Worthless Regression Chapter 155

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In this case, should we say we are lucky? Or should I say I’m out of luck? Aladur, who had not been seen for several days, showed up, so I came to look for him. He was asking to track down Gui Chang, who had been hiding in Deven. But before he could ask Aladur to track him down, he ended up meeting like this.

There were no plans to meet. If there had been such a plan, Zhuge Tai Ling would not have come alone. Of course, there is still no evidence that the clumsy student and hunter in front of him are Guichang and Gwangcheonma. But there was a vague certainty. Even if the face and outfit are different, that can be disguised to a certain degree.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

As Lee Seong-min, he did not want to cause friction with Zhuge Tairyeong. Even though he was branded as a demon and being chased, he did not want to step forward and inflate the problem. So for now, I took a step back and pretended not to know.

“I asked who it was.”

Zhuge Tairyeong softened his attitude a little. He assessed the situation. Zhuge Tai Ling is alone. There are two opponents. If those two are really Guichang and Gwangcheonma, then Zhuge Taeryeong’s skills cannot handle either of them. What if they become violent by arguing and arguing here?

‘Dog death.’

That was the reason why Zhuge Liang changed his attitude.

[What are you going to do?]

Gwangcheonma asked while examining Zhuge Tairyeong. Lee Seong-min also felt that Zhuge Taeryeong’s attitude had changed. Our understanding coincided. In any case, Zhuge Tairyeong did not want to cause friction between the two. At least for now.

“I’m just a student on the road.”

“I am a hunter on the road.”

Seongmin Lee answered, and Gwangcheonma agreed. Wouldn’t it have been necessary to say it? Although he wanted to, Zhuge Tai Ling only twitched his eyebrows and did not react.

“I am Zhuge Taeryeong.”

Zhuge Taeryeong introduced himself.

“See you next time.”

“If only I could.”

It is also possible to kill Zhuge Tai Ling here. However, if that happens, Zhuge Segawa will be completely defeated and his notoriety will increase. What after that? Should we kill all the warriors of the Zhuge Dynasty who come to seek revenge? Maybe it’s not that difficult. However, it will be annoying and annoying. If you become infamous as a demon like that, there will be a lot of people coming from all directions to kill you.

[You just need to have the power.]

Heoju said.

[You just need to have the strength to kill all those who come to kill you. Its endless power makes it an object of fear and eventually even reverence. Do you have no desire to rule?]

‘Me in the subject?’

Seongmin Lee smiled and answered.

[If you’re like that, no one will laugh at you even if you discuss reign, right?]

‘Other people might see it that way. But not me. The visibility has become too high.’

The Sixth Venerable of Cheonoecheon. Predator’s monsters. Sima Lianju. Right now, these are the only strong people that Lee Seong-min knows, and Wijihoyeon is also there. Among magicians, there will be outstanding strongmen. The strength of Envirus, Lloyd’s teacher, is also unknown.

[There is no end to comparing yourself to people who are better than you.]

Heoju chuckled. At those words, Lee Seong-min laughed without realizing it.


Even though I knew it.

‘I’m glad I can go further.’

It’s good to feel that sense of improvement. That you can go further and bigger. Maybe now was the limit, but Lee Seong-min didn’t want to think about that. Wijihoyeon is still far away. He wanted to close the distance.

Gwon Jon’s location was determined. Elven forest. I don’t know where it is, but Lee Seong-min asked Nevel about the location of the elf forest.

[If it is an elf forest… It probably refers to the forest of the beginning.]

The answer came back as soon as I asked the question.

[The Primordial Forest is to the south. But getting in won’t be easy. Elves have always been traded as premium products. Many slave hunters are targeting elves. In order to block such bad people, the Forest of the Beginning has many protective measures in place to protect the elves. The primordial forest, the home of the elves, is one of the safest places in the world.]

I knew the location. By cursing Wijihoyeon with his sword, Gwon Jon became weak just like Wijihoyeon. If it were the current Lee Seong-min, even if Kwon Jon was an expert in the transcendental realm, he would be able to kill him without difficulty. But entering the elf forest is not easy at all.

In my heart, I wanted to head there right away. Seongmin Lee put those thoughts aside. Not yet. The first thing to do is to finish all the errands in the south. Learn how to control the magic power and take Heoju’s treasure. After that, it is right to head to the elf forest.

“Who are these guys who just came?”

Only after confirming that Lee Seong-min and Gwangcheonma had disappeared did Jegal Tae-ryeong ask Aladur about their identities. Then Alladur blinked his eyes and answered.

“A hunter and a bastard, right?”

Since he knew that the opponent was Zhuge Liang, Aladur did not take such a harsh response. Zhuge Liang let out a frustrated breath and approached Aladur with strides.

“I want to find Gwichang and Gwangcheonma.”

“thing… I’ll go home soon. Just because it is a spell, it is not omnipotent. “If you want to find a person, you have to have something that belongs to that person, like hair.”

It has already been secured. This is because, through the owner of the black dog, he received some fur from the cave where Lee Seong-min and his party lived. When Jegal Taeryeong handed over his hair, Aladur began to cast a spell as if he had found Gwonjon.

“… huh? These are the guests who came just now… ”

There was no need to hear any more. Zhuge Liang immediately opened his eyes and disappeared in front of Aladur.

Namgoong Hee-won did not show any emotions. After entering her peak, Namgung Hee-won’s previous light appearance disappeared. Her noisy worldly people used to whisper that her sword of Namgung Hui-won had already surpassed her Namgungga Ju. What was clear was that Namgung Hui-won, the sword dragon, was the best among the successors of the four most prestigious families.

‘I became a very different person.’

Dang Ah-hee stood in a crooked posture and looked at Nangong Hui-won. Surrounding Namgung Heewon was the Changcheon Sword Clown, consisting of fifteen members. It was the same for Dang Ah-hee. Ten people dressed in black martial arts uniforms stood on a dark stage as if they were guarding Dang Ah-hee, showing a faint presence.

“Gwichang and Gwangcheonmara.”

Dang Ah-hee lets out a giggling laugh. Namgung Hui-won glanced at Dang A-hui.

“If I remember correctly. “I think Gwi-chang is someone you introduced to me in Shaolin about seven years ago.”

“It’s probably right.”

Namgoong Hee-won’s reaction to answering that way was heartbreaking. Dang Ah-hee wanted to provoke Namgoong Hui-won, who did not show any reaction, so she continued to talk to him.

“At that time, the younger brother I proudly introduced became a demon, and we were in the position of hunting that demon. “How do you feel?”

“Why the hell?”

Namgoong Heewon’s mouth opened. Ah-hee’s eyes widened as she was immediately scolded.

“Why are you saying this? There was always a lot of shit, but I think it got even more shitty today. “Are you menstruating?”

“… I beg your pardon?”

“Blood is pouring from your crotch. Don’t pick a fight with someone who is just sitting still. “If you don’t want to get lost.”

Dang Ah-hee looked like she had been hit in the back of the head by Namgoong Hee-won’s harsh words. The dark stage did not remain silent due to the insult suffered by Dang Ah-hee. They brought out their sharp memorization and poured out their murderous tactics on Namgung Hee-won. Namgung Hee-won stood at her head and took the brunt of her death. The Changcheon Sword Clown stands behind Namgung Hui-won.


Zhuge Liang raised his hand. He looked at Namgoong Heewon and Dang Ahee with annoyed eyes.

“I appreciate you offering to help, but if we’re going to fight with each other like that, it’s not worth it.”

“I just don’t want to miss out on such good prey.”



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Dang Ah-hee spat out. She glared at Nangong Heewon once with her cold eyes and then looked at Zhuge Taeryeong.

“Gwichang is a demon that suddenly gained notoriety, and Gwangcheonma is a demon that has been around for such a long time that you wonder why it was left alone until now. “She can’t let her brother Jegal have the honor of catching and killing those two to himself.”

“Speak clearly.”

Namgoong Hee-won chuckled.

“I want to spoon it on. huh?”

“… “It’s the same for you too!”

“I just want to meet my younger brother after a long time.”

“You’re not saying you’re going to take Gwi-chang’s side, are you?”

“If my younger brother goes astray, as an older brother, I should correct his ways.”

Namgoong Hee-won answered. Zhuge Liang gave up trying to stop them. Either way, it’s good. The power of the Tang family and the Namgung family is powerful. In particular, Namgung Hui-won’s sword is so excellent that even Zhuge Liang can’t handle it.

“Isn’t this too much?”

Next to Zhuge Liang, Aladur made a grumbling sound.

“You forcefully grab someone who doesn’t like you and make them guide you!”

“I’ll give you any amount of money.”

In response to Aladur’s shout, Zhuge Liang drew a picture of patience and kindness in his heart and spat it out. All the way here, Aladur made that sound periodically.

“I will give you as much money as you want. So, what I’m saying is, don’t throw a tantrum and do what you’re told to do well. “Don’t try to get more and eat it!”

“Oh, I understand. I’ll get better.”

Aladur knew that he could no longer extract more money by forcing him, so he nodded his head. He picked up one of the few remaining strands of Lee Seong-min’s hair and set it on fire. Other magic was so-so, but when it came to tracking magic, Aladur had already risen to the rank of great magician. He had done his best to learn the art of tracking, if not anything else, since he had studied under his teacher a long time ago. This is because I thought it could be useful as a means of making money.

Smoke from burning hair hovers around Aladur. Alladur opened his mouth wide and swallowed his smoke. The troops of the Nangong family, Zhuge family, and Tang family move in the direction designated by Aladur.

“Come to the first birthday party and wonder what this is.”

Namgoong Hee-won muttered with an expression of disapproval. Meanwhile, Namgung Hee-won glanced at Moyong Seo-jin, who was standing next to Jegal Taeryeong. She secretly hoped that Moyong Seojin would remain in the Zhuge family, but Zhuge Taeryeong said that he did not have enough power, so even Moyong Seojin accompanied him. Not only the Four Great Families, but also the Black Dog Lord and members of the Black Dog Corps followed Zhuge Taeryeong’s march at the end of the group.

Lee Seong-min and Gwangcheonma, who jumped over the gates of Deven, ran forward without looking back. Through Nevel, I received information that Zhuge Sega’s punitive force had begun to move. The power of the Namgung family and the Tang family increased, and the Black Dogs, which had been tracking them all along, also joined them.

“What are you going to do?”

Gwangcheonma, who was running next to Lee Seong-min, asked a question.

“So far, the pursuit has been limited to surveillance, but it’s different now. “They are coming to kill us.”

“I don’t want to cause any friction yet.”

“So you’re saying you’re going to keep going with that tail?”

“If possible.”

Regardless of whether it is easy or difficult to kill them all, if he kills them, Lee Seong-min becomes a public figure for the political faction. They wouldn’t be able to pursue me forever, so I planned to keep the distance as much as possible for now.

[It worked out well.]

Heoju said in a happy voice after checking the direction Lee Seongmin was heading.

[If you go in this direction for about a week, you will reach the forest where this old man ruled.]


[Didn’t you say this before? I will give you the treasure that the old man has saved. There are a lot of fun things there, so take advantage of this opportunity.]

Heoju spoke quietly. I wasn’t in dire need of money right away, but hearing that it was a treasure that Heoju had saved made me quite curious. Anyway, it was in the same direction as our destination, so there was no problem.

‘I wish you could leave on your own before that happens.’

Seongmin Lee clicked his tongue as he thought about the pursuers following him.


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