Worthless Regression Chapter 183

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[185] Frenzy (2)

Arbes didn’t know that Kim Jong-hyun’s fingertips were pointing towards him. This was partly because Arbes had already left his false body, which was no different from a doll, and had transformed into a soul body, but not only that, but also because Kim Jong-hyun’s actions were so secretive.

Ever since he joined Predator and met Arbes, Kim Jong-hyun has been aiming for this moment.

For this moment, I bowed my head and followed Arbes’ words.

He was lucky. If Arbes had not performed the soul exchange magic, Kim Jong-hyun would have had to endure a lot of hassle to achieve what he wanted.

‘I’m really lucky.’

The situation was on Kim Jong-hyun’s side. Thanks to the intervention of Envirus and Lee Seong-min, Arbes was cornered, and the soul exchange magic was urgently performed in an imperfect situation.

It’s as if everything is flowing for you.

Kim Jong-hyun felt this and burst into laughter.

Jonghyun Kim is different from the average warlock. The contract between Kim Jong-hyun and Kaladra was canceled when Kaladra, who had contracted with him, disappeared, and as a result, Kim Jong-hyun gained a lot.

A body that never ages. Eyes that see the invisible.

And the power of the devil.

It cannot be used freely. Using the devil’s power while being human is that risky. If you are not careful, your soul may disappear.

But it was well worth the risk.


Black light sparkled from Kim Jong-hyun’s fingertips. Arbes, who had transformed into a spirit body and was heading towards Aine’s body, belatedly realized the situation due to the eerieness of the black flash that was shot in a straight line.


Arbes’ soul was shaken. He wanted to respond in some way, but the current Arbes was a helpless being who could not even form a seal.

However, he was not treated quietly. Arbes inflated the magic power concentrated in his soul and tried to somehow block the light emitted by Kim Jong-hyun.

However, the light emitted by Kim Jong-hyun passed through Arbes’ magic power. It wasn’t penetrated. It passed through without even creating a collision, as if nothing had happened.

Arbes’ spirit screamed when he saw that.


Arbes’ soul, pierced by light, trembled. The light emitted by Kim Jong-hyun was an attack like a natural enemy for the black magician.

All warlocks are beings whose souls are tied to the devil. Although he is a different Demon King, Kim Jong-Hyun can also use some of the Demon King’s power.

Arbes’ whole body trembled as if he had been electrocuted. Although the contract as a warlock was not broken, it was an attack that dealt a blow to the soul itself.

A soul that loses its body returns to the Life Force vessel, where it forms a spiritual body again.

He will be back-summoned by Life Force Basel and will suffer a loss of magical power, but since he has overflowing magical energy anyway, one death is not a big deal to the lich.

But now the case is different. This is because Kim Jong-hyun’s light was aimed at Arbes’ soul itself.

Ladra’s power as a demon king and the possession of his soul.

It can only be used by warlocks, and the risk is so high that frequent use is impossible.

‘If it’s the soul of Arbes, it’s worth taking the risk.’

Kim Jong-hyun smiled bitterly. He extends his hand towards the soul of Arbes, which was pierced and trembling in the light.

Arbes’ soul was unable to resist and was pulled into Kim Jong-hyun’s palm like a magnet.

Arbes’s soul, which rested on his wide open palm, was a dull black color similar to his own.

Arbes’s soul was struggling, twisting its body as if it had never imagined that something like this would happen.

It was important from here. If he takes all of Arbes’ soul, Kim Jong-hyun will even have the rotten contract with death that Arbez signed.

That was the specification.

At best, Kaladra disappeared and he was free from the contract, but he had no desire to contract with the Demon Lord again.

Kim Jong-hyun grabbed Arbes’ soul with both hands. The soul that had already belonged to Kim Jong-hyun was unable to escape even though he struggled.

Kim Jonghyun carefully scanned Arbes’ soul. It does not take the soul itself, but takes the information and power that the soul has.

“I will return your soul.”

Kim Jonghyun grinned and muttered. The returned soul will return to the Life Force Basel, but Arbes will no longer remain as a great wizard.

Because all the memories of magic and magical power will return to Kim Jong-hyun.

Kim Jong-hyun carefully extracted magic power and information from the soul.

‘No, I can’t even go back to Life Force Basel. There wouldn’t be any magical power left to form a spiritual body.’

It doesn’t matter either way.

Kim Jonghyun forced the shimmering light extracted from his soul into his mouth.

A bright light exploded in my head. Kim Jong-hyun’s body was filled with the great magical knowledge and enormous magical power that Arbes had accumulated since he was a human.

The pain that felt like my body was exploding and my brain was burning was only temporary.

“haha… … !”

Kim Jong-hyun covered his head with both hands and burst into joyful laughter while making a painful expression.

He once again realized how outstanding Arbes was as a magician.

He was confident that he was at a fairly high level as a warlock, but compared to Arbes, who had lived for hundreds of years and learned magic, he was at the level of a child.

‘Extinction magic. This is awesome. Fortunately, I think I can use it too.’

The same was true for necromancy magic.

Arbes used the decayed magic of death to perform annihilation magic and necromancy magic, but that magic can be replaced with Kaladra’s.

Kim Jong-hyun grinned after checking Arbes’ memory. He sent Arbes’ soul, which had become so small, into the sky.

“Good luck.”

Kim Jonghyun greeted in a cheerful voice. That soul, which does not have the power to take on Aine’s body, will return to the Life Force Basel and will face complete death as it will not be able to form a spiritual body.

After that, you will go to the rotten death side and suffer for eternity.

That was none of Kim Jonghyun’s business. He rather thought that it was causally right for it to be so.

Arbes, the two-faced sage.

Didn’t he carry out various evil deeds, including numerous human experiments, hundreds of years ago?

Therefore, they must be punished even after death.

“What did you… … !”

Envirus, who couldn’t even control his body properly, realized what Kim Jong-hyun had done.

But even though I saw it in person, I couldn’t believe it.



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This is because I never thought that there would be a way to exploit the soul of a lich who was not a dead ghost and was as big as Arbes.

It was true.

It was just an unfortunate fact that Arbes was a warlock.

Kim Jong-hyun continued to stretch while checking the great magic that was filling his mind.

With this, Kim Jong-hyun has far surpassed the level of wizard he had previously achieved. Kim Jonghyun looked at Envy Ruth with his smiling face.

“I have no intention of killing you. So please rest assured.”

“what… … ?”

“It would be very easy for me now to kill you because you were seriously injured, but I don’t want to be cursed by killing you for no reason.”

As if showing off.

Kim Jong-hyun performed the magic of annihilation. A black arm rose from behind Kim Jong-hyun’s back.

The spell was figured out, and the necessary magic power was replaced with Kaladra’s.

Through Kim Jong-hyun’s annihilation magic, Envirus fully realized that Kim Jong-hyun had taken everything from Arbes.

“I got what I wanted.”

There was deep satisfaction in Kim Jong-hyun’s voice.

With this, Kim Jong-hyun achieved power close to the peak within Predator.

Although he did not become a lich, Kim Jong-hyun will become the black star of the Predator and stand above all lichs.

Other outside leaders will also recognize Kim Jong-hyun.

Kim Jong-hyun was human, but not human, and there would be no one among the leaders outside of the world who would take care of his loyalty to Arbes.


It was the moment when Envirus’ lips trembled, not knowing what to do.

As Arbes disappeared, the imprint of obedience was erased, and Aine, who was drooping down, screamed.


The black night sky resonated with Aine’s screams. Envirus was startled and looked back at Aine.

“Oh my!”

Kim Jonghyun burst into laughter. He deliberately did not take Aine’s obedience imprint.

I didn’t think it was necessary, and I didn’t want to get involved for no reason.

Aine’s body twitches along with a scream. Aine’s prone body stood up in an unnatural manner, like a marionette pulling a string.

“I have no intention of killing you, but I’m not sure what that poor chimera will do.”

Kim Jonghyun shouted in a happy voice.

There is no consciousness. Still, Aine was moving.

Arbes’s magic circle was destroyed, but the magic power of the land that Aine had consumed was so enormous that it was unbelievable.

Also, even though the masterless magic power belonged to Aine, it desired indiscriminate violence.

The magical power formed around the black heart faithfully displayed its form.


Aine’s body exploded. She looked like she was about to explode. Sharp blades protruded in all directions from her, sweeping away everything without distinction.

[Damn it!]

It was Heo Joo who shouted.

As a result of receiving too much masterless magic power, Lee Seong-min was losing consciousness.

He Ju quickly summoned his strength. Although it was not possible to move Lee Seong-min’s body like before, it was possible to protect Lee Seong-min’s body by generating magical power.


Heoju’s inflated magical power clashes with Aine’s attack.

It’s extremely helpless.

Heoju suddenly gritted his teeth. He missed the days when he had a body. If that were the case, I would be able to crush that crude power with just a wave of my hand!


Envirus also felt helpless. Envyrus was barely able to use his defensive magic because the top-level spirits were being reverse-summoned one after another.

The defensive magic created in that way was also not perfect. Envirus, hit by Aine’s attack, flew away with a defensive barrier and rolled around on the ground.

Spirit magic was an efficient magic, but the risk of reverse summoning was too great.

In fact, if three top-level spirits are reverse-summoned, even an excellent spiritist will become a useless person with no ability to recover.

The remaining earth spirits returned to the spirit world because Envirus could not maintain their existence.

That’s how big of a blow Envirus received. The reason Envirus did not become a ruined person was not only because he was at the top as a wizard, but also because the person he signed a contract with was none other than the Queen of Spirits.

“ha ha ha!”

Kim Jong-hyun, who flew to a high place, looked down at Aine who was running wild and burst into laughter.

Kim Jong-hyun, shaking his shoulders, was looking at none other than Lee Sung-min.

Kim Jong-hyun had no idea that Lee Sung-min would die here.

However, I had no intention of helping Seongmin Lee.

He has already taken what he wants in his current situation. From now on, I wanted to completely become a bystander and see in what direction Lee Seong-min’s fate would flow.

‘Is it fate that I stand by now?’

Or is it fate that I have to step forward?

I don’t know which one.

Kim Jong-hyun’s eyes, which can see many things, could not see his own destiny, and he could not know where his fate would flow.

Kim Jong-hyun decided to stick to his role as a bystander.

‘If the current world were a story… … The main character is you.’

Kim Jonghyun held back his laughter.

If it’s a story.

Kim Jong-hyun knew very well that he was not lacking in any way to become the main character.

He was a special being in many ways and went through special situations.

But not the main character.

‘If you die here, the story will end.’

Kim Jong-hyun was sure that wouldn’t happen that way.

[Come to your senses!]

Heoju’s cries are heard from afar. The sleeping consciousness wakes up.

Seongmin Lee opened his closed eyes. He wasn’t in a good mood. Like when he was forced to eat food that tasted terrible on the mountain of Mshi. Like breathing he could only smell the stench.

Lee Seong-min lowered the corners of his mouth and endured the feeling of nausea rising inside him. My vision is shaking as if I’ve been drinking heavily. It felt like the ground was shaking.

[Are you out of your mind?]

Heoju asked with joy.

Lee Seong-min stood up unsteadily, out of breath. His consciousness returned, but he was still dazed.

Quang! Heoju accepted the rushing blade on his behalf.

“… … “What happened?”

[I do not know!]

Heoju shouted.

Seongmin Lee looked down at his empty hands.

There is no window. This is because I threw it at Aine earlier and haven’t retrieved it yet.

My heart is beating like crazy. Her left eye felt like it was burning.

The heterogeneous pain spread throughout Lee Seong-min’s body.

He held his chest and moaned. A sense of estrangement, as if the blood flowing through his veins was not his own.

A throbbing pain hits my head.

Seongmin Lee lifted his hands and covered his face without realizing it.

eye. It felt like my right eye was being gouged out.

When Lee Seong-min’s hand came down from his face, crying like an animal. Both of his eyes had turned gold.


Heoju shouted in an urgent voice.

Heo Joo knew very well that Lee Seong-min did not want to give up his humanity, and he respected Lee Seong-min’s wishes.

But now.

Both of Lee Seong-min’s eyes had turned brilliant gold.

At some point, the pain disappeared as if washed away. I lose consciousness. The inner power of the Danjeon was silent, and the masterless magical power taken from the magic circle spread throughout Lee Seong-min’s whole body.

Tap, tap, tap.

A strange sound began to sound inside Lee Seong-min’s body.

Heo Joo hurriedly entered Lee Seong Min’s body and tried to push out the spirit power.

But it didn’t work. Lee Seong-min’s mental barrier rejects Heo-ju’s intrusion. As if he wanted it to happen like this.

[Get conscious! You were the one who said you didn’t want to be an outsider!]

Such cries also disperse.

Lee Seong-min’s consciousness was preparing to fall asleep in comfort for unknown reasons.

The violent spirit became a comfortable cradle for Lee Seong-min.

I don’t want to sleep.

Lee Seong-min thought in a vague emotion.

Contrary to that consciousness, Lee Seong-min’s body was preparing for a frenzy.


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