mun-in of the Hwasan Sect.

Until then, Lee Seong-min was one of the new and emerging experts of the political faction. however… … From some moment. Seongmin Lee became Mine.

When Baek So-go, who was ignorant of information from outside the mountain, descended. She investigated the rumors about Lee Seong-min, and was very shocked by the rumors she heard.

Killed the Murim Alliance’s Iron Armored God Chang. Killed Zhuge Taeryeong and Mo Yong Seo-jin in the Forest of Delusion. And now, as a disciple of Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon, the Demon Lord of Sima Lian, he has become the successor of Sima Lian.

There must be a reason. I don’t want to blindly suspect the priest. Maybe there is a misunderstanding.

The organization called Murimmaeng, which she had been ignoring, was an organization that seemed to intentionally create misunderstandings and make it easy to frame people.

But what kind of misunderstanding and false accusation is there about becoming a disciple of Sima Lian and becoming the successor of Sima Lian?

‘I can go see you now.’

It makes no sense to think about it. Baek So-go headed towards Haras, where Sima-ryeon was located.

It will be a long trip. Haras is very expensive here. But he had no intention of rushing.

Go to Harath, before meeting the priest.

She intended to face this world that she had never seen before and that she had ignored even though she had seen it.

I remember what Denir said.

-You have to be a dagger.

This is what Denir said before leaving. Baek Sogo did not understand what Denir was thinking when he said those words.

Just like Mshi, Denir also made Baek Sogo his incarnation.

Why did he do that? He also didn’t know what Baek Sogo was.

* * *

A prestigious family member of the political faction. The Dang family is located in Nerod, a city near Mudangpa.

‘The shaman is close.’

It’s not that I’m scared by the name independent. If he were Lee Seong-min now, he could easily exterminate one of the old factions.

However, shamans have a sword. Although you may not be intimidated by the name Shaman, the story is different when it comes to the name Geomseon.

Geomseon is one of the masters recognized by the Sima Realm Master who can compete with the Sima Realm Master in today’s world.

‘Musin and Geomseon.’

And even Sima Lianju.

Even Lee Seong-min couldn’t know who would be the strongest among the three, but if it were an expert with the same strength as Sima Lianju, it would be impossible for the current Lee Seong-min to compete with him.

Lee Seong-min could not imagine the monster-like strength of Sima Lianju being defeated or in trouble, and he was well aware of Sima Lianju’s strength because he had suffered several beatings under the pretext of fighting while being his disciple.

If Geom Seon is equal to Sima Ryeonju, Lee Seong-min can never defeat Geom Seon.

The only consolation was that Geomseon was hiding in the depths of Mt. Wudang and would not come down, but before setting out to kill Amzon, Sima Lianju had already warned Lee Seong-min.



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If you fight a sword, never attack it.

-Maybe you will encounter a sword. He’s such a strange guy that even I can’t figure out his intentions. Even if Geomseon sees your identity and attacks you. You never fight back.

-Are you saying I should just be cut to death?

-If Geomseon wants to kill you by swinging his sword in the first place, it is impossible for you to survive with your skills. Don’t fight, run away. It would be impossible for you to avoid Geomseon’s sword and run away.

It reminds me of the warning of Sima Lian Ju. I don’t think he said that because he was ignoring himself.

It’s just that Geomseon’s sword is so sharp that he has no choice but to say it like that.

Seongmin Lee was conscious of the barding he wore under his clothes. This is a new barding made entirely of dragon scales and leather, created jointly by the dwarven chief Mackendor and the meister Selgerus.

I spent a limited amount of time visiting a dwarven village and had barding and a spear made.

In case you encounter a sword. Or it was to prepare for another crisis.

I am very satisfied with the new barding I received.

Even if you take the strength head-on, there won’t be a single flaw. The armor is strong enough to not be too scary even if attacked by the Transcendental Realm.

In addition, various magical enchantments are added.

It feels weightless, is comfortable, and remains in top condition even without maintenance.

It has a high-level enchantment that repairs damage on its own. If you meet Geomseon. I might be able to block his sword without difficulty.

The same goes for windows. Although I’m not equipped right now. A sharp and hard dragon’s tooth was used as the spear head and scales were added.

It was so sharp even without drawing strong energy, it seemed like there was nothing in this world that couldn’t be pierced with this spear.

Perhaps, if you use this spear, you might be able to pierce the scales of the Black Dragon Alliance, which Lee Seong-min’s attack did not work on.

‘Previously. Amzon will die from this spear first.’

“The dish you ordered has arrived.”

Somen with clear soup was placed in front of Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min was wearing a magic-added bast mask with a hero gun strapped to his forehead.

He was imitating a young charlatan pretending to be a young charlatan, even though he had only learned the crude martial arts that could be found anywhere.

Since you are not getting involved with anyone and are being as careful as possible in your actions, you will not be caught in a trap like during the subjugation war. That shouldn’t happen.

Dang Ah-hee’s birthday is tomorrow.

Will Amzon come to Dang Ah-hee’s birthday again this time? I wasn’t sure about that. Maybe it won’t come this year. But I didn’t know if it would come, and I didn’t want to ignore the immediate opportunity.

Amzone’s movements are secretive. I still remember those ghost-like walking techniques and various cancer techniques. It was true that he almost died at that time.

‘I know the place.’

I heard this from Dang Ah-hee in advance in the forest. Midnight on birthday night every year.

Under the large tree in the backyard of Dang Ah-hee’s annex. It was said that every year on the night of her birthday, Tang Wuji appears there and delivers a birthday present to Tang Axi.

There is no guarantee that it is true. Perhaps Dang Ah-hee lied to avoid that moment.

‘I’ll be able to check tomorrow.’

From a general perspective, it is not an easy task. First, you have to break into the party house without anyone knowing.

Among them, the most serious one was breaking into the annex of Tang Ah-hee, the daughter of the Tang clan head, and going all the way to the backyard.

‘I’m not very confident in hiding.’

It’s not at a very bad level. If you become an expert at Lee Seong-min’s level, you can use stealth techniques to some extent even if you have never properly learned them.

It is not for nothing that the saying, “I will dissuade you from returning to my hometown.” However, Amzon was not an opponent with whom he could compete using stealth techniques while talking about Manryu Gwijong.

If you rely on foolish hiding techniques, the Amzone will notice and run away, and if that happens, it will be even more difficult to catch them.


I didn’t come here blindly. Without any plan, I don’t have any rash thoughts about how things might work out.

Seongmin Lee emptied the bowl of somen on the table. I will stay at this inn today.

Seongmin Lee had no intention of leaving the room he rented at this inn until tomorrow night.

‘The Black Dragon Association will not appear again.’

Although I had considered the worst possibility, I did not think that the Black Dragon Alliance would appear again this time.

It would have been better if Joo Won had killed him in that forest. Seongmin Lee put down his chopsticks with regret.

‘But it’s clear that he was hurt to some extent.’

The Black Dragon Hyeop, who returned to the Murim Alliance, passed over his duties as leader to his vice-leader for personal reasons and disappeared.

Lee Seong-min, who sent Joo Won to the Black Dragon Association, could only assume that the Black Dragon Association had suffered a serious injury in the fight with Joo Won and had gone into hiding to heal him.

‘Wounds that cannot be healed even with elixir.’

Although I had no idea what it was. Seongmin Lee got up from his seat, feeling a sense of regret.

In fact, the most ideal outcome he hoped for was for both Zhou Won and the Black Dragon Emperor to die. It would have been better if King Chang had also died fighting.


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