Worthless Regression Chapter 137

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Rubes is a large city in the center of the area. There were the gold and red magic towers of the wizard guild here, and the headquarters of the mercenary guild was also located here. Because Cron, where the Murim Alliance is located, is nearby, Rubes is crowded with many Murim people and wizards.

However, it is not only martial people and wizards who live in this world. Although their presence is very pale compared to theirs, Noh classes are also summoned to Aria. Residents who originally lived in Eria, and children born to those who were summoned to Eria in the past. Not only martial artists and wizards, but everyone living in Aeria dreams of living in Rubes.

Roubes is a city of dreams. Many people dream of settling down in Roubes, and those who actually settle down in Roubaix, even though they are considered to be the city’s lower class, lead an affluent life comparable to that of the middle class in other cities.

A low-ranking C-level mercenary is busy making a living from day to day. Even though he is a level A mercenary or higher, he is not qualified enough to receive a request from Rubes. Roubes was the most famous and largest city, but Seongmin Lee had only heard of the name but had never been there.

“Lee Seong-min? hmm… “He’s an S-class mercenary.”

I haven’t fulfilled any mercenary requests since leaving Behenger, but that doesn’t mean the mercenary pack is useless.

As Roubes was a large city, security was strict. The lines to enter the city were long, and you couldn’t enter without proper identification.

“What about that one?”

After waiting in line for a long time, it was finally his turn, and Lee Seong-min, who showed his mercenary badge, was able to pass through the gate without any problems. Luvia was not arrested because she was quietly hiding herself in Lee Seong-min’s arms.

“The seat is Gwangcheonma Byeokwonpae.”

It was Gwangcheonma’s turn. He took out an identification card from his arms and showed it to the guard. The guard checked his identification card and nodded his head.

“I’m just saying this just in case. Don’t even think about having an accident here. “It’s none of my business to know whether it’s the political faction or the evil faction, but this city is protected by the Murim Alliance, the Demon League, and the Wizard’s Guild.”

“Do you think I am a stupid thunderbolt?”

Gwangcheonma grumbled. As a large city, Rubes was a place where the power of various forces was intertwined. Even if Gwangcheonma is a warrior who has reached a high level personally, he cannot do anything foolish in Rubes.

“Please go in.”

Gwangcheonma grumbled as he passed through the gate without any problems.

“Murim League, Sima Lian. joy! If this committee puts its mind to it… ”

“Don’t give a damn.”

Seongmin Lee let out a sigh while hearing the sound of Gwangcheonma grumbling. Gwangcheonma was stung by those words and closed her mouth.

The day I promised with Wijihoyeon is tomorrow. Although we rushed the journey, we arrived just in time. While traveling from Trabia, at the northern end of the country, to Rubes, Lee Seong-min rubbed Gwangcheonma almost every day. Although they controlled each other’s actions to the extent that there was no difficulty in the journey, during the journey, Gwangcheonma came to acknowledge Lee Seong-min’s inaction.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any accidents.”

“If something like that happens, you and I don’t know each other.”

“You’re going too far. Have you forgotten the grace of teaching me the Blood Return God Demonic Art?”

“Didn’t you listen to everything I told you to do while I was coming here? “I think I have already repaid the favor of learning the Blood Hwanshin Demonic Gong, as I have complied with the elder’s insistence.”


Gwangcheonma groaned in response to Lee Seong-min’s answer. Although he said so, Lee Seong-min received a lot of help from Gwangcheonma during his journey. He was able to clearly check his inaction, and made a lot of progress in his blood demonic magic.

What is certain is that we have not yet entered the realm of transcendence. At the same time, Lee Seong-min became convinced that the state he had entered in the spiritual world was the transcendental realm. He was still weaker than the inaction in the mental world, and there was a big difference between himself now, when he was about to enter the transcendental realm, and himself in the mental world, when he had entered the transcendental realm.

Lee Seong-min was not the only one who gained something. Consistently training with warriors of similar level also helped Gwangcheonma grow. In the end, both parties benefited.

“It’s been a while Rubes.”

Luvia came out of his embrace. She placed her hands on her waist, stretching out like a cat from her curled up position.

“Have you ever been to Roubaix?”

“You know. “This is where the wizard guild’s headquarters is located, as well as a golden magic tower and a red magic tower.”

Golden Magic Tower. Seongmin Lee recalled a memory from a few years ago. In Frescan’s dungeon, Lee Seong-min formed a relationship with Lloyd, the owner of the golden magic tower. Lloyd told Lee Seong-min, who saved his life, that if she came back someday, he would do her a favor.

‘I don’t have anything in particular I want to ask for right now.’

Even when Lloyd first said that, I put it off until later because I didn’t have anything I wanted to ask Lloyd in that situation. Seongmin Lee glanced down at his left wrist. A bracelet he received from Scarlett when he broke up with her in Shaolin.

One day, Scarlett said that she would notify me through the bracelet when she needed help.

But for several years, the bracelet never responded. Lee Seong-min was secretly relieved about that. Lee Seong-min received a lot of help from Scarlett, and the fact that the bracelet did not respond was proof that there was no problem with Scarlett’s health.

“My merciless master hasn’t contacted me even once in over a year, but he may have left a message on the golden magic tower.”

As was the case throughout the journey, Rubia was very excited. Seongmin Lee heard Rubia’s excited voice and opened her eyes round.

“what do you mean?”

“Lord, the owner of the Golden Magic Tower, is my master’s disciple.”


Lee Seong-min looked surprised. Luvia felt proud of Lee Seong-min’s surprise and opened her chest wide.

“My master is a great person. Although he may not be famous among the public, there are very few famous wizards who don’t know our master!”

Because of Rubia’s words, what I was going to do today was decided. I had to meet Wijihoyeon tomorrow, so I didn’t have much free time, but I don’t have any plans today. So, I decided to stop by the Golden Magic Tower and the Red Magic Tower.

As a large city, Roubes had many convenient facilities that could not be found in other cities. Trains and train stations run on rails for quick movement of city residents. Seongmin Lee followed Rubia, who was leading the way, and headed to the train station near the castle gate.

“A train… ”

I couldn’t help but admire it. Seongmin Lee, who lived in Seoul, knew about railways such as trains and subways, but he had no experience with them in the area. I’ve heard rumors that there is a railway in Roubaix in the past, but this is my first time seeing it with my own eyes.

“This is the pride of Rubes, created through collaboration between wizards and technicians. Not all Noh classes are like that, but some Noh classes have technical skills that wizards and warriors do not have. If the dwarf’s dexterity and magic meet… braided!”

Rubia explained in an excited voice. She looked triumphant as she pointed to a train stopped on the railroad tracks.

“It doesn’t shake like a carriage, it’s faster than a carriage, and you can sit still and enjoy the scenery outside the window!”

“Why are you feeling proud?”

Gwangcheonma said with a dumbfounded expression. At those words, Luvia raised her hand and held her nose.

“Can you please not talk? “Because it smells like a country bumpkin.”


“Please come quickly. “I have to buy a ticket!”

Rubia didn’t face Gwangcheonma and headed to the wicket hopping. Seongmin Lee was filled with emotion and followed Rubia to the ticket gate, glancing at her train. This world was harsh to the No class, but it was not harsh to all No class.

There are many Noh classes that are treated in this world according to the content of their knowledge.

However, only a small number of the Noh class have such talent. Seongmin Lee also knows about railroads, but does not have the knowledge to build railroads. Most of them will. The Noh class, who do not have the knowledge to be treated well in this world, have no choice but to live a miserable life. Just like Lee Seong-min did in his previous life.

The central square of Rubes and the golden magic tower and red magic tower were not far away. First, Seongmin Lee bought a ticket to the golden magic tower.

“Why aren’t these convenient vehicles available in other cities?”

Gwangcheonma, who got on the train, muttered. He seemed uncomfortable getting on the metal train, but when he got to his seat, he insisted on taking the window seat.

“Because it is difficult to manage.”

Luvia, who gave up her window seat out of courtesy, showed off.

“Rubes is the city with the most security among all the cities in Eria, and there is no disturbance as different forces intertwine. In addition, there are many wealthy people, so the amount of taxes collected is enormous compared to other cities. Railroads are convenient, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy enough to apply to all cities.”

Lee Seong-min also sympathized with this. Even in Korea, where Lee Seong-min lived, not all cities had subways or trains. Opening a railroad takes time, money, and technology. Not all cities may have them.



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“Oh oh… It’s moving… ”

The train started moving. Gwangcheonma held the armrests of his chair tightly and stared out his window. Lee Seong-min also looked blankly out the window. It was a little shaky at first, but as the train began to accelerate in earnest, only a slight vibration was felt.

“Short-distance teleportation still carries many risks. Even if the wizard himself is doing it, there are too many variables and risks in teleporting other people as a group. “Teleportation magic is being developed by various wizards, but it will take at least several decades for it to be commercialized.”

Luvia suppressed her laughter as she watched Gwangcheonma lost in the scenery outside the window passing by.


“An iron horse made of metal is running… ”

“Thanks to magic! Isn’t it cool? It is said that even people who cannot use martial arts can travel long distances quickly by riding a train. What makes this convenience possible is magic and technology, not martial arts.”

“but… “It’s faster for me to run.”

“Please stop saying ignorant things.”

“If I put my mind to it, I can crush this iron horse with a single blow.”

“What bullshit are you talking about?”

Luvia and Gwangcheonma were bickering. During their journey together, Gwangcheonma and Rubia became very close, and looking at her like this was like seeing her grandfather and granddaughter.

[A lot has changed.]

It wasn’t just Gwangcheonma that was surprised. Heoju, who was in barding, also let out an exclamation.

[There was nothing like this 400 years ago when I lived.]

‘Time is time, so of course it would have changed.’

[I didn’t really realize it until now. okay… 400 years. 400 years is a long time. How has the South changed?]

Heo Joo’s words, mumbling like that, felt a little lonely. Heoju’s time, which was sealed in the Sleeping Forest, has stopped 400 years ago. It is said that the south is full of monsters, but the south that Heoju knew is the south of 400 years ago.

The train stopped at the Golden Magic Tower station. Gwangcheon-ma seemed to want to ride the train even more, so Lee Seong-min left Gwangcheon-ma alone and got off the train after warning her not to cause an accident.

It was the same at the train station near the castle gate, but there were also many beggars at the Golden Magic Tower station. They were shamelessly sitting in a corner of the station. They watched Lee Seong-min, and Lee Seong-min ignored their gaze. In Kron, there is a Murim League and an open main room. It is natural that there are many beggars in Rubes, which is close to Crohn.

“Go quickly!”

Luvia urged Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min left the station, ignoring the gazes of the beggars. The station and the golden magic tower were nearby. Contrary to its name, the Golden Magic Tower did not shine gold, but had the appearance of a tall tower.

Not far from that tower was a magic tower of similar height.

“It’s the Red Magic Tower.”

“After meeting Lloyd, let’s stop by the Red Magic Tower.”


“I have someone to say hello to.”

Seongmin Lee said that and entered the gate of the Magic Tower.

He said he was looking for Lloyd, but the wizard on the first floor of the Magic Tower shook his head and refused. The reason was that he did not make an appointment in advance with Lloyd, the owner of the magic tower. Seongmin Lee was about to say more about that, but before he could, Rubia came forward.

“I can’t tell you, but we are Lloyd’s important guests. If you refuse, Lloyd will ask you for rudeness. Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“No matter how much that may be… ”

“Are you saying you want to handle it? all right. I’ll go back. Too bad you’re still young… Tsk tsk!”

Luvia muttered, looking the wizard up and down. The wizard’s face turned white at those words. He hesitated for a moment, then sighed and nodded his head.

“All right… “What can I tell you?”

“Please connect the crystal ball to Lloyd. “I will do the talking.”

The wizard brought a crystal ball and handed it to Rubia. After a brief signal, the color of the crystal ball changed. Luvia stared at the crystal ball. I couldn’t see Lloyd from this side, but beyond the crystal ball, Lloyd was looking at Luvia’s face. After a while, the crystal ball became golden.

“You gave permission.”

Luvia smiled proudly and returned the crystal ball. The wizard saw Luvia’s smile and nodded her head.

“Go up.”

Seongmin Lee and Luvia entered the door that the wizard had left behind. After closing the door, Luvia skillfully operated the device next to the door. Then the floor slowly began to rise.

“It’s an elevator.”

“Do you know?”

“Because I come from another world.”

The floating floor continued to rise upward. Soon the floor stopped, and Luvia immediately opened the door.

“This way.”

Seongmin Lee followed Rubia across the hallway. At the end of the hallway was an ornate gold door. The door opened before Luvia could raise her hand to knock.

“A sudden guest.”

Lloyd’s voice was heard from inside the open door.


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