Worthless Regression Chapter 152

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I’m used to being homeless. She often stayed homeless on her way north. Although she has changed from North to South, it does not change the fact that she has to live homeless. In fact, the journey to the south was more cautious than to the north.

[There is a tracking order for Lee Seong-min going around among guilds and factions that support the Murim Alliance, including Gaegae.]

Seongmin Lee listened to Nevel’s voice. I asked Nevel to find out how the Murim Alliance was behaving. It was as expected. Gwichang was defined as a demon by killing the armored godchang. They also seemed to have confirmed that Wijihoyeon broke up with Lee Seongmin, but aside from the existence of Socheonma, the Murim Alliance seemed to want to ask the reason for the death of Ironclad Shinchang.

[The hunting dogs that chased Socheonma did not return to the Murim Alliance. They have changed their target and are tracking Lee Seong-min, and surveillance continues to be on Lee Seong-min.]

Direct conflict with the Murim Alliance has not yet occurred. It was fortunate. I also asked Gwangcheonma for advice on this matter.

The Murim League is not as just a group as the public perceives it to be. Ultimately, a group of people has no choice but to pursue its own interests. The Murim League continues to exist in order to more efficiently manage political factions and warriors, and is maintained to ensure the existence of a ‘military faction’ in an area where various beings live intertwined.

A political faction is the opposite of a political faction. It is an ideological group in which various schools of thought are intertwined, centered on the Taoist and Buddhist schools. Although they talk about righteousness and cooperation, not all political factions follow righteousness and cooperation. It already deteriorated a long time ago. Martial people from various dimensions are summoned to Eria. The meaning of righteousness and righteousness is different at each level, and the people who practice it are bound to be different.

Righteousness and cooperation have now become old-fashioned ideas. That is the case with current political factions. It is rather easy to distinguish between the four factions that are commonly referred to as evil, but it is not as easy to distinguish between the political factions as the four factions.

‘But. There is a very easy and convenient way to show off goodness. ‘Do you know what that is?’

The words Gwangcheonma said with a smile still ring in my head.

‘It’s about catching evil that pops out.’

That’s what Guan Hu said. Sima Lian exerts only minimal control over Ma Man. Then, occasionally, there are those whose suppressed desires explode and pierce their pockets like an awl. The Murim League shows off its righteousness and cooperation by punishing them.

‘Am I now an awl?’

no. Not yet. They are monitoring Lee Seong-min’s actions. Make it a little sharper, stick out a little more. At that time, they will become a long sword and either drive in Lee Seong-min or pull him out.

“It’s better to avoid friction.”

Gwangcheonma said while glaring at the bonfire.

“The ones chasing you are hunting dogs trained by the Murim Alliance. They are used to chasing their prey and they know how to do it the dirty way. Individuals may not be great, but the majority know how to deal with the strong. Have you ever experienced Jinbeop?”

“doesn’t exist.”

Seongmin Lee saw the shaking bonfire. Luvia was standing next to her, holding her hungry stomach and poking out her lips sullenly. It wasn’t long before her meat was cooked, and a bright smile appeared on Rubia’s face.

“The rules are tricky… If you don’t know the law of destruction, you have no choice but to suffer. The transcendental realm is a great state, but it is not absolute. In fact, didn’t you almost kill Amzon even though you weren’t in the transcendent realm?”

“Thanks to him for letting his guard down.”

“haha! Still, it’s a great thing. My position has been caught up in an unsightly madness. In any case, even if you are an expert in the transcendent realm, it would be foolish to fight against a well-organized battle strategy.”

Unlike Lee Seong-min, Gwangcheonma lived as a demon. The reason why Gwangcheonma, who gave in to madness and committed multiple atrocities, is still alive is probably because the Murimmaeng left Gwangcheonma alone. In order to deal with an expert who has the greatest martial arts skills even at the peak, the Murim Alliance must also make sacrifices.

If they were just observing so far, it would have been better. Lee Seong-min also had no desire to cause direct conflict with the Murim Alliance. He was willing to risk receiving the stigma of a Majin, but he did not have the slightest intention to act like a Majin.

Smoothly without friction. Lee Seong-min was hoping for that.

If it gets colder as you go north, it gets hotter as you go south. The height of the bushes covering the plains has increased, and the forests have become overgrown. Every day of homelessness was repeated, but Rubia did not complain. You may encounter Envirus in the south.

That was making Luvia happy.

[Various tribes live in the south.]

Seongmin Lee heard information about the South from Nevel every day.

[They cultivate tribal homes in the forest and disappear, and they have various beliefs. Also, many youkai live in the south.]

[Youkai are born from fear.]

Heoju said.

[Youkai are born even in the black darkness of the night and the trivial noises that come from beyond. The monsters born that way are mischievous. However, even if you are an ordinary youkai, if you eat fear and increase your strength, you can become a great youkai. The south is a suitable environment for youkai to be born. There are few cities here, and there are few means of brightening the darkness of the forest. Tribal people grow up hearing legends and stories about monsters as if it were a natural thing from childhood. All of that becomes food for youkai.]

As we headed south, Heoju showed signs of happiness. He was born and raised in the South, made his name in the South, and died in the South.

[Be sure to stop by Eormuri. It’s a pretty cool city.]

Eormuri is a small city in the south. Eormuri was also one of the most unique cities in Eria. A city where night never ends. The city of Hundred Ghosts and Night Travels. It is a city where monsters that resemble humans roam instead of humans.

“if there is a chance.”

Gwangcheonma and I were ordered to stand guard in turns. Seongmin Lee held his spear and looked at the bonfire. Luvia was curled up nearby, asleep. Although Luvia had placed a warning magic around him, he could not trust it unconditionally.

The forest is deep.

Seongmin Lee looked beyond the light. Something was shaking beyond the darkness that the bonfire could not illuminate. He looked like that. Seongmin Lee swallowed his saliva without realizing it and fumbled for the spear. The shape of the shaking thing beyond the darkness cannot be clearly seen. Seongmin Lee narrowed his eyes and stood up. He saw a non-human being looking this way.

“Who are you?”

Lee Seong-min was not embarrassed. He wasn’t even scared. Lee Seong-min’s inaction is one of the best at the level of transcendence, and with a certain amount of luck, he can compete with transcendence. With a rustling sound, something glimmering from beyond the darkness approached. It was a huge snake. The snake with black scales raised his head. The warm reptilian eyes turned to Lee Seong-min. A long tongue slipped out from between the snake’s lips and made a gurgling sound.

“… snake?”

[It’s a monster.]

Heoju muttered. The snake, which was looking at Lee Seong-min with blinking eyes, lifted the tip of its tail and shook it lightly.

[Who the hell are you?]

The snake did not open its lips, but its voice rang in Lee Seong-min’s head.

[It looks like human skin. Did you trespass even though you knew this was the territory of this silver-white snake?]

‘Silver White Snake?’

[I don’t know who it is. It seems to have grown quite a bit in strength, but seeing as it hasn’t even been able to escape, it’s just trash.]

Heoju said angrily. On his way here, Lee Seong-min heard many stories from Heo Ju. Yokai have various forms, but as their level increases, they can shed their skin and take on human form. This is because most monsters prey on humans and imitate their prey for more efficient hunting.

[Are you not answering?]

[It’s a joke that doesn’t even know the difference in rank. Kill or not, do whatever you want.]

The silver-white snake raised its body and opened its mouth as if threatening. Seongmin Lee didn’t really want to fight, so he sighed.

“Don’t bother me and go away.”

[A cocky guy!]

Lee Seong-min sincerely said those words for Eunbaeksa, but Eunbaeksa did not listen to Lee Seong-min. It tried to bite Lee Seong-min with its wide-open mouth and sharp teeth. He was quite fast, but not enough to surprise Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min twirled the spear he was holding in his hand and stabbed it into the white snake’s wide-open mouth. The long body of the Silver White Temple was impaled on the spear and struggling.


The body of the silver white lion that was struggling soon calmed down. Lee Seong-min pulled out the spear that was stuck in Eunbaeksa’s body. Even though she’s a youkai, she looks like a snake. Couldn’t she be edible? Snake meat is quite edible. Still, thinking about the sight of Baeksa Eun talking to her, she lost her appetite at all.

The night has passed. Lee Seong-min, who had taken turns sleeping with Gwangcheonma, opened his eyes.

“Oh, are you awake?”

Gwangcheonma called Lee Seong-min with a smiling expression. Seongmin Lee sniffed the smell of cooking meat and looked towards Gwangcheonma and Rubia.

“Hey. I guess I was lucky! I found a large snake dead nearby. “Thanks to you, I look like I’ve been full of food since morning!”

Next to Gwangcheonma, the silver snake that Lee Seong-min had died in the night before was cut into pieces. Rubia, unaware of any circumstances, was sitting next to Gwangcheonma, happily eating snake meat. Because she was so big, she looked pretty good just by cutting it into pieces and baking it without any special preparation.

“… ”

Seongmin Lee pondered for a moment whether he should tell him that it was a monster or not. Then he finally sighed and came next to the fire.



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Although it was the meat of a monster, the meat of the Silver White Temple was quite delicious. What if you eat the heart instead of the meat? As soon as my thoughts reached that point, my appetite disappeared like a lie. Thanks to having a black heart, Lee Seong-min can quickly increase his strength by pulling out the hearts of other beings and eating them. But even if I knew of such means, I was reluctant to do so.

[That’s because you are human.]

Heoju said.

[If you become a youkai, you won’t have any hesitation about using such methods.]

Maybe so. Because becoming a youkai means not thinking like a human. Just as a vampire naturally drinks blood, if you become a youkai, you will not be averse to doing things that humans would not do. I hated it. Although she had no particular reason to remain human, she also did not want to give up being human. Moreover, what Envirus said through Lloyd bothers me.

‘I told you not to give up on humans.’

I still don’t know what that means. But there must be a reason for saying that.

“You guys. “You’re not doing well.”

The member of the Cheokmadan 斥魔團 grumbled as he put down the binoculars he had attached to his eyes.

“We’re just chewing on beef jerky. yes? Isn’t that right?”

He spat and looked down at the beef jerky he was holding.

“Isn’t it strange? The demons who need to be kicked out are happily sleeping around a bonfire and grilling meat in the morning. “Why do we, the pursuers of the righteous Murim League, have to chew tasteless beef jerky?”

“It’s a hungry spirit.”

The man with the mat wrapped around his body answered. He was the leader of the black dog corps under the chuck horse corps, which led this ten-member chase corps.

“You cannot chase prey when you are a well-fed pig.”

“Nimi, dog, really poop! f*ck Daeju’s f*cking philosophy. “If you want to be so hungry, why are you telling us not to eat when all you have to do is make Daeju hungry?”

“You damn bastard. “If I don’t eat well and you eat it, I feel like shit!”

“You f*cking idiot!”

The black dog owner shouted and Daewon pounded his chest. The idiotic argument between the two was familiar to members of the Black Dogs.

“Just wait a little longer. If you leave this forest, it is Zhuge Dynasty’s territory. “Jegalse already said he would help us too, so this tiresome chase will end soon.”

“The opponents are Gwangcheonma and Gwichang. Did you say that Zhuge Seju would step forward in person? “If Zhuge Liang didn’t step forward, I wouldn’t be able to rub against those two.”

“I heard that a leader from the Namgung family and the Tang family is also here at the Zhuge family.”

Kyaak, tut. The black dog owner spat.

“Because of the first birthday party.”


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