Worthless Regression Chapter 138

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Lloyd looked the same as he did years ago. Golden hair and a dignified looking glass? Wrinkles too. He took off the glasses on the bridge of his nose and closed the book he was reading. Luvia bowed her head towards Lloyd who was sitting in her soft chair.

“It’s been a while, Lloyd.”

“I see. It’s been roughly 7 years. “You are not old at all.”

“Lloyd too.”

In Lloyd’s case, aging is suppressed through magic and magic, but for Luvia, an artificial spirit, aging does not exist in the first place. Lloyd chuckled at Luvia’s response and then shifted his gaze towards Lee Sung-min. Lloyd, who stared at Lee Seong-min for a moment, let out a low exclamation.

“A lot has changed. “I can’t believe he’s the same person he was back then.”

“Do you recognize me?”

“Because my face hasn’t changed much. And I have a pretty good memory. “I’m not shameless enough to forget what I promised.”

Lloyd stood up while saying that. Lloyd waved his hand lightly, and the scenery in the room completely changed. The room that had looked like a quiet study just now had been transformed into a neat living room. It was a high-level space magic, but Lloyd performed it without any problem.

“Have you decided what to ask for?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“Hehe! I can’t even tell how big of a thing you’re asking for. “I’m not omnipotent, so please don’t ask me to do anything too great.”

“All right.”

Lee Seong-min smiled bitterly and answered. Lloyd offered her a seat, so Rubia and Seongmin Lee sat across from Lloyd. Lloyd clicked her fingers and a teacup matching the number of people appeared.

“Unless you have decided what to ask for. What brought you to me? “I didn’t come here to share tea like this.”

“About my master.”

Luvia opened her mouth. At those words, Lloyd stared at Luvia, her golden eyes shining. Lloyd’s eyes, which had been looking at Luvia for a moment, turned to Lee Sung-min.

“… Rubia. “Is it my master’s will that you are acting together with that young man?”


“It’s not because I don’t trust you. But Master is a secretive person. “I wouldn’t know if you came to me alone, but since you came with that young man, I need proof.”

“I swear on Mana. “I am Envirus-sama’s familiar, and I am acting together with Lee Seong-min under Envirus-sama’s orders.”

Rubia proved it with an oath without hesitation. Lloyd nodded her head as she saw the flow of mana fluctuating.

“Master came to visit me about two months ago.”

“I knew it!”

Luvia smiled brightly and nodded her head. Seongmin Lee was silent and looked at Lloyd. Like Seong-min Lee, Envirus is a being with a twisted causality, and like Seong-min Lee, he was a wizard who overcame the ordeal of Denir. Seongmin Lee wanted to meet Envirus, but in the sleeping forest he followed Envirus’ traces, he only met Envirus’ familiar, Rubia, and the sealed monster Heoju.

“What did our master leave behind? “Why doesn’t the master come to visit in person?”

“He said he was sorry.”

Lloyd said with a bitter smile.

“I wanted to go see you in person, but I couldn’t. “They asked me to come south instead.”

“… yes? “South?”

Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but be surprised by Lloyd’s words. The angle was so fitting. Seongmin Lee is heading south to learn how to manipulate his magical powers. It was Lee Seong-min’s desire that if he met Wiji Hoyeon in Roubaix, he would want to go down south with Wiji Hoyeon.

“They said you would meet them if you headed south. and… “This is a message sent to you by Master.”

Lloyd’s eyes turned to Lee Seong-min.

“They told me not to deviate from the human path.”

“… yes?”

“To me, that sounds very negative. When humans deviate from the human path, they inevitably become tainted by demons. That’s why I hate warlocks.”


Heoju reacted indifferently to Lloyd’s words.

[Envirus guy. He’s a guy who likes to be vague. Don’t deviate from the human path? Why did the guy who said that leave me alone? If you and I met, you would have expected that I would dwell in you.]

Lee Seong-min could not help but agree with those words. Luvia was shocked and dropped her ears. If you’re just going to leave a comment like this, you can come and do it in person. What on earth is going on that leaves a message through Lloyd?

“Do you know that Frescan is to the north?”

Lloyd is tracking Frescan. Lee Seong-min remembered that and asked Lloyd a question. At those words, Lloyd sighed and nodded his head.

“I know. I wish I had known sooner… “Preskan has gone north, and now that I am part of the Predator, I can no longer chase after him.”

“What do you mean?”

“North Travia is the territory of vampire queen Jennyella. The ancient monster is skilled in all kinds of judicial techniques and is also physically powerful. If I head north after Freskan, Jennyella will never ignore me. and… The problem isn’t just Jennyella. “If I kill Frescan, Arbes will kill me.”

“… Arbes?”

[One of the five monsters leading the Predator. Vampire Queen, Arch Lich, Death Knight, Lycanslope, Yokai. Like this, the five of us stand at the forefront of the Predator.]

Heoju answered.

“Arves, the Arch Lich, is a monster with power that cannot even be compared to Freskan. When it comes to the field of black magic, Arbes stands at the top. Some say that Arbes even saw through the darkness of the abyss… Hehehe! I don’t believe that. That’s the same thing as seeing the truth that all wizards pursue. Even so, it is undoubtedly true that Arbes is a terrifying monster. Among wizards, the only one who can deal with Arbes is my teacher.”

Through those words, Seongmin Lee was able to know how much power Envirus had. Although he has never seen Arbes, Arbes and Zeniella, both Archlichs, stand on equal footing. If Envirus can compete with Arbes, it means that Envirus is also a monster comparable to Zeniella.

Having heard everything they needed to hear from Lloyd, Lee Seong-min and Rubia left the golden magic tower. While leaving the magic tower, Lee Seong-min felt suspicious and asked Heo Joo a question.

‘You said you weren’t part of the Predator. But, if at the peak of Predator there is also the King of Yokai… Do you know who that being is?’

[I know. If it hasn’t changed from 400 years ago. The king of monsters I know is the red ghost. Although he was not as strong as this old man, he was quite strong.]

Heoju said proudly. I didn’t really believe Heo Joo’s words before, but since I’ve experienced monsters like Jennyella and Joo Won acknowledging Heo Joo, I had no choice but to believe it now.

“The Magic Tower Lord is absent.”

I left the Golden Magic Tower and stopped by the Red Magic Tower, but I couldn’t meet Scarlett. I was told that the day I was going was a market day, and when I came to Rubes and stopped by the Red Magic Tower, Scarlett was not there. In the end, Seongmin Lee and Luvia left the Red Magic Tower and returned to the train station.

It was only when the sun was setting that Gwangcheonma returned. He had a half-lost look on his face, and looked blankly at the tail of the train that had left him.

“… “The iron horse is cool.”

Gwangcheonma, who had been watching the departing train for a while, muttered. Luvia let out a laugh as she looked at the food that Gwangcheonma was carrying, such as boiled eggs and beef jerky.


“right… The principal was a country bumpkin. “There were not only unmanned people in the world.”

Gwangcheonma did not refute but nodded his head. When we boarded the new train, Gwangcheonma sat in the window seat again. Not long after the train departed, it arrived near the central square. They took a room at an inn close to the square. Because it was in the center of the downtown area, room prices were very expensive, but there was plenty of money.

After eating a light meal, Lee Seong-min went up to his room. During the day he had met Lloyd, and although he had been given some disturbing advice not to stray from the human path, he had not the slightest thought about him at the moment.

Tomorrow will be the day I promised 10 years ago. March 14th. Lee Seong-min felt trembled just thinking about it. Heo Joo also laughed after hearing Lee Seong-min’s feelings.

[Socheonma was a young monster when I saw her in the dungeon a year ago. but… You could be said to be a young enough monster now.]

If you are close to transcendence at the age of twenty-four, it is enough to call you a monster. There are many geniuses in this wide world, but there are only a handful of martial artists who have come close to transcendence at a young age like Lee Seong-min. Even the famous Blood Heavenly Demon could not glimpse the realm of transcendence, and neither did the knowledge of the future of Shaolin. Among geniuses, only those who have gone through extreme efforts can enter the transcendental state and glimpse the realm of transcendence only after crossing numerous walls there.



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‘I never imagined it would be like this 10 years ago.’

10 years ago. When Zenabis promised to meet Wijihoyeon in 10 years. At the time, Lee Seong-min could not have imagined what he would be like 10 years later. no. That’s a lie. He vaguely imagined it. However, even in his imagination, Lee Seong-min could not reach such great heights as he does now.

At this level, will I be able to open my heart to Wijihoyeon? Can I say that I, who promised to meet 10 years ago, have come this far? How strong is Wijihoyeon now? How far have you gone, and how far have I come?

I couldn’t bear the thought of that. He tried to calm his agitation through meditation and meditation, but that didn’t work either. Maybe, no, definitely. Wijihoyeon must be in Rubes right now. Seongmin Lee wanted to use Erebrisa to find out the location of Wijihoyeon. If Wizzyhoyeon was in Rubes, I wanted to go see Wizzyhoyeon right away, without having to wait until noon tomorrow.

But that shouldn’t be the case. The promised day is tomorrow. I’ve waited 10 years, but can’t I just wait one day? Seongmin Lee stopped meditating and left the room. In the back yard of the inn, various weapons were placed, possibly for the martial arts people. Of course, these were not bladed weapons. Seongmin Lee grabbed the bladeless baton. He wanted to go to bed early, but he just couldn’t sleep. So I wanted to move his body.

The Gucheon Dance Movement was not unfolded. Instead, Seongmin Lee focused on the basic techniques he learned from Wijihoyeon 10 years ago, including Ran Na Chal. Even though Lee Seong-min did not put any effort into it, the baton he held made a sharp sound and split the air. Fast, slow. Lee Seong-min, who had been swinging the baton for a while while catching his breath, stopped his actions.

“That’s great.”

Because someone was watching. Seongmin Lee slowly turned his head. A neatly dressed man was standing with his back to Lee Seong-min.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a walk at night and saw something cool. You don’t look that old… “If it’s okay, can I know your name and nickname?”

“… “My name is Lee Seong-min.”

“You are the devil.”

The man burst into laughter at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

“I heard a rumor that one of the young children was good at using a spear. “I never thought we would meet like this.”

“… “Who is the old man?”

“It’s called Yoo Ho-jeong.”

Yoo Ho-jeong answered. It was a name he had heard somewhere, and after thinking about it for a while, Lee Seong-min exclaimed in exclamation.

“Iron-clad Shinchang (鐵甲神槍)!”

Speaking of the iron armored spear Yu Ho-jeong, he is an expert who can be counted on one hand among the spears living in Eria. In particular, he is famous for wearing heavy iron armor and wielding a huge spear. Lee Seong-min was even more surprised because he had never imagined that the armored sword, Yoo Ho-jeong, looked so neat.

“Rumors about ghosts cannot be trusted.”

Yoo Ho-jeong smiled dumbly.

“You are not at the level of the late Jisoo. When it comes to spears, I have already surpassed the level of a great master. “If I were to fight you with all my might, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee victory.”

“… It’s not like that.”

“ha ha ha! It’s not good to be too humble. I’m not saying this for nothing. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to have a spear fight with you right now… “How is it?”

“… sorry. I have something important to do tomorrow… ”

“is it? Then I can’t help it… iced coffee. I’m asking just in case. “You are staying at this inn with Gwangcheonma, right?”

Yoo Ho-jeong spoke as if it was no big deal, but what he said meant that he had been watching Lee Seong-min since he entered the inn. Seongmin Lee stiffened his expression slightly and nodded his head.


“Gwangcheonma Byeokwonpae is a dangerous person. He has already committed several atrocities. If Gwangcheonma goes on a rampage in this city, the Murim Alliance will end up killing Gwangcheonma this time.”

Iron Armor Shinchang is a member of the Murim Alliance. Seongmin Lee received Yoo Hojeong’s gaze and nodded his head.

“That won’t happen.”

“I can’t say anything about you accompanying Gwangcheonma, but… Don’t get too close to Gwangcheonma. And again. “Cron, where the Murim Alliance is located, is close by, so when you’re done with your business in Rubes, why not stop by the Murim Alliance?”


“If you are an expert of your level, you will be treated well by the Murim Alliance. Looking at the way you killed the Sword Demon, I think you are also a governor who will not forgive Sima’s betrayal… “It looks like he’s acting together with Gwangcheonma for some reason now.”

It was an interpretation full of convenience. Seongmin Lee roughly nodded his head. Yoo Ho-jeong smiled and patted Lee Seong-min on the shoulder.

“I hope we meet again soon.”

With those words, Yoo Ho-jeong went in first. Lee Seong-min stood in silence and pondered Yoo Ho-jeong’s words. To be honest, Lee Seong-min has lived his life without making any major distinctions between political factions and political factions. Although he has learned martial arts, he is a person who is not a martial artist, and it is he who divides the right and wrong factions, no matter what the nature of his martial arts is. To Seong-min Lee, who was not a martial artist in the first place, it was not worth thinking about making a sharp distinction between political and ideological factions and committing oneself to one side.

And it will continue to be so. Yoo Ho-jeong asked him to come to the Murim Alliance, but Lee Seong-min had no intention of going to the Murim Alliance. The place he should go was the south, not the Murim Alliance.

‘A political faction, a council governor.’

Lee Seong-min chuckled. I don’t know about anything else, but I felt like the term ‘governance governor’ did not suit me at all.

Seongmin Lee put down the baton and returned to the room. He washed his body and lay down on the bed. The meeting with Yoo Ho-jeong was sudden, but I still think I was able to fall asleep with a refreshed mind because I moved his body a little.

‘Soon now.’

When you sleep and wake up. Seongmin Lee slowly closed his eyes.


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