Worthless Regression Chapter 225

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[227] Zenavis (2)

“Wow, kid. It’s changed a lot. I am taller and my shoulders are wider. “The face also changes.”

Hans flirtatiously extended his hand.

Seongmin Lee smiled and held Hans’ hand.

“What brings you here? “It’s not a place worth returning to.”

“I came here because I had some business to do in Behenger. Then, I remembered old times and stopped by Zenabis.”

“What are your old thoughts? “How long have you lived here?”

Hans said that and sat down again.

“I heard rumors about you sometimes. “I wasn’t sure if it was you or not.”

“What rumor are you talking about?”


Hans said, taking a quick look around.

“It wasn’t a very good rumor, though.”

“It is a rumor that has many misunderstandings.”

“That means… … It means you are a deaf person. oh my god.”

Hans clicked his tongue in admiration.

“That kid from 13 years ago became a celebrity with the nickname Gwi-chang. really… … “You know people’s business, but you don’t know it.”

Hans muttered that and glanced at the items spread out on the mat.

“13 years ago. It’s been so long ago that I don’t remember much, but I was kind to you… … What can I say? Strangely enough, it didn’t feel like I was watching someone else. I don’t even have a younger sibling, but wouldn’t I feel this way if I had a younger sibling? Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt.”

It is because of the divine protection of a god of great strength.

“Well, that’s how I felt, but I thought you… … I thought he would become something great. So he could see well in advance. They also sell things cheaply. I have seen many otherworldly people and Noh classes in this city. “Among the Noh classes, I have rarely seen anyone as strong and growing as quickly as you.”

It was worth it. Lee Sung-min’s talent at the time was not great, but even though he had no talent, he was able to grow quickly through the knowledge of his previous life.

In addition, he had the opportunity to become friends with Wijihoyeon, so it was natural that he could not be compared to other no-classes.

“Have you met Uncle Jack?”

“no. “I’m going to go now.”

“Then go quickly. It’s almost time for the guests to arrive. Still, it’s good to see your face again. “It’s better to know that you are alive and not dead.”

Hans said with a smile, and Seongmin Lee put his hand in his arms. Then Hans quickly raised his hand and shook his head.

“No, that’s enough.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t give me money or anything just to repay a favor. “It was 13 years ago, so I don’t remember much, and there wasn’t a single thing I did for you that was that great.”

“but… … .”

“Okay. I’m not doing this because I’m in need of money. I’ve already saved up all the money to live on, right? “I’m just doing this because I have nothing to do and I’m bored.”

When Hans refused, saying that, Seongmin Lee nodded his head as if there was nothing he could do. Instead, he handed over the subspace pocket he had received from Hans.

“In that case, I will return at least what I received before.”


Hans chuckled and opened the subspace pocket he received from Lee Seong-min. Then he stuck his hand in it and laughed as if he knew he would.

“I don’t remember giving you the jewels?”

Hans chuckled as he pulled out a large jewel from his subspace pocket. Lee Seong-min laughed bitterly and shook his head.

“Even if they are not great things from your perspective. What you did for me was great enough for me at the time. If it weren’t for your help back then… … “It would have been difficult for me to survive.”

“No matter how much you say it, it’s too much. “I don’t want to receive this much.”

Hans grumbled and put his hand into the subspace pocket.

What he took out was the smallest of the jewels Lee Seong-min had put in.

Even so, if you sell just that one thing well, there will be no problem in making a living for the rest of your life.

Hans grumbled as he put the jewel he took out into his subspace pocket.

“If you try to force it, you can’t not receive it.”

“Take it and don’t get beaten to death by someone else.”


After chatting a little more with Hans, Seongmin Lee left the square. He was there to meet Jack, who had been in good hands with Hans at Zenavis for a year.

Zenavis has changed quite a bit, but Jack’s inn hasn’t changed much. Although the inn building seemed to have been renovated, much of its old appearance still remained.

Is this time when the inn guests are having breakfast? Lee Seong-min opened the door and entered, remembering the breakfast he had here 13 years ago.


A cheerful voice was heard. It wasn’t Jack’s voice. When I looked in the direction from which I heard the sound, I saw a woman with her long hair in a ponytail sticking her head out from her kitchen and smiling.


Jack’s daughter, one year older than Lee Sung-min. Naturally, Lee Seong-min chuckled, recalling her memories from 13 years ago.

“Are you staying overnight? Or a meal?”

“long time no see.”

When Rura came out wiping her hands on the apron she was wearing, Lee Seong-min smiled and answered.

Lura’s eyes widened at those words.

“what? “Are you a guest?”

An old, grumpy voice comes from inside the kitchen. Hans was also old, but Jack, who was originally middle-aged, had become more like an old man over the past 13 years.

Still, his physique was as strong as it was 13 years ago. Seongmin Lee bowed his head towards Jack.

“Long time no see.”

“who… … ?”

Just like Jack, Hans and Lu also couldn’t remember Seongmin Lee.

It’s because too much has changed.

When Lee Seong-min introduced himself, Lura’s mouth opened wide and Hans’ eyes also opened wide.

After the surprise, they both showed joy and guided Lee Seong-min to the table.



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“why. “Do you miss the taste of food you used to eat when you were young?”

Seongmin Lee grinned at what Hans said with a grin.

Lu Ra, who was sitting across from Lee Seong-min, pouted her lips and looked Lee Seong-min up and down.

“You grew up well.”

“you also.”

“You still haven’t even called me your sister. “Do you know that I’m married?”

Lura blurted out. Lee Seong-min was not very surprised by those words.

Since Lura was already approaching 30, it was not surprising that she got married.

“Who are you married to?”

“After you left, Noclass was summoned to this city. He’s a guy who knows his way around things and doesn’t show off when he goes on an adventure. “He may be a little indecisive, but he’s still a good guy.”

Hans answered instead of Lura.

“I thought of you, so I let you stay at this inn on good terms, and in the meantime, I caught eye with Lura.”

“Our eyes meet. “He just unilaterally seduced me.”

Lura grumbled. Even though she said that, she didn’t seem to dislike her current husband that much.

I see you are doing well. Lee Seong-min nodded his head, feeling a little relieved.

“What about your husband?”

“I went to work. Her husband is a carpenter. “His skills are so-so, but he’s learning hard.”

Lura answered. Meanwhile, Hans brought warm soup and bread. He said, licking his lips.

“There’s no food prepared for breakfast.”

“This is enough.”

Just like 14 years ago, Lee Seong-min tore the bread and dipped it into the soup and put it in his mouth.

It tasted not much different from then. It didn’t take long for the meal to be finished as there wasn’t much food, but the conversation lasted longer as we met after a long time.

Hans and Lura asked Seongmin Lee many questions, but they did not ask about the rumors.

Maybe, like Jack, they also don’t think that the rumored ghost singer is Lee Sung-min. Lee Seong-min didn’t really say anything about it either.

“I’ll just go now.”


When Lee Seong-min got up, Rura asked with wide eyes. Lee Seong-min responded by nodding his head.

“huh. “I have business elsewhere.”

“It comes suddenly and goes away quickly. Since you’ve come all the way here, why don’t you stay for a night? “The room you stayed in just happened to be empty.”

“no it’s okay. “It’s because I’m really in a hurry.”

It wasn’t a lie. Before going to Sima Lian, you must stop by the Blue Magic Pagoda.

It’s quite far from here, so you have to hurry.

“Oh, and.”

Seongmin Lee took out a small pouch from his arms. This is a subspace pocket that I saved before coming here. He placed the subspace pocket on the table and spoke.

“This is the cost of food and congratulatory money. “It was too late, though.”

“There is no need to pay the price. “It was leftover food anyway.”

Although Hans said so, Seongmin Lee did not pick up the subspace pocket that he had put down.

He grinned at Lura and Hans. At that laugh, Rura tilted her head and tried to say something more, but Lee Seong-min didn’t listen.


In front of the two, Lee Seong-min disappeared with a surge of electricity.

I put quite a lot of jewelry in the subspace pocket. Maybe he didn’t want to accept it like Jack did, so Lee Seong-min quickly left the inn with a flurry of confidence before the two could protest.

[Have you finished repaying the favor?]

Heoju asked. Outside the inn, Lee Seong-min performed a light attack. He answered as he quickly passed through Zenavis’ gate.


[You were planning on going first to meet the Blue Magic Tower lord, right? When are you going to go to the dwarves’ village?]

dwarf. I’m talking about dwarves.

From the beginning, Seongmin Lee had decided to visit a dwarven village someday.

Dragon hearts could be eaten thanks to the spirit queen, but the dragon’s scales, teeth, and bones had not yet been processed.

In order to process him, you must visit the dwarven village and meet the dwarven chief.

I knew how to do that, but I couldn’t just go and meet the Dwarf Chief.

I knew the way to go, but there was no guarantee that I would be able to meet the dwarf chief if I went there.

But it was resolved thanks to Osla, the fairy queen.

Before leaving the forest, Seongmin Lee met Osla. Because she thought she might get something out of the favor she said she had.

Osla seemed dumbfounded that Lee Seong-min was openly demanding proof of his favor, but he did not refuse and offered some help to Lee Seong-min.

It was also thanks to Osla’s help that the meeting with the dwarf chief was possible.

Seongmin Lee recalled the letter from Osla that he had placed in the subspace pocket. This is a letter written directly by Osla to the dwarven chieftain.

‘You can’t stop by the dwarf village on the way. ‘I’ll go later when I have time.’

[That’s not necessarily true, right? If you ride a ‘horse,’ you’ll be able to get there quickly.]

‘I can only summon it three times, and I don’t want to use it for something like this. I want to use it someday when I really need it. And since I’ve never been to a dwarven village in the first place, it’s impossible to get there even if I summon a horse.’

The ‘words’ spoken by Heoju were also received from Osla.

You can only summon it three times, but if you do, you will be able to instantly go anywhere in the world that Lee Sung-min has been to. But I had no intention of using it now.

After passing Zenavis’ gate, Lee Seong-min ran without stopping.

Toward Odun, where Shaos, the blue magic tower lord, is located.


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