Worthless Regression Chapter 146

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I closed my eyes.

What made me take action on logic full of loopholes was the letter from the Murim League that arrived this morning. A letter that states that Socheonma must be killed. Although he made Yu Ho-jeong come here and die. Yoo Ho-jeong did not feel sorry for his own death.

“ah… ”

Yoo Ho-jeong was looking at the sky. Seongmin Lee looked down at Hojeong Yoo with gloomy eyes. Yoo Ho-jeong, blinking her eyes, opened her mouth to say something, but she could not get the words out properly. Instead, what spewed out from Yoo Ho-jeong’s mouth was red blood.

Yoo Ho-jeong was unable to block Lee Seong-min’s spear. His iron-clad sword, self-defense sword, was given the nickname of iron-clad sword. Yoo Ho-jeong tried to kill Lee Seong-min, and Lee Seong-min responded with sincerity and all his might. And the result was like this.

Yoo Ho-jeong raised his trembling hand and groped his chest. The hole in her chest was wide enough to see across it, but all that was visible was red because so much of her blood had accumulated. Yoo Ho-jeong continued to vomit blood. He moved his bloodless lips, smiled, and looked at Lee Sung-min.

“that… On choice… Regret… ”

“doesn’t exist.”

The Murim Lord’s letter was to kill Socheonma, but in reality, it was no different from telling Yu Hojeong to commit suicide. Yoo Ho-jeong did not blame Maengju. There must have been a good reason for that.

Just as Yoo Ho-jeong believes that something is right, so does Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee sighed. Even though it was a choice he was forced to make, he didn’t want to regret it. In some people’s eyes, Wijihoyeon may be evil. After all, Wijihoyeon is a demon. Because I might end up acting like a mine someday.

But not for Lee Seong-min.

“I guess that’s enough… ”

Yoo Ho-jeong mutters. He was not blaming Lee Seong-min. Because it was true that Yoo Ho-jeong tried to kill Lee Seong-min. Due to his lack of strength, he ended up dying instead. okay. That’s what fighting usually is. Yoo Ho-jeong was a military man, and he had known for a long time that he would meet this end one day. Therefore, he closed his eyes without any resentment.

That’s how the ironclad Shinchan Yoo Ho-jeong died.

Even though I said I had no regrets, it wasn’t a good feeling. He was someone I didn’t want to kill. Even though their relationship was short-lived, he was known as a military man with a high reputation, and as a Changsoo, he was a person who had achieved fame before Lee Seong-min. Although he said he was narrow-minded, he was a long-time member of a political faction.

[It must be annoying.]

Heoju mutters. know. By killing Yoo Ho-jeong, Lee Seong-min’s existing reputation disappears. Killing Yoo Ho-jeong will become infamous, and the nickname Gwi-chang and Lee Seong-min’s name will be recognized as Mine’s. Seongmin Lee turned his gaze from Hojeong Yoo. He approached Gwangcheonma and returned the sleeping Wijihoyeon.

“let’s go.”

“Aren’t you going to bury me?”

Rubia asks, humming in her arms. Lee Seong-min answered those words as he passed Yoo Ho-jeong’s body.

“There are many people to bury other than me.”

My gaze is focused. People were running from the southern gate. They cursed and shouted curses at Lee Seong-min. I couldn’t hear it. I didn’t want to listen. Because he did not want to cause friction with them, Lee Seong-min launched a light attack.

But they didn’t chase. I saw Lee Seong-min kill Ironclad Shinchang right in front of my eyes. Among the warriors over there, there is not a single one capable of threatening Lee Seong-min. Moreover, since Gwangcheonma is with them, they will not attack Lee Seong-min as long as they think that his life is a waste.

Was the iron armored spear not worth his life?

I don’t know. A sticky feeling of discomfort was pooling in a corner of my chest. That narrow definition. Was belief really something worth risking your reputation and life for?

“Are you tired?”

Seongmin Lee’s steps stopped.

A man was standing under the shade of a tree not far away. If Lee Seong-min hadn’t raised his voice, he wouldn’t have even noticed that the man was standing there. That’s how faint the man’s presence was. Faint… It would be too much to say that it was.

He was transparent. It felt transparent.

“I saw a fight with an iron clad sword. When it comes to iron armored spears, he is one of the best masters in the Murim Alliance… “You dealt with that armored spear very easily.”

The man was wearing a large banggat and a large, loose-fitting jangbo. His sleeves are wide and long, so his hands are not visible. He walked out of the shadows, waving his long sleeves.

“Is Socheonma asleep?”

Amzon asked. Seongmin Lee looked at Amzon with a stiff face. Even though the amzone was standing in front of Lee Seong-min’s eyes at a not very far distance, it still felt transparent. It was a strange sensation. Gwangcheonma, who was standing behind Lee Seong-min, also looked nervous.

“It seems like the curse of authority is getting stronger, right? It’s so effective even for a warrior in the realm of transcendence… Hehehe! Kwon Jon bastard. “I have never felt that I was great at martial arts, but I have no choice but to acknowledge the area of ​​curses.”

“… you… “Who are you?”


In response to Lee Seong-min’s question, Amzon did not hide his affiliation and revealed his affiliation.

“Did you hear from Socheonma about the Six Exalted Ones? “One of them is called Amzone.”


I thought that one day I would meet the messenger of Cheonoecheon. But I never imagined it would be today. Only about two hours have passed since I left the southern gate of Rubes.

“You don’t look good.”

Amzon said with a smile. He took off the bangat he was wearing and put it down next to him.

“There is no need to be too afraid. Because I have no intention of killing you. “I just want to test it out a little bit.”


“I think highly of you. I’ve met many talented and potential young dancers, but… Hehehe! “I have never seen a seed as great as you.”

“What to see… “Is that all?”

“That can’t be possible.”

Amzone burst out laughing at Lee Seong-min’s question. He said while looking at Wijihoyeon who was sleeping behind Seongmin Lee.

“It’s also to take Socheonma.”

Lee Seong-min’s face turns cold. From the moment he heard the name Cheon Oecheon and the Six Venerable Ones, a red light was fluttering in Gwang Cheon Ma’s eyes. He spat out as he strode forward.

“Didn’t Geomzon come?”

“Gwangcheonma Byeokwonpae.”

At the words Gwangcheonma spoke, Amjon’s eyes turned to Gwangcheonma.

“It looks like you haven’t forgotten that you were defeated by Geomzon 10 years ago. Unfortunately, Geomzon did not come here. I guess I gained a new heart when I entered the closed building. But why are you looking for Geomzone? “Do you want to get revenge for what happened 10 years ago?”

“If possible.”

“It’s impossible. “With your skills, you won’t be able to inflict even a single injury on Geomzon.”

Amzon said with a chuckle.

“Don’t step forward. Cheon Oecheon is no longer interested in you. If 10 years have passed and you have not reached the realm of transcendence, that is your limit and your fate. Cheon Oecheon is never kind to those who are not qualified.”

After giving that warning, Amzon looked towards Lee Seong-min.

“I plan to take Socheonma with me. If possible, I hope Socheonma agrees and follows me… I don’t think things will work out that way. “Because Socheonma, who needs to answer, is sleeping.”

“I’m not sending it.”


Amzon asked back.

“Do you know what heaven and earth are? Do you know why and for what purpose we are taking Socheonma? Are you trying to blindly block a topic you know nothing about? Think about it. We were able to kill Socheonma several times. But I didn’t kill him.”

“I put a curse on you… !”

“That was something that Gwon Jon did as he pleased. “Kwon Jon was very shocked that he could not subdue Socheonma with his martial arts skills.”



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Amzon answered without changing his expression.

“That’s why I came here. Because Gwon Jon couldn’t move. Due to Gwonjon’s curse, Socheonma became weak. Even with the skills of a peak expert, he would be able to easily kill the current Socheonma. However, Socheonma did not die and came to Rubes. “Why do you think?”

Seongmin Lee could not answer. Since Amzon did not ask a question expecting an answer from Lee Seong-min, he answered his own question.

“I did a lot of things for Socheonma without him even realizing it. Many people who recognized Socheonma and came to threaten him were killed while Socheonma was not looking. The reason her Socheonma was able to reach her Lubes is because I protected her during her cancer. The dispute with the iron armored spear at the southern gate was intentionally left alone. She hoped that Socheonma would despair at her own helplessness. Guichang, I never thought you would intervene and protect Socheonma.”

“What do you want to say?”

“Not really… We do not have any great ill will toward Socheonma. Rather, we are for Socheonma. Do you know what fate Socheonma has?”

“what… ?”

“It seems like you don’t know. I don’t need to explain it to you. Still, it worked out well. “Our interests are aligned.”

Amzon lightly waved his right hand. The wide sleeve went up, revealing Amjon’s right hand. He was holding a dagger the size of his palm, and he lifted it up and waved it as if showing off.

“I have to test you and take Socheonma. You want to stop me like that. is not it?”

“Where is Kwon Jon?”

“There is no reason to tell you. It looks like you have a lot of questions. Do you know? In order to easily get the answer you want, you have to be stronger than your opponent. “Are you stronger than me?”

[We need to join forces.]

Gwangcheonma spat out. It was not the time to worry about pride. The amzone in front of him was the strongest among the warriors Lee Seong-min had ever seen. Lee Seong-min can never handle it alone.

‘Are you going to help me?’

[I have to do it.]

Gwangcheonma answered without hesitation. She heard Amjon laugh as she watched Gwangcheon Ma raise her spirit.

“Are you planning to join forces? That’s not bad either. okay… Gwangcheonma. “If you join forces with Guichang, I won’t kill you either.”

Gwangcheonma’s face distorted at the words that seemed to show mercy. Her radiant hair rose upward. Seongmin Lee put his hand into her arms and took out Luvia from her.

“W-What is it?!”

“It might be dangerous. … Please keep Wijihoyeon with you.”

Luvia hesitated and nodded her head. Gwangcheonma carefully put down Wijihoyeon while watching Amzon’s movements. Wijihoyeon was sleeping with a pale face. Luvia approached Wijihoyeon and carefully held her in her arms.

“I’m worried that people will see it.”

As Amzon said that, he put his hand into his arms. What he took out was a transparent sphere that could be held in one hand. After shaking it lightly, Amzon threw it into the sky. -Paaah! The sphere emitted bright light and wrapped around it. Lee Seong-min and Gwangcheon-ma looked around, embarrassed by the strangeness they felt in the space itself.

“Don’t be surprised. Because we’re just blocking the space around here. Isn’t it more comfortable for both of us here? “You won’t have to worry about what others think.”

Amzon said that and started walking with a stride.

“This is also a promise I make to myself. “I will not lay a hand on Socheonma unless I subdue you two.”

Lee Seong-min did not listen to the end.

He unleashed his martial spirit and rushed at Amzon with all his might. Ilbo Muheun creates an afterimage and Ilbo Muyeong creates dozens of illusions. Gwangcheonma did not stop either. Gwangcheon Horse ran after Lee Seong-min. Gwangcheonma, with its red-hot energy wrapped around its entire body, shook the ground every time it ran.

Amzon stood motionless in front of the two aggressive and rapid charges. He lightly shook the dagger he held in his right hand. Whoosh! A dagger was fired. It fell right in front of Lee Sung-min’s right foot, which was quickly closing the distance to Armzone.

Wow! The ground exploded. The ground flipped over and Lee Seong-min’s body stumbled backwards. Cloudy dust scatters in all directions. Seongmin Lee was not embarrassed and swung his spear widely, scattering the dust.

“Ugh… !”

Seongmin Lee’s body suddenly stiffened. Even faster than the warning of his sixth sense, daggers fired from all directions passed through Lee Seong-min’s body. Faba Park! Seongmin Lee trembled slightly as he looked at the dozens of daggers stuck in the ground. The dagger thrown by Amzon from beyond the dust narrowly grazed Lee Seong-min’s body, and the self-defense equipment that Lee Seong-min was wearing could not even break the dagger’s trajectory.

“I didn’t hit it right on purpose.”

Amzon said, waving his empty hand. Before I knew it, Amzon was holding a disc the size of his palm. Amjon, who put it on his index finger and twirled it, glanced at Gwangcheonma who had come a short distance away.


The bullet fired by Gwangcheonma exploded towards the rock zone. But Amzon’s body shook like smoke and disappeared. Amzon, who was suddenly standing next to Gwangcheonma, passed by Gwangcheonma with a light step. Gwangcheonma distorted her face and swung her fist towards her amjon. It was the same this time too. The Dark Zone was like a phantom that could be seen with both eyes but had no substance. Every time Gwangcheonma’s fist touched Amzon, Amzon’s body turned into smoke and disappeared.

[It’s a different level.]

Heoju said with admiration. Seongmin Lee jumped over the dagger stuck in the ground and rushed at Amzon again. Amzon glanced in that direction and threw away the disc he was spinning with his finger. It tore through the air as it spun violently, making no sound. The disc flies in an arc and targets Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee fired a spear at the discus. However, the disc was not pierced by the spear. The moment it was about to touch, the trajectory of the disk changed. It circled gently in the air and passed by the back of Lee Seong-min’s neck.

Sigh! Blood flows from thinly cut skin. Lee Seong-min was startled and lifted his hand to cover the wound on the back of his neck. If the cut had been deeper, it would have been fatal.

don’t kill

It was just as Amzon said.


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