Worthless Regression Chapter 153

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After passing through this forest, you will come to a city named Deven. Magic towers, sects, and guilds are evenly distributed across the large land mass of Eria. Deven is the city where the Zhuge family, one of the four major political factions, is located, and it is not a large city.

As small as it was, Deven was under the clear influence of the Zhuge family, and the Zhuge family had a close relationship with the lives of the Deven residents. Seongmin Lee frowned after checking the information he purchased through Nevel.

The further south you go, the fewer cities there are. The forests become more numerous, and the sunlight becomes more intense. Deven was the most stable and wealthy city before the southern jungle began in earnest.

‘Silver Dragon, Zhuge Taeryeong.’

I met him once in Shaolin. She didn’t talk. When Lee Seong-min first went to Shaolin, he formed a relationship with Sword Dragon Namgung Hui-won. My brother-in-law accepted it after lightly recommending it. Namgung Hui-won took Lee Seong-min to Shaolin and helped him meet Master Bulyeong, the head of Shaolin.

Zhuge Taeryong, a minor prince of the Zhuge family, married Hwaseol Mo Yong Seo-jin of the Mo Yong family a few years ago. Since then, Mo Yong Seo-jin has been living in the Zhuge family, and a few days later will be the first birthday of their child, Zhuge Wu.

The Nangong family and the Tang family, who had always been close friends, sent envoys to congratulate Zhuge Yu on his birthday. Among the envoys are the sword dragon Namgung Hui-won, who is the same age as Zhuge Taeryeong, and Dokjeop Dang A-hee, both of the Namgung family and the Tang family.

It was none of Lee Seong-min’s business to know about other people, but Lee Seong-min was a little concerned that Namgung Hui-won was at the Zhuge family. He said, “Come visit Namgung Sega someday.” Namgung Hui-won had said such things in Shaolin, but Lee Seong-min had never been to Namgung Se yet.

And I probably won’t be going anywhere in the future. Lee Seong-min, who killed Ironclad Shinchang, becomes a demon and is being pursued by the Murim Alliance. Even if the pursuit is nothing more than watching from a distance, the fact that Lee Seong-min, who has been labeled as a demon, goes to the Namgung family puts them both in an awkward position.

‘What they are chasing is the Black Dogs of the Chuck Horse Corps.’

We also have information about them. The Black Dog Master is an expert who is said to have barely reached the peak level, and the nine members of the Black Dog Team who follow him are hovering at the peak level.

In fact, with Lee Seong-min’s military power, he could slaughter the Black Dogs from the front without difficulty. It won’t take much effort. The reason I didn’t do that was because I didn’t want to add to my notoriety. Exterminating the Black Dogs, a force directly under the Murim Alliance, means going directly against the Murim Alliance. In the worst case, an order to kill Lee Seong-min may be issued to the entire martial arts faction.

“It would be best not to enter the city.”

After confirming the information Lee Seong-min had received, Gwangcheonma nodded his head.

“Although it is a bloody first birthday party, it is a gathering of all four major families. It looks like the family head didn’t come, but the family head’s children did. “There’s no need to stop by the city and provoke me.”

Geomryong and Dokjeop were not the only ones who came. Geomryong came with Namgung Sega’s Changcheon Geomgwangdae, and Dokjeop came with Tangga’s Dark Night Stage.

“Deven is a small city. The southern jungle is a place where youkai and monsters roam around like wild animals. If it weren’t for Zhuge Sega, Deven wouldn’t have developed this much. Because of that, the power of the Zhuge family in Deven is very high.”

Luvia said, twisting the side of her hair.

You must not enter the city. There would be no need to enter the city unless there was a reason.

But there was a reason.

[There is a shaman in Deven named Aladur. Although he is a shaman not connected to us, he is well-known for being outstanding within Deven.]

Seongmin Lee pressed his throbbing temple.

The reason for heading south is not just to learn techniques for manipulating magical powers. It is also to explore the location of Gwonjon, who placed a curse on Wijihoyeon. Lee Seong-min tried to track down Gwonjon’s location by requesting the hair he received from Wijihoyeon from a small number of shamans and wizards connected to Erebrisa, but he could not confirm Gwonjon’s location using only Wijihoyeon’s hair.

‘There is no guarantee that Aladur will find out Gwonjon’s location.’

Still, I couldn’t ignore Aladur and leave Deven.

You cannot enter the gates of Deven without hesitation. Once you have a reason to enter Deven, you have to sneak in. Seongmin Lee purchased clothes and wigs through Nevel.

“Bat cotton… ?”

“But that doesn’t mean it’s actually made from human skin.”

Nevel smiled and showed the mask in his hand to Seongmin Lee.

“The bast cotton ball is just a name given by the manufacturer. Originally, bast cotton was made by applying elaborate work to human or animal skin… This was done with the help of magic. “It’s not permanent, though.”

Seongmin Lee tried on a mask. The inside of the mask felt like sticky mucus had been poured onto the face. Seongmin Lee checked the mirror. The face of a person I saw for the first time was looking at Lee Seong-min.

I changed into new clothes. Luvia didn’t disguise herself because she couldn’t do anything with her cat ears, but instead turned her body into a sphere of light and hid in Lee Seong-min’s arms as usual.

Gwangcheonma also disguised herself. He took off his military uniform and took on the appearance of a hunter. Hunters are common in the forested south. With his hair down and his animal skin wrapped around him, Gwangcheon Ma looked more like a bandit than a hunter, but after hiding his ferocious appearance with a bast mask, he took on the appearance of an expert hunter.

Lee Seong-min took on the appearance of an ordinary student. He also took off the barding he wore every time and put it in his subspace pocket. Although Heoju grumbled, there was no major problem. This is because Heoju’s spiritual power was stored at the bottom of Lee Seong-min’s Danjeon, so they were always spiritually connected even without barding.

Although there was surveillance by the Black Dogs, it was not difficult to shake off it.

When the night deepened. Seongmin Lee and Gwangcheonma left the residence. They launched a light attack and quickly escaped the gaze of the Black Dogs, and after disguising themselves, they headed towards the walls of Deven. There were guards patrolling on the castle walls.

Although secrecy was important, the action was bold. Transcendent masters are those who have far surpassed human physical capabilities. Lee Seong-min and Gwangcheonma jumped over the castle wall one after another. The guards didn’t notice.

“They must have escaped surveillance.”

“That’s why I let you loose.”

While listening to the dispatcher’s report, the black dog chewed the beef jerky.

“You’ve been gently leading us around until now, but to suddenly break away… “I guess that’s why I had to do something so difficult.”

“Did he go to Devon?”

“They were strange guys. I’ve been sleeping on the streets for over a month now, and there’s almost no resupply. They hunted occasionally, but they got along well even without hunting. Drink plenty of water too. It seemed like he had stored up quite a bit of food in his subspace pocket…

“I guess it has slowly reached its limit.”

The black dog owner grumbled. In reality, Lee Seong-min was merely purchasing necessary items through Erebrisa, but as a black dog owner who did not know the circumstances, he could not help but think of the subspace pocket.

“It just worked out. “We are also going to Devon.”

“Eh… Should we go too?”

“Of course you should go, kid.”

When Daewon said he was reluctant, the black dog owner swore.


Lee Seong-min and Gwangcheonma, who jumped over the castle wall, seeped into the darkness of the city. I wanted to find Aladur right away, but Deven is wide. Moreover, Aladur was not in one place, but was a person who roamed the streets of Deven, spreading mats and engaging in trivial magic business as he pleased. He also does physiognomy and palm reading.

Looking at just that, Aladur did not seem like a very great person, but it was not palmistry or physiognomy that made Aladur famous as an outstanding shaman in Deven.

“He’s that good at finding people?”

“To be precise, they say they are good at finding corpses.”

Gwang Cheon-ma and Lee Seong-min entered a shabby inn. Sitting in a noisy bar on the first floor, the two ordered drinks and light food to quench their thirst.

“Many people die in the forest, but not many are found. Monsters, beasts, monsters… There are a lot of things in the southern forest that eat corpses. “Aladur is said to be as good at finding corpses as ghosts.”

“Is that witchcraft?”

“It’s witchcraft. I’m not sure what it is. “Perhaps we can trace the whereabouts of Gwon Jon, who cast a spell, through this hair.”

“But you don’t know where he is.”

“You will find out soon enough.”

Aladur was a mysterious character. It seems certain that he is in Deven, but even the intelligence guilds in Deven are unable to confirm Aladur’s residence. Seongmin Lee requested information about Aladur’s location through Nevel. I don’t know where Allah Durga Deven will appear, but he is so famous that if he appears, word will definitely spread.

“Even in disguise, it is dangerous to wander the streets of Devon. So instead of going out, let’s find a suitable inn, stay there, eat, and wait.”

“I hope it goes well.”

Gwangcheonma muttered as he raised his drink.

The room was shabby, but Lee Seong-min, who had become accustomed to long-term homelessness, had no particular complaints. He sat on the bed and fiddled with the mask covering his face. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but the fact that he was acting with a completely different face still conveyed his unpleasant sense of discomfort.



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Lee Seong-min, who was fiddling with the mask, took out a subspace pocket. I take out Wijihoyeon’s hair that was stored deep inside. Her hair, which was tied up with a white string, had not changed at all since she cut it.

This is because it is stored in a subspace pocket where time rarely passes.

‘Where are you now?’

It’s been over a month since I broke up with Wijihoyeon and left for the south. Seongmin Lee had no idea where Wijihoyeon was now. Even though I tried to track it through Erebrisa, I couldn’t confirm it.

“It would be nice if it didn’t hurt.”

Seongmin Lee muttered while playing with his hair.

Wijihoyeon was leaning his head against the window of the carriage.

For a month the carriage continued to move. I didn’t stop by either the city or the village. There was little discomfort. Inside the carriage with the space distortion magic was everything needed to live, and in fact, it could be said to be a moving house rather than a carriage.

The women who protected Wijihoyeon, who called themselves Honghwa, rarely spoke to her. Their attitude was businesslike and focused only on Wijihoyeon’s convenience.

‘Where are you?’

Wijihoyeon looked out the window. Unlike Lee Seong-min, Wijihoyeon was confirming Lee Seong-min’s location through Erebrisa. This is because, unlike Honghwa’s secretive movements, Lee Seong-min is exposed. The most recent information I heard is that Lee Seong-min is near Deven in the south. Wijihoyeon was relieved that Lee Seong-min was not attacked by Cheon Oecheon and was still alive and safe.

The curse wasn’t getting any worse. The pain was there and the helplessness was the same. It didn’t get any worse from here. It was also because Gwonjon, who maintained the curse, could not withstand any more curses than this on his own.

“Are you anxious?”


Wijihoyeon turned his gaze from looking out the window and looked ahead. Sima Lianzhu was already sitting in the seat across from him. Wijihoyeon was not surprised. This is because I have already had the experience of sitting face to face with Sima Lianju in this way several times.

“How long will we be moving?”

“It’s because the place where my seat is located is so far away. “Don’t be too hasty.”

Sima Lianju smiled beneath his half-mask. Was this the fourth time? Wei Ji-ho-yeon gazed into Sima Lian-ju’s eyes, visible through the eye holes of the mask. Through four conversations, Wei Ji-ho-yeon was able to know a little bit about what kind of person Sima Lian-ju was. He was a person who spoke a lot and was not serious, unlike a person who stood at the top of the largest organization of the Four Schools called Sima Lian.

And he did not have much favor or interest in Wijihoyeon.

‘The reason you keep talking to me about such a topic is… Is it just a way to kill time?’

Or is he looking at something? Wei Ji-ho-yeon looked away from Sima Lian-ju with a sad expression.

“It looks like you are not enjoying your conversation with me, right?”

“I can’t enjoy a conversation with someone who hates me.”

“haha! You’re saying something strange. I don’t hate you. He just doesn’t like it.”

“I don’t think it’s much different.”

“No, it’s different. If I had hated you, I would not have sent Honghwa to protect you. “I wouldn’t have even tried to bring you to where my throne is.”

“Then you could have just ignored it.”

“You can’t do that. “I liked that kid, Gwi-chang.”

Sima Lianju chuckled.

“This is the position. “It’s better to be a genius who struggles than to be a genius who can take care of things if left alone.”

“… Beomjae? Lee Seong-min? I don’t think so. At first, I thought he was a criminal, but after 10 years, he… ”

“You don’t know the 10 years that kid spent.”

Sima Lianzhu shrugged his shoulders. He was enjoying having this conversation with Wijihoyeon.

“I know the position.”

Sima Lianzhu looked out the window.

“That’s why I like it.”


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