Worthless Regression Chapter 251

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[253] Passion (2)

I didn’t know where to go.

The road and place I saw in my dream, no, I don’t know if I should call it a road and a place in the first place.

In any case, what she saw in her dream was too vague to be used as a clue to her destination.

But Wijihoyeon knew it well.

Although it was an uncertain belief. What if I break up with Lee Sung-min and become alone? That you will know where you need to go, which you saw in your dream.

That’s actually what happened.

I’ve never been to that place. Nevertheless, Wijihoyeon knew where and in what direction he needed to go.

‘This is my first time going this deep.’

Hueja Mountains.

It is a rugged mountain range in the southern region. Wijihoyeon was here.

When I break up with Lee Seong-min and begin a journey that I don’t know where to go.

Wijihoyeon learned that he had to go to the Huyal Mountains.

The journey to the south was quite long, and Wijihoyeon faced no threats on the way there. She looked around her misty surroundings.

This mountain, which refuses human intrusion, has a rough terrain and is home to all kinds of monsters.

The Hujal Mountains are a nest of barbaric monsters that can outwit even monsters.

Eormuri, a monster city not far from here, is a city inhabited by gentlemen monsters who control their desires with reason.

But not this forest. The monsters that live here are more faithful to their instincts than reason. This mountain range is where ferocious monsters that cannot survive in the city live.

Even so. The monsters of this mountain are no match for Wijihoyeon.

Although unknown monsters attacked from the very beginning of the mountain, the frequency of their attacks decreased after repeated deaths.

The youkai, faithful to their instincts, realized too late that the humans who entered the mountain were beings they could not hunt.

‘What’s here?’

yet. Didn’t arrive at destination. You will have to climb a little more to reach your destination.

Wijihoyeon didn’t know it, but the place she was heading to was a lake hidden in the middle of the Hujal Mountains. It was Majyeongjeong.

This is the place where Yana gained the power of the nine-tailed fox in the past, and the lake where one can contact demonic spirits.

Wijihoyeon, unaware of that fact, continued to climb the mountain, following the dreamscape he vaguely but clearly remembered.

It was a place I had never been to or knew anything about. Wijihoyeon knew that his destination was not far away.

However, Wijihoyeon’s steps stopped before he reached Majyeongjeong.

She gazed through the thick fog. Someone was sitting on a large rock.

Although it was a thick fog, Wijihoyeon’s eyesight was able to see someone directly beyond the fog.

“It’s too rough a mountain for a woman to climb alone.”

There was a rustling sound. Unwrapping the cute bundle.

Musin smiled as he took out a large rice ball and a boiled egg.

“Isn’t it a market?”


Wijihoyeon answered while looking at Musin. Mushin chuckles at the answer. He took a bite of a large rice ball and chewed it.

“I made this myself. It may not suit you, but one of my hobbies is cooking. “If you’re going to eat something, it’s better to enjoy it, and if you make it yourself, you can best suit your taste, right?”

After saying that, Musin ate the entire rice ball.

“Would you regret it if you didn’t eat it?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You don’t know the fate. “The scenery is so nice.”

He even takes out alcohol and drinks it. Wijihoyeon didn’t know that the martial god was a martial god, but there was still a martial god sitting on the rock… … He felt that he was an absolute expert who could be compared to Sa-beop-ju.

But Wijihoyeon was unfazed. She asked while looking at Musin’s face.

“Have you come to kill me?”

“no way.”

“Then to recruit me?”

“Do you know who the principal is?”

“Musin or Geomseon. It’s probably one of two things. Because you don’t have the feeling of Taoism… … “I think it’s probably martial arts.”


At Wijihoyeon’s answer, Musin put down the bottle and laughed out loud.

“Have you ever heard anything about this from Ilcheon?”

“I heard that it was closed.”

“Anything else?”

“You said you were weaker than me.”

Musin laughed loudly at Wijihoyeon’s answer. He called Sabeopju by her name as if she were a close friend, laughed for a while and then shook his head.

“Ilcheon2 is still the same. “Even though more than a hundred years have passed, it’s still the same.”

“Do you think he is arrogant?”

“no. If it’s one thousand, you have the right to say that. This wide world. It’s a world where people from different dimensions are summoned every day. “In this world, Ilcheoni has skills that can be counted on one hand in the field of martial arts.”

“Are you stronger than Sima Lianju?”

“I’ve been training at the closed gate for a hundred years, so I can’t say I’m weak, even out of pride. Actually, I don’t even know this place very well. “You’ll have to fight to find out.”

Musin said so and came down from the rock.

“But one thing is certain. Socheonma. “I am stronger than you.”

“I know.”

“But why don’t you run away?”

“You said you wouldn’t kill me.”

“You might change your mind.”

“I don’t think so.”



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Wijihoyeon answered with an expressionless face. The answer left Musin speechless. After a short silence, Mushin let out a small laugh and nodded his head.

“okay. It won’t change. “Where are you climbing this mountain to go?”

“How did you know I was here?”

I think I was cautious in my actions. He hid his identity as much as possible and did not cause any unnecessary disturbance.

There are eyes and ears everywhere trying to capture this wide world, but I moved so as not to attract their attention.

But Musin was waiting for her here, as if he knew Wijihoyeon would come here.

“Cheon Oecheon has the means to see and hear things other than information that is not widely available. “It’s not all-powerful, though.”

Although he was referring to a psychic, Wijihoyeon did not understand what Mushin said.

“I have to go up there.”

“I have no intention of stopping you. “I haven’t heard anything about stopping it.”

“You must be the pinnacle of heaven and earth. “You speak as if you are following someone’s words.”

“It is true that the main throne is the pinnacle of the heavenly world, but that does not mean that the throne can do whatever it wants.”

Wijihoyeon continued walking while listening to those words. Wijihoyeon, who came in front of Musin, glanced at him once and then passed by Musin.

Musin chuckled and walked after Wijihoyeon.

“I have a question. “If I ask you, will you answer?”

“If you can answer that.”

“Why are you trying to put me in Cheonoecheon?”

“Because it’s worth it.”

Mushin answered.

“Do you know about Cheon Oecheon’s ideals? “I think Gwi-chang probably knows.”

“Erase the outside world from this world and create a world just for humans. And Cheon Oecheon rules that world.”

“What do you think?”

“I think it’s bullshit.”

“that’s right.”

Musin nodded his head.

“But such simple and obvious ideals make your heart beat. “The desire for power and fame is what everyone desires, and if you are confident in your own power, you will have a sense of being the chosen people that you are different from ordinary people and that you should stand above them.”

“Are you saying it’s a lie?”

“It’s not just a lie.”

“To be honest, it looks like you have no intention of telling me, right?”

At those words, Musin just smiled and did not reply. He asked Wijihoyeon, who was walking ahead.

“Are you planning on coming into Cheonoecheon?”

“doesn’t exist.”

It wasn’t worth thinking about.

“Is it because of the earache?”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because Cheon Oecheon and Guichang are hostile to each other. If you come into Cheonoecheon. “I have no intention of antagonizing Guichang any longer.”

“There’s no need to do that. And he won’t like it that much if I do that.”

“It is a fact that I know that the ghosts are strong, but… … The reason why Guichang was able to survive until now is because Cheon Oecheon did not sincerely try to kill Guichang. Do you understand him?”

“Maybe so. “If you were going to kill him, you should have done everything you could a long time ago.”

“It’s probably not too late now. “Do you think I won’t be able to kill him?”

“Why don’t you just stop talking like that and try it? If you subdue that guy, bring him in front of me, and don’t come into Cheonoecheon, he threatens to kill him. Then I might change my mind too.”

“There is no need to use that method. All I have to do is to subdue you here and take you by force.”

“That statement is really strange.”

Wijihoyeon chuckled at Musin’s words.

“From what you say, it seems like you don’t need my power, you just need me.”

“The guess is half right and half wrong. Your strength will definitely help Cheon Oecheon. In my view… … Your power is already on par with King Chang, Yue Hu, and the Black Dragon Alliance. That’s a great fact. Until just a few years ago, Socheonma, you were on par with Gwonjon, the lowest of the six nobles. But in just a few years, I’ve become much stronger than that.”

“It looks like there are needs other than electric power.”

Despite that question, Musin smiled and remained silent.

While having that conversation, the two arrived at Majyeongjeong.

Maryeongjeong was a quiet pond.

Wijihoyeon stared at the pond. It’s here. The place she saw in her dream was only foggy, not a pond.

However, Wijihoyeon was convinced that this was the pond he should have come to.

Musin glanced around. This is a strange and mysterious place. Malyeongjeong was the only place in the world where one could contact the devil, and it was not a place one could easily enter even if they wanted to.

In fact, Musin had wandered up this mountain several times before to enter Demonyeongjeong.

‘Does this mean that the devil allowed Socheonma to invade? The reason Socheonma came here… … surely. ‘It means fate has begun to move.’

Until just a few months ago, fate stood still. However, starting a few months ago, the great fate that had been at a standstill began to move.

It was something that neither martial artists nor psychics knew about.

It was after Lee Seong-min went to the dungeon where he died in his past life and grabbed the stone of his past life.

Musin slowly made preparations. I didn’t come here because I had something to see just Wijihoyeon. The thing he had business with was the demonic spirit that he could contact at the demonic pavilion.

The surface of the pond trembles. Black light rises from the pond and becomes entangled. It did not take on a human form. The black light created a round sphere, and a large eye opened inside it.

A red eye floats in the air and looks down at Wijihoyeon and Mushin. It was disgusting and grotesque to have only one pupil, but neither Wijihoyeon nor Musin were overwhelmed by it.

[Oh my.]

The space trembles and voices echo.

[I am a child who is human and yet destined to become non-human. You were born as a king, but you are destined to become something more and reign.]

The demon’s voice could not be heard by the warrior.

Only Wijihoyeon heard the devil’s voice. It was something I had heard before.

A dungeon with a doppelganger who took the Black Dragon Cannon. I heard those words from the monster at the end of the dungeon.

A talent that even twisted fate. The monster said this to Wijihoyeon as it was dying.

[The light of the constellation is already shining down on you, and you will have to become the first king. From the moment you realized that you had to come here and came here. You have become the biggest variable and singularity in the fate of this world.]

“What am I?”

[It is still too early for you to realize him. Now fate has begun to flow.]

“Demon spirit.”

Musin, who was unable to hear the conversation between Wijihoyeon and Malyeong, stepped forward. Musin has already finished preparing. A great power rose from the martial god. As befits his calling himself the god of martial arts, the power he displayed was so destructive that no human could possibly come close to it.

“I want to ask you something.”


The demon’s eyes finally turned to Musin.

[You were not allowed to come here.]

“I know. “I have come here several times, but I have never been able to get here except today.”

[The reason I brought you here is because you came with that child. And it was also a light tribute to you, who is nearing the end of human existence.]

Musin’s eyebrows twitched at the demon’s words.

“Are you saying that I wasn’t good enough before?”

[I wasn’t qualified and it wasn’t the right time. If you hadn’t come with this child, you would never have been able to reach this place.]

“… … Please answer the question.”

[Please ask.]

“Is the end decided?”

Musin asked.


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