Worthless Regression Chapter 154

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Wei Ji-ho-yeon gazed at Sima Lian-ju’s face. He could not properly understand the words of Sabeolju. So I felt a little bad. The cause of his displeasure was that he knew that Lee Seong-min was arranging work for him, something he did not know. He didn’t try to show it, but Wiji Ho-yeon felt that his eyes were colder than usual when he looked at Sa-raeb-ju.

“What are those eyes? “Is it jealousy?”

Sima Lianzhu smiled and asked. In response to that question, Wizzy Hoyeon unconsciously raised her hand and touched her cheek. jealousy? Wijihoyeon muttered those words in a low voice. It was a word that Wijihoyeon had never been conscious of in his entire life.

“… No way.”

“It seems so to me. Hehehe! Because it’s the prime time. Youth is good. is not it?”

Sima Lianzhu was laughing to himself because he was so happy, and Wijihoyeon didn’t like it when Sima Lianju laughed. Although he denied the feeling of jealousy, Sima Lianju does not like it.

“Why are you wearing a mask?”

“Isn’t it wonderful? At best, you’re only wearing a mask, but you can give off a mysterious impression even without doing anything special. “I really like these props.”

“You wear a mask for just that reason?”

“okay. That’s the only reason I wear a mask. To give a sense of mystery to the other person. Unlike the face, the mask is easy to change.”

Sima Lianzhu raised his hand and covered his mask. When his hand was removed, another mask covered the face of Sajabiju. It was a mask that resembled the face of a hideous animal.

“This is a change of sword. “Isn’t it fun?”

Every time Sima Lianzhu’s hand covered the mask, the mask changed. It was so fast that even Wijihoyeon’s eyes couldn’t track it. Although he was said to be unable to use his internal skills, Wiji Ho-yeon thought that even if he was in perfect condition, he would not be able to see through Sa-beob-ju’s defense.

“It doesn’t seem fun.”

When Wei Ji-ho-yeon’s reaction was sour, Sima Lian-ju returned to his original half-mask. He crossed his arms and drooped his shoulders sullenly, and Wijihoyeon still looked at Sabeopju with wary eyes.

“You seem to like that kid quite a bit.”

“… “Because we’re friends.”

“You mean loyalty? In my view, that doesn’t seem to be everything. Well, that’s not my part-time job.”

Sima Lianzhu muttered in a smiling voice. Wei Ji-ho-yeon cast a glaring gaze as if peering through the mask worn by Sima Lianju.

“… you… “What are you going to do with that guy?”

“I think I should take you as a disciple.”

Sima Lianzhu answered without hesitation. Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon, the greatest of the Four Schools and the pinnacle of the Four Demons, is saying that he will take Lee Seong-min as his disciple. Wijihoyeon couldn’t help but be quite surprised by that. If we were offered the opportunity to become the immediate disciple of Sima Lianju from all over Eria, people would flock like a cloud.

“Why bother… ?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I say that I like a hard-working genius rather than a genius who can take care of things even if I just leave him alone. As I happen to have no children or disciples, I plan to take him in as a disciple if he wants to take over everything.”

Wijihoyeon was silent. Being able to become a disciple of Sima Lianzhu is a great achievement. But for some reason, Wijihoyeon felt bitter about a corner of the village. What forms the basis of Lee Seong-min’s martial arts is Jahain Gong and Gucheon Mugeukchang taught by Wi Ji-ho-yeon. Even in Wijihoyeon’s eyes, they were great martial arts skills, but if they were Sima Lianju’s martial arts skills… There was no doubt that it would be superior to Jahashingong and Gucheonmugeukchang. If you learn such worldly Shingongjeolhak, wouldn’t Jashingong and Gucheonmugeukchang be abandoned?

‘That can’t be possible.’

I think it’s too much. No matter how much it is a new martial art, it will not be enough to abandon the martial arts that are so familiar to form the foundation. Even though I think like that, my anxiety and discomfort do not go away. Wei Ji-ho-yeon glared at Sima Lian-ju. Sima Lianzhu received that gaze with a smile.

“Do you know?”

Sima Lianzhu muttered.

“You don’t know that you have an absurd amount of talent. That kid will be recognized by you and become your equal. “You will never know the 10 years I lived for it.”

“what are you saying… !”

“I would like to inform you, but that is not my role. If you want to hear it, listen to it directly from the kid.”

After saying this, Sima Lianju stood up. Wei Ji-ho-yeon tried to grab Sima Lian-ju, but before he could reach Sima Lian-ju’s body, Sima Lian-ju’s body turned into fog and disappeared.

“Next time, I will meet you as your real self, not your alter ego.”

The sound of Sima Lianzhu laughing rang through the carriage.


“Gwichang is in Deven.”

Black Dog’s outfit was neat. He was the one who was shouting about the spirit of hunger, but he had to face such a damn situation. In the black dog team, there is no one to point out the black dog’s behavior, so you can act however you want, but not here. Thanks to this, the black dog took a bath, which he hated, and combed his hair well. He also wore the neatest and nicest clothes he had.

“I know.”

The silver dragon, Zhuge Tai Ling, has not yet become the head of the Zhuge family. However, his father, Zhuge Gaju, has already left all external family matters to her son. Thanks to this, the black dog owner was sitting across from Zhuge Liang.

“Socheonma’s whereabouts are unknown, but we cannot leave Guichang, who killed Ironclad Shinchang, alone. We have already contacted you about this through the Murim Alliance… ”


Zhuge Liang slowly nodded his head. Although he had not yet ascended to the position of head of the family, Zhuge Taeryeong showed the demeanor of an outstanding master. Are you saying that Ilsin’s inaction has reached its peak? The black dog continued speaking while looking at the cold face of Zhuge Liang.

“I don’t want to put pressure on Sega’s fortunes, but since the head of the family has already promised, please… ”

“If you killed the Ironclad Shinchang Daehyeop.”

Zhuge Taeryeong opened his mouth.

“Gwichang must be considered an expert with skills that are one of the greatest among the warriors in Eria. “Are you saying that the Murim Alliance will not provide any help in killing such a ghost?”

“Our black dog team… ”

“What can you do?”

Zhuge Liang asked with a smile. The black dog owner smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of his head. In fact, he had nothing to say even if he was treated like this. Although they are part of the Chuck Demon Corps, the Black Dogs, led by the Black Dog Master, are not very good in terms of military power. However, it is not that good at tracking. In fact, they were unable to find out the whereabouts of Lee Seong-min and his group who had entered Deven.

“Please don’t say too much to us. “The person who negotiated with the head of the Zhuge family was none other than Lord Maeng.”

“Hehe! I know. It’s just annoying. They told us to kill a difficult opponent named Gwi-chang, but Maeng’s side is not providing any support… ”

“Isn’t it possible that there may have been a secret deal with the head of the family?”

It was something that a black dog owner could say without permission, but Zhuge Taeryeong could not pass it off as a joke. He was silent for a moment, lost in thought. Zhuge family, Zhuge Yufan. Zhuge Taeryeong lived as his son until now, but he still did not know what kind of person his father was. but… If the father, the head of the family, accepted this request from the Murim Alliance, which was full of losses, it would be because there was a good reason.

“First, I will issue a search order throughout Deven.”

“It is possible that he was in disguise.”

“Of course it is. There’s no problem. “There is a shaman in Deven who is skilled at finding people.”

“… powwow?”

Hearing Zhuge Taeryeong’s muttering, the black dog owner widened his eyes.

“Do you believe in witchcraft or something?”

“It seems you don’t know much about the south. In this region, shamans are superior to wizards in certain areas.”

Zhuge Taeryeong said with a grin. The black dog owner had an expression on his face that he couldn’t understand, but Zhuge Liang didn’t bother to explain. Anyway, hunting Guichang is the job of Zhuge Clan. After finishing his conversation with the black dog owner, Zhuge Liang stood up.

‘The Tang family and the Namgung family will also react.’

Killing Gwi-chang is quite an honor. I wouldn’t want to do it alone, but this is a daven that is no different from being ruled by Zhuge Dynasty. Moreover, since training can be done with other Segas, there is no reason for Namgung Segawa and Tangga not to step forward.

After leaving the room, Zhuge Taeryeong encountered Mo Yong Seo-jin. When Moyong Seojin saw Zhuge Taeryeong, her face hardened, and Zhuge Taeryeong was conscious that the door she opened had not yet closed. He moved his steps sideways, paying attention to the black dog’s gaze. At the same time, he hugged Moyong Seojin’s waist with an intimate expression.



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“Let’s go, ma’am.”

“… yes.”

Mo Yong Seo-jin nodded his head and answered. When I glanced up, Zhuge Liang’s face was cold. Moyong Seojin felt that Zhuge Taeryeong’s forearm around her waist was stiff. When the black dog owner came out of sight across her hallway, Zhuge Taeryeong put down the hand he had placed on Moyong Seojin’s waist. And then he passed by Mo Yong Seo-jin without saying anything.

Mo Yong Seo-jin silently looked at the back of Zhuge Liang. A little later, Mo Yong Seo-jin sighed. I was used to that callous appearance. Her affection as a couple cooled off a long time ago. If it hadn’t been for the ties between families, and if there had been no children, it would have come to an end in some way.


Mo Yong Seo-jin pressed his chest, which felt empty. Of course. Mo Yong Seo-jin looked at the garden beyond the hallway. When I made eye contact with Namgoong Hee-won, who was standing there in the middle of nowhere. Mo Yong Seo-jin did not avoid Namgung Hee-won’s gaze.

In the end, it was Namgoong Hee-won who turned his attention.

After two days in Deven. Aladur’s location has been determined. Seongmin Lee did not hesitate and left the inn with his body. Meanwhile, Gwangcheonma, who had become quite accustomed to the hunter’s behavior, followed Lee Seong-min.

While holed up in the inn, Lee Seong-min learned about a shaman named Aladur through Erebrisa. Unlike wizards, shamans who made their home in the south tended to be reluctant to be connected to Erebrisa. That is why Lee Seong-min could not ignore Aladur, who lives in Deven. Attempts were made to trace Gwonjon’s location through shamans connected to Erebrisa, but all failed. So, I am trying to find Aladur with the feeling of grasping at straws.

The shaman named Aladur, whom I had studied for two days, was much better than Lee Seong-min had expected when it came to tracking. Although he was seen doing trivial things like physiognomy and palm reading on the streets, if he was properly requested, he would not only search for corpses in the vast forest, but would also look for missing people.

[There are many different types of witchcraft. Like magic.]

Heoju muttered. Since coming to the south, Heoju has become more talkative. He was hoping to quickly leave Deven and go to his hometown.

In the back alley of a quiet street, a wild cat was meowing. Seongmin Lee and Gwangcheonma stopped and looked at the man sitting on the mat. Her man’s body was not very large, but the clothes she wore were so wide that he seemed larger than her body. Seongmin Lee looked around. Since he was being chased, he needed to be careful.


It was Aladur who made the sound first. Aladur, who was sitting with his arms crossed, looked up and saw Lee Seong-min. Aladur, who was looking at Lee Seong-min, smiled, showing his yellow teeth.

“Do you want to ask this old man something?”

“… “I want to find someone.”

Seongmin Lee lowered his voice. There was no one in the back alley except Aladur and the cat. Seongmin Lee slowly approached Aladur. Aladur was a black man with dark skin. He smacked his lips, running his hands through his tangled hair.

“That’s this old man’s specialty. “As long as you give me enough money.”

Aladur uncrossed his arms and rubbed his hands together. I actually liked that snobbish attitude. Seongmin Lee reached into his arms and took out his money bag.

“What do you want to find?”

A bundle of hair taken out along with the money bag. Seongmin Lee sat across from Aladur. He said, handing over the bundle of hair he was holding in his hand.

“The owner of this hair was cursed by someone. “Through this, I want to know the location of the person who placed the curse.”

“That’s a pretty difficult order. Finding the owner of your hair is not a difficult task… Would you like me to track down the person who placed the curse? “I don’t have enough money.”

“how much?”

“Ten times this.”

There was nothing I couldn’t pay. When Lee Seong-min took out a large bag of money and put it down, Aladur smiled broadly.

“Then let’s show off our skills.”

Aladur pulled out a few strands of hair and began rubbing them between his hands. Because it was Lee Seong-min’s first time seeing witchcraft, he watched Aladur’s actions, wondering what he was doing. When he spread his hands, which he had been rubbing against each other for a while, and raised them up.

Wijihoyeon’s twisted hair rose into the air. Aladur pursed her lips and chanted an unknown spell. Then she rose in the air, her hair crackling and burning, and she exhaled her black smoke.

“That’s awful!”

Aladur stuck his tongue out. The black smoke did not spread, but instead lumped together and hovered in the air. Alladur cautiously stretched out his hands and touched the black smoke. Then the smoke dispersed and it seeped into Aladur’s nostrils.

“… forest… ”

Aladur closed his eyes and muttered.

“A wide forest… where… I see a tree. A very big tree… Long ears… They’re elves. The clothes you are wearing are gorgeous. Is this an elf forest? ?”

Aladur closed his eyes and muttered. Seongmin Lee held his breath and listened to Aladur. But Aladur said no more. After shaking for a moment, Aladur let out a deep breath and opened his eyes.

“This is the limit.”

Aladur grumbled.

“It’s a curse cast by a fairly high-level caster. Elven Forest… I understand that. “I don’t know any more than that.”

“That’s enough.”

Gwonjon is in the Elven Forest. Now that you know that, that’s enough. Lee Seong-min slowly stood up.

“who are you?”

A voice came from behind me.

A well-dressed man stood at the entrance to the alley. Seongmin Lee turned his head and looked at the man. Zhuge Taeryeong. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen this face, and the first time I saw it, I only glanced at it, so it was hard to recall the memory. The long cloth worn by Zhuge Taeryeong had the pattern of the Zhuge family engraved on it.

“You don’t look like a student.”

Even if you complete the rebuttal, it is not possible to deceive everyone. Zhuge Taeryeong is also a master at the peak of his powers. He was able to see through Lee Seong-min’s rebuttal, even if only slightly.

“That one too? “It doesn’t look like a hunter.”

Zhuge Taeryeong’s eyes turned to Gwangcheonma. Gwangcheonma answered while fiddling with his trimmed beard.

“A hunter may not look like a hunter.”

“Don’t joke.”

Zhuge Liang’s face distorted.


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