Worthless Regression Chapter 226

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[228] Odun (1)


Carp of various colors swam, and the woman watched the carp gather as she sprinkled the food she had placed in her palm onto the surface of the pond.

The eyes of the woman who was humming a song without lyrics were a cloudy white color.

The woman was blind and could not see anything, but scattering food in the pond was a task that did not require much sight.

“It looks good.”

The woman’s shoulders trembled at the words muttered behind her. She didn’t bother to look back.

I can’t see anything with my two eyes anyway, so what do I do when I turn my head?

Instead, she poured all the carp food left in her palm onto the pond.

“Are you out?”

“Didn’t I tell you that it was time for you to come out?”

Musin answered the psychic’s question.

He wore a spacious, comfortable-looking gray military uniform, and his gray hair was unkempt and messy.

The only thing that remained of the warrior who had lived for hundreds of years was his white hair and deep-set eyes.

He saw the medium standing with his back turned to him with a grave face. Musin, who came out after closing the building for nearly a hundred years, was not very impressed by the fresh air outside for the first time in a long time.

Even though it was closed, I didn’t feel satisfied.

“They said they were both dead.”

“Gwonjon, Geomjon is dead.”

“That’s what happened in the end. Was it unavoidable?”

“I saw Gwonjon’s death, but I did not see Geomjon’s death.”


“that… … “I don’t know either.”

It’s not an interrogation. Musin is asking this because he is truly curious. The medium sighed and turned her body fully. Two cloudy eyes without a single ray of light turned to Mushin.

“My foresight is done through contact with the spirit. If the spirit doesn’t contact me and doesn’t show me… … “You can’t predict it.”


Mushin nods his head in response to the medium’s answer. Foresight is not perfect.

Absolute wisdom does not exist in the world. Many shamans, wizards, and astrologers also glimpse fragments of the future.

However, Eria, in this world, there is no being other than a psychic who can continuously predict the future with certainty.

“You must be sure, right?”

“I don’t know how to lie.”

“Maybe that was a lie.”

At the medium’s answer, Mushin chuckled. Doubting… … no. It’s just mischievous. The psychic cleared her throat and shook her head.

“The fates are beginning to move.”

The psychic lowered his voice and whispered.

“The energies of countless fates and constellations are gathering in Socheonma.”

“I wish I had secured it in advance.”

“If that were the case, securing Socheonma would have been meaningless. “I aided and abetted Socheonma, and now that I am here, the energy of fate and constellations has gathered on Socheonma.”

“The will of the spirit and what the spirit saw and knew. “It is still unknown whether it is human or not.”

Mushin muttered.

“What about the ears?”

“It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but my guess is that he has been in contact with Sima Lianzhu and is with him.”

“Ilcheon-i is truly an unknown person.”

Demon Emperor Yang Ilcheon, Sima Lianju. Musin frowned, remembering his old nemesis.

Even though he had been training for close to a hundred years, the level that Musin had reached before the closure was so high that the closure itself did not allow him to make much progress.

Thanks to this, even now, Martial God was not confident that he would be able to win in a life-or-death battle with Sima Lianzhu.

“Didn’t the spirit say anything about the ghost?”


Cheon Oecheon had several opportunities to kill Lee Seongmin. Even if Lee Seong-min was in the south, out of the reach of the Murim Alliance, the power that Cheon Oecheon had was not limited to the Murim Alliance.

Even if only two of the six nobles had been sent right away, Lee Seong-min could have been killed at the time.

Didn’t kill him.

Musin said so, and the medium agreed.

It was from Rubes. Originally, the spirit had told him to secure Wijihoyeon in advance, and Cheon Oecheon acted according to the spirit’s will.

Thinking that it would be better to have people come voluntarily rather than forcefully, he sent Gwon Jon to place a curse on Wijihoyeon and made him weak.

The original purpose was to make her, who had become weak, become pessimistic about her situation and yearn for greater strength, so that she could throw herself into Cheonoecheon.

It was in Rubes that the spirit changed his mind. To be precise,

When Amzon tried to kill Guichang.

At first, I wondered if the spirit had changed his words because of the presence of Sima Lianju, but the more I thought about it, the more suspicious I became.

At that time, what was blocking Amzon was Sima Lianju’s alter ego, and if Amzon had risked his life to attack him, he would have been able to defeat the clone and secure Socheonma.

And in the process, Gwi-chang, who was struggling to prevent Socheon-ma from being taken away, would have died.

‘But the spirit didn’t say anything about the ghost.’

Although the spirit was silent, the martial spirit ordered that Guichang not be killed immediately.

Still, in case they didn’t know, in order to limit Gwi-chang’s actions, they framed Gwi-chang as a demon through the Black Dragon Hyeop, who became the leader of the Murim Alliance.

“Where is Socheonma?”

“Her location has also not been confirmed.”

The medium bowed his head and answered. At those words, Musin nodded her head with a bright smile on her face.

“The Black Dragon Association is in charge of the Murim Lord, so it will be difficult to move… … Wolhu doesn’t listen well to what he says. okay. “What about King Chang?”

“King Chang is more interested in Gwi-chang than Socheon-ma.”



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“okay? If so, tell him to do as he wants. “I will let you find Socheonma yourself.”

At Mushin’s words, the psychic opened his invisible eyes wide and showed his emotions.

But she didn’t say anything repulsive. It is impossible to predict how strong Socheonma has become now.

If you send Dozon or Amzon for no reason, you may end up being killed by Socheonma.

If you send King Chang or Wolhu, you can definitely suppress Socheonma, but King Chang and Wolhu are special beings among the six nobles.

Musin also knows him and is making some concessions.

“In that case, I will tell King Chang to do as he wishes… … Are you planning to kill Guichang?”

“I will leave that to the will of the King of Chang.”

Musin said that and turned around.

“A guy named Gwi-chang. I’ve never met him… … He’s a very strange guy. Didn’t the spirit change his mind because of that guy’s life? And, this is my opinion. It seems like the spirit wanted Geomjon to die from that guy. Or was it you, the psychic?”

At those words, the medium shook her head.

“There’s no way I could do that, right?”

“We sent Geomzon to prevent Gwonzon’s death, but Geomzon was also killed by Gwichang. It can be prevented… … No, it was an avoidable death. “I’m not doubting you, but the situation is unfortunate.”

The medium bowed his head deeply in response to Mushin’s mutterings.

“I also feel sad about their deaths.”

Musin did not respond to those words but just laughed. Mushin’s body became wind and disappeared in front of the medium.

The medium did not see Mushin disappear, but felt his presence disappear and sighed.

She also did not know all of the divine will.

* * *

The world is not easy.

There is a large gap between what is visible and what is invisible and hidden.

The truth that the majority believes may actually be a lie.

The truth is buried by being incited by the words of those on top.

Even before leaving Sega and heading to the Murim Alliance. Namgoong Heewon knew that fact well.

He was neither foolish nor foolish. Heading to the Murim Alliance bare-handed, Zhuge and his wife to the leader… … No, if you ask about Mo Yong Seo-jin’s death, there is no way Maengju will give you an honest answer. It would be impossible to even meet in the first place.

Namgung Hui-won knew what happened in the Namgung family.

He was also a member of Erebrisa, and what happened in the Namgung family was so open and hidden that if you had ears, you couldn’t help but hear it.

There was no need to seek information through Erebrisa. If you went into any bar, you could hear people talking about what happened in the Namgung family.

It has been over a year since the Namgung family suffered hardships from an unidentified master, or rather, a C-class mercenary, who suddenly came to see them.

At Namgung Hui-won’s movement speed, he should have arrived at the Murim Alliance much earlier, but Namgung Hui-Won had not yet gone to the Murim Alliance.

Because I knew the reality. You should not go to the Murim Alliance under the influence of blood and emotions.

It was clear in my heart that the Murim Alliance was involved in the death of Mo Yong Seo-jin, and if that were true, the Murim Alliance could never be said to be a good-natured group as the public believed.

If you go to the Murim Alliance and scold them for their hypocrisy and lies, you will not be treated well.


So what should you do?

Namgung Hee-won, who left the Namgung family, headed to Bredon, not the Murim Alliance.

There is Shaolin in Bredon. Master Bulyeong of Shaolin was one of the few people Namgung Hui-won could trust.

Ambassador Buryeong accepted Namgung Hui-won, who came to him late at night to avoid Shaolin’s gaze, instead of throwing him out.

Since then, Namgung Hui-won had been living at the residence of Ambassador Bulyeong.

For the first time, I encountered meditation rather than swinging a sword, and Jihak, which is said to be the future of Shaolin.

When told about Mo Yong Seo-jin’s death, Ambassador Buryeong was not very surprised.

“I thought so.”

The French ambassador said so. It’s called a deaf ear. Ambassador Bulyeong used to giggle and laugh.

Knowing that Lee Seong-min once practiced in Shaolin, Master Bulyeong and Ji-hak were confident that Lee Seong-min did not commit such a thing.

“The death of the Iron Armored Shinchang is also very unpleasant. The same goes for the deaths of Seojin and Taeryeong. The current Murim Alliance… … It’s strange. “It’s very strange.”

Sometimes, Ambassador Bulyeong would roll his prayer beads and say something like that.

“But I can’t express my dissatisfaction openly. I’m sorry if I scold a hypocrite for hypocrisy, I won’t do that again. Would you accept it like this? Cluck! It’s not just the Murim Alliance or the Black Dragon Alliance. “Among the current Segawa clan, how many people do you think are not hypocrites?”

Know. Namgung Hee-won clearly remembered how her father changed as she grew older.

My father, who was full of ambition, became aware of reality as he got older, and instead of throwing away his youth, he adopted the skill of weighing the pros and cons.

A year after moving into the residence of the French Ambassador. Namgung Hui-won and Ji-hak left the residence of Ambassador Bulyeong to carry out his errand.

Why are you coming here and wasting food when you have nothing to teach? Ambassador Bulyeong said this while kicking out Jihak and Namgung Huiwon.

They didn’t just kick him out. Jihak rolled the prayer beads while tracing the letter of the French ambassador that he had kept in his arms.

“Have you ever been to a shaman?”


In response to Jihak’s question, Namgoong Heewon shook his head.

“But I’ve heard a lot of rumors about shamans. “I heard more rumors about the inspection.”

Jihak smiled bitterly at Namgoong Heewon’s mumbling. The two were on their way to meet Geomseon with the diplomat of the French Ambassador.

It was unclear what was written on the letter, but it must have been important since Jihak and Namgung Huewon were sent together to deliver just one letter.

“Also about Cheongmyeong.”

At Namgung Hui-won’s words, Ji-hak stopped rolling the prayer beads.

The drunkenness of openness, the Jihak of Shaolin, and the Cheongmyeong of shamans. These are the three most outstanding among the review indices of Old File Ilbang.

Among them, the reputation of Jihak and Cheongmyeong did not decrease compared to before, although the reputation of Gyeongjeong lost his left arm in the dungeon and was not as high as before.

Chwigeol, the owner of the open fire, was often seen in public places, but Cheongmyeong and Jihak were never seen in public places.

In particular, Cheongmyeong was a person shrouded in mystery in many ways.

The only thing that is revealed is that he is a disciple of Geomseon, the greatest shaman expert.

Namgung Hui-won glanced at Ji-hak, who was fiddling with his prayer beads again.

“Have you ever met Cheongmyeong?”

“doesn’t exist. So honestly, I’m looking forward to it. The future of shamans… … “I can’t help but think about how outstanding the person called .”

“Haven’t you heard that you too are the future of Shaolin?”

“It’s a heavy nickname.”

Jihak smiled bitterly and said.

“surely. I have learned all the martial arts of Shaolin. But I’m not sure if that means I can be called the future of Shaolin.”

Namgung Hee-won nodded his head as he heard those words. Her knowledge is strong. Namgoong Hee-won also recognized him.

While living in the residence of Ambassador Bulyeong, he competed with Jihak several times, but was never able to win against Jihak.

“Lee Seong-min never once defeated me while he was in Shaolin. However, Namgoong Hee-won. Didn’t you say? “If I were to fight him now, he would definitely lose.”


“It’s not unpleasant. However, if I only have that much, how can I accept with satisfaction what is called the future of Shaolin? “If I truly am the future of Shaolin, I should not be defeated by anyone.”

Jihak’s words were full of pride in Shaolin martial arts.

That is why it is said to be heavy. He is called the future of Shaolin, and as long as you accept him, you must never be defeated by anyone else.

“Clear… … “Cheongmyeong.”

As Namgoong Hee-won muttered that, he thought of Lee Seong-min.

Lee Seong-min, whom I saw in the forest of delusion and in the square.

To be honest, Namgoong Hee-won couldn’t think that Cheongmyeong would be better than Lee Sung-min, no matter how good he was.

At that point, Lee Seong-min was passing through the gates of Odun.


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