Worthless Regression Chapter 185

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[187] Frenzy (4)

Heo Ju could not pass through the wall, but Lee Seong-min passed through it easily.

That wall was a mental barrier that Seong-min Lee had, and he accepted Lee Seong-min as he walked in without any resistance.

Seongmin Lee looked down at his hands, which were holding nothing.

When he became conscious, Lee Seong-min held a spear in his hand. This place was the same as Denir’s mental world, yet different.

There, Seongmin Lee was able to freely use his internal skills.

Even though it was a mental world, it had a body that was no different from reality due to the power of Denir.

But it’s different here. Internal energy is not conscious. It was the same with the power.

I succeeded in creating the window, but that was it.

No matter how conscious I try, my inner strength does not increase.

‘It’s at a disadvantage.’

Lee Seong-min laughed without realizing it. He can neither use internal energy nor magical power.

All that can be used is a spear and a body.

Still, I had to do it. Because he didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to hand over his body to that bastard.

The rampaging movements of Injeongseong stopped.

The guy stood there in a daze, then turned his head and looked at Lee Seong-min.

There are no eyes, nose, or mouth. It has a human appearance, but it is only black and red.

However, Lee Seong-min felt as if he could hear an inaudible, alienating shout.

It crouched down on all fours like an animal.

When Lee Seong-min saw it, the guy was already in front of Lee Seong-min.

The colorful hand tried to smash Lee Seong-min’s head like a hammer.

Seongmin Lee immediately lowered his posture. It was impossible to defend against that attack now that I couldn’t use my strength, and I couldn’t even pull off my self-defense skills.

An intimidating sound passes overhead. Lee Seong-min, who lowered his posture, took the step without hesitation.

There was no explosive acceleration due to the lack of internal strength, but even without internal strength, a walking method is still a walking technique.

Lee Seong-min, who had burrowed into Inoeseong’s arms, briefly thrust out the spear that was close to his side.


With a dull sound, Ino-seong’s body is pushed back a few steps. Even though I stabbed it with all my might, it was light. The blade of the spear may have been sharp, but it could not even pierce the external nature.

I never thought I could finish it in one go. There was no disappointment because he had no expectations.


Rushing towards the retreating Inoeseong, Lee Seong-min unfolded the Gucheon Dance Dance.

Chuhon Ilsal was slow and had little power due to the lack of internal strength, but it hit In Oe-seong’s chest exactly as Lee Seong-min had aimed for.

But he wasn’t hit as well. The wide open hand is aimed at Lee Seong-min’s shoulder.

I saw through it. From the moment his shoulders began to shake, Lee Seong-min predicted evasion.

In terms of physical ability alone, it was undoubtedly true that Lee Seong-min’s personality was superior to Lee Seong-min’s, but Lee Seong-min was able to easily see through the man’s movements that only put his nature first.

Lee Seong-min, who penetrated into the gap of the attack, once again performed the Gucheonmugeukchang.

Guryong Slayer, Gongdo, and Gwancheon, which are highly dependent on internal strength, cannot be used. The speed of a lightning strike using a spear is difficult without internal strength.

In the end, the only moves Lee Seong-min can perform in Gucheon Mugeukchang are Chuhon Ilsal and Bokbobaektam.

What Lee Seong-min chose this time was Bokbobaektam.


The spear shot down from above and hit Inoeseong’s chin. I wanted to pierce the top of my head, but this time, the power wasn’t enough. All it did was make me tilt my head back.

It is not just Gucheonmugeukchang.

Lannachal. Those three things that are the basics of singing. It flows into the column according to the speed of its swinging arm.

At the same time, he swings Changjun and hits Inoeseong’s body once again. You have to accumulate hits. But will he be able to take the guy down just because he stacks them?

Despite feeling doubtful, Seongmin Lee continued to move his body and swing his spear.

Heo Ju watched it from beyond the wall that he could not pass through. It’s a tug of war between natures.

Even if you pile up the blows, the externality will not be easily defeated.

Only when Seongmin Lee’s consciousness overcomes his externality will he be able to take over the leadership of his body.

‘It’s impossible for me to help.’

Heoju felt bitter. Even though interference is impossible in the first place. Heoju cannot pass through that wall.

Even if he passes, even if Heo-ju defeats Inoe-seong, the initiative will not return to either Heo-ju or Lee Seong-min.

Because that is Lee Seong-min’s own fight, Heo-ju can’t do anything.


Heoju’s eyes, who were watching the fight from beyond the wall, opened wide.

I saw something wrong… … It wasn’t. what? Heo Joo suddenly stood up. Go closer to the barrier to check properly.

Heo Ju went to the front of the impassable barrier and looked inside.

Beyond the fight between Lee Seong-min and Ino-seong.

Someone was sitting in a comfortable position. No matter how much Heoju strained his eyes, he couldn’t see the guy’s face.

However, Heoju felt that the ‘bastard’ was smiling.

who are you?

Heoju opened his mouth and asked a question.

Although he was just muttering to himself, the guy raised his head and turned to look at Heo Joo.

Why can’t Lee Seong-min and In-Oe-seong feel that guy’s presence? I’m sitting like that, at most a few steps away.

Even assuming that it is external. Why doesn’t Lee Seong-min notice this guy who shows his presence so blatantly?

Heo-ju opened his mouth to warn Lee Seong-min. OK.

The world has become smaller. Heoju was standing at the end of a single, straight, thin road, and on the other side of the road was a faceless guy who was sitting comfortably and smiling.

Heoju was sitting in the same posture as he had seen her. What is this? Heo Joo feels this for the first time in his life… … No, it’s been a long time since I felt that way. He was shaken by that emotion.

My palms are covered in cold sweat. My spine ache. I get chills and goosebumps starting from my toes.



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He slowly lifted his hand, which had been placed on his knee. Each and every movement was slowly recognized by Heoju.

Heo Joo-ga, whose body was barely destroyed by the attack of several dragons, dozens of great wizards, great sorcerers, and hundreds of martial arts experts.

I was feeling a fear I had never felt even at that moment, in his every move. What on earth is that guy? Why does such a terrifying entity exist in Seongmin Lee’s conscious world?

Slowly lifting hands. Action shown. Although it progressed slowly, He Ju felt that the time was close to an eternity.

During that time, Heo Joo experienced dozens, hundreds, thousands of times that he had never thought of before. He imagined his own death.

The guy who conveyed the image of death to Heo Joo with just a simple movement was at the end of the next movement.

I lifted my index finger and placed it in front of where my mouth should be.



When I came to my senses. Heoju was sitting on the floor. Get down on both knees.

Heoju’s face distorted. hallucination… … is it? Either way. Heoju gritted his teeth and gave strength to his shaking legs.

Heo Joo also knew. He was in his prime when he was alive. There was no one in that world who could do anything to Heoju on his own.

Excluding exotic beings such as the Fairy Queen and the Spirit Queen, Heju was the strongest among mortals.

The level is different. Power, not the same thing. Their status as beings is different. God of Aria? No, it can’t be compared to those guys.

“you… … What are you doing? … !”

Heoju, who was staggering to his feet, shouted. The road was still a thin, straight path, and he was standing at the end of it.

Heoju barely stood up and stretched out his feet forward to approach the guy. The guy who put his finger where his mouth should be didn’t move.

When Heo Joo took a step. The length of time continued to increase.

You can only take one step now.

An unknown voice rang in Heoju’s head. Heoju, startled by that voice, turned around. It was one step.

I’m done.

“Are you coming this way?”

The guy asked. It was a clear voice.

Heoju stood blankly and looked at the other path. The length of a straight line… … It gets squiggly.

One step forward.


Heoju realized something. What is this road? He wondered what each step he took meant.

What does the question “Would you like to come this way” mean? What happens if you go over there?


Heoju, who knew everything, muttered in a dazed voice. Something glimmers in every alley along the winding road.

There were some who sat down, and there were others who walked slowly.

Heoju burst out laughing and pushed back his extended steps.

Know. If you want to move forward, you can move forward without stopping.

“I knew it.”

The guy said with a smile. Shh. The guy said that to Heoju again, and Heoju nodded his head.

I didn’t understand everything, but I understood that I shouldn’t tell Lee Seong-min about this meeting and what I realized. Not for anyone else, but for Lee Seong-min.

The single path disappeared in front of Heo Joo. Heoju, standing in front of the wall again, sat down on the spot.

The figure of the guy sitting across from me, smiling, was no longer visible.

Lee Seong-min doesn’t know what Heo Joo went through. He was pushing In Oeseong with all his might.

At some point, Seongmin Lee realized that his body was faster than before and stronger than before.

I am still not conscious of my strength. Nevertheless, his body continued to grow stronger.

It was evidence that Lee Seong-min was gaining an upper hand over externality in the struggle between consciousness. Externality’s attacks no longer seemed threatening to Lee Seong-min.


Lee Seong-min’s spear finally pierced the externality. We push back with even more strength as the Inseongseong stumbles and is pushed away.

There isn’t much time. The spear, which was desperately thrown all the way, completely pierced Inoeseong’s body.

Inevitability fell to its knees. But it did not disappear. Instead, the world of consciousness began to stir. The world, which was a mixture of red and black, turns white.

It was proof that Lee Seong-min’s consciousness had completely taken precedence, suppressing externality. but… … It doesn’t go away. The human being pierced by the spear struggles.

The red and black blurred, and an alien face was revealed.

The guy’s face was similar to Lee Seong-min’s, but not quite the same. Distorted face. Sharp teeth, as if to assert that they are not human.

“See you next.”

Inevitability turned into fog after leaving those words. It doesn’t disappear… … No. Lee Seong-min glared at the spear cutting through the empty floor.

The externality has already awakened, and it will not disappear. It will be hidden in Lee Seong-min’s subconscious and he will see an opportunity.

To wake up one day and devour humanity.

The world of consciousness is disappearing. Seongmin Lee looked back at Heoju, who was sitting on the other side of the wall.

Come to think of it, during the fight against externality. I heard Heoju shouting something.

What did you say… … ? When Lee Seong-min opens his mouth to ask about it.

Heoju, who was sitting, got up.

He slowly tilted his head, lifted his index finger, and brought it to his lips.


“… … “What are you doing?”

“Just go, you bastard.”

Heoju burst out laughing.

Envirus knew that his end was not far away. The exchange of mana and her life succeeds in revitalizing her weakened body to the point where she cannot unleash her magic, but it is only temporary.

Envirus saw Aine lying on the ground. I’ve been struggling so much, but now I think my strength is gone.

“You are a monster… … .”

Envirus muttered in a weak voice. In the air, Lee Seong-min was chained and hanging limply.

This spell was created by Envirus himself, and was one of the most outstanding magics he could perform.

Normally, just by being caught in those chains, one’s body would be destroyed and one would die, but Lee Seong-min’s body was still holding on without being destroyed.

‘But the resistance has decreased. I guess my strength was all gone… … .’

Even after being caught in those chains. Even though the chains are being pulled and the magical power for destruction is flowing in. By swinging his limbs at unnatural angles, he tore out all the magic. But that resistance is now over.

“… … I’m sorry. really.”

Envirus raised his hand and apologized again.


Envirus’ wide open palm is enveloped in a halo of light. It was that moment.

Lee Seong-min’s chained body shook. Seongmin Lee lifted his head from his bowed position. The two eyes looked down at Envirus.

“What is an apple… … .”

Bizarrely bent limbs regain their original angles. In the Danjeon, spirit power and inner strength come together. Seongmin Lee glanced at the window lying on the floor in the distance.

come. A thought that was not even whispered shook the space and made the window move.

With a clatter, the trembling spear rose upward. The spear flew in and pierced the chains that were binding Lee Seong-min without Envirus having time to stop it.

“Even if I have to do it. “Why don’t you keep your promise first?”

In the midst of the flying fragments of chains. Seongmin Lee stepped down to the ground, holding the spear with one hand.

“Dragon Heart.”

Envirus’ face turned white.


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