Worthless Regression Chapter 145

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Legro forest and Sama-ryeonju. I put off thinking about him. The first thing to do is go to the south.

He meets indigenous tribes in the south, learns how to control magical powers, and acquires Heoju’s treasure along with his work. Meanwhile, he searches for a shaman who can tell him the answer to Wijihoyeon’s curse. It would be a long journey south, but it didn’t matter. I wanted to think so.

I left the Sima Lian branch and immediately boarded the train. Because yesterday’s commotion had already been dealt with by the Simalian side, the guards guarding the train station only glared at Lee Seong-min and did not rush to him.

“Please don’t cause an accident.”

The station attendant who handed me the ticket warned me so. Gwangcheonma had a complex expression on his face, happy to be riding the train again but sad to leave this city.

“You can come again next time.”

Luvia said as she sat down next to Gwangcheonma. Lee Seong-min supported his superior, Ho-yeon, and made her sit next to him. The train departed. Even the rattling chairs become quiet. Wiji Hoyeon looked back out her window. As he watched the scenery passing by, Wiji Hoyeon said nothing. He did not express any complaints about his sudden departure. Anxiety too… It seemed like it wasn’t there.

Luvia blinked and looked at Lee Seong-min and Wi Ji-ho-yeon. It was a sudden meeting. Since she rarely talked to her, she knew little about her partner, but Rubia knew that the woman was the famous Ox Heavenly Demon Wiji Hoyeon.

She was almost killed by her doppelganger in the dungeon, and she also had a brief encounter with Wijihoyeon at the end of the dungeon.


Gwangcheonma opened his mouth. He glanced out the window and crossed his arms, pretending to be solemn, and tried to look at Wijihoyeon.

“twenty three… I said so. It’s transcendental at that age. “It is unprecedented in the history of the martial forest where I lived, and it is also unprecedented in this world.”

“Gwangcheonma Byeokwonpae.”

Wijihoyeon opened his mouth. Looking out her window, she moved her eyes and saw her Gwangcheon Ma.

“10 years ago. “I’ve been hearing about you since I left Zenavis.”

“What does it look like in person?”

Wijihoyeon casually spoke informally, but Gwangcheonma didn’t mind it. Wijihoyeon, who was looking at Gwangcheonma’s face, opened his mouth.

“It may be troublesome to subdue you, but I don’t think it will be difficult.”


Gwangcheonma burst out laughing at Wijihoyeon’s answer.

“I guess so. I have not even been able to glimpse the transcendent realm. He hung on for decades and never got there.”

“It’s common.”

Wijihoyeon muttered. Even at those words, Gwangcheonma just burst out laughing. It was not a laugh mixed with self-deprecation.

“It may be impossible right now because your body is bad, but someday, when your body gets better, I definitely want to fight.”

“Do whatever you want.”

Wijihoyeon answered like that and leaned his head against the window. The curse is getting stronger. Before coming to Lubes, he couldn’t use martial arts and although it was painful, there was no problem moving his body itself. But not now. No matter how much I tried to be aware of my internal energy, it wouldn’t move, and even movement became difficult.

It’s not because of the dance with the iron armored spear. The wounds and internal injuries have already been treated. Wijihoyeon could feel it. The curse that is eating away at my body is getting stronger.

‘It has become difficult to remain conscious… ‘

It still is. I was falling asleep. It was an undeniable drowsiness. Wizzy Hoyeon chewed her lower lip.


Lee Seong-min’s hand covered the back of Wi Ji-ho-yeon’s hand. Wijihoyeon looked back at Seongmin Lee with closed eyes.

“You can sleep.”

“… huh.”

Wijihoyeon slightly nodded his head at Lee Seongmin’s words. I don’t want to sleep. It was strange. The moment I heard Lee Seong-min’s words, I felt at ease.


I’m relieved. Wiji Hoyeon realized a little later about what he was feeling. Wijihoyeon closed his eyes without defying Suma. Not long after, Wijihoyeon fell asleep with an even breathing sound.

“I feel sorry for you.”

Gwangcheonma muttered.

“I never thought a warrior who entered the realm of transcendence would be so helpless. Today’s Socheonma is a peak expert… No, even a first- or second-class unmanned vehicle will not be able to handle it.”

“Maybe so.”

Wijihoyeon’s sleeping head rested on Lee Seongmin’s shoulder. Seongmin Lee clenched his fist while listening to Wizzy Hoyeon’s breathing.

“… “I need help from the elderly.”

“Why are you asking? I decided to go south with you. “Just because we have more people doesn’t mean we won’t go south.”

“We might end up fighting the Murim Alliance.”

“What’s wrong with that? I seem to have forgotten, but my nickname is Gwangcheon Mile. “We have been fighting the Murim League for decades.”

“Even with Cheon Oecheon.”

“It went better.”

Gwangcheonma laughed.

“I wish I could meet Geomzon again. I’d like to meet you and check it out. How far has this organization come compared to 10 years ago? “I want to check how far away Geomzon is.”

But Lee Seong-min did not want it. I don’t want to meet the messenger of Cheon Oecheon. Because I wasn’t sure. Although Lee Seong-min is at a fairly high level in the transcendental state of martial arts, he is not confident that he can protect Wijihoyeon by fighting one of the six supreme beings of the transcendental state.

The train arrived at South Seongmun Station. Lee Seong-min carried her on his back without waking up her sleeping wife, Ho-yeon. The Gwangcheon Demon stood behind Seong-min Lee, and Luvia changed her appearance into a sphere of light and came into Seong-min Lee’s arms.

“Are you leaving?”

When I came out of the southern gate, there was Yu Ho-jeong, an armored sword. Two days ago, Lee Seong-min defeated Yoo Ho-jeong here. After that, Yu Ho-jeong did not leave and remained at the southern gate. Lee Seong-min opened his mouth while looking at Yoo Ho-jeong sitting down.

“Are you going to stop me?”

“You won’t be able to stop it.”

Yoo Ho-jeong answered.

“You are not alone, you are with Gwangcheonma.”

“Then why are you here?”

“I have something I want to ask you.”

Yoo Ho-jeong neither wore armor nor held a lance. Instead, the huge lance was stuck right next to Lee Seong-min. Yoo Ho-jeong slowly got up and asked.

“Are you going to continue to protect Socheonma?”

“If I can.”

“I’m sure you’ve talked about him before. “It’s an act of betraying the Murim League.”

“I know.”

“It’s not too late. “Are you planning on changing your mind?”

“doesn’t exist.”



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Yoo Ho-jeong nodded his head.

“I know that my actions to kill the weakened Socheonma were not justified. But I acted even though I knew it. Do you know why I am like that?”

“Because Wijihoyeon is a demon.”

“Even if Socheonma did not commit evil deeds right now, there is no guarantee that he will not do so in the future. Moreover, that young monster is growing stronger faster than ever before. Even after a few years, no one will be able to stop Socheonma.”

“So you tried to kill me?”

“I know it’s not fair. This is extremely narrow-minded justice. Maybe it’s not right. But, it could also be right.”

Yoo Ho-jeong stretched out his hand and grabbed the lance next to him.

“I can’t stop you.”

Yoo Ho-jeong said.

“But we have to stop it. Because this is right for me. Even though it may be narrow-minded, this is my definition.”

“Didn’t you say you couldn’t stop it?”


The lance was bathed in light. The light-stained lance covered Yoo Ho-jeong’s body, and when her light disappeared, Yoo Ho-jeong was wearing the armor that gave him the star title of Iron Armor Shinchang. Yoo Ho-jeong slowly lowered her face covering that was on top of her.

“I didn’t try to kill you two days ago. That’s because I wasn’t sure whether it was right or wrong to kill you. But now… I’m sure. “It is right to kill you here.”

“Why are you doing this?”

Seongmin Lee let out a sigh.

“Regardless of whether it is possible or impossible to kill me, I am not alone. And Wijihoyeon hasn’t committed any evil deeds yet… ”

“Didn’t I tell you? “It’s narrow justice.”


Yoo Ho-jeong walked forward.

“From what you see. Maybe it’s not right for me to kill Socheonma. But for me it’s the right thing to do. I am also attacking you while you are with Gwangcheonma. “It’s the right thing to do for me.”

Intolerant. Yet he was honest. What Yoo Ho-jeong was talking about was the unshakable belief he had deep in his heart. Regardless of the intentions of the Murim Alliance, a warrior named Yoo Ho-jeong was a person with such beliefs. Yoo Ho-jeong, wearing armor, took heavy steps. He knew it was impossible. As it is, you can’t kill him just by attacking him. Rather, Yoo Ho-jeong will die.

Nevertheless, Yoo Ho-jeong did not consider him afraid. He acted because he thought it was right, and he died because he couldn’t handle it. Even though he blames his own weakness, he is not afraid of death.


Gwangcheonma let out a small groan. He sighed as he took a step back.

“You’re the type I don’t like. I don’t want to leave this position… ”

“All right.”

Lee Seong-min also didn’t want to do it. He doesn’t enjoy killing. Lee Seong-min has always been like this. He didn’t kill his opponent unless he wanted to kill him. In Sleeping Forest and in dungeons. Jang Deuk-soo was so annoyed that he thought about killing him, but he didn’t. The spirit that had been unstable through 2100 years of practice became stable as time passed and Lee Seong-min became the ‘now’ Lee Seong-min.

Yoo Ho-jeong, the armored sword, was a person I did not want to kill. He does not want to sympathize with or deny his beliefs and ideas. He doesn’t want to get involved. He wants to pass by as if flowing by. But I couldn’t. Yoo Ho-jeong stood in front of Lee Seong-min as a barrier blocking his path. Seongmin Lee entrusted Wijihoyeon, who was carrying him, to Gwangcheonma.

[One way is to run away rather than fight.]

“Are you going to run away?”

Heoju muttered, and Yoo Hojeong asked that question.

“If you run away, I may not be able to chase you right now. But it will come after you again and again. “How long will running away be the only answer?”

Black and white.

“If you truly want to protect Socheonma, don’t run away. You probably know right and wrong and beliefs. Not letting Socheonma die. If protecting Socheonma is your belief and right! “Don’t run away, just kill me here and go.”

Yoo Ho-jeong shouted. At the same time, he accelerated towards Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee took out his spear without hesitation. Quang! Lee Seong-min took a half step back due to the collision at close range. It is rather heavier than the Lance Charge that rushed in with buff magic two days ago. It was proof that Yoo Ho-jeong at that time did not give his best.

Is Socheonma Wijihoyeon evil? I do not know. In his previous life, Wijihoyeon did not commit any obvious evil deeds, except for annihilating everyone in the dungeon. Seongmin Lee knows that the massacre in that dungeon was not done by Wijihoyeon, but by Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger. In his previous life, Lee Seong-min died at the age of 28. Next four years. During those four years, Wijihoyeon did not commit any major evil deeds.

What after that? Five years later, six years later, ten years later. What is the guarantee that Wijihoyeon will not commit evil deeds even then? Because of something that may or may not happen, Yoo Ho-jeong risks his life and is trying to kill Wi Ji-ho-yeon.

You are forced to make a choice. A choice that cannot be made with gray. To protect the Wijihoyeon, it must be gray to black. As a demon, you must kill Yoo Ho-jeong and oppose the Murim Alliance. Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip. The straight spear trembled in Lee Seong-min’s hand.

Kwakwakwak! The outstretched spear strikes Yu Ho-jeong, creating dozens of changes. Yoo Ho-jeong withstood the power of Lee Seong-min’s spear with his strong iron armor, self-defense skills, and defensive magic. A heavy stab is fired against dozens of stabs.

Quang! Spears and lances collide and bounce off each other. Yoo Ho-jeong did not back down. He grabbed the pole with both hands as he bent his body. The lance became a huge blunt object rather than a spear and attacked Lee Seong-min, and in response, Lee Seong-min turned the spear halfway and raised the window upward. Lee Seong-min’s upper body sways with a dull roar. There, Lee Seong-min changed his posture by dragging his feet to the side. And he shoots a spear.

Let’s stop.

Lee Seong-min’s eyes were cold and wet. He found out from the battle just now. Yoo Ho-jeong is seriously trying to kill Lee Seong-min. He is acting by acknowledging that this action is his own justice, a narrow justice.

But Lee Seong-min was not making a choice.

Jeongpa and Sapani. I didn’t want to make that choice. But now I had to choose. This will continue to happen in the future. There will be those who block it with their own sense of justice as their belief. The Murim Alliance has already released the hunting dogs.

Seongmin Lee made a decision in his heart.

I decided that I would accept it if those who believed in themselves to be just people condemned me for being a demon.

In Lee Seong-min’s hands, the spear was dyed purple. Lee Seong-min ran forward with his turbulent strength at the forefront. Looking at him, Yoo Ho-jeong thought in passing.

I can’t stop it.


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