Worthless Regression Chapter 144

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“Gwichang protected Socheonma and took him away.”

The man returned to the room, sat on the bed and held the crystal ball. The crystal ball immediately responded to those words. The silver-stained crystal ball made a buzzing sound.

[If it’s Ghost Chang, is it the kid who killed the Northern Blood Demon?]


[I was leaving it alone because it seemed like it wasn’t ripe yet… This is how the relationship continues. Should I say it went well?]

“I think it’s wrong to say it hasn’t ripened.”

The man said as he took off the banggat he was wearing. He let out a dry laugh as he lifted his long black bangs that fell into his face with both hands.

“Gwichang overpowered the iron armored godchang. “It is said that the Iron Armored God Chang did not do his best, but considering the old man’s age, his inaction is surprising.”

[It is not comparable to Socheonma.]

The voice beyond the crystal ball answered coldly. The man answered while tying his flowing hair with a string.

“I think old man Changwang might be interested.”

[Is this the old man who still enjoys swinging his spear the most despite his age?]

The other person laughed. The man with his hair all tied up shrugged his shoulders and said,

“It can’t be compared to Socheonma. “I think it’s enough to warrant attention.”

[If Guichang is protecting Socheonma, he will also become entangled with that guy. Rather… Where are Socheonma and Gwichang now?]

“To the branch of Sima Lian.”

[I thought I was going to run out of the city.]

Hearing those words, the man clicked his tongue. He took off the coat he was wearing. The man’s body, after taking off his coat, was armed with a tight-fitting black robe and numerous memorizations. The man said, laying down the memorization one by one.

“I don’t know why I have to clean up the poop that Jon Gwon made.”

[It’s something that can’t be helped. Of all of us, you are the one who can move the most stealthily. Dark zone.]

Amzon lets out a dry laugh at the words that seem like a joke. Gwon Jon left in triumph, saying he would bring Socheonma, but he returned covered in wounds. The fight that lasted for three days and nights with Wijihoyeon left Gwonzon exhausted, but what prevented Gwonzon from moving was the curse he placed on Wijihoyeon. Gwonjon, an elf, was not limited by his short lifespan and practiced martial arts for hundreds of years, while at the same time gaining deep knowledge of magic and curses. The other Six Venerables of Cheonoecheon looked at Gwonjon and laughed at him, saying that he was not that good at martial arts because he spent all his time on magic, but the reason he was reluctant to engage in friction with Gwonjon was because his incantations and curses were that good.

However, witchcraft, especially curses, demand a high price as they are certain. Currently, Gwon Jon was suffering from the same curse as Wijihoyeon. Because he couldn’t even move properly and use his internal energy well, he was hiding in the deep elven forest.

“When would be a good time to bring him?”

[I tried to wait for Socheonma to give up and break his heart… The situation has become ambiguous. I was thinking that my heart would break if my life was threatened by a weak person whom I normally didn’t care about, so I was planning to leave it alone. Who would have thought that a kid named Gwi-chang would go out to protect Socheonma.]

The man behind the crystal ball let out an annoyed voice.

[If they are holed up in the Sima Lian branch, it is difficult to touch them. Even if Sima Lianzhu says he is not interested in external affairs, he will not condone what is happening in his area.]

Demon Lord Yang Il-cheon, the Demon Lord, is a silent dragon. If you provoke him for no reason, it becomes a hassle.

[There is no way to lift the curse unless you kill Gwon Jon. what… There’s no need to rush. It will be soon.]

I lost my strength overnight and became the weak. I do not think that Socheonma, who remembers the position of the strong, can endure that humiliation.

[If Gwi-chang and Socheon-ma leave the city. Kill Guichang in front of Socheonma.]

“It’s a waste to kill. And he’s with Gwangcheonma.”

[There is no need to see Gwangcheonma anymore. If 10 years have passed and you have not reached the realm of transcendence, there is no hope. Am zone. You think very highly of Gwichang… Did you like it?]

“I always like an outstanding young man. The way I see it… That guy named Gwi-chang is second only to Socheon-ma. Jihak of Shaolin, drunkenness of openness, Cheongmyeong of shaman. A drunkard is a worthless guy. Jihak still needs to be watched, Cheongmyeong is a Taegeuk sword

“I can’t touch it because it’s wrapped tightly.”

The three mentioned by Amzon are young masters who are said to be the future of Shaolin, openness, and shamanism. Among them, the one that Amjon and Cheon Oecheon valued the most was the shaman’s Cheongmyeong. He was the only disciple of Taegeukgeomje, a master of shamanism, and his skills were not known at all.

“For the four generations, Sword Dragon is quite good… “There are a lot of pretty good guys in Sima Yumun and the Three Demonic Families.”

[How would you compare Gwichang with them?]

“Honestly, I’m jealous.”

Amzon smiled, showing his teeth. Cheon Oecheon is very greedy. If you are an expert who has the potential to reach the realm of transcendence, you should meet him and test him. At Amzon’s answer, a laughing sound came from beyond the crystal ball.

[Then do whatever you want. It’s okay to kill… You can try it out.]

Amzon nodded his head and put down the crystal ball. The crystal ball that left Dark Zone’s hand lost its light. Amzon felt a quiet silence as he edited the memorized words one by one. He had already reached a point where he no longer had to deal with such memorization a long time ago, but even so, Amzon always carried the memorization with him.

Because it puts your mind at ease. The solid feel of the blade and the coolness give you a comfortable feeling.

‘When will it come out?’

Amzon looked out the window while thinking about that.

The branch building of Sima Lian was visible not far away.

There is no way to find Gwon Jon from here. Even after mobilizing all of Erebrisa’s information power, Gwonjon’s location cannot be confirmed. It was also evidence that the organization called Cheon Oecheon was outside the attention of all information guilds. Open, Hao Wen. I also searched for information on the martial arts faction, but the information available was fragmentary.

[Erebrisa is a brokerage guild.]

Nevel’s voice rang in Lee Seong-min’s head.

[Our role is only to mediate with the connected guild and deliver it through the intermediary. If they don’t have the information, I can’t pass it on to them, and even if they know it, I can’t pass it on to them if they don’t tell it to me. So far, as a favor to Seongmin Lee, I have made several moves at your request… In this case, the story is different.]

Nevel personally going and delivering letters to people who are not intermediaries is something that he should not have done in the first place. Seongmin Lee sighed and lowered his head. It’s strange. There are six transcendental masters, but only fragmentary information exists about them. Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip.

[Going south might be the answer.]

Heoju spoke up.

[Because the south is a place where shamans are common. It may be impossible to break the curse, but there may be a way to find a way rather than suffering here.]

There were quite a few shamans I met through Erebrisa’s mediation, but they were unable to heal Wijihoyeon’s curse. Unlike wizard guilds, which are organized into guilds, shamans do not have guilds. Therefore, the number of shamans you can meet is limited.

“The Murim Alliance’s hunting dogs are heading to Rubes.”

Guan Hu offered tea.

“The Chuhyeol Executioners are of particularly poor quality among the many hunting dogs of the Murim Alliance. “They may be weaker than you in terms of brute force, but they are great at chasing and harassing.”

Seongmin Lee did not answer. Guan Hu’s words forced a choice. If he devotes himself to the four worlds, he will be protected by the four worlds. And he becomes completely hostile to the Murim Alliance.

Seongmin Lee closed his eyes. Jeong faction and Sa faction. He lived without worrying about such things. It has to be that way. Seongmin Lee was a mercenary, and he was no class. Although he learned martial arts, Lee Seong-min in his previous life was not so great that he stood at the crossroads between the political faction and the evil faction. But how is he now?

“What kind of place is Sima Lian?”

“It’s a place infested with demons.”

Guan Hu said with a peaceful smile.

“The distinction between political factions and sad factions is meaningless in this world… Main is mostly Sapa. The martial arts they learn are more violent than those of the True Sect, and the martial arts they learn change their nature. “Lord demons and murderous demons are quite common in Sima Lian.”

“You don’t control them, do you?”

“To some extent, we are doing it. But desire is like an awl in your pocket. “If you put it deep enough, it will come out right through your clothes.”

Guan Hu said that and laughed.



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“That’s how you become a madhu. I explode with suppressed desires and go crazy. If that happens, Sima Lian will no longer protect them. “The just government or the Murim Alliance will clean it up.”

Guan Hu’s smile lowered.

“Let’s leave.”

Seongmin Lee spoke to Wijihoyeon. Wijihoyeon looked up at Lee Seongmin with helpless eyes.


“Let’s go south first. “I heard there are excellent shamans there, so I should meet them.”

“It’s the south… It’s far from here. “What are you going to do with Sima Lian?”

“Just because you join the Four Horsemen, there is no guarantee that they will provide unconditional protection. The Murim Alliance will chase after them, but… “I have to shake it off as much as possible.”

“If you do that, you will become a public servant of the political faction. Does it matter?”

“then. “Do you want me to leave you and leave?”

Seongmin Lee asked back. To those words, Wijihoyeon only let out a low laugh and did not respond. After a moment of silence, Wizzy Hoyeon opened her mouth.

“What if Cheon Oecheon comes to visit?”

“doesn’t care.”

“They want to take me away.”

“You don’t want to go.”


“That’s it then.”

“What happened?”

Wijihoyeon burst out laughing. It was my first time feeling like this, in this situation. Wijihoyeon was feeling helpless. She never imagined that she would be protected by Lee Seong-min, who was weaker than her.

Surprisingly, it didn’t feel bad. strange… It was a feeling. To be protected by someone. To be so helpless. Wijihoyeon looked at Lee Seongmin with blank eyes.

There may be a time when a messenger from Cheonoecheon will come. The Murim Alliance’s hunting dogs have already departed for Rubes. If you leave the branch of Sima Lian, you will become their target.

However, it is impossible to remain in Sima-ryan forever. This is not necessarily a safe place. When Wei Ji-ho-yeon lost his mind, he came here to take care of himself immediately, but now that Wei Ji-ho-yeon has come to his senses, there is no need to stay in Sima-ryan anymore. He also met with his helpers, Gwangcheonma and Rubia.

‘I’d rather go to the golden magic tower… No, it’s not necessarily a safe place either.’

I thought about entrusting Lloyd with Wijihoyeon’s protection, but I decided against it. She didn’t want to get Lloyd involved, and she had no guarantees that the place would be safe. So is it safe to be with me? Seongmin Lee could not answer that question. Gwang Cheon-ma and Lee Seong-min are among the strongest among transcendent experts. Aside from the Murim Alliance, the problem is the messenger from Heaven who never knows when it will come.

Lee Seong-min did not know that Amjon, one of the six beings of Cheon Oecheon, was right nearby. If he had known he might have made a different choice. Not knowing, Lee Seong-min informed Guan Hu that he was leaving.

“Is that so.”

Guan Hu was not surprised. As if he knew in advance that Lee Sung-min would act like that. He nodded his head with a calm face.

“Do you have any regrets about that choice?”

Guanhu asks. Lee Seong-min stopped and looked into the eyes of the ruler.

Guan Hu’s eyes were spinning round and round.

“I wouldn’t say this place is absolutely safe. Because I don’t know what will happen. But as things stand now, it’s a pretty safe place. “If you leave here, hounds drunk on the illusion of justice will try to bite you, and the old monsters that turned Socheonma into that state will target you.”

“… you… “Who are you?”

“Sama Lianju.”

A being with the face of a guanhu, but not a guanhu, answered.

“Don’t be too nervous. “I’m just speaking through a terminal engraved in the branch leader’s heart.”

“There’s no way I wouldn’t be nervous because I was told not to be nervous.”

“haha. That too. so… How are you going to answer? Do you regret your choice?”

“You said it with your own mouth. “This is not necessarily a safe place.”

“yes. I’m talking through the terminal, but the main office is quite far away from here. If the hounds of the Murim Alliance use ignorant methods, the forces of the Sima Rean in Rubes cannot stop them. Not to mention Cheon Oecheon.”

“Do you know about Cheon Oecheon?”

“Of course I know.”

“If we wait here, nothing will change.”

“It looks like you have no regrets. I have no intention of stopping it. If you want to leave, leave.”

Sima Lianzhu answered in a refreshing voice.

“I didn’t say this to stop you.”

“Then what is it?”

“No matter what the outcome of your choice is, it is something you must bear. Whether they want to stay in gray or simply want to choose is not my part-time business. If you choose to be black. Let Reg come to the forest. Because the main seat is there.”

“… what?”

“There is no need to rush. Did you say you were going south? Come when your business is done. “Right now, even if you come, I’m not in a position to meet you.”

“for a moment. I didn’t even say I was going… ”

“That’s your choice too.”

Sima Lianzhu said with a smile.

“I don’t force it. Come or not come. “It is you who decides that.”

Sima Lianju’s words ended there. The light disappeared from Guan Hu’s eyes. After standing blankly for a moment, light returned to Guan Hu’s eyes. Guan Hu sighed and said.

“Ryeonju-nim too. It would be good if you let me know in advance… !”

Lee Seong-min was equally taken aback by the sudden contact with Sima Lian-ju. However, if you ask Guan Hu about it, Guan Hu will not be able to answer. Seongmin Lee stood up from his seat.

“Are you leaving?”


Seongmin Lee turned around and answered.


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