Worthless Regression Chapter 184

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[186] Frenzy (3)

“ha ha ha!”

Kim Jonghyun laughed again. Lee Seong-min, who stood up, was showing more ominousness than anything Kim Jong-hyun had ever seen.

Of course, it was nothing compared to the Demon King of another dimension, but the ominousness that Lee Seong-min radiated did not seem like a mortal thing.

[this… … !]

Heoju made a bewildered sound.

Heo Joo’s spirit was being drawn to Lee Seong-min. Heoju couldn’t believe that fact.

Even if Lee Seong-min has transformed into a monster, if you consider his status as a monster, Lee Seong-min cannot match Heo Joo.

Nevertheless, Heo Joo was exploited by Lee Seong-min because he could not control his magical powers.

Lee Seong-min’s golden eyes did not see anything as he stood up.

A red-hot magical power stirs around him.

It created an unpleasant, terrifying haze of distorted death masks, just as Freskan had seen them.

Seongmin Lee did not look for the window. The conscious mind was struggling not to fall asleep in the forced cradle, but the body escaped the control of the conscious mind and became a beast going berserk.

“no… … !”

Envirus, who was barely able to maintain the defensive barrier, let out a desperate cry. Envirus’s destiny as Cain again is one of catastrophic death.

Until now, Envirus had believed that its fate of catastrophic death would not come yet.

But is that really the case?

This situation. What can Envirus do in this worst situation where even magic cannot be used properly?

Now we can’t even properly create a defensive barrier. What else can Envirus face but catastrophic death?

‘Not yet… … !’

Envirus raised his bloodshot eyes and looked at Lee Seong-min.

Aine’s attack stops. All the blades that exploded from her body returned to Aine’s body.

Despite repeated attacks so powerful that they completely changed the terrain, Aine did not gasp at all.

She looked back at Lee Seong-min with a blank face. The unconscious body was faithful to its instincts.

Aine’s heart was hoping for it. Lee Seong-min’s heart, which is his own, is pulled out and chewed.

Like the calm sea before a storm, Lee Seong-min’s body was silent.

But one day, the calm of the sea ends and a storm comes.

Aine’s body bounced elastically and rushed towards Lee Seong-min.

The silence is over.

Seongmin Lee turned his eyes and looked at Aine. Black tentacles spewed out around the rushing Aine.

A little later than that.

Seongmin Lee raised his hand. A wide open hand strokes the empty air as if caressing.

The frenzy is ready to rage.

The start was quiet.

The tentacle that attacked Lee Seong-min to tear his body apart stopped in front of Lee Seong-min’s palm.

I had no choice but to stop.

This was because the magical force that arose beneath Lee Seong-min’s feet grabbed all of Aine’s spears.

“right… … .”

That kind of sound came from Lee Seong-min’s mouth. The low sound that seemed to be echoing in a cave continued for a long time and gave many vibrations.

Even though the attack was blocked, Aine’s violence did not decrease. Instead, she became even more frantic and jumped towards Lee Seong-min.

Move your right hand forward and raise your left hand into a fist.

Aine’s instincts knew what was going to happen. The tentacles sprouting from his shoulders tangled and prepared for his defense.


The ignorant punch crushed all of Aine’s tentacles. Aine’s body, unable to withstand the shock, fell to the ground.


Seongmin Lee opened his mouth and shouted. The silence ended and Lee Seong-min kicked the ground.

He grabbed Aine’s rolling body and rolled with her. Lee Seong-min opened his mouth wide and tried to bite Aine’s neck.

Even though her head was half crushed, Aine did not die. Unlike Lee Seong-min, who had a black heart embedded in a human body, Aine’s vitality and regenerative power, whose body was composed of a black heart, were no different from that of an immortal.

Aine raised both hands and grabbed Lee Seong-min’s face. At the same time, the blade protruding from Aine’s body tried to tear Lee Seong-min’s body.

The haze that was hovering around Lee Seong-min took on substance and deflected the blade.

Envirus forgot what to say as he watched them fight to eat each other. I couldn’t feel relieved that they were fighting each other.

No matter which of the two survived, it was clear that the one who survived would become a monster worthy of rewriting history.

‘Should I stop it? Or should I run away?’

Envirus was conflicted. In my current state, I couldn’t handle either of those two.

But if you run away to save your life, what will you do after that?

Envirus chewed his lower lip.

It was not the wind of Envirus that gave Seongmin Lee the magical power. The reason Envirus went to the Sleeping Forest was because he had a reason to go there and check, not to drag Lee Seong-min there.

It just happened that way by chance.

In the end, it was a coincidence that Lee Seong-min, who passed Denir’s ordeal, heard the story about Envirus and chased after Envirus.

Envirus met Heoju in the Sleeping Forest. He knew that Heo Joo was waiting for the ‘returner’, and he also knew that the returner was Lee Seong-min.

That he was chasing him. Someday, perhaps in the near future, Lee Seong-min will come to this forest, following the traces of Envirus.

And you will meet Heo Joo.

It had already become the flow of absolute fate, and Envirus knew that no matter what he did, he could not go against it.

So, I left Luvia behind to continue to monitor Lee Seong-min’s condition.

Where did it go wrong?

Should I never have gone to Sleeping Beauty? When you encountered Heoju’s spirit there, should you have taken the challenge and attempted to completely seal or destroy Heoju even though it was impossible?

Should I have told the head of the clan that continues to seal the Sleeping Forest to never let Lee Seong-min into the Sleeping Forest?



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No, now that I think about it, what should I do? This has already happened.

It was Envirus himself who had no idea what to do at the time and decided to go with the flow for now.

So it happened like this, and it had no choice but to happen like this.

‘My choices and actions may not be important.’

Envirus caught his breath. He gave up maintaining a defensive barrier. If you’re already caught up in a huge current, Envirus’ choice won’t matter.

Even if he is the greatest wizard in the world, he is only mortal and cannot change the course of fate.

I knew that until I was sick of it.

“f*cking fate.”

Envirus said that with sincerity. Since the damage suffered from the reverse summoning of the highest spirits is spiritual, it cannot be recovered even if you drink elixir.

Even if you drink a mana potion, the result is the same.

But if this is it.

Envirus smiled a lonely smile. Envy Ruth slowly raised his arms.

Even though he knew that nothing could change his choice, Envirus made his own choice. Unlike in Sleeping Beauty where he gave up his choices and wanted to conform. All the letters on Envirus’ arms floated into the air.

“Great Mana.”

A low voice flowed from Envirus’ mouth. Kim Jong-hyun, who was sitting in the sky as a bystander and watching him, looked surprised.

Since he was a wizard before becoming a warlock, he knew what Envirus was trying to do.

“I will sacrifice this life.”

An exchange of life and mana.

You gain huge mana by literally sacrificing your life. However, since you only have one life, if you exchange your life for mana, you have no choice but to die.


Enormous mana seeped into Envirus’ body.

That enormous amount of mana recovered all spiritual damage suffered by Envirus.

Envirus stretched out his hand toward the black sphere left behind by Arbes.


The color of the sphere turned blue. The magic of the land was connected to Envirus.

Aine fell to the floor, covered in blood. This was because all the blades and tentacles protruding from her body were torn off by Lee Seong-min.

Nevertheless, Aine has not yet reduced her resistance. The body that had been crushed several times continued to regenerate without a break, and Lee Seong-min went berserk, repeatedly trying to devour Aine.

Envirus looked at the two with calm eyes.

Both if possible.

It must not be taken away.

Seongmin Lee was still conscious. However, his body does not listen to Lee Seong-min’s cries.

It just goes on a rampage to greedily eat Aine.

However, such a body was not limited to predation. Lee Seong-min’s body jumped at the powerful magical power that attacked him.

It was the same for Aine. Aine rushed away.


Red-hot flames swept the land.

After confirming that Lee Seong-min and Aine were out of the attack area, Envirus immediately prepared the next spell.

There was a lot of magic power, and Envirus had no time. Even at this moment, Envy Ruth’s life was rushing toward his death.

What is the most dangerous?

This is Seongmin Lee.

Envirus opened both hands and headed towards Lee Seong-min. The runes on the arm wriggle and stand up. A huge mana purified by magic exploded.

Lee Seong-min jumped into the air and waved his arms towards the oncoming waves of magical power.

Quad deud deuk!

The torn magical power splits into two branches and pierces the sky.

Even though Envirus saw it with his own eyes, he couldn’t believe it.

okay. That’s why it’s more dangerous.

“I’m sorry.”

Envirus sincerely apologized. In some ways, Lee Seong-min can also be said to be a victim.

Still, I had no intention of quitting.

next. Envirus thought of the countless magic he could unleash. He uses magic to catch rampaging beasts more efficiently.


The space broke apart, scattering fragments.

The silver chains that rose from the gap were shot towards Lee Seong-min, who was floating in the air.

Lee Seong-min tried to break the chain by running wild, but the flexible chain caught Lee Seong-min’s joints.

The caught chain sent a huge amount of magical power into Lee Seong-min’s body. Lee Seong-min’s limbs swelled greatly with the inflow of magical energy and bent in directions they should not have been bent.


He doesn’t know why Envirus is attacking him.

But one thing was certain. This body overflowing with power is extremely ignorant.

He does not even use martial arts, but only believes in the performance of his body and runs wild. In fact, for any decent opponent, that would be enough.

The spirit is overflowing.

Even Dark Zone, who drove Lee Seong-min to the brink of death, seemed like he could be defeated without martial arts if he were in his current state.

But not Envirus. The various magics used by Envirus were more difficult and powerful to deal with than Amzone’s memorization.

If we continue like this, we will have no choice but to die from Envirus. He didn’t want to die.

But the body doesn’t listen.


Seongmin Lee’s consciousness was shaken. My vision changed in an instant.

“What are you doing, you bastard!”

It was Heo Joo who came running in.

Heo Joo had the same appearance as the one she had shown in Lee Seong-min’s dream before.

The black cradle was shattered by Heo-ju’s kick, and Lee Seong-min became a conscious body rather than a real body, and was grabbed by the collar by Heo-ju, just like when he faced Heo-ju in a dream.

“Get your mind straight.”

Heoju showed his teeth and growled. At the same time, Heo Joo raised his fist and slashed Lee Seong-min’s cheek.

Lee Seong-min, who was suddenly hit, screamed in pain.

“Why are you hitting me?!”

“This is the crime of persecuting this elderly man, threatening to drown him in a bucket of shit. You damn bastard. “I’m thankful that it’s just a piece of bamboo shoot!”

Heo Joo spat like that and let go of Lee Seong Min’s collar.

Even though it wasn’t really a physical hit, it was definitely a tingling pain.

Seongmin Lee asked as he looked around the space where red and black were mixed.

“here is… … “Where are you?”

“It’s in your consciousness.”

Heoju answered.

“It’s no different from a dream.”

“Why am I here… … “Why are you here?”

“I came to beat you up and wake you up.”

Heoju answered.

“If possible, this old man would have liked to have done it alone, but your mental defenses were so strong that there was nothing he could do. So it was necessary to awaken your consciousness first.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“Are you going to leave it like this?”

Heoju opened his eyes wide and asked Lee Seongmin.

“Okay, whatever. As you live, you may fall apart. But do you want to live like this? You say you don’t want to become a monster? Look at you now. Your body became a monster, and your consciousness, which still had humanity, was on the verge of falling asleep in an alien cradle. If he had fallen completely asleep there, your humanity would have fallen into eternal sleep and humanity would have filled the void. “Do you know what that means?”

“… … “Becoming a monster.”

“It means being you and being something you’re not, you bastard!”

“It’s not like I wanted to be like this… … !”

“It’s not too late yet.”

Heoju turned around.

“This is the first time something like this has happened. you… … It’s so foreign. Even though his body has become a monster, he still retains his humanity. No matter how strong your spirit is… … .”

“I said it’s not too late.”

Seongmin Lee spoke up. Then Heoju flinched and nodded his head.

“… … “Look over there.”

Heoju raised his finger.

“That’s why I said you were heterogeneous. Is it because human consciousness remains? … The humanity of a monster is independent. “If you had fallen asleep in the cradle, that would have been you.”

Beyond the trembling wall, someone was going crazy.

It had an ominous body and was running wild as if it was fighting even though there was no one in front of it.

“That’s you.”

Heoju raised his hand and pointed at the rampaging ominous figure.

“The externality that is moving your body right now. You turned into a monster. “If this old man had been able to get through that wall, he would have beaten that bastard.”

Heoju grumbled and sat down on the floor.

“You go and beat that guy up.”


“This is a tug of war between natures. Who will have the upper hand? Right now, that guy has the upper hand and is holding onto your body… … If you get the upper hand, you might get your body back.”

I wasn’t sure.

This was the first case like Lee Seong-min, and because Heo-ju was a monster from birth, he could only say vague things.

“You can’t do anything, right? The time in consciousness is only a moment in reality, but… … “Your body is now approaching death.”


Before being awakened here by Heo Joo. What Seongmin Lee saw was a body bound by Envirus’ chains.

There isn’t much time. Seongmin Lee quickly approached the blurry wall.

‘I never thought the day would come when you would fight me.’

I thought that there were days like this in my life.


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