Worthless Regression Chapter 111

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Luvia was awake. Seongmin Lee took a breath and raised her body. he asked, looking back at Luvia sitting on her bed.

“Did you sleep well?”

“… “I think I slept on the floor.”

“I moved it because it was annoying.”

“You speak so beautifully. “I was worried, so I stayed with you until you fell asleep.”

“What was there to worry about?”

“A person who was on the verge of death, rolling around and screaming in pain.”

“I didn’t scream.”

“I was screaming silently. Anyway, I was watching because I was worried. “She seemed to be sleeping without washing herself properly, so I washed her body with magic.”

Luvia shot back. no wonder. I was tired and exhausted, so I fell asleep right away without washing up, but my body was clean.

“The service is good.”

“It smelled bad.”

Luvia said teasingly while holding her nose. Seongmin Lee ignored those words and lifted the window that had been placed on the wall.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m feeling pretty good. “I need to relax outside.”

“Why don’t you just get some rest?”

“Are you worried?”

“Can’t we do that? I can’t let you die. “If we do that, we will not be able to carry out our master’s orders.”

“He doesn’t even know where he is.”

Seongmin Lee grumbled while thinking of Envirus. Luvia seemed a little taken aback by those words, so her cat ears drooped.

“… You will definitely come here. “If I didn’t want to meet you, I wouldn’t have left me.”

“Isn’t it possible that Envirus abandoned you?”

“No way… “There isn’t one.”

There was no certainty in Luvia’s voice as she answered. Even before she entered the dungeon, Luvia was confident that Envirus would definitely come. However, the events that occurred in her dungeon, where death was just around the corner, were enough to slightly shatter Rubia’s blind trust in her. She was created from Envirus and lives for Envirus. Although she was not without her dangers, the dangers she faced with her Envirus were too weak to threaten her powerful master who served her.

But Envirus is not there now. He almost died. He would have died if it had not been for Heo Ju’s help.

“I meant it as a joke.”

Seongmin Lee muttered as he looked at Luvia’s gloomy face.

“If Envirus had abandoned you, he wouldn’t have led you to me like this.”

“… But I almost died.”

“‘We’ almost died. In the end, he didn’t die. And I will never die again.”

Luvia looked at Lee Sung-min while pursing her lips. Seongmin Lee saw her eyes, shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the line.

The inn where Lee Seong-min urgently stayed was the only inn in this village, and it was a very old building. The size of the village was quite large, but unlike a city surrounded by walls, danger was always nearby. Because it is a place outside the control of the city lord, security is not good.

The first floor was a dirty bar and restaurant. People who looked no different from vagabonds gathered there, drinking cheap alcohol and food in broad daylight, and there were many who looked like mercenaries. Seongmin Lee ordered food for breakfast and lunch without giving them a single glance. Luvia came down and sat down next to Seongmin Lee.

“… smell.”

Luvia muttered in a low voice. Her hygiene didn’t seem that good, and the taste of the food was so-so. She was nearing the end of her meal. Someone came towards Lee Seong-min, dragging their feet.

“This is my first time seeing you in this town.”

Every time I open my mouth, a bad smell comes out. Luvia distorted her face in disgust, and Lee Seong-min turned her gaze to look that way. An old beggar with black spots on her face was looking at Lee Seong-min.

“Even if it’s an enemy ship… ?”

“Is it open?”

Seongmin Lee asked right away. It seemed like they didn’t even try to hide it in the first place. The beggar smiled with his stinking mouth.

“So you’re an idiot?”

The whispering voice was low. So much so that it was drowned out by the chatter at the inn. Seongmin Lee looked up at the beggar.

“I’ve never had a bad relationship with openness.”

“Cluck! Young Daehyeop must be misunderstanding something. “I just asked out of curiosity because there is an unusual expert in this small town.”

“you’re right.”

I answered a little late.

“I am a ghost. “What’s the problem?”

“They say that a dungeon was opened not far from this village, and Socheonma Wijihoyeon closed the dungeon.”

“Rumors spread quickly.”

“Cluck! “Isn’t magic really convenient?”

“What do you want to ask?”

“Our young hero barely escaped alive with his left arm cut off in that dungeon. Jang Deuk-soo, a transcendental master, and Baek So-go, an ink flash, escaped from that dungeon together. The problem is that the heroes only escaped with their lives, so we don’t know exactly what happened in the dungeon and how it ended up.”

Lee Seong-min’s eyes opened at those words. And he was relieved. Lee Sung-min was relieved that Baek So-go came out of the dungeon safely.

“What are you curious about?”

“A deaf ear. “How did you survive?”

The beggar asks. Seongmin Lee did not answer, but looked into the beggar’s eyes. After a moment, Lee Seong-min’s mouth opened.

“I must have survived because I did something to deserve it.”

“Hehe! “Has this old beggar offended you?”

“no. That’s not it. “I just don’t want to say it properly.”

“not without reason?”

“Don’t spin around and ask the right questions. “What did Wijihoyeon gain from that dungeon?”

The beggar closed his mouth at those words. Seongmin Lee felt a little annoyed. In the first place, he was not convinced as to why the political faction, the Murim League, wanted to check and control Wijihoyeon. If you think about it, Wijihoyeon didn’t commit a great evil. However, they arbitrarily defined her Wiji Hoyeon as her evil and tried to monitor and control her. I found out about him through the words Jang Deuk-su was talking about.

“… “What did Wijihoyeon get from that dungeon?”

“I didn’t see it.”

So I lied.

“The dungeon was terrible, and all I could do was survive. I haven’t even met Wijihoyeon himself. While she barely escaped with her life, the dungeon closed and she was forced to leave. That’s it.”



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The beggar narrowed his eyes and remained silent, perhaps judging the truth of Lee Seong-min’s words. After a while the beggar nodded his head.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

“Oh, and.”

Seongmin Lee put his hand in his arms. He took out some of his coins and handed them to the beggar.

“Enemy ship.”

“… Cluck! “Good luck.”

The beggar burst out laughing and turned around. Seongmin Lee sighed as he watched the beggar leave.

‘We’re getting tangled up like this again.’

Relationships are something that eventually become entangled, whether intended or not. View the entire restaurant. The vagabonds in the corner were looking this way. Everyone will be open. Although they were not great experts, the reason why opening is difficult is not because of the presence of experts, but because of ‘numbers’. Wherever people gather, there are always beggars. Other sects had a strong tendency to reject Saekmokin, but they were not open to it. They accept everyone.

Seongmin Lee stood up without saying a word. He had planned to stay in the village for a few days and check on his body, but it seemed like that wouldn’t be possible. The presence of observers is annoying. Lee Seong-min left the inn immediately after paying the lodging fee. In the first place, he had no burden, so he had nothing to take care of.

“Where are you going?”

“First, we will head north.”

I planned to organize the information I gained on the way there and find the right direction. In response to Lee Seong-min’s answer, Luvia changed her appearance into a small light and Lee Seong-min hid her body inside the cloak wrapped around her.

I left the village without haste. There was no sign of a pursuer. But something bothered my senses. Heoju, draped on his back, made a humming sound.

[It’s magic.]

‘Does opening also use magic?’

[I don’t know. But it’s clear that there is surveillance. What should I do?]

‘I leave it alone. If you touch it for no reason, it will be even more annoying.’

He didn’t know why the public was watching him. Is coming out of the dungeon alive a reason for them to care? Or is he doubting his relationship with Wijihoyeon? It was true that I didn’t like either one. However, the pursuit of openness could not be resisted. Lee Seong-min also knew well through rumors how persistent the openness was.

‘No way, I’m drunk. ‘I’m sure he’s not being narrow-minded because he left it to the bloody old woman.’

If you think about it, this is the one that was properly abandoned. Seongmin Lee walked forward while grumbling.

The ‘bird’ was following Lee Seong-min. Since Lee Seong-min had not yet launched a light attack, there was no great difficulty in chasing him. The bird’s eyes observed the movements of Lee Seong-min, who was walking at a fast pace on the ground, and what the bird saw was conveyed to the wizard who was ministering to the bird.

And the scenery that the wizard conveyed continues to be transmitted through magic, even to distant Crone. Although there was a slight time delay, being able to see while ignoring the vast distance was a wonder that was impossible for a martial arts person and only possible with magic.

“You’re alive.”

Chu Geol put his hand on the crystal ball and muttered. Opening up in cooperation with the backbone of the wizard guild has eyes and ears throughout the area. However, there are not many subjects who are monitored in real time and continuously like this. Chwigeol used his authority as an open firefighter to confirm Lee Seong-min’s location and select him as a surveillance target.

‘I thought you were dead.’

Of course I thought so. The opponent is Socheonma Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger. Although the doppelganger is much weaker than the person himself, considering Socheonma’s own strength, the doppelganger would also have overwhelming power.

Getting drunk.

I don’t think my judgment was wrong. He suffered a serious injury where his left arm was cut off, and Jang Deuk-su was also exhausted from the fight with the bloody old woman. It must have been the same for Baek Sogo. Guichang’s skills could not be guessed, and there was a high possibility that he would be annihilated if he fought too hard. So he chose to run away. Because in Chugeol’s judgment, it was right.

If Gui-chang had died there, Chu-geol would have been confident that his judgment was correct. And he would have been able to be confident even with Baek Sogo. I saved your life. Even though you couldn’t understand him and slapped me, in the end, I saved you.

‘I wish I were dead.’

Chu Jie thought with a bitter smile. Baek Sogo left. She declared that she would unilaterally join the Murim Alliance and left the city of Kron without waiting for the Murim Alliance to accept her. It has not yet been confirmed where Baek Sogo went after leaving Cron. This is because she was not placed under surveillance.

‘I don’t like it.’

Chu Jie looked down at the crystal ball. Lee Seong-min is seen walking with a spear cut in half on his back. The image of Baek Sogo crying out, asking why he abandoned his priest, flashes through his mind. That’s why I don’t like it even more. Baek Sogo shouted like that.

“Jealousy is ugly.”

Chugeol muttered with a bright smile.


At the point where he was distant from the village, Lee Seong-min launched a light attack. He didn’t just launch a light attack. When the light attack speed increases, the Haste is launched. In order to perform magic, you must use magical power, but magic learned through skills is extremely convenient. As internal power is continuously consumed, the speed of Haste increases.


I can’t get used to the added speed in an instant. But I adapted right away. Lee Seong-min trusted himself to the speed created by the combination of Haste and Muyeong-deulsoul while avoiding or jumping over visible obstacles.

‘It’s not a good idea to spread it out in the long run.’

Although Lee Seong-min has a lot of internal power, the internal power consumption of Muyeongtalhon and Haste was very large. Although there was still room in his inner strength, Lee Seong-min ran for a while and then stopped.

‘It would be nice to use it in real life.’

The added speed of Haste can give it a sense of surprise. It seemed like a lot of trial and error was needed to incorporate it into the singing style, and if you add strength as well as haste, it will take quite some time to get used to it.

‘Because I have no talent.’

Lee Seong-min thought with a chuckle. There is no sign of surveillance. It seems that the surveillance magic was unable to keep up with Lee Seong-min’s running speed and fell behind.

“You can come out.”

As soon as Lee Seong-min finished speaking, Nevel came out from the shadows. He bowed his head towards Lee Seong-min.

“I will provide you with the information you requested.”

Nevel said, taking out a crystal ball. Seongmin Lee nodded his head and received the crystal ball.


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