Worthless Regression Chapter 139

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Gwangcheonma seemed to have fallen in love with her first train ride. When morning came, Lee Seong-min said he would go to the central square and Gwangcheon-ma said he would go to catch the train again. Lubia usually went with Seongmin Lee, but today she decided to go with Gwangcheonma.

“Have a good time.”

Rubia, who was giggling, said teasingly. And then, without waiting for Lee Seong-min’s answer, she left the inn, dragging Gwangcheonma with her.

[Are you shaking right now?]

Luvia wasn’t the only one teasing. Gwangcheonma doesn’t know the true circumstances, but Rubia and Heoju remember when Lee Seong-min met Wijihoyeon in the dungeon. Lee Sung-min ignored Heo-ju’s teasing. But it was true that he was shaking. He felt at ease until he fell asleep last night, but as the time he was scheduled to meet with Wiji Ho-yeon got closer, his heart started pounding incoherently.

[You look like a kid in love for the first time!]

“It’s not like that.”

Lee Seong-min could not resist hearing Heo-ju’s words and raised his fist and struck the horse armor. The barding trembles with a bang sound. But Heoju did not stop and laughed.

[That girl was the object of your admiration. That’s the way it is. The admiration between a man and a woman easily turns into love. Aren’t you like that too?]


[Then what is it? Is it just a simple yearning? Your heart is beating like crazy. Is that also because of admiration?]

“Shut up.”

[The reaction is cute. Very fresh.]

Finally, Lee Seong-min could not bear it anymore and took off his barding. Then he went to the stable without hesitation. When he tried to throw the barding on the pile of horse manure, Heoju shouted in horror.

[Sorry, sorry! I was wrong. It won’t happen anymore, so don’t do it!]

“If you talk nonsense one more time, I will dump you in horse manure for three days.”

[You crazy bastard, what do you get by doing something like that? You are going to wear this armor anyway!]

“It’s better to smell horse shit than listen to your bullshit.”

[Okay, I got it. I’ll just shut up so don’t do it!]

Only after hearing Heoju’s begging did Lee Seongmin put on his barding again. The great monster that reigned like a nightmare in the south seemed to hate being dumped in horse manure.

Check the time. The time I promised 10 years ago is noon at the fountain. It’s not even 10 a.m., and the fountain in the square can be reached in an hour from this inn, no matter how leisurely you walk. However, Lee Seong-min left the inn.

There was no rush. Lee Seong-min slowly started walking towards the square. It was spring in Rubes in March. The wind was not cold, and the sun was not hot. It was a nice day for walking. There were many flowers blooming on the road leading to the square. There were merchants selling flowers here and there.

Should I buy some flowers?

That thought occurred to him for a moment, and Seongmin Lee burst out laughing out of bewilderment. What are flowers? Even as he was shaking his head, saying it was a ridiculous idea, Lee Seong-min’s eyes were looking at the flower bouquets sold at the flower shop. Seongmin Lee no longer looked at him and turned his head away.

The feeling I have for Wijihoyeon is yearning. And it’s friendship. It was like that 10 years ago, and it will still be like that now. I don’t want anything more than that. There was no reason to do that in the first place. Things Wijihoyeon said as a joke before leaving. The things he said about Feng Yu-hwan when we met a year ago lingered in my head, but it was just a light joke between friends.

Is that really the case?

The question that arose was not Heoju’s question. You’re crazy. Lee Seong-min laughed and pressed his temples. He remembers a dog dream he had during the night. A dream of meeting Wijihoyeon. It is not a dream of simply meeting one another.

“Follow the guideline.”

Lee Seong-min patted his cheek. If I think about it, I hugged a lot of women in my past life. It’s not that we met, it’s that we embraced. There were plenty of prostitutes waiting for a small fortune from low-level mercenaries. Compared to his past life, the current Lee Sung-min is very

I was living a healthy life. I didn’t drink much, and I never hugged a woman. She had no particular desire to do so. If you wanted to find a woman, you could easily find her.

Did not do it. I had no intention or desire to do so.

I walked without rushing, but the square was too close. There were many people in the square. There were many street stalls and many young children and couples. There were many elderly people leisurely basking in the sun. They were out to enjoy a leisurely daily life, and among them, not a single one wore military uniform or armor. Only Lee Seong-min wore armor.

Should I have worn better clothes?

A thought suddenly occurred to me. No, clothes aren’t important. I burst into laughter. You smile so much today. I thought that too. Even if you aren’t conscious of it, you keep laughing. My steps were lighter than when I was walking, and I pretended to be relaxed.

The sound was actually very urgent. Maybe Wijihoyeon is already here. Lee Seong-min’s steps became faster.

What should we talk about when we meet? Greetings first. And then, should I ask about your current situation? When we met a year ago, it was so sudden that we couldn’t talk much.

Make me your goal

This is what Wijihoyeon said. At those words, Seongmin Lee spat out in anger. When we meet in 10 years, I will be strong enough to pierce your heart. Wiji Ho-yeon burst out laughing at those words and said that her friends shouldn’t do that.

okay. They are friends. For 10 years, Lee Seong-min followed Wi Ji-ho-yeon’s back. Wiji Hoyeon’s existence is too far and too big, and even though he has been running non-stop for 10 years, he still has no confidence. Even that is good. The further away Wijihoyeon is, the more you can run to get closer. I couldn’t check it properly a year ago, but I will be able to check it today. where am i And where is Wijihoyeon? Has it become equal? I don’t want it. It’s greed.

‘Would I no longer be ashamed of you?’

But this was Bara, and I was greedy. I wanted to be recognized. I wanted to hear praise. I wanted to hear encouragement. Wijihoyeon always spoke honestly. You’re not talented, you’re stupid. Even though she was hurt inside by those words, she struggled to be recognized. If Wijihoyeon accepts it.

Is that the end?

A clear stream of water gushes from the fountain. The high water stream created a rainbow. I don’t know if it was magic or pigment, but each stream of water was a different color. It was beautiful. Many people were resting in the center of the fountain. time is? Seongmin Lee turned his head and looked for the watch. There was a clock on a high pillar. It’s 11 o’clock now. 11 o’clock at most. There’s still an hour left. Seongmin Lee sat on a bench near the fountain.

I close my eyes, enjoying the pounding of my heart. 1 hour to go. There is no way Wijihoyeon would break his promise. Even when we met a year ago, didn’t we promise to meet today? So she comes. She has no doubts about it.

The chattering sound changes. It changes several times. The fountain spouted water several times. Every time that happened, Seongmin Lee turned his head to check the time. When it was 12 o’clock. Seongmin Lee stood up from the bench. Then he walked around the fountain. Because it was such a large place, he thought Wijihoyeon might be somewhere else. But there isn’t. does not exist… It might be a little late. As for Lee Seong-min, didn’t he arrive just yesterday? Seongmin Lee walked around the fountain without stopping and glanced at his watch.

It was 1 o’clock, then 2 o’clock. … Did you mistake the date? I stopped a person passing by and asked. What day is today?

“It’s March 14th.”

I was not mistaken. Is it late… ? Just keep waiting and it will come. Nevertheless, an unknown feeling of anxiety remains in my mind. Seongmin Lee hesitated and then called Nevel.


Nevel stood up. Seongmin Lee quickly asked.

“I want to know where Wijihoyeon is.”

“Could you please wait a moment?”

Nevel bowed his head and disappeared. Seongmin Lee anxiously waited for Nevel to come back. Less than ten minutes later, Nevel’s voice rang in his head.

[If you are Socheonma Wijihoyeon, you are now in Rubes.]

“… yes? Wijihoyeon is in Rubes? “Where on earth are you?”

[that is… We are currently clashing with the armored divine spear at the southern gate.]

“I beg your pardon?”

After hearing those words, Lee Seong-min jumped up from his seat. Yoo Ho-jeong, the armored new spear. This is the person I met at the inn with Lee Seong-min last night. Why is he clashing with Wijihoyeon?

[The situation is strange. If Socheonma were to fail, he would be able to easily deal with the armored divine spear… The armored Shinchang is pushing Socheonma.]

This is ridiculous. Lee Seong-min also knew that Yoo Ho-jeong was a famous Changsoo, but that does not mean that Yoo Ho-jeong is Wi Ji-ho-yeon’s opponent. Why on earth is Wi Ji-ho-yeon having a hard time with Yoo Ho-jeong? No, now was not the time to think about him. Without hesitation, Lee Seong-min opened his guard and ran towards the southern gate.

“No light attacks on the streets!”

The guards patrolling the streets shouted at Lee Seong-min. But Lee Seong-min didn’t listen to that. It is a long distance from the central square to the southern gate. The dense buildings and crowded streets made it impossible for Lee Seong-min to run freely. As Lee Seong-min continued to attack without stopping, the guards blew their whistles.

[Go by rail.]

Heo Joo, who had been silent due to Lee Seong-min’s threats, opened his mouth.

[It would be faster for you to run than to take the train. If you run on the open railroad, you can get to the southern gate quickly.]

Heo Joo’s advice was helpful to Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min ran to a nearby train station, climbed over the iron fence, and fell onto the railway. The stopped train honked a loud horn, but Lee Seong-min ignored it. A loud whistle is heard from afar. This is the warning sound made by the guards. Seongmin Lee ignored that too. Even at this point, Wi Ji-ho-yeon is probably going through a difficult time with Yoo Ho-jeong. Unless there is some kind of problem with Wiji Ho-yeon, there is a reason why she would be embarrassed by her Yoo Ho-jeong and others.



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There is no

So you have to go. Lee Seong-min brought up his inner strength and performed a light attack with extreme intensity. The sound of horns and whistles fades away. Seongmin Lee ran like crazy on the railroad, heading south.

It didn’t take long for Lee Seong-min to arrive at Seongmun Station in the south. He performed light attack without sparing any effort, and this was possible because Muyeong Talhon was an excellent light attack. Seongmin Lee jumped over his fence again without even breathing.

The castle gate will be visible soon. Many people were gathered nearby. That place. Lee Seong-min ran there with his eyes shining.

“It’s not as good as the rumors say!”

Yoo Ho-jeong burst out laughing and shouted. As if to symbolize his nickname, “Ironclad Shinchang,” he covered his entire body in heavy, thick iron armor and even wore a helmet. The spear that Yoo Ho-jeong was holding was a large, shiny black lance.

In front of Yu Ho-jeong, Wi Ji-ho-yeon stood with a pale face. She couldn’t stand properly so she had one hand on her knee, her legs were shaking and she felt like she was going to collapse at any moment. Black blood flows from tightly closed lips. The curse inflicted by Gwon Jon was preventing Wiji Ho-yeon from performing her true actions. Every time she raises her energy, her energy and energy become distorted and the accumulated energy disperses. In such a state, it was impossible to overpower Yu Ho-jeong, no matter how much Ho-yeon Wiji was a master of her transcendence. Fortunately, because it is Wijihoyeon, it is possible to endure while dealing with Yoo Hojeong with this body.

“… I don’t know why you’re attacking me. “I didn’t cause any accidents.”

“If a tiger is injured, you have to hunt it.”

Yoo Ho-jeong answered. Yoo Ho-jeong knew that Wiji Ho-yeon was not in a normal physical condition. That’s why I put up a fight. Even if Wijihoyeon did not cause any problems in this city, the name of Socheonma Wijihoyeon is highly regarded within the Murim Alliance.

You should kill them when you can. Although he did not receive permission from the Murim Alliance for this, Yu Ho-jeong had already thrown Jeon Seo-gu to the Murim Alliance. In the first place, the meeting between Wi Ji-ho-yeon and Yoo Ho-jeong was a coincidence. He came to the southern gate to return to Kron, only to meet Wiji Hoyeon here.

“It’s not fair.”

Wijihoyeon smiled with a pale face. At those words, Yoo Ho-jeong’s eyes sparkled beyond her face shield.

“Don’t talk about justice when it comes to Sima Oedo.”

“I’m being sarcastic.”

“Do I look like an idiot who can’t even understand that?”

Yoo Ho-jeong raised his foot and hit the ground, saying so. Coooooo! A loud sound shook the ground, and Wijihoyeon collapsed, unable to hold on. She glared at Yoo Ho-jeong while breathing heavily.

“I know my actions were not justified. I also know that it is not fair. but… “If it is the life of Socheonma Wijihoyeon, it is worth taking even if it means acting narrow-minded and cowardly.”

Yoo Ho-jeong said that and approached Wi Ji-ho-yeon with strides.

“… “What time is it?”

Wijihoyeon asked. Yoo Ho-jeong’s eyes widened at the sudden question.


“It must have been past noon, right?”

“What a stupid thing to say… “It was already past noon.”


Wijihoyeon chuckled while wiping the blood that flowed from his lips.

“You broke your promise.”

Yoo Ho-jeong did not try to understand those lamentable words.


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