Worthless Regression Chapter 224

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[226] Zenabis (1)

Seongmin Lee looked down at the key resting on his palm.

The key to the transformation of the stone from my previous life. I wanted to figure out what it was, but there was no way to figure it out right away.

In order to appraise such an unknown object, you must go to an appraisal center in the city and request an appraisal.

‘First of all, Nevel… … .’

Of course, Seongmin Lee, a member of Erebrisa, does not need to go all the way to the city and stop by the appraisal center.

Seongmin Lee tried to call Nevel for an appraisal. At that time, several people came down from the hill and approached Lee Seong-min.

Seongmin Lee put on the mask he had taken off and postponed calling Nevel. The first thing to do is to get out of this place.

Those approaching seemed like fairly high-grade mercenaries, but at least they were only slightly above the peak level.

Lee Seong-min glanced at them, then opened his eyes and left. From their perspective, it would be the same as losing the dungeon they had luckily discovered, but what could they do? They were unlucky.

Lee Seong-min, who left the hilly area, called Nevel after confirming that there was no one around. Nevel, who rose up from Lee Sung-min’s shadow, bowed his head towards Lee Sung-min as always.

“What’s going on?”

“I would like to entrust you with a request for an item.”

Seongmin Lee lifted the key in his hand. Nevel tilted his head, looking at the golden shining key.

“key… … That’s right. “Where did you get it?”

“I got it in the dungeon.”

“Is that so? “Can I take it first?”

Nevel asked politely. Since Seongmin Lee cannot move through space with Nevel, he had to pass through Nevel when delivering items in this way.

Nevel slowly stretched out his hand and tried to grab the key in Lee Seong-min’s hand.

The moment Nevel’s fingertips touch the key.


Nevel’s hand was pushed back by a surge of electricity.


Nevel made a confused sound. He looked back and forth between his hand and the key, which had been thrown away, unable to touch his key.

Seongmin Lee didn’t expect something like this to happen, so he looked at Nevel with wide eyes.

“… … for a moment.”

Nevel reached for the keys again. But the result did not change.

This time, Nevel’s hand couldn’t reach the key and flew away, and Nevel frowned as he squeezed and opened his tingling hand.

“I guess… … “It appears that this key belongs to Seongmin Lee.”

“belonging… … ?”

“yes. Sometimes, very rarely. There is something like this. No, since it is enchanted, it should be called an artifact. Usually, most of these types of items are cursed… … “As long as it belongs to Lee Seong-min, it is impossible for me to take it.”

“hmm… … .”

Hearing Nevel’s words, Lee Seong-min also frowned and became lost in thought. I didn’t even know what the key was, but I felt uncomfortable knowing it belonged to me.

“Is there no way?”

“Please visit an appraiser in a nearby city and request an appraisal of the artifact. Otherwise, we can introduce you to a skilled appraiser.”

“Please introduce yourself.”

“All right.”

Nevel answered like that and disappeared. And less than an hour later, Nevel appeared again.

“There is an appraiser named Frode in Behenger, the city closest to here. “He is not a member of ours, but after searching for information, it seems that he has the best workmanship among the appraisers closest to here.”

Behenger is not far from here. At Lee Seong-min’s speed, he will arrive before the night is over.

It wasn’t too late yet, so I felt like I could request an appraisal right away if I went quickly.

After hearing Frode’s location from Nevel, Lee Seong-min opened a light attack and headed toward Behenger.

Thanks to his haste, Lee Seong-min was able to arrive at Behenger before night fell.

When he arrived in Behenge after almost 10 years, many things had changed compared to when he left, but Lee Seong-min, who had lived in this city in his previous life until he reached this age, was actually happy about his current Behenge.

It’s not that late yet. Seongmin Lee headed to Prode’s appraisal point as he heard from Nevel.

The appraisal point was not far from the square in Behenger, and fortunately it was not closed.

“Welcome to fifty… … .”

Open the door and go in. Frod was a middle-aged man with thick glasses and light wrinkles.

He was so startled by the sight of Lee Seong-min wearing a large banggat and a ghost mask that he could not finish the greeting he had planned to say.

Frod immediately calmed his expression and asked a question.

“Are you a guest?”


Frode looked relieved at Lee Seong-min’s answer. Seongmin Lee walked up to Frode without saying much. He placed a heavy key on the table in front of Frode.

“key… … ?”

“It’s a key I got from a dungeon, but I don’t know what it’s used for.”

“Dungeon… … Hmm, I understand.”

Prod was not embarrassed by Lee Seong-min’s words. This is because most of the customers who come to appraisers in the first place are people who obtain artifacts from old ruins rather than dungeons, or adventurers or mercenaries who request the appraisal of items obtained from dungeons.

“They said it belonged to me.”

“belonging… … ?”

As Frode heard those words, he carefully reached for the key.


The moment the key touched his hand, the current sparked again and Frode’s hand was pushed back.

“You’re blocking the contact itself.”

“Are emotions possible?”

“I’ll give it a try.”

As Freud said this, he began preparing for the appraisal. He thought he would just use simple magic, but he took out various tools and laid them out, lifting them one by one to look at the keys.

In the process, he licked his lips and recited the spell in a low voice.



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While continuing the spell, Frode took a deep breath. He quickly stopped the spell and took a few steps back. Seongmin Lee, who was quietly watching Prode, tilted his head and asked a question.

“Is there a problem?”

“This… … Emotions are impossible.”

Frode turned pale and wiped the cold sweat running down his forehead with the back of his hand. He swallowed hard and continued speaking in a trembling voice.

“If you go to any other appraiser, they will tell you the same thing. This key… … Emotions are impossible.”

“What does that mean?”

“The key itself has a very complex magic attached to it. “If you try to force it, you will not be able to avoid the magic on the key and you will die.”

Lee Seong-min’s eyebrows twitched at those words. He asked again while looking at the keys on the table.

“Then shouldn’t we just lift the magic itself?”

“I don’t think that will be easy either. I’m a wizard too, but the magic on that key… … Regardless of whether the level is high or low, it is a very esoteric ancient magic. The magic technique itself is completely different from modern magic. “If you are not an expert in ancient magic, you will not be able to properly understand the magic techniques.”

“Ancient magic?”

“It’s an old magic that is now gone. Sorry, sir. Since the appraisal failed, I will not accept any money, so please ask an appraiser or wizard other than me to appraise this key.”

In the end, Lee Seong-min had no choice but to pick up the key again and leave the appraisal store.

Seongmin Lee looked down at the key in his palm with suspicious eyes.

The stone from my previous life became a key, and this key belongs to Lee Seong-min.

It is protected by an ancient magic that is now said to be lost, so even appraisal is impossible. There were more than one or two suspicious points.

“It’s ancient magic… … .”

Nevel, who called again, was lost in thought for a moment about Lee Seong-min’s question.

He did not hide himself to seek information, and after a little thought, he answered Lee Seong-min’s question.

“The person with the most knowledge about ancient magic is Shaos, the owner of the Blue Magic Tower.”

Blue magic tower. Although she had never met him in person, she had heard stories from Nevel a few times. Before Seongmin Lee consumed the Dragon Heart, he searched Erebrisa for a wizard who could handle the Dragon Heart. She expressed her desire to purchase the Blue Magic Tower’s Dragon Heart.

“Where is he?”

“Master Shaos is in Odun, where the Blue Magic Tower is located. “Unless there are special circumstances, magic tower owners do not leave the magic tower.”

Odun is a long way from here. But fortunately, the direction Lee Seong-min had to go was also in the direction of Odun.

This was because Haras, the city where the headquarters of Sima Lian was located, was located past Odun.

[I got my hands on something unpleasant.]

Heoju grumbled. Seongmin Lee tried to put the key in the subspace pocket, but perhaps because it was bound, the key did not fit in the subspace pocket either.

In the end, Lee Seong-min had no choice but to grumble and put the key in his chest.

[Still, you won’t lose it.]

‘I don’t even know what it’s used for.’

[If it’s a key, it must be there to open something.]

‘I know that. ‘The problem is that you don’t know what to open.’

[It must be a door.]

Heoju was annoyed and answered.

[I don’t know what the door is.]

Even if you think about it, you won’t be able to find the answer right away. First, on the way to Haras, where Sima Lian is located, let’s stop by Odun and meet the Blue Magic Tower. So I decided in my mind what to do next.

‘I’ve already come this far… … .’

Behenger and Zenavis are not far away. I may come back here someday, but I don’t know when.

Seongmin Lee turned his head and looked towards Zenavis.


The city where aliens are first summoned and arrive. The city where all otherworldly people begin their lives in Eria.

I met Wijihoyeon in that city, and had many other encounters.

‘I thought I would return the favor someday.’

Seongmin Lee recalled Jack, the innkeeper, and Hans, the street vendor, who had treated him kindly in Zenabis.

Lurado, Jack’s daughter. When I think about it now, the favor they showed was due to the divine protection of a powerful god that Seong-min Lee had at the time.

Even so. It’s not that I didn’t benefit from the kindness they showed me. If only Jack hadn’t let me stay at the inn at a cheap price, and if Hans hadn’t sold me various equipment, including the subspace pocket, at a cheap price.

Of course, that wouldn’t have caused him to die, but it would have been a lot of inconvenience.

‘Let’s say hello and let’s go.’

I had no intention of going right now.

After spending the night at an inn in Behenger, it was early morning. Seongmin Lee left the inn.

More than 10 years ago, it took several days to get from Zenabis to Behenger, but for Lee Seong-min now, it is not that far.

When Lee Seong-min arrived at Zenabis, the first thing he did was visit the square where street vendors were gathered. It was to find Hans. Lee Seong-min relied on his memory and went to the place where Hans always set up a street stall.


Maybe it’s because more than 10 years have passed. Hans became a middle-aged man with sparse gray hair.

Hans spread out a mat, laid out miscellaneous items on it, and sat quietly.

Seongmin Lee smiled as he looked at Hans’ back. He took off his bangat and mask and stood behind Hans.

“Is business going well?”


Hans raised his head at the sound of a voice coming from behind him.

Although there was more gray hair, Hans’ face also had more wrinkles. He looked up at Lee Seong-min, blinked his eyes and tilted his head.

“… … “Who are you?”

Hans did not recognize Lee Seong-min. He deserved it. More than 10 years have passed, and Lee Seong-min, who was a boy at the time, has become a young man.

After going through so much, there is little left of my childhood.

Lee Seong-min laughed and put his hand into the subspace pocket. What Seongmin Lee took out from inside the subspace pocket was the subspace pocket he first received from Hans.

“Do you remember this?”

“… … uh… … .”

Hans’ eyes narrowed. It seemed like he didn’t recognize me. It was something that could not be helped. As a street vendor, he would have sold things to many people and come into contact with many things. Seongmin Lee said as he handed the subspace pocket to Hans.

“I was summoned here 13 years ago, and I received a lot of help from you then.”

“… … ah.”

Hans’ eyes opened wide when he heard that it was 13 years ago. He jumped up, his mouth half open.

“Are you Seongmin?”

Hans smiled and asked.


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